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I have trod lands of hazel glaze that called themselves lovers of Sun and Moon
From their lips of coral grove I stole thousand vices, two thousand sorrows and three thousand whishes and planted them mingled with pink seeds of tamarisk beneath the august cliffs and hollow of Parnassus
And they blossomed and ripened of grown fruit with merriment which overlept Serenity
And lily - like Pain reached for sweetness whom she bore and at touch worlds drew at peace
Poetic T Aug 31
Hanging off my limp branch,
             tucked away in there

soft shell..

      These nuts only ever


               no nut crackers here .
Ainsley Jun 24
When their eyes met
Her hazel made him freeze
He could see Venus and Saturn's moons in her eyes
When her Hazel met his Blue
She believed that galaxies do collide
That was how their universes entwined
Was talking to my sister about contact colours and came up with this poem in the end...hehehe ^_^
Simon Soane Jun 23
I love you.
Today has been magnificent,
we saw the span of us:
the differences, trials
but also the love that led to standing at rainy train stations,
waiting to be carried into arms
that with their touch
allow our world to become one present moment of comforting joy,
where all is right,
full of bright.
I love you.
Simon Soane Jan 30
As we are us,
into collide;
two engines
ready for
the stars.
Kenzi Lee Dec 2019
Those beautiful doe-eyes,
sparkling yellow with the sun
capture my heart
and ignite my fire;
filling my entire being
with the strongest desire...

The desire to see that twinkle,
that gorgeous hazel glow,
gives me a reason, a purpose;
a will to live and grow...

For those brightly shining eyes,
which smile by themselves,
light up my world
and make me feel complete;
knowing that all will be revealed
the moment our eyes meet...

The expressions of joy,
peace, and content,
make those doe-eyes glisten;
a beauty which is heaven-sent...

I cherish every moment
spent in the presence
of my glowy, doey,
sparkly eyed king;
and I strive to be the joy and light
which he sees through all things...
There were many shades of colour
Yet the best were in your eyes
Far better than the ocean,
Far brighter than the skies.
I know it sounds insane
Because they weren’t exactly green
But they strolled the streets of Spain
And saw more than they had ever seen.
dycarus Nov 2019
purple mixed with blue
in the middle of june
you smell like citrus
it seems to be untrue

purple mixed with blue
you gave me lavender
when the sun hides
and you started to cry

green hill, cloudy sky
i could see the light
in hazel-colored eyes
violet looks blue

you said goodbye
and we became so far
purple mixed with blue
you are the last summer
and the tears of lavender
Simon Soane Jun 2019
Hours of moving around
and flitting
different spaces
always feels good,
things fall into place
as they should,
but lying next to you,
means not a crave
for anything else,
as your wonderful self
is enough to bring a day
that's simply bright;
the close join of our eyes
making all of sight.
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