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Jeremy Betts Feb 2018
All I know is monsters
All I see is a cold world that gets darker as the *** stir's
The future blurs to a point its so obscure it's not yours
Can't seem to stop words from causing me to go backwards
Maybe I need to go back and relearn like toddlers in diapers
There's no cures
All the fibers of my being are withering away like dead flowers
Retreating like cowards
The more I try the worse I fail, a living hell, crunch the numbers
I've done the math, a chalk board full of blunders
Nightmares occurring with my eyes wide shut
It's more then a rut
A candidate to win? Nope, I have a losing ballot
No safety blanket and no bright colors on my pallet
Hollow and cryptic
Revisit the past like I'm stuck to it with a rivet
This isn't just unfortunate it's inadequate
Chew off my arm to be free or just cannibalistic
Can I even resist it?
This dark army that I have enlisted
For to long happy never even existed
And you wonder why I tend go ballistic...
Man, **** this ****!
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
Behind a beautiful face a demon could hide
It's a good place to seek shelter
But a shifty sanctuary
There are always pitfalls
Triggers that could cause a house of cards to collapse
The mask will drop and shatter
What will be left is the true self
Behind that beauty may be a rotten corpse
An empty shell ... a hollowness
A bottomless pit that could never be filled
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
Sometimes the vessel doesn't match the soul
sean achilleos
Man Aug 23
With what I've gone through?
On the other end of the stick,
It's a sick kind of feeling:
Once, I knew you.

Hollow words echo, speaking
Of what was then. And now I
Ask when? This love that
Rests, and has not died.

When do hearts mend?
How long before love grows strong again?
What will it take, will you ever understand?

Sumus qui sumus
Ego sum qui sum
Simple Aug 10
i needed
ended succeeded
shallow thoughts
as you talk
only to just get in
my stupid heart

tear me
and rip me
into parts
long lost love
your pride carried high
as you lied
sing me a song
maybe i won't cry

"i won't hurt you"
is the biggest lie

fall into you
ill turn blue
you'll take the hue
out of my room
it'll affect my mood

drown into
my tomb
will never see you
as my groom

taken advantage
as always
i can't escape this
taken all i had
aren't you glad?

use and abuse me
this isn't new to me
try something new
it might just come
full bloom
at the next full moon

at my open casket
ill tell you where the love went
was your time well spent?
Man Jul 1
The emptiness, that fills
The hollow cavity, where
A heart should beat.
Where blood would go
Now, nothing flows.
What is there, that is meant to be?

Of the things kept inside,
And all the pain I've tried to hide.
Turned outside, onto the world,
Wherein the soul reside.
Spilled, to the ground
The collapse, of all that surrounds.
Careening down,
The end of a life.
Man Jun 21
Render me living,
I have walked, too long
With lurid eyes, of sunken white.
My hollow heart, empty veins
A shade of black, within me:
Colors dark as night.
And the flame I have been kindling,
It too, appears
To want to die
Mark Wanless Jan 9
i don't know what is
humanity but puzzle
in a hollow mind
Kayla Gallant Jul 2022
Hold me close to your beating heart
So I can learn
How it feels to be alive again
I’ve been feeling quite hollow lately.
tryhard Apr 2022
here i am again
reaching for hands
i am commanded not to hold
dreaming of just
a whisper of your touch
and again i ache
a hollow space in your shape

haunting everywhere i go
i try not to search for you
dreading my impending doom
the moment i catch
even a glimpse of your ghost
mocking my mortality
and yet possessing all of me

and god help me
because i cannot help it
a willing captive
fully at your mercy
and i am afraid for my being
because even ensnared
i wish not to escape you

blinded by your light
i mistake you for heaven
i am waiting at your gates
saying all the prayers
begging you will bless me
with an eternity of your love
if only i were worthy

and here i weep
because what use is all this
i see you and i sigh
keep myself at arm's length
because it is not enough
and it will always be like this
i'm too much of a romantic
to see things clearly
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