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Lee Brewer Mar 18
She was laying there
Flesh icy cold
Dying brown hair
In a warm summer night
Dead in a parking lot
No sign of a fight
She died from overdose
At around 11:30 pm
The scene was awfully gross
The killer was never found
Police tried
But have failed to get him in the pound
It has been 10 years
To exactly this day
There have been a lot of tears...
This isn't based off any true story
Naveen Malhotra Aug 2020
God made them of excellent stuff
They judge others for no reason
To be judgemental without hesitation
They reduced to garbage dump
God made them of excellent stuff
Rasha Joie C Feb 2020
Clean living is what you said you're doing.
Well in fact, you're just pretending.
Drinking this Johnny W with your close friends.
Who am I to stop you?
I'm just your friend or maybe just a colleague.
Passed out and tired,
I'm waiting for your reply.
Now I know I'm just somebody...
Somebody you can call nobody.
claire Oct 2019
I'm thinking about you right now because I couldn't possibly think about anything else.
I'm in a black and white movie and I can hear all the clashing going on behind the scenes
There's loud chords that feel like they are being plucked on my heartstrings because I can see the vibrations moving all the way through me,
through the insulation of my army green jacket that you gave me in the summer.
And it's ridiculous to me how this little fly on the table has no idea what's going on, isn't a part of anything I'm experiencing.
Black and white movie with cold orange lights.
A Simillacrum Jun 2019
just a little bit more, i said
looking at myself in health
but wonder now is it wealth
if the utter dregs
living now, too, never dead
living with no overhead
1:1 butter bread, just a little more
then i can ******* afford
that little bit more affordable
life extension business
which is it then, idiot,
social suicide or death by
getting left behind?
survival of the fittest? ****
then, i'm unfit as ****, cheap,
fit to ****, fit to ******, ****** fist
visions or is it not a dream?
deep as deep in the joke gets
Roses are red, Violets- a somber hue, my love is dead... "How?", you might ask.. Well.. He tripped and fell head over heels for you. Leaving me feeling quite blue.
I mean I never was dumped.... I was the one to dump... only because most of ex's didn't have any likeings to me anymore. When I was little a friend of mine said that the boy I liked was cheating on me with like fifteen other girls. I never listened...  This one guy and I were together since I was seven. I decided to secretly break up with him after a few years because of his abusive actions. I hardly got to see him so I couldn't get time to break up... After seeing him for the last time.. I told him that I was breaking up with him, he responded saying, "I forgot all about you.. I have a girl now.." .. And his friend kept on asking me why I broke up with him... (he was also there) I said, "First of all I haven't seen him in two years, he forgot about me, and now has another girl." .. His friend kept on asking though.... I guess I never truely loved him anyways..
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
Dear Donald, wait. strike that.
You cattle rustler in a black hat,
You cheated and you lied to us
On just about a daily basis.
You made a list of promises
Of what you would do for us
But you did the exact opposite
Meaning not a single word of it.

Half of us settled on you to be
The man with enough responsibility
To make our country great but yet
There wasn’t much wrong with it.
We can’t say that today, can we?
You and your cabinet detest reality.
You make claims and even worse
Most of what you say is in reverse.

Now you’re off kidnapping kids
With no shame for what you did.
You steal babies and fly them away
And charge voters a thousand a day!
And if that wasn’t far enough off track
You charge parents to get them back.
Then you insist someone else is to blame.
Ugly man, why no sense of shame?

You have taken our country down.
You went from an political clown
To an arch criminal like we’ve never seen.
For decades you smiled in glossy magazines.
Now you’re applauding dictators and
Your cabinet is a robber baron’s band.
You deserve to be put into a prison
If any of our lawmakers had wisdom.

So, this is your Dear Donald letter
Bad motor scooter, and a worse go-getter,
Telling you a ferocious goodbye.
Take it as a fact, and don’t lie.
If there is a bit of integrity remaining,
We’ll **** on you and tell you it’s raining.
awknight Jun 2018
time isn’t lost anymore,
no longer do I watch
the hands of the clock
waste away through a
film of sadness
in my melting eyes.

you have found me,
a me that I didn’t know
I still had.
the strength in your
eyes translates itself
into the tips of your fingers
and the trace of your lips
in the divots of my spine.  

trace away the prayers
of previous mistakes
show me religion
through your infinite pulse
of grace and power.

my red runs through the blues
of you, as we become the veins
of our own universe.

voraciously consume me
in ways only stars consume
After a dry spell, this is what my brain spewed out... enjoy the scattered pieces of me.
mitus Feb 2018
why am i still crying over YOU
I dumped YOU
you weren't good for me
i want to stop please
i hate this
i hate you
im de spera te
i cant help it
i think about you
so much
too much
I can't keep up.
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