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someone else?
someone same?
a person, still?
a person, sane?

dry me out
critique is that
which denies
tangential arcs

do you
see me

if a meat
will be a meat
i will be
wet as i can
watch it become itself
watch it destroy itself
Johnny walker Jun 22
Just when life had become almost to much to bare I met my sweetheart who undoughtly saved my life
I was close to being gone from this life I just couldn't cope but Helen came along all changed
the first time I was In love for real oh It felt so good to proudly walk out with pretty on my arm the first
to the first time we slept together to wake upon the following day to snuggle In to her
all so beautiful to me the fragrant perfume youth dew
of her body the smell of her hair for this was true love once In a lifetime dose
this come
Johnny walker May 10
Through nearly almost two years of grief there came the day I couldn't say good bye
to my sweetheart just couldn't let
Thought one time I could probably move on but this was never ever going to be
to much In love with Helen and still are you
I'm happy to stay In all my memories of her and all of what we ued to do go sleep to my fantasies of what we never got a chance to
Johnny walker Apr 15
I woke this morning with my head still clouded from last nights dreams, with a future uncertain but at least I know we have one and that makes the
For there was a time after Helen died  I didn't even I'd make past tomorrow felt I had reason to carry
on but strength saw me through all of the sadness and sorrow
followed the loss of my wife a belief In myself that lay hidden away by grief but found again the strength that lay hidden that's enabled me to fight my back from
to again stake a claim on a life that I so nearly gave up on but through strength and the love and total dedication for my wife will be enough to see me through the rest of my days
A strength regained that had laid hidden by grief a strength
to never give up
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
Sung and did not miss, watch this, where'swung
a dub when we need vees lots and lots of vees

the first friendly used many vees where we use double yous
vees and bees sound so much alike, s'ard to tell

Simultaneous, as always,
other-ther things begin and end while I am contrating on
a single point being made

on a single pin,
which is
bearing witness to my assertincertainty that at least
one thousand three hundred and ninety-two messages in lieu of angels,
numbering in the billions if Sagan was right,
per pineal node post initial exterior inhalation and that first draft

look at this will you wontyou willyou wontyou
one thousand three hundred and ninety-two
guitar pickers in Nashville,

Ten percent of whom are sworn to sing Rocky Top
at every open mike in town every Saturday night

and we survived, didn't starve or go plumb crazy, though we tried.

It's good to be alive and remember imagining being

abundantly more alive, and
you know

or not, I can't say.

Did you read how Paradise, California burned for lack of rain?
We heard, Down here in the Lagunas.
All kinds o' folks prayed all kinds o'ways, and it rained.

Mud-makin rain.
Is it wrong to think the rain was called, if you can't imagine
rain obeying a request for the jetstream to dip?
Not here, we think right happens
right here on purpose

if you can imagine that a prayer,

wave of a wing tip, an eagle's
with permission.
this is the eagle wing effect, rightused,
should any attribute this to butterflies in China or Brazil.

The eagle acknowledges the Pine Valley hummingbird
who consented to make its final migration,
so the rain had a path to follow.
Paradise burned, that was poetic, mythic, for a moment. But with the jetstream where it was stuck that day, satellites told the humming bird to call the thunderbird from the north. And the old man swept ashes.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Twenty years have come and
past, but never thought It wouldn't
last, Almost a year since my
              Helen passed
  Oh how I miss my beloved

Almost like a child who never
Believes his youth wouldn't last or
that he'll grow old
but sadly will come the day we
                all pass away
   Oh how I miss my beloved

She was all I ever had, never
been loved like this before
Helen's love, a one time love
             my only love
       Oh how I miss Helen
         ­         LOVE
Helen's the only girl I ever loved
or ever wanted to
Johnny walker Nov 2018
I feel like a wolf In
the wild, that lost It
mate In the middle

That has to fend for
It's self alone In harsh
realities of life, closing
It's territory

A lone wolf that as now
to walk this Earth
abandoned, In the middle
of the winter snow, now
alone afraid
Lost and abandoned In the middle of winter
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Once In a lifetime If
you're lucky to find
the gift of love may
come you're
If should happen for
you, grab with both
and never let
Some people are lucky
to find love again, but
as for myself there
won't be
For had my time and
had the best women
a man could ever
have, but now sadly
Missing love you won't no-till it happens
to you and hope It dosen't for the feeling
of loss Is at times unbearable
Johnny walker Nov 2018
To lay against the
Softness of her
skin, to snuggle
In to warmth
of her
To fall together
In dreams, to
sleep In the
protection of
her welcoming
The beautiful sent
of her perfume
filling the air, just
to lay there and
take it all
To sometimes just
Lay and watch her
sleep so peacefully
Unaware of me
The gentle
way her breast
rise and fall
with every In
take of
So sweet she
looks and air
Innocents there
still lies
But sadly stolen
from me before
her time, not even
the chance to say
To miss someone you so much
trying to with life now alone
Äŧül Dec 2016
If I could,
I would recall them all.
The messages saying I love you,
The messages saying I hate you.
If I could,
I would recall them all.
Because I don't want your memories.

'Coz you were not destined to be mine.
It's my destiny that I will meet my match.
In the next rebirth if not now.
And we will meet again for forever.

HP Poem #1328
©Atul Kaushal
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