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You might be wondering,
If Boris Johnson,
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom,
Doesn't survive from coronavirus,
Just who would be his replacement?

Only the rightful heir himself.

Morrissey, of course.
"I am the son
And the heir
Of a shyness that is criminally ******
I am the son and heir
Of nothing in particular..."
-- How Soon Is Now? / The Smiths
rgz Dec 2019
Irish blood
Lack of heart
This I'm made of

There is one thing on earth
I'm afraid of

But I
won't cry
just close my eyes

Life floats by

I've been dreaming of a time when
my mind might recover
from nights with no lover

Oh, god knows
no other Mother should know

these frightful endeavours
and fruitless forevers
all the sights I've discovered
and lies I've uncovered
how they haunt you forever

Go, tell the others
some other twisted story

Spin tales of bitter glory
distort the allegory
and the Tories
won again
to be read exclusively in a Morrissey voice
A Simillacrum Aug 2019
who am i to say if the mozzer's lost touch?
what does my rough draft have
that is missing from his manuscript?
nothing. so, i'll sit down here
before the microphone and say,
A Simillacrum Apr 2019
I promised I wouldn't pitch a fit,
but that was young me, and see,
experiences since then, well,
do you know how hard it is
to find love as a *******?

Somehow, I bet not.
I bet not, somehow.

I promised I'd do what I wanted,
and I have done, and I do,
experiences since then, well,
they've left me longing for you,
longing for touches, eager to please.

I keep my ***** part of me,
as that's what I want.
I keep wishing that someone will
love that part of me.

I'm flaw to the flawless, baby.

Lesbians don't want this.
Gay men don't want it.
Straight women don't want this.
Straight men don't want it.

Somehow, I bet not.
I bet not, somehow.

And tomorrow I might die in hellfire   (where are you?)
dropped from the air or shot from the ocean,    (kiss me.)
I might be a corpse in another war,    (where are you?)
big future fame for the sideline casualty.

Kiss my lips and let me know
my pulse is visible to you.
Zero Nine Jun 2017
People laugh,
I hurt
But I don't mind
Gender is the joke
I am the punchline

Fighting for
the binaries
when our
expression is

If I die
then I'll be
the last bit lived true
My angry people
may take my body
since I'll
not be back
For myself and all my others.

Inspired by Morrissey's debut solo album, "Viva Hate" (1988)
ap May 2017
Morrissey was deploring
Henson forever boring
So how could similar I
Ever be worth adoring?
(i wanna be adored)
Zero Nine Apr 2017
Why am I alive?
Without fate, what's the point?
I believe in fate, I do.
I was born to die, like you.
To live connected. Disconnected.
I am an image macro.
The part and sum of an underground facebook group.
Emily Martin Mar 2015
I can choke myself to please you and I can sink much lower than usual, but there's nothing I can do to make you mine.
CH Gorrie Oct 2014
"Where literature is concerned,
I will not cooperate at all":
A mind resolutely turned
From the social crusades of fall.

Seventy-eight years later
I agree with the "dilettante";
Twenty-five years cater
To reclusion in a shanty,

"Writing frightening verse
To a straight-toothed dude
In New York." Curse
My reckless solitude!
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