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TD Feb 27
Every time I’m tempted to write something of substance
I think of substance abuse...
and I resist the urge
to take another hit.

Leah Feb 25
To walk away from the person you love
because the relationship is unhealthy
takes so much courage
So to the women
and the men
who have chosen
to save themselves
I am so
of you.
Asonna Feb 13
Pick up a pen, spell your words
line your ink with temper.
Tear out the page and burn it still,
Happily ever after.
Leigh Nov 2018

My everything swelled

Until my fear grew legs

So to carry me from you

And your everything too

At all costs.
rjh Nov 2018
i do not want to ***** myself open for you any more.
i wish i could take back all of the love that i gave you and keep it for someone more deserving, keep it for myself.
i did not care enough for myself in the past. i want to change that.

i recognize that i deserve better. i deserve love, goodness, and health. i deserve happiness. pure joy. i deserve to feel good things, no matter how i felt in the past. even when i am at my lowest, even when i feel that i hate myself, i will continue to respect myself enough to not ***** the love i need and want away from myself.
i hope you all feel the same way for yourselves.
sara Jun 2018
I'm told I'm bad at lying,
all too often I say too much.
When I get sick of trying
I find I flick from on to off.

The warmest smile can quickly turn
into an icy state;
in eyes which swore they knew you
-you will find there's no one there.

I'd love just like a waterfall
with no fear of running out;
'til from my eyes water would fall
like raindrops in a drought.

Now, the most inclusive laughter
slows right down to a flickering glance.
Fuses cut short
after weathering storms
and we dont know
how long
they will last.
writer's rough patch
ollie May 2018
You can insult me all you want, boy
Til I see the smoke coming out of your ears
I have no tears for this
I’m not scared of you anymore
I have said such a thing about many
But this time I mean it
And maybe that’s what you think of as endearment
And you’re just waiting for me to come back
Because you’re scared you’ve lost a writer and you know what we do
You’ve heard me talk about Lorde
Writer in the Dark, well
You’re scared you’ve just let a writer walk into the Green Light
You knew who I was
Granted, you really should’ve watched out when I stopped sending you poetry
But you’re the one who wanted to love a writer in the dark
It was your mistake, however you did
You’ll hear every **** word out of my mouth and you’ll never be able to understand what I’m saying
But you’ll know it’s about you
You did this to yourself, boy
And you can say all you want about how I’m repetitive
But you can just be a theme now if you really wanted a change
Nobody falls in love with poets because you’ll never really die
But because of the things I’ll make you do you’ll wish the first thing you said to me was goodbye
Because you’ll always know
I’ll never tell you but your dying breath will be in vain
You’ll still be alive somewhere
At this point it’d be mercy
Someday the world is going to know what you did, boy
You didn’t break my heart
I was never in love with you after all
But I’m a writer
And anyone with sense knows **** well you don’t get on a writer’s bad side
So if your cries are that you didn’t study for this test on what poets do
All I have to say is you should’ve known
so my best friend isn’t my best friend anymore. even though i made the decision the boy ought to be shaking in his boots
What if beauty was preserved?

Will it still carry the same significance?
Will preservatives slur her growth?
Will she still become who she was destined to be?
Will her natural beauty be enough to deny any need of preservation?
Sarah Elaine Mar 2017
Towering above realities,
A facade of sorts,
     of protection
     of security
     of isolation
     of preservation
Attempts to bring down, break through..
                    chisel away piece by piece.
                    claw, scratch, dig.
Only the true get in..
Only the real get in..
Only the true persevere... Only the real persevere.
The mob, elites, journalists
As well as poets like I
To our environment-unfriendly bent
Turning a blind eye
Also tardy in asking  "Why
We ***** of mother nature's green mantle,
While to maintain the statuesque
It gets locked in a sever battle?"
Equally not checking overgrazing,
We allowed fertile soil and sand
Amok,wild floods ride
To a close by touristic lake,
Whose mouth an expansion
Used to make
As much as its foreign body intake.

Soon,with the vast array of
Flora and fauna it supports,
Before we knew it
The magnificent lake died
Ceding place to a barren land,
An eyesore that looked a dump yard!
We used to believe  the talk about environment change is a far-fetched prognosis but things began to change before our eyes.Seasons simply bear their name their features are completely changed! Dedicated to Haromaya Lake!
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