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Julie Grenness Feb 2017
He left her in the lurch,
Standing at the door of the church,
Like a senior Miss Havisham,
She'd been ****** in by his spam,
She trailed off home,
Faced her life alone,
Unveiled her black wedding frock,
Thought, "'I'm  really better off,
I'll manage great, mates,
With him I shall not participate,
As in Chazza Dickens' literary creations,
A tale of dud expectations,
With senior passion--no relations!
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Jack Thompson Jun 2016
Most girls that I've ever encountered.
Hoped, wished and dreamed adored me back.


Don't sit around wishing and hoping like I have. I'm 25 and full of regretful moments.

Capitalize and seek happiness at every turn.

That dreamy blonde, brunette or completely out of this world girl, didn't look at you for the reason you think.

Don't wait until years later when she's with a dud specimen of a male to have the hindsight I now have.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016

— The End —