If there's a human contact or touch
That's how it will go...

"I am hollow inside
I meet you on the network
I feed you some lies
I force you to swallow
I let you know - we're taking it slow
& when I get bored - I ask you to go
As if nothing happened”

Only if you try to see
It is as simple as it is
You are my temporary distraction
You can't fill in the vacancy
& your greatest flaw, oh Elliot?
It's just that you are beautiful
& I don't know - who I am anymore

"Everyone is an idiot
Everyone is so cool
My dear Elliot, what did you do?
Don't you see, they're all struggling
But they hide it better than you
My beautiful Elliot, what did you do?"

There are so many people
but who wants to talk?
When I'm confused I go on long walks to nowhere, I get lost in alleys
& when the night wraps it's starry
Blanket around me - I cease to feel
What is so beautiful that I cannot see
As if somebody stole all the stars from my eyes and
Replaced them with buttons
you & me - I cannot see

Don't strive too hard
For acceptance from others.
Most people
Have a hard  time
Accepting themselves

Phoebe Woods Oct 10

Dusk by the time she realized
Dusk by the time it was too late
Night when fate struck her
Day when they found her hollow, skin case

Mid-morning before they found her
Mid-morning before they found the rest
Afternoon when they discovered
Evening when they knew what took her final breath


I'm hollowing out.
You put me through the wringer.
What do you want from me?
I gave you all I could off me.
I told you not to break my heart..my trust.
I loved you with ALL of my soul.
Seems it was all for nothing.
I've been broken before.
I loved you.
I meant every kiss.
I don't know what to feel.
My feelings are dissolving away with each tear.
You don't know the extent of my past.
You don't know how battered I've been.
The lengths I've been dragged through.
The secret I keep within.
Don't push me too far off the edge because I will not wake up to you.
I have so much pain inside.
Mental & emotional abuse hits the hardest.
I feel myself dying inside again.
The light keeps fading from my eyes.
My heart keeps beating off tune.
It's sitting fragile in my chest.
My skin keeps aching for an electric touch.
My mind is so far away.
I keep reaching out to pull it back but it's getting harder & harder.
Worst part is that no one cares..
When I'm not here don't look for me.
Wherever I need people the most they take the knife and twist it in harder.
Don't look for me.
Don't speak to me.
Don't touch me.
Don't hurt me ever again.


Poetic T Sep 14

In a empty bath tub,
       I washed you forever away...

The plug hanging silent,
       As tears collapsed downward...

A hollow basin awash with regrets,
      cradled within a vacant space.

I dropped my jagged reflection,
                 not letting it cut into me..

The only thing scaring this emptiness
                 are my tears, as I walk out stronger...

Luca C Sep 14

I have these masses
of hollow spaces
inside of my chest,
          and I don't mean to get my hopes up,
   but I want to believe, that
                 to do some
And meanwhile,
     I am sucking air
  into this body;
          and I don't know
       what to do
                    with any of it.

Mary-Rose H Sep 8

My heart
with an indecipherable
which gives it
yet seems to simultaneously,
from within it.

Maybe it's just
my heart
pretending substance
to cover up the overwhelming

After all, nature abhors a vacuum.

This, too, shall pass.
Tori Schall Sep 8

A deep resonating eerie hum
that shakes you to the core
And fades away, here today
You cannot find a cure

You waste away; like a shade
trying to do, nothing, not really anything
You stay the same, waiting to fade
You try, but you can't do everything

You're hollow inside
Nothing but a shell
I know that you,
you can't tell

I'm hollow inside,
filled and cloaked with shadow
I know deep in my mind
I wouldn't want it any other way

I can't really think now
the thoughts begin to blur
my mind begins to hollow out
until nothing's left there any more.

sophia Sep 7

her head was a hollow whirl
of thoughts magnified
with horror, dismals and turmoil
her worst nightmare
flashed before her cosmic pupils
though, ——
she found the intricacy of a certain soul
that cured her broken heart
leading her back home.

Britney Lyn Sep 7

My thoughts eat at me like termites to a tree.
Tearing me apart from the inside out until I'm nothing but rotting dreams and scattered leaves.

Late night inspiration
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