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Mike Virgl Dec 2018
"Heavy appendage lying above,
Your weight equals your allure

Simple leverage outside to in,
Your potential follows behind"

I said while chained to the center
Bearing my burden as I did

"Your extremities lean too far south,
Weakened your zenith splinters

Your midpoint, threatened from end to end,
Is all that neither shall bear"

The shoulders of man began to bleed,
At the axis, where a silent atlas stood

"Hold the earth and tether it to fit
Hold the end up to balance the plain

Hold each other and revel in peace
Hold fast to the fulcrum"

With these last words Atlas left
Leaving man to work
And Man alone
I wrote this poem about the political spectrum, as I feel it has not only become too violent, but people have begun to drift too far to either side and they are hurting the people in the middle.
Jack Thompson Aug 2016
There was a time when you could make me fall right back to highschool.
The days of virginity and innocence.
Years between our encounters and you'd always be just beneath my breath.
So juvenile and oblivious to all the ways you'd disappoint.
So attached and forgiving.

I found myself at the end of your plank too many times.
Cannonball at my ankles.
Looking down your blade with the point in my neck.

I'll see you again soon...

I always used to feel.
But now I can't conjure the same devotion.
The image of you has finally muddied and spoiled.

I noticed this transition and felt the change somewhere along the way.
Affirmation that I don't need always live on that plank with my heels hanging off.
Em May 2014
Your lips
a plank
catapult me
with your tongue
past reality
past judgement
I am already
on the edge of reason

— The End —