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how i’ve longed to hear that phrase
i was so eager to watch
as it fell out of your mouth gracefully
as each letter dripped out
beneath you i stood
catching them on my tongue
swallowing them down
into my blood stream
one by one
connor Mar 5
I feel like life is just a pill I can't seem to swallow,
Swimming in my mouth, bitter, disgusting, I wallow
My first attempt at a couplet.
Aspen Welsch Feb 24
Stop looking at me
as if I’m some
- thing
to swallow up
or spit out.
A berry, black, swollen
ready to be chosen for your
consumption. I sour on your
tongue, assaulting your
taste buds because you
thought the only
- thing
that mattered was the purplish black,
the juice that produced for your
pleasure, my ripe, plump bumps,
my green hands
outstretched ready and there, for you?
Still you pluck and **** and stare
and **** me up with your
barren compliments stripping
my sweet substance
one by one
by one, you
extract it out
of me
Well, you're swallowed by isolation,

And you call it 'peace'.
Latifah Nov 2018

Please forgive me
For the person that I have become
Is not someone to be proud of
But your absence
Is a kind of torture
That I never tasted
And I can’t swallow
It chews me alive
Phi Kenzie Sep 2018
Crying so hard you gum up the works
flem and spit that's gotta go down
nowhere else but the throat

Saying the wrong thing
being met with immediate silence
as you sweat and shuffle in your shoes

Hearing the wrong thing
and not knowing if you should speak
so you swallow followed by
'uuu-'ntil someone stops you
trf Sep 2018
swallowing has become a chore these days,
like mowing the lawn in the rain,
i hear my gulp when the room is silent
and it sounds violent,
my ears ***** and swollen waves squeak,
am i apprehensive of deliberate rhythm?

my esophagus is as tight as a noose,
so the shrink prescribed drool,
but i'd rather swallow than daze,
and deny the fog entrance through
my maze.
deep breaths forecast ******* resent
Gale L Mccoy Sep 2018
i'm sorry, I say
i swallowed myself whole
late last night
when no one was looking
when I hid myself away

i ate myself
down past the bone
up to the neck
made wings of my thoughts
and made my getaway

my body is gone
i never missed it
but for when the absence of it
ached so hard I remembered
these wings made from
the flesh and feather of thought
can't carry the weight
of my head forever
Listen to me read this poem here!
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
Deprive me
I don't need sleep now
Make me
Tell me not to go slow
Forsake me
Let's put on a great show
Take me
in all the ways you know
Shake me
off this dreamless night

Let us kneel in front of each other
one after the other
sweet juices to follow
you need to abide
and let me swallow
your pride
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