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Madison Feb 19
I can't resist you,
But you can't keep me.
I'm not enough.
You're too much.
So maybe it would be easier for us both,
If you stopped coming back.
Is it easier to learn?
Or unlearn?
Daniel eason Nov 2018
The sun comes up but doesnt shine on me
My branches broken like a neglected tree
Untrusted associates meaningless time
Resorting to crime just to get by
Time to put this to bed
Its easier said than done
All the fun has been had since it all begun
A poem about troubled times
Anya Nov 2018
I just fake it
It’s easier

The test was hard
Even though,
I got a 98%

He has a bad personality
Even though,
He’s been nothing less
Than polite
To me

She’s so amazing at it
Even though,
I’m not too far behind

Their relationship is going to fail
Even though,
I think it’s rude
To gossip
Behind their

These things...
And more,
It doesn’t
Even if I explain
Will people even listen?

I let it be
It’s             Easier
I mean,
Not when it directly hurts
I do have a bottom line

But otherwise...
With shades of gray
To differentiate


I guess...
I’ll let it be

After all,

Sometimes in life it’s really hard to know when to step in and ne when to mind your own business. And there are times when others naturally believe you agree with them but you’re to tired to explain your specific circumstances to them and just go along with what they say.
Latifah Nov 2018
She overlooked things,
She saw everything in details,
And details in everything,
And nothing in simplicity,
Which to some,
Seemed complicated,
But to her,
It was easier than breathing.
Rahama Sep 2018
Dear Mr. Moore,

I'm not going to tell you
That I know what's best for you
Though I may
I'll only tell you that I'm here
To support you
And show that I care
To comfort you
When no one else is there
To wait on you
And be a listening ear.

You don't have to hold it in
Your doubts
Your insecurities
You don't have to hide
Your troubles
Your worries
You can tell me
No one else will hear it
I promise
You are not alone
You know I'll listen
To all your stories.

You know I'd never judge
Cause I don't know a thing
About the way the world works
I have no experiences
I am just a young foolish girl
Who is now attached to your presence
Maybe I could help you
Maybe I couldn't.

All I want is to make it easier for you
If you ask me why
Even I do not have a single clue
There is no hidden motive
Or agenda behind the things I do
Before I even knew you
There was something there
Pulling me to you.

So don't be scared
And don't pretend
At least not with me
Cause I'm here to make it easier for you
So you should make it easier for me.
Mr. Moore, if you're reading this, we have to talk. Thank you to everyone else for taking out the time to read this❤❤❤.
ButterPecan Aug 2018
You say he is our favorite child
We say there are no favorites
He was just easier
Nylee Aug 2018
I wanna read the last chapter
first, fight the last captor
first and live the life dead
Couldn't have been easier
than that after
the heart all spared
well better fared
not from the start, it ends.
Maria Bojko Apr 2018
the first time i saw her i was left in a spiral of awe
the second time i saw her i was left unprepared
the third time i saw her i noticed her laugh brought tears to my eyes
the fourth time i saw her i finally had enough courage to say hi
she brightened my week with a simple smile
i felt a deep longing for something that was right in front of me
i never thought love was real
never thought
and i had not known what it was to be alive until she took my hand
every cell in my body longed her touch once more
melodies played in my head
violins playing sweet euphonies
when our eyes met orchestras erupted in my mind
the sun burned brighter than ever before
the moon gasped at her beauty
the stars didn't even stand a chance

the next time i see her maybe she will see me too
aaaaaaaaghhhhhh this is a really bad poem im sorry
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