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girl gonzo Sep 18
An artist too lazy to make any art
So what am I?
The sleepy commitment holding your hand in public places
An enormous gratitude lounging in between spaces with a stain on her shirt
Always seeking to be the next big thing

A stoic
Unable to process any other philosophy
that doesn't kiss me when I'm nervous
Lights turning on in the afternoon
And the warm glow of knowing people are inside
Ready to open up the door and invite you into the individual smells that occupy their reality

I am I-don't-remember-the-city-anymore girl
Sterile buildings and antiseptic coast
Are both memory and fiction
I am everything's-sort-of-familiar and yet exactly obscure
A contrarian careful to never admit that everything
Will make sense with enough persuasion
In the corners of my mind sits a woman
Smoothing out creases of my brain like the folds on bed sheets
Or the wrinkles in a shirt
And I allow her to because I love her
And I believe that what she does is affection
And maybe I'm right
Or maybe I'm wrong and I was never an artist
But something else entirely because that's so much easier
PMc Sep 6
Huh - some hero
a broken man of broken dreams
found crawling from the ditch dredged by strangers
while his own ruination, a physical half-shell
emotional snakes and ladders

Ever courageous through – always the light-hearted of the herd
not quite nerdy but an intellect (of sorts)
a man of letters
sometimes “too many notes”

Poured from the gravy boat of left-overs
the wannabe saviour swims to rescue the damsel
whom he knows will know better
she’s seen his ilk before
all shining armour, will tarnish given time
those cathedral etchings from years gone by
with the sunlight shining from his mouth
spouting poetry from centuries past
nary an original thought will develop from what’s left
of his imagination
dulled by realities of daily news

The saviour has pledged allegiance
an honour to truth both unspoken and said
a respect for taking turns
to laugh, cry or feel nothing sometimes

The damsel knows he can’t make up his mind
about much at all.  

If he can’t save his own life – how the hell will
he ever pretend to prop hers

Huh – some hero.
When we look in the mirror some days - it doesn't shine as brightly as it does on others.  Not a dullness but - reality (?)
exst Sep 4
All wear
Different faces
A persona
Which sometimes
And other times

Amaris Jul 24
Gods, I’ve been forsaken!
I – formerly blessed by the sun –
Cry out to you, you who leave
My words unheard.
Once a daughter to kings, I wait
Inside an indiscernible prison
For the fall of my beloved city.
I predicted this, my people, but
I cannot blame you, my people
I spurned the sun, burned my fate
And now no one will heed me.
They tell me I am
beautiful, I am brilliant, I am
They tell me
To leave the future to kings.
I spoke to you, my people
The contents of the horse
I spoke to you, my people
When we shall catch our demise
With axe and fire, I rush,
Only to face the barrage of disbelief
I hear them laughing, my people
Those who will carve their place
Where you once stood
But you will not listen.
Based on Greek myth of Kassandra, a Trojan princess cursed by Apollo to speak prophecies but never be believed.
Romann Jul 6
Break free from the binds of expectations
And the chains of criticism.
Tear off the blindfold you tied around yourself
And take in the light of truth.

Spread your wings of freedom
But don’t fly too close to the sun.
Realize that this is how we’re meant to be
And bask in the liberty you always had.
This is something everyone should remember; that we're independent.
Thank the Persona series for reminding me of this.
A Simillacrum May 23
Dark, play with the pants down.
Tell all, invite hell, I
took it for basic.

Dark, loose lips sink the ship.
Yell all you want. I
took it for granted

You knew, the line between
a miserable joke,
being a successful joke,

is in your grace toward the product,
and your ability to bottle it,
for your audience,
with confidence.
Mr Quiet Apr 18
What is wrong? What is right?
What is dark? What is light?
What if good was evil just for one night?
Who are you? Who am I?
What's your point? Where's your life?
Who are you to tell me who I am inside?

People are people because we are equal and we're all the same deep inside, right?
Don't mock if you're flawed, don't fight if you're strong.
Is it hard to have some self-control?

Fight for your life and strive for your rights,
What's the point if you are not who you like?
Embrace your weakness, embrace your mights,
The details of your skin, you are alright.

Nobody should tell who you should and shouldn't be,
You're you, you're unique, you're imperfect but you're growing,
You're not a burden, I'm sorry if you're hurting,
No one can identify you if you're constantly evolving.
Lovely Nobody Apr 15
I've loved before
But back then it wasn't me who loved,
It was my anima.

The fake love
Was just my body and someone else's soul.
So then my shadows
Showed me my darkness.

My introspection
Showed me myself.
So I grew to love myself
And love as myself
No more fake love.

So here I am,
Loving all over again
But it feel like never before
I know it has happened
But this time feels like first time

Coz this time
Its not my anima in love
Its my persona in love.
Love yourself Her: anima
Love yourself Tear: shadow
Love yourself Answer : self
Map of soul : persona
Losien Mayor Mar 12
Be honest with your pain,
Be honest with your anger
Do not pretend to be an angel-
your wings are clipped, remember?
You aren't here to appease
the crowd who's displeased

Face the mirror and look
At the multiple selves you've built
Aren't you one fantastic *****?

I know, isn't it great?
You're the harbinger of pain-
you can no longer be slain
When the exit wounds bleed endlessly
You pick up the jagged and sharp edges
Even sliced up fingers empower your recesses

You die
And die
And die

There's no limit to your life
It's scary
The respawn time don't matter
When you come back
You come back stronger

The demons under your bed stop playing
"Aren't you coming?"
Hell nah
You don't know it yet
but I'm gonna replace the devil

You tell them now
Oh she is...
She is coming.
Better ring the bells-
get the sinners
to start running
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