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Mary Kate Mar 26
It's all very overwhelming.

It's like an acid trip.

There are a lot of colors. There are a lot of sounds.

There's a certain serenity in that trip state.

There's too much happening.

Focus on the colors. Focus on the sounds.

What about my rationale?

Let the waves roll over you.

This is too much.

Give in.

No. I have to keep going.

Focus on the vibration of your essence.

I can't handle this.
I have to shut down.
I have to preserve.

Go numb.
Prioritize Preservation.
Haueru Oct 2020
Your hate
I need that
Your emasculation
Fulfils me
Your unaccountabilty
Don't worry I'm responsible
That ***
I'm going to kiss that
That knife in my back
It's all good I can heal
Your pain and struggles
Blame it all on me
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
Why, is the superfluous one.
What, is unnecessary, too.
How & When & Where, then,
are inescapable.
     If you act on instinct,
how far will you go to self preserve?
When will you break?
Where will you turn?

Is it your self you'd extinguish,
or is it the other flames?
There can be only one,
but the prize is: death comes
down the path of least resistance
to take a multitude of shapes.

     As for my body,
nothing much to lose,
nothing left to save.

As for my body,
nothing much to lose,
nothing left to save.
TD Feb 2019
Every time I’m tempted to write something of substance
I think of substance abuse...
and I resist the urge
to take another hit.

Leah Feb 2019
To walk away from the person you love
because the relationship is unhealthy
takes so much courage
So to the women
and the men
who have chosen
to save themselves
I am so
of you.
Asonna Feb 2019
Pick up a pen, spell your words
line your ink with temper.
Tear out the page and burn it still,
Happily ever after.
Leigh Nov 2018

My everything swelled

Until my fear grew legs

So to carry me from you

And your everything too

At all costs.
rjh Nov 2018
i do not want to crack myself open for you any more.
i wish i could take back all of the love that i gave you and keep it for someone more deserving, keep it for myself.
i did not care enough for myself in the past. i want to change that.

i recognize that i deserve better. i deserve love, goodness, and health. i deserve happiness. pure joy. i deserve to feel good things, no matter how i felt in the past. even when i am at my lowest, even when i feel that i hate myself, i will continue to respect myself enough to not strip the love i need and want away from myself.
i hope you all feel the same way for yourselves.
unnamed Jun 2018
I'm told I'm bad at lying,
all too often I say too much.
When I get sick of trying
I find I flick from on to off.

The warmest smile can quickly turn
into an icy state;
in eyes which swore they knew you
-you will find there's no one there.

I'd love just like a waterfall
with no fear of running out;
'til from my eyes water would fall
like raindrops in a drought.

Now, the most inclusive laughter
slows right down to a flickering glance.
Fuses cut short
after weathering storms
and we dont know
how long
they will last.
writer's rough patch
What if beauty was preserved?

Will it still carry the same significance?
Will preservatives slur her growth?
Will she still become who she was destined to be?
Will her natural beauty be enough to deny any need of preservation?
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