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Alice Eagles Sep 5
Young hands fumbling
through inherent motions
with graceless inexperience.
He's never done it before.

Put on a
brave face
to mask
the panicked breathing.

Sweat rolling in waves
down an unwrinkled brow.
Heart thumping loud
to escape a hairless chest.

An adolescent
still wet
the ears.

His body has outgrown
the blissful freedom
of childish naivety.
Ungainly limbs,
programmed to a new purpose,
usurp that serenity.
Silent expectation.

The time
has come.
He fires
his gun.

"You're a man now, son."

But he's learnt to **** a man,
before he's even so much as
kissed a girl.
I was inspired by the particular line of Sting's "Children's Crusade":

"Virgins with rifles"

I thought this was a beautifully tragic image to toy with.
you took it from me.
no, you stole it.
my innocence.

how dare you do that to a 17-year-old girl, getting her drunk her first time and taking advantage of her let down guard.

how do I feel today, 13 hours later?

angry, you know I have the bruises from you? the ache in the back of my head where you pulled my hair. the bite marks on my shoulder also the cut on my throat from the knife you used to force me.

I still have the ache between my legs from you forcing yourself inside me, for you not understanding the words no, stop, I'm a ******, please and don't. I know it was yesterday but I feel like it just happened.  

what am I doing because of it?

blaming myself for being too drunk to fight you off, for letting you slip your hand into my ******* because I was too scared to tell you no
it is mostly my fault or being too scared to say no.
I was ***** last night, by my friend's brother, he got me drunk and walked me to his room under the idea that I was going to sleep it off.

I haven't told anyone about this. I am honestly scared to.
clasped hands on snow covered hills

trails of blood down fresh cut legs

pain and love behind the big brown eyes
of a smiling freckled face embraced

flushed from crown to nape

by Aleksander Mielnikow (Alek the Poet)
Mine was not outdoors; don't know if that's fortunate or unfortunate. At least it wasn’t in the cold. My hypothetical characters are troopers of romance… or they have very strict parents but are still bursting with hormones…
Guden Jul 6
I loved a witch
She took me to heaven,
Under her spell
I wasn’t allowed
To play with her *******,
I guess she was self conscious
About uneven things.
I kissed a witch,
I gave her my poison.
She took it all,
Yet another witch told her
I was no good
She wasn’t lying.
Hidden in toilets
I poisoned whoever came first.
A jealous friend opened the door
Everyone saw my desire.
So the witch who took my virginity
Gave it back.
blackbiird May 27
i still taste your sticky sweet nectar on
my lips from the time you released your
seed onto my perfect *******,
then you traced your fingertips onto
my precious flower and tasted my sweet honey, watching  it drip from your fingertips
as you plastered your mark into my sweet flower--
my breathing becoming shallow from the sensations, thoughts scattered , close to the threshold before a beautiful release of ecstasy .
A perfect deflowering carved into my memory.
poesuer May 17
I fiddle around with the truth in my hands
trying to mold it into a shape I can stand
(that isn't age 7 when I didn't understand)

I look up and say with a pensive sigh,
"I've never made love to anyone,"
because that is no lie

but I promise myself, there is hope for a body profane as mine
a ****** I will be! and I'll make love for the first time-

to a lover, to a tender hand,
to another boy and not a man

in the queen-sized bed, on the soft white sheets
intertwined and in love, our bodies will meet
Darryl M May 9
Reminiscing on your lips.
Hallucinating on your *******.
Seizures on your ******.
A mind in a maze,
Finding direction in the Land of Heat.

Your body on my body,
What more can our bodies want?

Open your eyes, look at me.
Can you still see me?
Stare at the fantasy,
Hallucinate on the pleasure,
Remember it’s real.

Fear no corner,
Hit the right spot.
Titled by: Q.N. Thabethe
Completed: 27th September 2018 [17:20 PM]
Beautiful Wide Spread
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