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Aug 2 · 164
Goodbye to the friendships I need.
Goodbye to the relationships I craved.
Goodbye to the needless I've greaved.
Welcome me to the other side.
Aug 2 · 211
I'm heavy on the backspace. Sometimes it's forever. The things I shouldn't write. Fe3l.
Aug 2 · 79
I'm not really here.
Pour a little bit.
Drink a little more.
Die a little slower
Feel a little less.
Psychosis deranged disease mental overdose comeGetMe
Nov 2020 · 58
I'm upside down
Jack Thompson Nov 2020
I used to think I had something someone wanted.
I was young innocent and not drunk.
I don't have power influence or even money for you honey.
Just this empty soul with no where to be but where I am
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
What I really need
Jack Thompson Sep 2018
You say you don't want to do this anymore.

What you don't know.

Is I don't want this either.
I don't want this empty one sided love.
When what we had felt like so much more.
This constant ***** of feelings I'm fighting against.
I'm all in, been that way for a while now.
Even though you're already half gone.
I've been trying to pull you back in.

Over the egg shells and broken glass
I wont give up just because you push hard.
We always hurt the person closest.
I don't blame you for that!
Just need to remind you.
Why I'm here, Why I love you.

I pulled away hard and cold.
I gave up - I'd never been pushed that hard.
You said you felt it like you never thought you would.
Felt me slipping from your life for real.
Hurt like you never thought you could be.

All that time spent gone in an instant.
All the good moments, the tears and the love.
The closeness you don't get from anyone else.
Everything you thought didn't matter...

I don't know what you felt deep-down inside.
But you couldn't stand me walking out of your life.
Now we're still in this, keeping it going for now.

I know there was love here.
Strong and bonded
I know we could find that again.
I don't know where it evaporated to.
Sometimes I don't have a ******* clue

Where we're going, what we're doing.
Or what its all for.
I know I wont let it slip my grip.
I won't be the one to let it all drop.
I'll try more than anyone who ever sat here before.

I just struggle with this sometimes.
Just find myself sitting there
staring at the wall for hours on end.
I don't get **** done - just have you on my mind.
It drives me crazy coz its not me.

Envious, jealous feelings I don't usually elevate to the surface.
Cool, calm and collected I don't know myself anymore.
I don't like myself right now.
Weak, ugly and dependent.
I don't want to be that way... always and forever.

Just stick it out for a moment longer.
Let me find myself in the anxiety;
the emotional dependency;
the depression and the desperation.

I'll be the man you'd love once more.
Jul 2017 · 609
Short Lived
Jack Thompson Jul 2017
I'm unhappy as ****.
I'm an escapist of reality.
I'll gladly waste the next several hours, days, weeks escaping my existence, living outside myself. Removing myself from the pressures of unhappiness.
If only for a string of short lived moments.

What does one do with the awareness of ones subconscious drive. How does one begin to take the steering wheel.

Do I have what it takes to be more than short lived.
Copyright © 2017 Jack Thompson
Jul 2017 · 435
Distant Dreams
Jack Thompson Jul 2017
Unhappiness occupies my mind in unfocused fragments of thought.
Encumbered by the empty air of loneliness. A lingering vapor of discontent, too viscous to vent.

Deterioration of self I once knew.
Wavering faith that only grew.
The bows and arrows, the childhood dreams.
How distant that tranquility now seems.
Copyright © 2017 Jack Thompson
Jul 2017 · 455
Jack Thompson Jul 2017
I get them so bad these days.
Alcohol gets me going and your touch keeps me floating.
Genuine smiles surface and the happiness I keep locked down below begins to bubble.
A tranquil explosion of vivid pastels paint a foreground in my eye.  
Everything seems to make more sense.

It always ends, I've sobered up and you didn't stay.
The happiness that just barely began to bubble now turns to trouble.
I've depressed to find myself lonely, empty and stray.
Is this who I really am without stimulus, without catalyst?
Is it you I'm missing or something more fundamental.

How do you find happiness you desperately need when desperately searching for happiness is so unattractive.

That inescapable fact that when you need it the most it's nowhere to be found.

I'm not fine when it all stops. When it all starts rolling off the edge just as I'm reaching for it. When I'm not able to squeeze a smile worth of happiness through the gates - I'm not fine.

I have withdrawals from my own happiness.
Copyright © 2017 Jack Thompson
Jul 2017 · 353
It took me
Jack Thompson Jul 2017
2 days to remember your name.
I love that I'm over you and don't feel the pain I once scraped through.
The rough filings of my heart and jagged burrs.
The piece of me I knew as hers.
It's all mine to give yet to someone else.
This amazing me and love myself.
Feb 2017 · 1.6k
The moon over head
Jack Thompson Feb 2017
Ocean waves lapping the shore.
Everything faded out leaving only the crash tsssshhhhhh of the waves nullified in the sand.
Drowned in the rhythmic arrangement.

Coconut trees in the distance rubbing leaves like the supporting instruments on this beach orchestra.

And then there was you.
And me.

With only the moon over head.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
Feb 2017 · 891
I am valuable
Jack Thompson Feb 2017
You disappoint me in so many ways.
So far from everything I ever wanted.
How is it you come to me like candy.
Unwrapped you're only rotten fruit.  
I must be a predictable person.  
Stable and empathetic.
Those around me up and down.  
Vindictive and petty.
All I see are the better option if I were they.
Simple like turn left or turn right.  
Why do people act this way.
And underestimate a valuable connection.
I am valuable.  
I treat you with love and compassion.
Raw and sensitively.
Like the liquid gold flowing through the earthly depths.  
Supporting your every move and fault.
But now you show disinterest and disdain.
I lived for your smile.  
And you bring me pain.  

Many will never appreciate my value.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
Jan 2017 · 1.1k
Half baked
Jack Thompson Jan 2017
You're the beauty I left in patong.
Rainy days in Koh Samui.
Now knowing leaving was wrong.

I miss the feeling that laying on top of me wasn't close enough for you.  
Seeing such a genuine need to not feel alone.
Like we're perfectly at home.

Gentle kisses on you're head
Cuddled up tight in bed.

You tell me over and over how you'd rather be alone.
That caring heart that asks me if I'm okay everytime I roll over.
Tells me something different.

You're the girl that may have always gotten away.
I've never known exactly what to think.
What's in your heart you never say.

If I had more time here something nice we'd make.
As the end draws near
It's a shame we're only half baked.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
Jan 2017 · 536
Heart strings
Jack Thompson Jan 2017
Somehow I always find myself falling for the ones that are emotionally closed off.  

The too eager and loving are clingy in my mind.  
The frowning stern and cold are the ones that have me noose'd by my heart strings.  

It seems I'm a person who always moves to fill the voids.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
Jan 2017 · 657
I'm still alive.
Jack Thompson Jan 2017
I've been caught up abroad.  
Whirlpools of mixed feelings.  
If I think back,
It's always a broad.  

She seems nice and innocent.
Lively and petite.
But men for money she does sleep.

If you've spent some time
You'll know it's hard to judge.
When there are no other options.
I'd do the same - fudge

She has great qualities of those I've seen.
Simple needs and simple desires.  
Which drive a person world's apart.  
Maybe that's it and she's just too far.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
Jan 2017 · 663
The land of smiles.
Jack Thompson Jan 2017
We had a culture and a humility
That descended into poverty.
It's much and none.
Desperation and opportunity.

I see the beauty and the pain in the eyes.
Of those victims to this tourist culture.
That has us all losing our morality.
I was a person and now I have a price tag.

Traditions that hold us back as a people
That spiral the young naive and uneducated towards empty hearts.
Forced to partake at the mercy of baht.

We weren't always this way.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
Jan 2017 · 1.2k
Jack Thompson Jan 2017
I'm gonna spend my time
Escaping my own thoughts
When I dwell just too long
Everything in my heart goes wrong.

I'm just trying to live today
Until the next.
The things I have to do
Just to make it.

Life gradually losing its meaning
Day in day out nothing changes
Just to lay here under you
Your mercy my displeasure.

© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
Nov 2016 · 347
Jack Thompson Nov 2016
I wrote an elated verse once as if I felt something.
It stared back at me bold on the page.
As my happiness turned to rage.
Aug 2016 · 1.3k
I'll see you again soon.
Jack Thompson Aug 2016
There was a time when you could make me fall right back to highschool.
The days of virginity and innocence.
Years between our encounters and you'd always be just beneath my breath.
So juvenile and oblivious to all the ways you'd disappoint.
So attached and forgiving.

I found myself at the end of your plank too many times.
Cannonball at my ankles.
Looking down your blade with the point in my neck.

I'll see you again soon...

I always used to feel.
But now I can't conjure the same devotion.
The image of you has finally muddied and spoiled.

I noticed this transition and felt the change somewhere along the way.
Affirmation that I don't need always live on that plank with my heels hanging off.
Jul 2016 · 758
Bad Weather
Jack Thompson Jul 2016
I do things and I say things.
I'm far from perfect.
Its clear I care about you.
Because this jealous rage isn't easy.
To hold onto the handles and say the right words.

I went and did it again.
I always do it again.
I don't know why you forgive me.
The way you do.
I just hope you can once more.
I'm trying to do better, to be better.

You'll always be the sun shining through my clouds.
One day I won't just be the bad weather.
Jul 2016 · 4.9k
Life Goals, Wife Goals
Jack Thompson Jul 2016
What is there to do but to contemplate life heavily and endlessly.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
Jun 2016 · 655
Jack Thompson Jun 2016
When I close my eyes.
I see a hut with a single wall.
The rain.
Crashing down around me.
Mud and water splashing
In every direction.
Rain drumming each and every leaf.
A symphony drowning my ears.
A wind that carries the howling darkness and it's frozen whispers.
A forest full of trees bending to break.
Attempting to escape.
Anywhere but here.

So why am I here?
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Jun 2016 · 578
ice cream
Jack Thompson Jun 2016
So I eat the vanilla and strawberry because I know I like those. I leave the chocolate till last but can't figure out if I don't like it as much or like it more.

When the tub of ice cream is empty and I'm spooning the streaks up the side.

I'm still thinking, "would I do it any differently next time?"
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Jun 2016 · 789
Gen Y
Jack Thompson Jun 2016
On our first date I'm gonna sit on my phone.
Appear uninterested.
Keep asking you to "repeat that".
When you try and get my attention I'll laugh emphatically at something on my phone and show it to you.
Because I'm Gen Y and I don't have a ******* clue.

I was taught
To show affection when it suits me.
To show love when it's manipulative.
And always to keep you down so it feels like I'm floating.
Because I never want to remember how it feels to sink.

Y I don't identify with Gen Y.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Jun 2016 · 600
A Girl I Need
Jack Thompson Jun 2016
I need that "one nighter" every night.
I need that girl who doesn't see me.
With a mix of
That girl who doesn't need me.

I need a girl in tracky dacks.
Looking more beautiful less she tries.
Simple matter of facts.
I don't want to play it up just tell it right.

In this light,
You're looking like the one.
Like my everything,
My only,
My sun.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Jun 2016 · 437
Jack Thompson Jun 2016
I think I've had enough.
Being alone didn't always make me feel lonely.
Someone come and whisk me away if only.

Everything I need is always just out of grasp.
Find that good girl and make it count.
Is that too much to ask.

Because if I ever do find that one of many.
N' my reclusive heart digs it's way out of the ground.
I'll just sit back bewildered at what I found.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Jun 2016 · 796
Jack Thompson Jun 2016
What do you write about when you don't quite feel broken.
**** ****, lost my only inspiration.
I can't write for **** when it's not painful and emptying.
Without the feelings of love and sorrow.
These words aren't **** just hollow.

I know I feel lonely these days.
I start to write about it but look.
I get to the end of 3 verses and feel like a crook.

It was meant to be something but it twisted into nothing.
Kinda like this garbage.
Guess that's why they call it art right.
Its ugly and pointless but someone will find inspiration in my emptiness.

I know that's a long shot.
But if its justification I need.
It's all I've got.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Jun 2016 · 533
Jack Thompson Jun 2016
Most girls that I've ever encountered.
Hoped, wished and dreamed adored me back.


Don't sit around wishing and hoping like I have. I'm 25 and full of regretful moments.

Capitalize and seek happiness at every turn.

That dreamy blonde, brunette or completely out of this world girl, didn't look at you for the reason you think.

Don't wait until years later when she's with a dud specimen of a male to have the hindsight I now have.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
May 2016 · 502
Jack Thompson May 2016
Am I depressed?

Or am I just the reflection of everyone else.

Feeling as though I've just lost the meaning to it all. A cavity like I had it all grasped so tight and yet... Here I am again in this sludgy bucket of depressed feelings.

It's a hopeless feeling. One like I just lost my sense of purpose. But the most dulling of all is the epiphany that you never had any to start.

It's almost enough to drive a new spark like a drained battery. A momentum, a motivation but only momentarily.

What is it I'm doing here on earth? Where am I heading? Is it enough to just make a goal; a plan to be somewhere. Or maybe just scraping through university. What is it that will without a doubt fill me with life long satisfaction.

Is there anything? Anyone?

I worry about where we are going as people. How we're all just a lost bunch of misfired projectiles. Even those that miraculously slide out of the barrel and experience the updrafts of life always find dirt.

We are just stimulating the illusion of freedom. Inside the prison of each of our own making.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Apr 2016 · 4.2k
Through The Sunset
Jack Thompson Apr 2016
If I could see what you see,
We'd be caught in a flash,
of a thousand sunsets.
If I could see what you see,
When I touch so soft,
like it were not at all.

My skies might just implode into a fiery fluster.
Looking through your eyes.
A brightness in you where the sun does burn.
My eternal sunrise.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Apr 2016 · 636
This Bad..
Jack Thompson Apr 2016
I hope your eyes are still,
full of dreams.
When you've seen the world,
And all it's thieves.

I hope you find a home,
Inside your heart.
Yours slipped through my fingers,
Broke and fell apart.

I know you're still beautiful,
Like the day you came back to me.
I just didn't know what I had,
Didn't know I'd miss you this bad.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Apr 2016 · 1.4k
Who's Eyes
Jack Thompson Apr 2016
Who's eyes are these,
That sketch me beautiful and slender,
That dip the world a tangerine tint,
That douse me in a moment to remember.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Apr 2016 · 2.8k
The Reunion
Jack Thompson Apr 2016
I went to sleep and woke up in a future,
Where I saw you for the first time,
Through eyes that adored you everyday,
I didn't have to consider if you'd be mine.

You stood there in the clear day,
Looking back at me to take your hand,
I reach out but I'm sinking as you rise,
Looking through eyes - you erode it all away

Anguish in the brevity of life,
and the divide of futures.

I'm impatient,
Give me Dreams,
Give me Touch, Sweat and Reality,
Give me One more Moment,

The Reunion.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Apr 2016 · 363
Jack Thompson Apr 2016
I will find my way if you're not here,
fighting the wind and the river tides,
with all my will and fire,
I will,

I will find my way if you're not here,
when I wake in an empty bed,
I wont stop moving my feet,
I wont,

I will find my way if you're not here,
because I carved my own way,
why stop now, I cant stop now.  
I cant,

I will find my way if you're not here,
because my wounds don't sting,
like they used to baby,
I don't love you, I don't love you,
I don't,
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Mar 2016 · 459
Just a feeling.
Jack Thompson Mar 2016
I know it's something you do to me.
Because you've got me feeling this way.
So exclusively.

One kiss, one touch, I was already yours.
Just me and you, on a back road to the unknown.

Hold my hand and never let go.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Mar 2016 · 401
Jack Thompson Mar 2016
I've written your name and thought of your spirit on mine.
Now I'm not here I'm not anywhere.
Just an absence of you that continues on.

Like sleeping doesn't feel just alone but endlessly wrong.
I pounded my chest, psyched myself to feel strong.
But it all just comes back...
All I end up with are tears on the screen.

Just these Liquid Crystal Tears.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Mar 2016 · 1.7k
Jack Thompson Mar 2016
I know I'd rewind back to then.
Just for one more smile.
Just to hold you for a while.
Because they were microseconds.

And how I see you now.
Is that I don't.
So I'll rewind back to then.
And tell you a day sooner,
How much you mean to me.

Because you left before you got to see.
All of me.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Jan 2016 · 460
Jack Thompson Jan 2016
If tomorrow doesn't come.
If the sun rises and recedes.
Along with the moon and the seas.
At least I've lived today.
Though not in the best way.
At least I've lived today.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Jan 2016 · 778
I'm Sorry
Jack Thompson Jan 2016
A life is a stepping stone of regrets.
If you keep looking at it wrong.
Premature hindsight.
Never knowing how these stones will change us.
For the better, if you let it.

I'm still learning.

So just don't give up on me yet.
Even if I'm one of your regrets.
Or we're yet to meet.
I'll be one of your tests.

I'm Sorry.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
Perfect - Part 1
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
I wrote a perfect poem once. I scribbled it down on the back of a half used napkin. It wasn't short and is wasn't long. The lipstick laced food marks couldn't taint what was already perfect. There was no love and no sadness in the words. It embodied only emptiness - it's most pure form. Nothing left wanting, no thirst unquenched.

In a moment of clear sight, I knew only the right words were forming. In that moment the half empty bar around me sunk, drowned, imploded and combusted - for all I cared. I had just written a masterpiece.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Dec 2015 · 1.6k
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
I tremble at the breadth of you.
In and out like the ends of the oceans.
In a soothing rage of blood pounding heart.
The tide did change - I did get lost in you.
What of it now? and where do I start?

What's it gonna take for me to find my feet.
When the weight of the world disappears underneath this sheet.
In those Hazel eyes the ground collapses beneath me.
Exploring your soul in the most intimate of ways.
Looking into those eyes for days and days.

I gotta take a step back because it's just this view.
This view of me and you.
Take it in.
Close my eyes.
Deep breaths
And release
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Dec 2015 · 575
Today.... (10w)
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
Today is just one day, everything seems to be harder.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Dec 2015 · 424
Have it Back
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
Is it cruel intentions or coincidence.
That forces my hand at this hour.
I've left it late just to cultivate
The supreme and feelings irate.

All the tongues I've held and bitten.
Unravel at once in a fabulous exposé.
All the truthes I've kept and hidden.
Finally rid of their weight.

Take all of my hate.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Dec 2015 · 830
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
I've got a devilish need.
That's only satiated by the planet's greed.
Power, real estate and money!
I need them all in a hurry.

I'll **** pillage and sully.
Any mans good fortune for my own.
You won't have any power.
Even when you're full grown.

Because I won the police.
In a poker match among the Rockefeller.
I've taken independence and authority.
Given it a sweet facade.

You'll love the news,
Even you'll be glued.
Stay stunned and stationary.
As we read disingenuously, your obituary.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Dec 2015 · 510
Mess With You
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
I could **** up your day.
Just for entering my dreams.
I'm the only one.
That could feel these things.

Because I got under your skin.
In more ways than one.
You were mine for a moment.
While and after your boyfriend.

I don't want to make a habit of this.
But I had what was his.
And now I've got to live with that.
How do you do it?
Like putting on a new hat?

How do you feel?
Immovable like steel.
Stubborn as hell.
With this life you were forced to deal.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Dec 2015 · 443
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
You've popped into my mind.
You've taken up the space that I'd otherwise defined.
You crept into my dreams.
The ones I thought I had refined.

Why do you do these devilish things.
It happened overnight.
You weren't my first but **** you felt like it.
The best that ever happened I've got to fight it.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Dec 2015 · 863
A Moment Inwards
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
I am silver wrapped in velvet.
I am iron smothered in tar.

I am the perplexity of humankind.
I am strong, short and brutal.
I am careful, considerate and frugal.

If you think you've scratched the bottom of my barrel.
I'll line up six more.
Scratch to your hearts content.
Until your nails are broken and spent.

Don't form that concrete opinion of me yet.
I am water - Forever changing and growing.
Somewhere between the painful heart beats.
Something beautiful started flowing.

I am the bottomless chasm.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Jack Thompson Nov 2015
I wish I never met you. Not out of hate but out of love.
I wish you never showed me how it was to be happy.
Because now that you're not here... Alone to myself and my emptiness,
an absence so deep it crushes me breathless.

A love unfinished unappreciated undiscovered utterly uprooted.
Without you I'm unloved.
Just me.

Emptiness curbed by the hope you're still waiting for me.
Waiting upstairs - waiting,
calling for me to come to bed.
I long for that again.
The need for a connection ... to you, to myself.
A purpose to exist and care.
When its just me in a room within, there is too much space.
Just empty closets of your memories.

Loaded gun of emotion with no target.
Bound and compressed to dust.
A diamond will arise from the ashes but not for you.
Never again will I let you inside my expanse.
Just to hurt me and watch me bleed.

When you were in pain, my shoulder is where you lay.
When you were happy, my eyes were your gaze.
When you were in love, my chest your head fell.
When you were lost, my heart you stayed.
Now all that remains.

When you pushed me away, beside you I stayed.
Forever I could have been there, stepping through the mud.
No hope, no love, no mud, no longer.

Pain is double edged like your two faces.
With one comes the other.
One I never thought existed.
One I never thought I'd see.
One I can't let go of and dispel.
One - a memory that deforms my existence.
Understanding chaos is a never ending deployment.

Lonely and expressionless with
No muse for my fingers.
No figure of beauty to adore endlessly.
Trapped now within my prison of passion.

A vessel to pour my unbound passion.
An unlikely companion stifled immature and premature.
Incapable, incompatible - irresistible.
An unlikely companion clearly conceptual.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Re-posted this after editing the format a little.
It reads more interesting I find.
Hope nobody minds a re-post.
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
Full Heart
Jack Thompson Nov 2015
This might be the last time I see you
before you leave...

What if I told you?...

The most important thing to me this year
was meeting you.
That we've become great friends
that could do anything together and
I really value how special that is
- how special you are.

When I look at you I see
the most amazing person
I'll meet in this lifetime.

But I can't let you get on that plane
and disappear into the sunset
without you knowing how much
I respect and completely adore you.
How much I wish I could act on that.

I have no regrets, no expectations, just a full heart.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Nov 2015 · 561
This is life...
Jack Thompson Nov 2015
Standing atop an ever growing mountain,
You free me from this world.
In your arms I find tranquility,
Transcending all logical words.
Regal personality and originality,
You're my life's greatest singularity.
This is life...

When she has the only eyes
you'll ever get lost in.
When her personality is more beautiful
than the sunset hitting the sea.
A feeling only attainable once.
Finding the words to see you justly,
Will take me a lifetime.
This is life...

Every second I'm with you,
I'm alive...
This is life...
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Nov 2015 · 682
Stowed Heart
Jack Thompson Nov 2015
I creased these edges.
Folded them delicately.
Taped this box up gently.
For it holds my heart.
And every thought of you,
I can't control.
Stowed away in storage.
For when you're ready.
To know how I truly feel.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
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