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I can’t wait until I’m                      content.

                                  in the heavens
Zywa Mar 8
I don't understand dad
but more than he does

understand me and the world
which is not so small

and not as simple as he
sees it through a pair of mustache glasses

under the wild hair
of his young wig

I want more
than walking with the dog

rasping cheese, and tea
with mama, tea with granny

more than sweet
memories later

I want hard facts
that matter and hit

demonstrable changes in the world
and only then I'll be contented
Ines in the movie “Toni Erdmann” (2016, Maren Ade)

Collection “Half The Work”
Rajinder Feb 15
How can one enter a story?
Like gaps in words,
emptiness between breaks.
How can one crawl out of a plot
stealing a character?
Painfully golden sun
Runs over the dark brown pasture
Of tranquil summer.
Enlarged double sevens on its waist
And brimming black waves
Striding ahead of me.
What follows after is,
Deadly disfigured disgusting dust.
Grains as sharp as broken glass
Shatter and splash,
Ripping and untangling every little vein
As they revolve inside my two eyes.
For once I-
I wanted to run on the same line.
But being one's mere wish it is,
The scar from yesterday
Edges its piercing blade against my mane,
Pilling every inch of my skin,
Delivering its pain
Across the entire system.
Audience screams as he reaches the white belt.
He was just- just born like that-
Effortless and fortunate.
Yet he snorts as if he owns the world.
Behind him,
My frayed crimson hooves howl in the shadow.
Once again-
I'm on the starting line,
Spurting towards the unseen finishing point
Of a never-ending race.
Hello, I am new here!
This is the first poem I ever wrote, hope you guys enjoy!
Shofi Ahmed Jan 18
It's all open through
without leaving a gap.
Got the meat in the curve.
دema Jan 6
They say the world is becoming a better place, proven in that happy people are becoming happier. Nobody seems to want to mention that sad people are becoming more sad too, so isn't that original statement a little underrepresenting? How is the world being a better place even a good thing? Doesn't that also mean that the world is a bad place to begin with, and it becoming less negative doesn't take away from the fact that it's still negative, I mean, otherwise why am I still sad? Why isn't the sadness going away? Is it merely because of my existence or is it more about my presence in this sort of world? Even if the world was neutral, it would only be so because the disparity between those who are happy and those who are sad is growing. Then what is the solution, you may be wondering? Can't one's happiness grow without someone else's shrinking? The truth is that everyone pays a price- some pay it through alienation from others, and others by alienating themselves.
Ezra Yelverton Dec 2018
imagine a world that would allow you
to see yourself through your love’s eyes;
you’d see the things that make you beautiful.
like the gap between your teeth,
or the scars below your lip.
completely embrace the defects that meet in the middle,
stretching from each side of your chest.
there’s no sadness in your eyes,
that embarrassing trait matters a lot less.
standing before you would be a person that deserves love
and needs to be loved by you.
Marina Nov 2018
I wanna see you
I think, I can live without someone like you
but i can't, honestly. I feel comfortable around you
with my short hair
you told me you would fly to me,
an that me up like a million Christmas lights

Adoring your commitment
Loving your smile
Craving you 24/7
I just want to love
and appreciate you, in all ways that I can;
I would trace your face with my finger tips.
Would you let me?
Because if I could, I would travel those miles for you.
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2018
There was left a gap
that the heaven
did not touch.

The arch codebreaker
hacked in only to find
it's on the face of the earth.
That did the art.

The gap the Golden Cut
is above the rest
is neither in the heaven
nor is here on earth!
Where is it tucked away?

If only one can tell
it's still a ******
still a pure blank.
lost Oct 2018
I don't know what to do
I am stuck in this gap
its hard to move forward
or backwards

im trying to choose between
him and him

him one
nice, funny, calls me cute, noticed me
distant, innocent, awkward
him two
cute, nice, funny, and some notices me
seems ***** all the time, clingy, its always wyd

they both notice me and i don't know why,
i'm not cute
i'm not funny
i don't attract any similes
i attract stares
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