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Nova Boyana Nov 2018
Broken World
Oh! Broken world
siNg me to s1eep Tonight
Tell me story
please speak true
Tell me story of me and of you
Crown my face
With rose tinted Glass3s
fOR I AM your chilD
i am your
Keep me living through thick and thin
In this sweet sweet lullaby
Oh broken world
Oh so perfect world
Sing me to sleep tonight
Another refined string of texts from a mental breakdown **
The way its written, broken and gramatically incorrect, is purposeful!
Afeli Apr 2018
A gift of his childhood,
His eyes clutch a tint of yellow.

The engagingness and fascination of the gift; depreciated.
Plunging in to the urn of gifts, my extremity latches on to the pleasingness of the yellow tint.
I with all my hearts desire,consign to the oblivion

~yellow tint.
When my boyfriend was a kid he suffered from jaundice,which took a long time to heal due to which his eyes have a natural yellow colour, which I'm in love with.
Poetic T Apr 2016
We all see through the same glass,
the tint is just a little different with
each one that views it.
the same thing can be view with new eyes ever time its pondered upon but we all see it differently to what others preserve
Jack Thompson Apr 2016
Who's eyes are these,
That sketch me beautiful and slender,
That dip the world a tangerine tint,
That douse me in a moment to remember.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016

— The End —