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David R Nov 2022
there was an old temple of Thai
whose monks just wanted to get high
so they got hooked on meths
but were exposed through their breaths
so they all bid their temple good-bye

now off they all went to rehab
to cure them of the sniff and the jab
but their bright robes and habit
of the monks and their abbot
made the inmates think they'd gone mad

"we're seeing orange" they said to the quack,
who put down his bottle of Jack,
said he, rather tight,
"i think you are right,
but the bottle is better than crack".
BLT's Merriam-Webster Word of The Day Challenge
kimkt22 Mar 2021
"Please forget me as fast as you can"
How can we forget the person who has so much to remember? Is it that easy
kimkt22 Jan 2021
do you sleep again tonight
you are there but here in mind
seems you're tired as you say
coz you're good, nice and sweet
you have brown hair in  memories
i am Asian girl in your face
i like you more
night change but i miss you

now your place must getting cold
please tell me if you see the snow
coz everywhere you go i can't see

if you walked alone tonight
wish ill be there with you beside
like i heard you said i'm pretty
kimkt22 Jan 2021
i wanna touch your hands
and dance with you tonight
our feet touch the ground
dance around through city and lights
now i look at the stars
to keep you in my life
i'm frighten now
without you here tonight
kimkt22 Jan 2021
"feeling like the night i sleep why isn't enough
people walk while i'm climbing to the mountain top
there's nothing means when you break it up and fade away
i'm jumping  to the hell and try to make you stay
when you want me jump i knees down and cry
i was stabbed  by your knife you said goodbye"
goodnight everyone from little thai girl 👧
kimkt22 Jan 2021
It's late in the evening 🎇
I'm wondering what clothes to wear 😌
Thinking about our old stuff
And brush my long dark hair 😌
I asked "do I look alright? "
U said "yes u look beautiful tonight "
I went to Bangkok city
U can see my straight hair that night
I asked "do u feel alright? "
U said "yes I feel wonderful tonight "
Flensburg far away from me
But now can u see ? With my lonely eyes
I tried my best in everything 🙂
Why I'm still suffering deep down my mind?
maybe we can only miss that person although we can't be number one in their heart
yra Apr 2020
P huket's infamous Promthep cape
R adiant beauty that
O hhhh-struck
M any eyes
T he sunrise and sunsets
H ave brought so much delight
E verybody let's keep
P rompthep's beauty forever ALIVE
"Acrosting" Promthep, an attraction in Phuket, Thailand:)
M Aug 2019
Alright, England’s freezing,
But in December Thailand's cold.
The more I feel the chilly air,
The more I feel I'm old.

My nose is getting runny,
It’s glowing rosy red.
I need to find a buxom bust,
To rest my cold filled head.

But soon it will be summer,
And the sweat will start to seep.
Then, I’ll kick her out of bed
And get some ****** sleep.
eng jin Apr 2018
The ancient Chedi stands eternal
in the gated town of the golden land
among thousand peaks, this is the primary
pilgrims take refuge and tourists wow
can one have desire and not suffer?
therein the omniscient one answers
eng jin Apr 2018
He’s the father
the light that guide
the rain that shower
the land with hope

look up now
he is in the clouds above
whispering words of comfort
giving strength
to the people he loves

this blessed memory
lingers on
a gentle warmth
in all our hearts
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