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love Dec 2021
I never cried for loss,
But I cried for you,thousand tears, and some more,
Greater than loss,
I cried for betrayal, the thousand fragment of hope.

I didn't cry,
For the aching heart,
That only knew how to get hurt,
But I cried so deep,
For my little hands,
That were scared of every touch.

If heaven's million star,
Came done to crush my skull,
Non of them would give a scar,
It is only you that cuts deep,

I shouldn't have,
But you know I did,
I couldn't loved someone incomplete.
onyx Aug 2021
all my life i have been bound by the letter c
how fitting since it seems
to be shaped like manacles
ready to clasp around my wrists
around every corner
every turn i took i found her unchallenged in her rivalry  
she chose to haunt me
down to the colour of my eyes
i could not escape her
she was always there, a shadow in the corner
for have you considered
she cowered in every single line
of this poem, reflected within every word
the letter c has always been there
Maria Horvack Jun 2020
All the he's are gone.
And I am left with
Me. Mum and dad.

I'm about to run away again.

Just me and an expired car

It's been a hard year..
I have had the best *** of my life
But found no love
Never allowed to lie in the arms of the strangers who use me.

The one I long for
The one I cry for
And the one I pray for

Has blocked me everywhere. .

Now I am alone.

I feel like a cheap ****.
I never cheated but I tried to replace him to soon

I should have just waited prayered harder that he would change his mind

I hope his new lover is kind and smart and beautiful.

I feel like trash
Surly it gets better than this.
Or was that my day in the sun
Breakup heartbroken
It made myself freak
For magic words of
love , read and lyric
Which brought
Me a handy hat-trick
Thanks to all including Fawn,perry, cj love, carlo c gomez, jahanti khare, poorvi, katelyn, jamdhi, ben etc. for sharing so much of their works. The read is the most powerful word  and appreciation is the biggest reward .
honest Mar 2020
I didn't get a chance to say
I was enamored with how honest you were to me
and how trusted you made me feel
when you told me the small things about you that others wouldn't admit,
like how you judge books by their covers
or dislike people who act like fans of musicians after only hearing their new songs
when you were a fan before they blew up (haha).

Everything about you felt sincere,
so when you said you wanted to be friends
you might have really meant it,
but the last time we spoke face-to-face
the clock in my car had the correct time
and the last time you texted me first
I still had so much to look forward to in 2020.

Since then, I've been in a constant state of in-between focusing on myself and asking you how you've been,
but I don't feel regret when I see you and
I don't feel as sad to see you happy & surrounded.
So I'm relieved,
because what was and could have been is behind me.

But now, I can't shake off this constant habit of comparing myself to you and to the person you wanted me to be.
All I think about now bounces from wanting to be better and feeling like I'll never be good enough (for anyone),
but I thought the same thing before I met you.
World Poetry Day
A Languages Promotion Way

A Poet's Pride
Coz he never hide
Anything on his side

World's Guide
In knowing best
Fiction &
Regards to all HP Fellow Poets on our this special day i.e. today.
A Simillacrum Sep 2019
May take a bit to come down from seclusion.
Climbing for a gain, knew what I was losing.
It's on the T that time is balanced,
and I've seen it cemented.
It's on the scene with all the extras,
and I've seen myself in the crowd.
pseudnco Sep 2019
i took your eraser and rubbed the poem i wrote for you away.

it was near dawn when i wrote our "i love you" on both sides.

i still haven't given it back.


maybe next period.
you're unreachable at arm length. i want your attention, please know that i'm here.
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