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VG E Bacungan Jan 12
The creases and curves
that guard the gate of heaven.
Revered be the bless'd grounds!
Written 22 November 2020
Inspired by the painting "Black Iris" (1926) by O' Keefe
VG E Bacungan Jan 12
In the rose field
lush and blooming splendidly;
Be the cantaloupe.
Written 22 November 2020
Jellyfish May 2023
Bathed in trauma, poured on you,
Blindly making excuses, I didn't have a clue,
Unintended harm was not my aim,
I swear, from my heart, that's the truth I claim.

Just give me a chance to prove I can change,
Don't turn away, let's break this estrange,
I've learned my lessons, I'm ready to grow,
I can transform, this I truly know.

Lost in the past, flipping photo albums' pages,
Seeking smiles, wondering through the ages,
But now I see the present with fresh eyes,
Fixing what's wrong, no more disguise.

A shared prison, unaware we both dwelled,
Failed to communicate, the stories we withheld,
I tried to speak of demons deep within,
Unaware they held me tight, drowning in their sin.

I plead for a chance, believe I can mend,
Break free from the covers, where the pain won't extend,
Yesterday's weight won't hold us down,
Together we'll rise, wearing courage as our crown.

Glimpsing photos, memories of distant travels,
Questioning why joy seemed to unravel,
But it's not about them, or what they comprehend,
Finding my worth, letting my true self ascend.

Losing my muse, an ache deep within,
Placing you on a pedestal, where love had once been,
Our best memories like a festival's delight,
But I clung too tightly, clouding our sight.

Hurting you, hurting myself, a tangled mess,
I thought I suffered more, but it was just a guess,
Overloaded with clichés, patched on our dark days,
Unaware I was the setup, before the closing phrase.

Keep donning your cape socks, a symbol of strength,
In the end, you shaped me, helping me find my true length
Maybe to learn to let go, you have to be left alone, even if you kick and scream when they leave.
Oskar Erikson Jul 2022
the day after
a date in the grasslands
where our necks
ached on earthy blankets
and legs mottled by sweet kisses
delivered from flies.

my god the
that they had known intimacy
of the softness in the calves i took to
sleep that afternoon we met
filled the short
but beautiful
with melancholy.

maybe here you found
i held codependency quite closely.

you took me to one of those superstores
that sell

                                   "i have a friend who's closing he always makes and double folds the quilt because it makes him feel like someone's mum."

you half shouted over
the motorway behind us- the demanding
secondary conversation.

i wondered, did i end up here
                   - the boy i liked 6 months in -
laughing between
his downy hair and tap touchy fingers
so proudly leading the way
as his
friend, tired & mischievous
ushered us into the theatre
of infinite fractal bedspreads.

                                                 "hurry up so i can close to give you your privacy i'm going for a smoke."

spoken like any true
east London mum-
all ciggie ash
and true love.

i got to watch you work

which was flattering to say the least.
to stand beside
kings and queens
doubles and singles
being bent
dragged and persuaded
to your whimsy.
watching the curve of a bicep
seized up in delirious rearranging
                         - the muscles of the neck betray the youth of love-
until a masterpiece emerging
before us both
was realised.

                      "at least now we can cuddle without the bugs...or at the least these are bed ones?"

i remember
unwrapping the currently occupied smokers
carefully settled blankets like a first birthday
sliding under them,
with my shoes kicked away in eagerness.
your arms
not yet scarred with indecision
pull me closer till i forget to breathe....

this is it.
the mattresses connected sheets and sheets and sheets of feeling and this is it at once to cover and unravel against the texture of the cushions the springs the feathers locked away this is it like the words i whispered through the skin of the pillow your arm not so much pinned as smothered below the crook of my neck and this is it all there is is the smell of us in this beautiful moment that latches me to the frame in my mind against my back with the weight of the future this is it the pressing pressing pressing at the touch of our palms the touch of our lips the distances we'll learn to walk alone or together or side by side but not able to look at the path we tread perpendicular to our hearts this is it this is it this is it it it

....then i breathe.
Rasha Joie C Feb 2020
Clean living is what you said you're doing.
Well in fact, you're just pretending.
Drinking this Johnny W with your close friends.
Who am I to stop you?
I'm just your friend or maybe just a colleague.
Passed out and tired,
I'm waiting for your reply.
Now I know I'm just somebody...
Somebody you can call nobody.
claire Oct 2019
I'm thinking about you right now because I couldn't possibly think about anything else.
I'm in a black and white movie and I can hear all the clashing going on behind the scenes
There's loud chords that feel like they are being plucked on my heartstrings because I can see the vibrations moving all the way through me,
through the insulation of my army green jacket that you gave me in the summer.
And it's ridiculous to me how this little fly on the table has no idea what's going on, isn't a part of anything I'm experiencing.
Black and white movie with cold orange lights.
A Simillacrum Jun 2019
just a little bit more, i said
looking at myself in health
but wonder now is it wealth
if the utter dregs
living now, too, never dead
living with no overhead
1:1 butter bread, just a little more
then i can ******* afford
that little bit more affordable
life extension business
which is it then, idiot,
social suicide or death by
getting left behind?
survival of the fittest? ****
then, i'm unfit as ****, cheap,
fit to ****, fit to ******, ****** fist
visions or is it not a dream?
deep as deep in the joke gets
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
Dear Donald, wait. strike that.
You cattle rustler in a black hat,
You cheated and you lied to us
On just about a daily basis.
You made a list of promises
Of what you would do for us
But you did the exact opposite
Meaning not a single word of it.

Half of us settled on you to be
The man with enough responsibility
To make our country great but yet
There wasn’t much wrong with it.
We can’t say that today, can we?
You and your cabinet detest reality.
You make claims and even worse
Most of what you say is in reverse.

Now you’re off kidnapping kids
With no shame for what you did.
You steal babies and fly them away
And charge voters a thousand a day!
And if that wasn’t far enough off track
You charge parents to get them back.
Then you insist someone else is to blame.
Ugly man, why no sense of shame?

You have taken our country down.
You went from an political clown
To an arch criminal like we’ve never seen.
For decades you smiled in glossy magazines.
Now you’re applauding dictators and
Your cabinet is a robber baron’s band.
You deserve to be put into a prison
If any of our lawmakers had wisdom.

So, this is your Dear Donald letter
Bad motor scooter, and a worse go-getter,
Telling you a ferocious goodbye.
Take it as a fact, and don’t lie.
If there is a bit of integrity remaining,
We’ll **** on you and tell you it’s raining.
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