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Dilshey Jul 20
a tiring maze
a puzzle unsolved
a lightning phase
before your old
duty madness
weighs your soul
the human sadness
that can't be told.
an idle transcript
of ending time
oblivious to
your obscure mind
a hollow space
saved till you find
whats been missing-
The yet 'undefined'.
As I walk around the hospital, I hear chatter and laughter.
I am constantly surrounded by friendly faces and warm smiles.
I meet their warm smile with a cheerful hello, and I grace them with the twinkle hidden within my eyes.

But deep inside, I feel hollow.
I feel empty as if my soul contains nothing.
I feel like I am just a shell of a person taking up unwarranted space.

Every day I ask myself
Does my life have a purpose?
Do I make a difference?  
Will anyone miss me if I am gone, or will they notice I'm not around?

As I come back from my  recent travels, everything seems to be the same.
Not an item is out of place besides for me.
No one has noticed the empty desk for the last four days.
No one has noticed that there is a missing friendly face.

One does not realize how insignificant they are until they come back and realize that no one has noticed their absence.
Until one realizes that everyone failed to care.
To them, one is just another working body.
One is just another body filling another simple empty desk.
Disposable, nonetheless
FC Azaele May 9

I cannot feel
or reel in the things that i deem to be unreal
There's a blank spot in my heart a pit
that's been teared open and wholly ripped apart

Do not dare falter or stumble in your path
Do not scorn or scoff at this nor dare lay a frown
Do not look down at me
and see as if i am some widowed gal reaching out her hand

I pretend to know where the bird lays it's nest
Pretend to know the flowers are here to stay
but that's a play pretend, i know nothing except the horrors that stay grey and feed all day
I pretend to smile and seem as if i hadn't been bleeding where i lay

Go on with your path,
falter not at the widow least you desire to face it's wrath
Go on,
least you find what's missing then serve your hand,
Good man
ok okay Apr 24
Life is empty
Like a sullen lonely hollow
We trip and we fall
And sometimes we keep falling
Life starts to blur
Memories become fragments
We want to dream forever
But even our dreams tell us to wake up
Because if we refuse
We will keep
                     f orever
                       a lone
                         l osing
                           l ife
                            i n
                              n othingness
                                g rievously
Took me a bit to format but yee :)
kainat Apr 7
A deafening silence,
like a train left the station
infused inside me
Ryan Monroe Apr 1
Empty cries
Artificial tears
Hung by lies
Not what I appear
Feelings fade
Voicing monotone
Can't escape
I am hollow
Chasing emotion
Lost in thought
Hit by currents
My head wont stop
Bit by bit
I fall apart

I am nothing

But shards
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