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MoonFlow Apr 11
you chide me
   to right me
then you utter an apology
    although you don't need to
for you'll never tolerate if hurt hurts me

you swallow guilt
   and I swallow resentment
I fill myself with fury and ****** it all to you
    Do I ever care if it hurts you?
Zillion apologies emerge from you, but not even one emerges from me
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
Swallow all of me
In one gulp
Until only bones
Floating on our conversations
I drown
In your hello
And I become bare
A skeletal smile
With your name
Sticking in my teeth
rowdy lee May 2020
as far as I am aware
you are not wonderful
of course you can have
other positions
you may be good
from another point of view

but from mine
I see just a girl
without eyes, without ears
without a face, without a head
as they are
too clear

there is just this behavior
too superficial
to know something deeper
to try to know something deeper
to want to try to know
something deeper

but still, something about you
there is
that is why
is this poem done

however, if you are able
there is a chance to see
how bad this poem really is
written in one minute
like you
history will swallow it
as nothing
as a useless, silly
Maybe there is a grammar/meaning mistakes in my poems as English is my second language. Glad if you'll warn me. Thank you.
Serendipity Mar 2020
Sometimes I feel as though
writing poetry
is like throwing scraps at the dogs.
Have I satisfied my mind's hunger to write?
Not until
I can say
that I've written
with pride.
For the only way to be full
is to be brave enough
to swallow
my own
N Mar 2020
I'm the warm cup of coffee
he drinks every morning,
but today he's forgotten me

I've been waiting for his
mouth to swallow me all day,
and I'm losing my warmth with
each time he forgets to drink me

After months,
his tongue longed for my sweet taste,
but now I'm cold, bitter, and sour
I’m angry and hurt.
Hollow Steve Nov 2019
Places left forgotten
And memories still swaying
There's no place left to say
How it could've been this way.

Places left intact
To say how I should react
It dismembers itself
And displaces the rest

An empty swallow
A withering remembrance
A place left to show
Where nothing else will grow

If I call upon myself
What do I let summon?
Nothing but the pain it brings
Nothing but the place that sings
Alec Llaneta Nov 2019
The Prince, my Prince

Everyday you sought out an Atlas
And everyday he carried the eternal’s weight
If you call listening, carrying

1 of 12, 12 labours
Head to the ground, body stripped in apology
So that others may look to the stars

A debt owed, now a debt paid
A happy debt  

The Greek remembers with stories
The Roman remembers with dates
People dismiss him with smile and thanks
I don’t, I remember

Your heart, in stone, cracked
A kiss lasting a lifetime, a kiss for two

The Prince, my Prince

The Swallow, my Swallow

‘Will you not stay with me for one night, and be my messenger?’
‘Will you not stay with me one night longer?’
‘Will you not stay with me one night longer?’

‘Do as I command you’

And so everyday he took the place of Prometheus
Giving fire to humans
As giving light to those lost in this dark, dark world

Eurydice, Eurydice, my dear Eurydice, you went too soon
I sing this song, in hopes that the Gods look favorably on me  
Wish granted, time short, rain is all I see  

Time for a kiss, not kisses
Sweet, short, sorrowful

The Swallow, my Swallow
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
I clean toilets
with no gloves on
my two tone hands.

I wondered why
I was born.
She told me this:

"So I wouldn't be alone."

I clean floors and
change a commode.
**** fills my nose.

I offer time
in an exchange
for my wage.

"I'm a ***** and
      I was born for this

I wondered why
I was born.
She told me this:

"I really wanted a kid."

Free agent, here.
I'm a bang for your buck.
Want a bargain?
Then you're in luck.

I can change a bed.
(Please take me in.)
I can tend a heart.
(It's what I was taught.)

I swallow.
(Oh, oh.)
I swallow.
(Oh, oh.)
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