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People always find me such a mystery ..
It's how and who  , I am
I am always a bit hidden
I don't reveal it all
For that I leave it up to you
To ponder or guess
it's always interesting the things
that people come up with.
Some funny some so not me
It's not that I'm hiding
or crazy
It's just how , I am it's a bit of my witchy my spiritual self
I find it quite **** actually
So be what it is
I'm just a mystery but if you
really pay attention
You will see I'm not all that
mysterious but you must admit
you kinda like it
That I leave a bit for you to ponder
(C) Jennifer L Dlg 9/2019
Creator Sun Sep 3
A wisp of a breath, a flick of a brush,
The canvas begins to be filled with colour.
A hint of violet, a dab of vermillion,
It seems that she is painting a girlish parlour.

A red drips slowly down her wrist,
As she wipes away at her work.
The foggy glass seems to offer some relief,
Against the cold harsh winter.

The girl stands on her frost-bitten toes
And look upon the scene with wonder.
As the tantalizing warmth appear against her fingers
She can't help but ponder.

Why are some people in the parlour
But others look from the outside in?
For she can't help but question
What is deep within.
This scene is depicting a girl looking into a parlour in the midst of winter. She does not understand why she cannot go in even though she is freezing. The concept of social hierarchy seems like a world away yet she tries her hardest to get a peak of what is going on inside. She had cut herself on some patches of the uneven glass and her lips were turning blue from the frost-bite. I would like to think that this takes place in Russia.
Eating the universe’s cinnamon roll,
Trying to bite into the center.
The edge is not so sweet,
But it is worth all the effort.
Shelly Chu Jul 14
The world spins regardless of weather,
It rotates and breathes what we never hold.
And all that’s left is just to wonder,
Why is it the air and the planets are so bold
When all we have is nothing to be sold.
So therefore what reason do we have to be so cold?
If the place we live in never stops to gander,
Why do we feel we need to ponder?
And if the sky and the seas find hosanna,
       Why can’t I?
Keiya Tasire Jul 9
May you find
peace, harmony
love and joy.
Stay close with pondering
meditation and prayer.
Remain teachable.

Let go of pride
seeking riches
fame, power and control.
Let go of negativity.

With wisdom
Grow through failings
That you be not ensnared.

Choose the higher path.
Love. Forgive.  
Be Forgiveness.

Remain strong
Never give up
Never loose hope.

Seek a full life
In service
of the highest good
For all.

Share Love.
Receive Love.
Give of yourself freely
in service to others.
If you do
You will find great joy.

Stay connected
To the Spirit.

Stay true
To your Heart's Song.

So in Life, as in Death
You will be always preserved.

The measure
Of your creation
With Joy.
A poem prayer I wrote to myself during a difficult time in my life.  May peace and joy always be with you.
jee Jul 2
and you’ll see the moon,

reflecting off the light of the sun.

you’ll see the blushing sunset,

dancing around the skirt of the night canvas.

you’ll see the pinpricks of stars,

dead for years yet shining just for us.

you’ll see the one spot in the sky,

where the artist never finished painting

the galaxy around the planets.

the milky way runs patterns across your eyes,

and dyes your shadow a silvery glow.

we’re all looking up at the sky,


for what, we don’t know.

don’t worry,

I’m looking too.
my eyes yearn to see what my mind can not comprehend.
Day Jun 27
brain's running on a train track
destination's outta wack
no station in sight
breaks off left and right
no telling
where my mind
will go
a quickly typed out poem about my adult struggle with ADHD
First day,
I wept,
For I didn’t understand what was wrong

Second day,
I wept again,
For not understanding my own self.

Third day,
I was numb,
And it didn’t matter if I was wrong anymore.

Fourth day,
I stopped,
My thoughts for it was not worth it to ponder.

Fifth day,
I got up,
With courage I did not realise that I even had.

Sixth day,
I walked out,
Of the cage that i built in my mind.
Shofi Ahmed Jun 21
Given that a body
veils its better soul.
I pondered upon
looking at the beautiful rose
whats more does it withhold?
Its heady fragrance
made me wonder even more!
Cassia May 1
I find it funny how I often lose sleep
Just wondering if you did too
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