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All the victims and their sin
Burning fire on my skin 
Screaming children of today
Born from fear of yesterday 

I was breastfed the pain of generations 
Drank up their instincts to have suspicions 
Past poisons my bloodstream keeps me in cages 
I’m mentally struggling to escape all these places 

Electric buzzing in the heads
Causing offsprings in distress 
Piercing shrieking, heart attack
Tears of anger, slow, numb death 

Deformed tranquilizer dart 
Broken vocal chords, no art
Cynthia Jean Feb 9
The gap was there
and the bridge had fallen down
long ago.

Cynthia Jean

February 8 , 2020
RecklessChild Oct 2019
And you know I truly love you
Reckless child, that's what I am.
Nonetheless,you know my heart is real
Unrequited love that's what it seems
Loving you was worth the risks
Find me in another life
One day, when the time is right.

Please forgive me for feeling this way
And for dreaming that we could run away.
Just let me love you in my own way,
And then I will slowly fade away.
Radiant and irresistible that's what you are,
In my heart, you'll remain every tick of the hour.
Let me love you as long as the sun rises in the east,
Longing for your love as long as it sets to the west.
On the other side of this life, I wish that we will never be apart.
This poem is for a man I truly love but can never be mine.
Maria Etre Jul 2019
I stood next to him
and felt the gap
of time difference
btp May 2019
There's a huge gap between
What people say & do
What people think & feel
I have love for whom are aligned.
Chandler Ames May 2019
I can’t wait until I’m                      content.

                                  in the heavens
Zywa Mar 2019
I don't understand dad
but more than he does

understand me and the world
which is not so small

and not as simple as he
sees it through a pair of mustache glasses

under the wild hair
of his young wig

I want more
than walking with the dog

rasping cheese, and tea
with mama, tea with granny

more than sweet
memories later

I want hard facts
that matter and hit

demonstrable changes in the world
and only then I'll be contented
Ines in the movie “Toni Erdmann” (2016, Maren Ade)

Collection “Half The Work”
Rajinder Feb 2019
How can one enter a story?
Like gaps in words,
emptiness between breaks.
How can one crawl out of a plot
stealing a character?
Painfully golden sun
Runs over the dark brown pasture
Of tranquil summer.
Enlarged double sevens on its waist
And brimming black waves
Striding ahead of me.
What follows after is,
Deadly disfigured disgusting dust.
Grains as sharp as broken glass
Shatter and splash,
Ripping and untangling every little vein
As they revolve inside my two eyes.
For once I-
I wanted to run on the same line.
But being one's mere wish it is,
The scar from yesterday
Edges its piercing blade against my mane,
Pilling every inch of my skin,
Delivering its pain
Across the entire system.
Audience screams as he reaches the white belt.
He was just- just born like that-
Effortless and fortunate.
Yet he snorts as if he owns the world.
Behind him,
My frayed crimson hooves howl in the shadow.
Once again-
I'm on the starting line,
Spurting towards the unseen finishing point
Of a never-ending race.
Hello, I am new here!
This is the first poem I ever wrote, hope you guys enjoy!
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