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We’ve been slowly sinking
Into our own thrones –
Permitting an unwitting
“Thinking” alone.

At evil, we’re winking
Without any Eyes –
Unshrinking, no blinking,  
We see not the guise.
Cait Jan 23
See me, please see me
the cracks in my shell are small
and I try with all my might
to cover them, erase them

but please

See me
from what little light they give
Inwards turns my gaze,
From solitary sun deck;
Find eternal light!
Nathalie Nov 2018
There is a journey

that doesn’t need spoken words

It is an inward labyrinth,

a retreat in your private sanctuary

It starts with a call

A dance of contrasts

Between the ego

and its soul

It delves in the clandestine

Of your consciousness

Unearthing inklings of insights

An acuity learned through lifetimes

Through discernment and openness

You find elation

As you merge deeper

With the purpose that is you

The spark in which

You were lit

And caught ablaze

To claim your destiny

Joseph Lochki Oct 2018
I got a couple of things to say
That I feel would clear
All that fog that hangs
Inside my head
and makes it
so hard to
But if I open my mouth
All the mist will
Come out
And I won't see
the truth.
ohellobeautiful Jun 2018
self love is not
a final destination
it is a constant battle
between who i was
and who i dream to be
this world may feed off fear
but my light won’t adhere
i am full on my own
there’s no home
beyond me
ohellobeautiful Feb 2018
should be the epitome
of your deepest greed
Julian Delia Jan 2018
We are all connected,
But more mechanically than spiritually.
We are all friends on Facebook,
Yet - who are we, virtually?

We have shared pictures,
But do we share significance?
We have private chats,
And everything else;
But is that not malfeasance?
A malfeasance of all
That is sacred and real
About being really human.

We have parties and watering holes,
A grand, good old time.
But do we see ourselves?
In truth we should also be peering inward,
Unless we are ready
To look at it one day
And see empty corridors.
A 5-minute original.
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