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i cannot seem to discern where sea becomes sky in a serene slippery oneness of grey and pink the black fishing boats dart across the surface like birds and i feel if i could touch it i would turn into one of them and
Lieke Jan 26
my life is a puzzle
and the missing piece is

i want to run
as far as my legs will take me
away from people
away from places
I'll keep spinning circles
into infinity
i'll spread my wings and fly
as i draw cloud with the wind
to a world far away
to a place so peaceful
to a paradise so cherry
that it becomes unreal

a state of mine
a perfect philosophy
to which i'll never arrive.
6 September, 2018
Ethan Jan 2
The flames come up, engulfing everything in sight.
Eating, feasting even, everything now with blight.
It’s hard to watch, yet too entrancing to me, I can’t put up a fight.
For the fire causes many to experience true plight.
It’s interesting to watch videos or look at wildfires, but then you get to thinking... How many people have suffered from this catastrophe while I just sit here and watch from a phone? Where do these people go? Who helps them? They experience true trauma, while you are in comfort. Quite peculiar in my mind...
Rhesus Monkey Dec 2018
This is a questionable poem written because I have a whole bunch of curiosities.
I was sitting in my Arizona home like I do on cold days like today
when it occurred to me that
people today are severely lacking in pure curiosity.
I mean, sure, people are curious about some things;
What will happen if I mix drugs with alcohol? What will happen if I eat this Tide Pod?
I wonder if I'll die if I point this gun at my head and pull the trigger.

Sure, all those things are intriguing thoughts, but,
what about thoughts on pollution and world hunger? I feel like that's more important to wonder about.
Or, perhaps people could be more curious about who they really are.
What do they like? Do they know what they want from life? Why are they so mainstream?
These days I find that so many people are in it for the aesthetic.
That they're not being who they are.
Every person I have met has two faces; they remind me of the infamous Greek theatre masks.
I don't think anybody really know who they are, and I find that curious,
in a sad, peculiar, disappointing way.
It's curiously comical.
I hate people. They're just so phony.
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
As wide open as the sea
as resonant as the waves
splashing on the beach.
For a moment or so I was
pondering so full as the sea
what has it left to tally
with as empty as the the beach?
KingOfHearts Sep 2018
Came back from work today...I'm not allowed to fix any mistakes
All I keep doing is thinking and thinking and its driving me
into the full yet empty darkness settling down
comforting the silence
and yet Ive never screamed louder
crying in a distant commotion
confused about my own morality
tragedies happen every day
and yet I'm not happy
You can't expect me to be smiling
Depression comes and goes like your shadow
Gathering all the thoughts you have and then molding them into a weapon
shoving them down your throat
suffocating until you croak

then theres a light
shining above you
begging you to step back in
the weight on your feet
pulling you into a darkness without end
how did this all begin
when will this ever end

s o m e t i m e s
o u r
m i n d
i s
a s
p a p e r
t h i n
a s
o u r
  *s o u l
Words pile up like *****
Fiel Aug 2018
Your eyes tells a story
The ups and downs you've gone through
Those memories makes up of who you are
Would you agree with me do you?

We are somewhat like nomads
We don't dwell on a particular thing
Because moving on is needed in life
For us to grow into a much mature person
Would you agree with me do you?

From time to time we need to look back into the past
To reminisce the moments you've been through
To learn from our mistakes
And to become a better version of you
Would you agree with me do you?
Wanna build a snowman?
KingOfHearts Aug 2018
Sometimes I stare through my window.
My reflection looks back at me.
Why do I sit all by myself?
No friends in such solitary.
Though I don't hate being alone.
I think it will drive me insane.
Why can't I be good on my own?
This life is like a cloudless rain.
Light wipes away all of my tears.
I see my shadows disappear.
I guess this means I'm not alone.
Good, cause that's something I do fear.
I always wanted a soulmate.
Sometimes I want it way too much.
I can't help getting so **** green.
It's when I see some couples touch.
I'm still alive, a shocking thing.
I never thought I'd live this long.
Now my hope is the next best thing.
I hope my life's not something wrong.
Maybe I will see happiness.
May he smile down onto me.
I can't really think much further.
I couldn't say what I would see.
Sometimes my life is like a dream.
Blowing away so silently.
Not that that's bad, it isn't so.
One day I will be truly free.
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