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Ronnie May 25
there are times when
all you can feel is nothing
no rhyme or reason
no rhythm
no melody

not a single note in sight
no colour to be heard
no breeze to savour
although the aftertaste
is bittersweet

so you try them on
feeling after feeling
discarded on the floor
in a pile of ***** laundry
the broken records

and then they spin
out of control
there's no order
and no queue
the tapes won't rewind

the sink is still broken
your words still sting
the jukebox remains silent
Once in a while,
I come to see
How long it's been
Me stuck in sea,
Waves are trading
I am moving
It reaches the end,
Once in a while
I come to see
What's going around me
Not so far
Not so near
Everything ends in
A blink of tear
Doesn't it know
how to fear?
Always holding isn't near!
Some things are unavoidable. A day isn't a day when things are not there. Always found of them and the very next second they disappear, this makes us upset. Not only things sometimes missing a person also does the same. The only difference is when things are gone we complain, when a person leave we move forward.
Star BG May 8
Oh if we could rewind our consciousnesses
and learn to make our lives more peaceful.

To expand without the pain
and uncomfortable

To step out of bed in morn
and just play never having to
move in a fast forward walk.

But alas that would leave us
with no hands on experience
and ability to look back
and see how far
we have evolved.

No way to thank those of dark
who brought us to light.
Inspired by Queenarama Thanks
Erian Apr 4
I thought you'd understand...
I guess it was all in my head
Like a song on rewind
going over the same verse
over and over again...
▶️ Play the   moments   

             ⏸ Pause the    memories  

                        ⏹ Stop the   pain               
                                       ⏪ Rewind the   happiness
Try Dec 2018
saw this lovely lady, gave it to her 3" wide, 3 separate times,
such a dime i had to capture the moment,
now it sits on rewind, in my mind,
she was an elegant dish,
so savory,
my mouth still drips, just at the sight of her lips,
couldn't hold myself back from sipping on her juices,
it was thirst quenching,
mind blown on the regular as it sits on rewind,
in my mind.

© Try
Delilah Day Aug 2018
The boy you loved drowned

Drowns every day
But he hasn’t come back
(He always does)
Maybe won’t
The icy shoreline whispers
“And if he doesn’t?”

He will
He has too

You don’t want to think about it

It whispers a lot to you
In the quiet moments like this
Before he comes back
“What’s the point?”
(You say that this is the only way you’ll fix him)
“And what about yourself?”
(You say that you’re not the one drowning)
“You’re choking on paint again”
It says

You are
Dripping down your lips, cold like blood isn’t, not the right shade
Too chalky
Hardening in your lungs, but you missed a spot
So you drink another coat down

It stops talking
And the boy you love washes up on the shoreline
So you wring the blood of his lungs
Set a fire in his heart

And try again
Drink up, buttercup
Bansi Adroja Aug 2018
I try to reset sometimes

Wind back the cassette to before
that rainy November day
to when I didn't feel lost
without you
holding me down
keeping me anchored

I close my eyes to see the fine details
the loud confidence
the smell of rain on your skin
the can of beer in your hand
how you took my hands
like a winter coat against the cold

I go back and chose an empty seat
or don't talk about the traffic
how glad we were it was Friday
I would never have heard you laugh
seen the way you look in love

We fit
And I wish I could undo it
A Poem a Day : Sixteen
Faiza Arakkal Jun 2018
There’s these nights when I go on a tour back to my past.
Taking stroll on all the Shouldn’t have, Could haves.
But isn’t that all what makes us more human?
Mistakes and regrets?
If we no longer had those, we would be too perfect to be called as Humans.
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