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and he saw her leaving

so he opened wide his mouth to bid her halt
but outpoured only dust of lingered lies
broken dreams
and spoiled promise

sorrowful reparations
far too long
left unsaid

so then he raised his hand in frantic gesture that she wait
but his pleading wave proved faint
quite imperceptible
and fell ineffective

an embrace of true remorse
long overdue
never extended

and she did not hear him
and she did not see him

for in the fog of his deceit
he had vanished long ago


rob kistner © 2018
Contemplation on the need to apologize and make amends sooner than later.
A smile that glistens wide,
and rivals that of the sun,
You shine more golden bright,
than horizons by the thousand.
Beat the drums that do wake
sleeping, bled, timid heart,
Pump my soul back into shape
bring back life once depart.
You turn to hallow graying ground
and collapse pillars that belittle,
You fill hollow bones of holy sound
temper the brittle to solid metal.
So stand and whittle them down with
strength found within inside of you,
You are a miracle and a curse that
You choose to give with all of you.
"Depression" #writtenviaVenjencieArnold
When your voice becomes raspy & dry with words that are empty, without meaning, Your eyes still see all,
Your ears still hear all,
Oh, close my eyes goodnight like you would to a soul that says goodnight, Stuff my ears so they may not hear the cries.

Oh lay my body down so it may not fall, I'm paralyzed without the slightest motion, in the same token I'm filled with boundless emotion, Movement of fears, Movement of tears, Oh lay my body down so it may not fall.

I feel as if when you look at me I've become less than the puppet that I once was, I feel as if when you look at me you see a body stuffed with straw, Oh lay this scarecrow down so it may not fall.

I no longer hold shape, I'm bland without color, I'm unable to stand on my own, I used to be loved by so many that I've known, Only if my mind could follow my body's steps... no memory recall, Then I won't know if you choose to let my body fall.

My eyes hollow like those of the hollow stuffed men, My heart is beating, I'm still bleeding, I'm full of emotion like an explosion in the ocean. I have memory recall, My ears still hear all, My eyes still see all,  Oh lay a penny on my eyelids to secure them that may stay closed, Stuff my ears so they may never again be exposed.

Lay me down with the worn out scarecrows or where the Lilly's grow, You no longer know that I use to be a human body with a brain, heart & soul, Oh just lay this body low, Maybe *** will soon take my soul.

~SacredInkedBlood ©Oct042018 Venjencie Clifton Arnold
Sometimes people treat you like you don't exist because depression makes you feel the need to be invisible. Sometimes with depression others still know you exist but your depression makes you feel like they care much less notice. You become as if your body is just a shell or nonexistent but you feel every emotion that exists.
Natasha Oct 2
Deep inside here, it's so hollow
I'm just an old abandoned house
cold and murky
filled with nothing
but dust and cobwebs.

And as time passes
these cobwebs grow wild
they fill my chest up
blocking me to breathe,
eating me alive.
fears flake from my body
as static fills my head
dreams of hollow valleys
where my soul goes to bed
I hunt for some perception
in the light between these words
fresh ghosts flee from my fingers
so fast, it doesn't hurt
Simra Sadaf Sep 19
bear with me as I go on
rambling about the desolation
and void anchored to the
cartilages of my elbows and knees,
misery reducing me
to the size of a sugar cube,
the denseness of my being
in the bygones
confounds me to a point
where it aches every nerve,
every cell and every tissue
that I could physically feel it,
it is way worse than
seeing someone dog-ear their book.
Riley June Sep 9
i try to fill the hole inside my chest with lies and pieces of memories,
maybe one day i won't feel so hollow and cold,
each day when i wake up i find there is another piece missing,
no matter how hard i try to hold everything together it eventually all comes crumbling down,
every ounce of my being fights to stay together while simultaneously tearing itself apart,
invite others to gaze upon the husk of a person you once were,
muffle your cries with a lump in your throat so people won't come looking,
expose the skin you paint daily with metal,
how many people actually know your truth,
your family lives in a state of oblivion that shields their eyes and mind,
one day the mask you wear will loosen and fall to the ground to shatter,
what will you do after you lose all your protection,
is a warrior worthy without their armor or are they just another person to be forgotten?
one word depicts the deep and hollow feelings unto which the human senses cannot touch.

teardrops flowing down her cheeks.
words too hollow to even speak.
eyes that are no more but once proud.
surrounds you when alone and finds you in a crowd.
dissipating footsteps of a departing friend.
wishing for everything to just end.

it'll not listen to the pleads of the broken heart.
it'll stay and torment until anew comes and shatters it apart.

while we wait for hauntings to befall.
one word. loneliness. represents all.
Being alone does not implicate loneliness, and vice versa.
tc Sep 4
i feel the wind whistle
through my hollow bones
as they ***** gently beneath
the weight of a single shudder -
i am a bird
manifesting free-flight
to find a one-way ticket out
of this brick-box.
i should be grateful
i wake up in sleepy sheets
every morning but all i
can smell is the scent of
another bad night’s sleep -
i tell my soul “i’m sorry”
because it inhabits a body
unsure how to appreciate it
to its fullest, a body content on
harvesting thoughts dark enough
to make life’s flowers wilt.
there’s no sunlight here.
this hollow flesh breeds
hollow veins, keeps a heartbeat
rattling back and forth in
this hollow chest.
tell me how to make a song out of
something that sounds like death -
teach me how to see free-flight as
more than something you do off
the top of a building, or a bridge,
or on to railway tracks when
gravity insists on keeping you down.

i tell myself “i’m sorry,” kiss the
bruises behind my eyes goodnight
hoping i’ll wake up and one day,
they won’t be so heavy.
i am still fighting everyday.
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