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Soumya Inavilli Jan 2022
It's never too lonely here
with a soul which has
a thirst that even the
oceans can't quench,

with a heart that holds
secrets dark and deep
where roots of the oldest
trees too can't reach,

with twinkling eyes that
dream the biggest of dreams
which even the shiniest
stars can't match.

It's never too lonely here
while I take this journey
inward, beyond walls and
boundaries to seek myself,

there's a light inside
you and me, so radiant
and warm, take its
hand and follow it,

ask it all the questions
you've always had and
the day you realise the
answers are within you
is when you too will say -
it's never too lonely here.
Poetic T Oct 2020
I argue with you so much,
           I'll be no victim to your rules...

So why you preach that you'll be there
        when you ain't here,
two thousand years absent,
                                    Father problems..

No, you were never a father,
            more like a ghost of wishful thinking.

But I'm now not confused,
          I went through a depression,
But now I know the only faith I need is inward,
             I've been here before and
   I'm not playing by your verses.

Never letting ignorance lead me astray,
    Why do others think  I'm lost when
                                     in truth I'm
finally found..
Laokos Sep 2020
it's obvious,
isn't it?

it certainly
like it

you see
it too,

i'm imagining it?

it's probably


your head
is upside

facing inward
laughing at

and there's
a light in

that's always

you should know
Kara Shirlene Aug 2020
Caterpillar cocoon
Swirling like a monsoon.
Spinning delicate threads
Wrong turn, they'll rip to shreds.

Caterpillar cocoon
Changes coming soon.
Winding round and round
Metamorphosis bound.

Caterpillar cocoon
Fragile like a balloon.
Hoping it won't pop
Before the change can stop.

Caterpillar cocoon
In the light of the moon.
Praying change within
Brings beauty in the end.

Caterpillar cocoon
Changes coming soon.
Metamorphosis bound
Look now, beauty's all around.
©KSS 8/2013
Dinesh Padisetti Jul 2020
The stillness feels like death
But movement isn't life either
I'm getting bored again
But moving around isn't the answer

I'd rather move inward
Make a temple in my heart
That only I can build or destroy

For I know why I move.
To feel home in places
Alien to humanity
A temple in my heart..
ChronicSage May 2020
I’m grateful to the fireflies of light
cast by the stars
bringing darkness into existence
bringing contrast into focus
so I can tell the difference
and know
that I’m mostly ensnared by light
illuminating my true nature
...the ultimate refuge
of a wayward vagabond
rarae aves May 2020
When we view our lives
through the same magnifying
lens as we view others..
uncanny revelations are guaranteed..
much needed revolution, there will be.
George Krokos Jan 2020
We can also have an inward recession
which may be due to some obsession.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Poetic T Oct 2019
You were my suffocation,
   but I didn't mind

                    your fingers over

my mouth.

I  still licked your fingers
              through my teeth.

asphyxiation delusions,
                               but I tasted you,
              which was taster than breath.

I'll suffocate for you, even though i cant inhale.

exhaling is temporary,
                    but I'll always breath you inward.
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