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Losien Mayor Mar 12
Be honest with your pain,
Be honest with your anger
Do not pretend to be an angel-
your wings are clipped, remember?
You aren't here to appease
the crowd who's displeased

Face the mirror and look
At the multiple selves you've built
Aren't you one fantastic *****?

I know, isn't it great?
You're the harbinger of pain-
you can no longer be slain
When the exit wounds bleed endlessly
You pick up the jagged and sharp edges
Even sliced up fingers empower your recesses

You die
And die
And die

There's no limit to your life
It's scary
The respawn time don't matter
When you come back
You come back stronger

The demons under your bed stop playing
"Aren't you coming?"
**** nah
You don't know it yet
but I'm gonna replace the devil

You tell them now
Oh she is...
She is coming.
Better ring the bells-
get the sinners
to start running
Vexren4000 Mar 7
People give,
People take,
Leaving emptiness in their wake,
An emptiness in their shape,
So try to fill that place,
With squares and circles,
Shapes and sizes,
Pleasure and pain.
You will find that space,
Still empty in one way or another,
Even love sometimes,
Can not fill that empty place.

Sky Yang Feb 24
i laugh lion's heart
loping street by every stride
claw clattering cobblestone conviction
chest puffed out and head held high

climbing fences and
kissing dark breakers

all that, because i am afraid

so afraid so very afraid so very very afraid and of what, you may ask and i will say everything, EVERYTHING! in a roar akin to a king

but between colorful plumes i am
small, so very small
and so very afraid
Matthew Feb 18
I swing through the trees
sing to the bees
give strength to the weak
am there when most bleak

Who Am I?

You are easy
You are simply somebody who sold their eyes
For a wooden mask
One who is no longer themselves
You are not human,
but worse
You are...
BIG ***
1.  Learn forgiveness.  Then withhold it from everyone.
2. Avoid making enemies. Leave it to your friends to find you insufferable.
3. There is good in everyone. The trick is not to let it out.
4. Expect the worst. You’ll be right.
5. Never hurt anyone’s feelings.  Unintentionally.
6. Command an audience.  Then who cares if you loathe mankind?
7. Self-sacrifice ennobles the spirit.  But someone still has to clean up the blood.
8. Don’t dance.  Then no one will watch.
9. Don’t envy others’ success.  Intervene more forcefully to prevent it.
10. Life is short, but otherwise lousy.
girl gonzo Nov 2018
girlworm, you grab a wrist like you've known modesty in the shyness of a bare feeling gripped tight on the one offering it
tightrope fingers falling into the spaces of unspoken territory, slipping into familiar qualms like the worn lipsticks that fits the grooves of my lips like an object of my affection
knowing the contour of what i'm never aware of
anxieties creep like an overgrown lawn
these fears personifying into antsy women invading my kitchen telling me that there's not enough ventilation and the stove is on leaking gas into the baby lungs of a young smoker
and when i begin to argue they give both a look of sympathy and disgust as they say "oh child you drown so easily"
so i sit chewing my nails as i count the birds outside flying back and forth from their post as if they can't remember where they're going towards or if there's something that could possibly pull them elsewhere
my mind swirls in the smoothie of a plastic cup that sticks to the coffee table, the rings of different bottles painting circles for me to memorize again
my paradise sits with the roughness of his knuckles and the ambiguity of eyes that could know everything and i would set fire to the stars inside because of the jealousy that grows from pretty things being smoldered under skin
when i begin to lose my person, pale and shivering i go towards it
empty stomached and ready to be buried in the clothes of her
that i can imagine becoming the consistency of yogurt in my lap
kissing back my tremors as i lift up her hair from curious shoulders
dry-heaving the importance of the cheeks that feel warmer as they settle on hands that are brought together as if in deep prayer and i know i will collect myself again one day
girlworm, you're a swarm in my chest and i am me
Give me brushes and
something colorful
not tested on
a thing
with a heartbeat
and watch me go!
I love me.
I know how
I like      to look.
Think that this
face is
for you?
Think again.
Think that      This Face
is for you      and your. . .
Think again.
Think again.
Jade Melrose Oct 2018
I did everything right
said the right lines

1.2 million in diamonds and I didn’t bat an eye
I hide them under my pride
Worth more than his ego
But I swallow
because he is more than the man he is

He buys me porcelain plates everyday
to show he can
I know he can
But I don’t tell him because he gets offended

Every night I smash them to sweep them up
I’m getting better at the smashing
My hands familiar with the motions
Mapping out each broken shard before my face shatters
I don’t miss any fragments

I stepped on one once
Sharp blade on soft skin
Ruby on opal
Maybe I’m not made of ice

They say there is method in madness
But what if the method makes me mad
The slip of sanity must be planned
An hour before the charity ball
2 after the guests leave
30 minutes after dinner
5 when he comes home
A lullaby of broken promises ringing in my ear  
An indulgence

He said there was another woman
He said I wouldn’t care that he was leaving
He said I could afford my own diamonds and more ******* plates anyways

But that’s not the point
The point is to suffocate in silence
To let him buy what I can afford
To swallow what he can’t

But who is the trophy
When you carve me I spill out jewels
A persona poem of Astrid from Crazy Rich Asians
Gods1son Oct 2018
I write poetry
I create written scenery
I allow my heart overflow on the paper
Sometimes, I adopt different persona
I put myself in other people's shoes
Just to see from different views...
Not always easy to share how I feel
and not easy to bottle all within
So, I write...
A new page, a new scene
A new theme
A new scheme
But always the same chills
We write how we feel on paper to feel some ease. Sometimes, we create mental pictures and pen it down. Other times, we write based on what we see happen to others or in the society.
Purcy Flaherty Jan 2018
I see you!
You’re a chancer, an unusual impulsive, persuasive & promiscuous women; unconcerned with remorse or guilt!
You’ve created a life & career through crazy schemes and dreams!
You have a certain glib, superficial charm and an impressive sense of self-worth and I liked that !
If only you’d had the ***** to formally introduce me to the genuine you, without fear of rejection!
You Fool!
A stark reminder of just how far you penetrated my heart & mind!
I have a soft spot for you,
but your hearts as cold as ice.
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