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Simon Soane Jun 23
Hours of moving around
and flitting
different spaces
always feels good,
things fall into place
as they should,
but lying next to you,
means not a crave
for anything else,
as your wonderful self
is enough to bring a day
that's simply bright;
the close join of our eyes
making all of sight.
Cassia Jun 18
you never had
a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl
the one who's sweet on your eye
the sort that you show off to your friends
that loves the world unconditionally
what you had was
a brown haired, hazel eyed girl
that loved you, adored you
but found she wasn't enough.
by the stars, she wasn't enough.
du du du...
LadyM Jun 11
Your hazel eyes
Are an artist's palette:
Green and grey, golden and brown.
If I stared long enough
I would get lost
In your pool of colours
And never be found.
Simon Soane Jun 10
Many moons away there was a lovely town,
where the people were happy and knew no frowns,
where the lambs gambolled in the fields free and safe from the dining table
and everybody was always recused at the end of every fireside fable,
the dawn was always singing and the days with joy were packed,
no one needed anything, there was nothing that they lacked,
yes all the folk loved the town, “it’s the best!” they would say,
that is until one dark fateful June day.
A monster appeared at the gates of the town one morn
and remarked calmly…”parents you will give up to me all of your first born,
and if you fail to comply with my demands
I’ll take all your children and raze to the floor all your lands!”
As a demonstration of his monstrous strength
he decimated the animals in the village and removed one tenth.
The monster then said, “you have 3 days to sate my wishes
otherwise all your children will be my dishes!”
Understandably the town was in a uproar of fears
and all you could hear was weeping and tons of floods of tears.
The town’s war council met and discussed what to they should do
and soon decided that their chances of defeating the beast were too few,
they realised that their best recourse was to contact a neighbouring village
as they knew of a hero there who could perhaps stop this awful pillage,
so they sent an envoy to implore the hero to come and vanquish the monster to the Hell he came from,
the name of this heroic guy well it was Simon!
Simon was a handsome chap who had saved many places from strife
and all the people around trusted this great guy with their life,
for sweet Simon was altruistic, charming, charismatic and kind
and when others needed a hero he was the first one on their mind,
and of course when the town asked him to help and slay the terrible beast
he immediately packed up his sword and arrows and headed to the creature’s lair in The East.
Simon had a fair walk before he could find and take on this awful malaise
and filled his time on the jaunt steeling himself and perfecting his warrior’s gaze,
his journey was uneventful and Simon found he had plenty of time for a think and  a mull,
that was until sauntering just in front of him he spied someone beautiful;
just on the path yonder he could see a women with stupendous colour in her hair
and she moved with gorgeous splendour through the air,
Simon shouted, “excuse me, hi, how’s it going?
you have an aura of magnificence and you I wish to be knowing!”
The hot woman replied, “hello, my name’s Hazel, thank you for your nice say,
perhaps you could walk with me if you’re going my way!”
Simon returned with, “yeah that would be grand but the way I’m going is gonna be fraught with danger
as I’m about to take on a monster that wants to take children from their mangers!”
Hazel said, “oh that’s where I’m headed too, I’m a witch don’t you know,
and with my magick power I’m going to make this monster wish his face he did not show!”
Simon riposted with, “wow it’s awesome that we are both singing from the same hymn sheet
maybe we should join forces to ensure this monster is truly knocked off his feet!”
Hazel said, “yep that sounds ace to me!”
and off they both did go feeling full of glee!
And as Simon and Hazel talked there was more then just hero talk that did abound
they both felt a surge of lust that swirled all around,
so within one hour of meeting they were ******* in a field,
to the pleasures of each other’s flesh they did easily yield,
there was a strong connection that leaped through bodies
and they both knew right then they would have to make knowing each other one of their hobbies!
Due to their powerful union the monster was easily gone,
Simon and Hazels joint strength got rid of the beast with aplomb,
after the simple fight they felt a wonderful bliss
and sealed their fantastic win with a passionate kiss.
They arrived back at the town and told the folk their worries were over
and that everyone could play without scare  in meadows of four leaf clover,
the town’s people said “thank you, from now on June the 7th will be know as Hazel and Simon day!”
S and H hand in hand replied, “that’s funny that’s just what we were about to say!”
Simon Soane May 8
On that couch of yours
may we meet more
and have more of our
tour de force,
leg over leg,
involved in everything of me and you,
like a good haiku:
taunt and magical,
strong wind carrying the blue,
holding safe and true.
Those hazel eyes flashed against mine,
it was a blink of an eye,
felt for the first time.

Can't hold your hand,
nor kiss your lips,
my whole world turns around our eclipse.

A silhouette love,
it's just me and you.
You are my little secret,
a secret rendezvous.
Pyrrha Mar 4
I am tired of the dishonesty in the blue
The tiredness in the grey
The snobbishness in the green
Disinterest and false warmth of brown
Distracted hazel eyes

I want eyes like rainbows
To carry me away
mer Jan 4
There is this person
with electric blue hair
who I am constantly
intrigued by.

Look at their skin;
like porcelain, it's so
and icy cold.

Their eyes speak to my heart--
the green and brown
moving in harmony
and making me smile.

They always have
black eye shadow around
these brown and green irises;
so bold.

I can't tell if they're a boy
or a girl--
maybe they're both
or neither.

They almost never speak
But their voice moves
smooth like milk
And their laugh is contagious.

But underneath their fake smiles
I know their secret--
The red marks that cover their skin
The scars that speak for themselves.
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