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Try Dec 2018
saw this lovely lady, gave it to her 3" wide, 3 separate times,
such a dime i had to capture the moment,
now it sits on rewind, in my mind,
she was an elegant dish,
so savory,
my mouth still drips, just at the sight of her lips,
couldn't hold myself back from sipping on her juices,
it was thirst quenching,
mind blown on the regular as it sits on rewind,
in my mind.

© Try
Delilah Day Aug 2018
The boy you loved drowned

Drowns every day
But he hasn’t come back
(He always does)
Maybe won’t
The icy shoreline whispers
“And if he doesn’t?”

He will
He has too

You don’t want to think about it

It whispers a lot to you
In the quiet moments like this
Before he comes back
“What’s the point?”
(You say that this is the only way you’ll fix him)
“And what about yourself?”
(You say that you’re not the one drowning)
“You’re choking on paint again”
It says

You are
Dripping down your lips, cold like blood isn’t, not the right shade
Too chalky
Hardening in your lungs, but you missed a spot
So you drink another coat down

It stops talking
And the boy you love washes up on the shoreline
So you wring the blood of his lungs
Set a fire in his heart

And try again
Drink up, buttercup
Bansi Adroja Aug 2018
I try to reset sometimes

Wind back the cassette to before
that rainy November day
to when I didn't feel lost
without you
holding me down
keeping me anchored

I close my eyes to see the fine details
the loud confidence
the smell of rain on your skin
the can of beer in your hand
how you took my hands
like a winter coat against the cold

I go back and chose an empty seat
or don't talk about the traffic
how glad we were it was Friday
I would never have heard you laugh
seen the way you look in love

We fit
And I wish I could undo it
A Poem a Day : Sixteen
Impersistence Jun 2018
There’s these nights when I go on a tour back to my past.
Taking stroll on all the Shouldn’t have, Could haves.
But isn’t that all what makes us more human?
Mistakes and regrets?
If we no longer had those, we would be too perfect to be called as Humans.
J May 2018
Troubles fill your mind
Rewinding to that dreadful place
A sorrowful time
That may never be replaced

And blood all over

And toys long gone

Grim signs filling that empty place
Long nights imagining that gruesome place
Beautiful sun coved with rainy clouds
Awaiting the time spring is set back in place
Grey Wild Apr 2018
i wake to the auburn sun
that is dancing
in the cloudless sky.
sudden rush of air
carried morning dew
over my window panes.
over blooming flowers.
the time, a moment
to start things over again.
vanessa ann Feb 2018
there was once a tale
of a boy worth living for
and a girl who looked like art

he whisked aside modernities
gifted her a cassette—
introduced her to
a library of hearts

unplugging her
from waves of calamity
submerging her in a world
with the credence
of musicality

his name was park,
and the girl he loved—

i could be your eleanor—
i'd carve black stars
in your daylight
i'd paint a vermillion sun
against your night

you could be my park—
tracing me with your starry eyes
weaving me the melody of the gods
each note a colorful lie

but i’m no eleanor
and you’re no park
just two lonely hearts
helpless in the dark

a cassette tape
playing on rewind
our love takes no shape
only the remains
of what was once
and could have been

after all,
my heart still aches
from the times
i reached over to rewind;
replaying the records
of when you were mine
     [but were you ever?]

for how could i pause?
how could i stop?
when you were the only song
i’d ever loved?

you said you were mine
but now that you're gone—
i'm stuck in rewind
nothing left to define

and though this is long overdue
every syllable remains true—
i wish i was your eleanor
*[and i wish you were my park]
eleanor & park; you & i
Sunshine Jan 2018
Some days I wish I could hit rewind
I wish I could take it all back
The fights, the feels, the rush of blood to my head
Some days I look back and cry
I know we messed up bad
There's not enough duct tape to patch it up
If I could rewind it all, maybe we'd be together
Maybe we'd have our own place
Maybe we'd be holding hands
Maybe we'd be
And yet I can't find the rewind button
Because you got up and left a long time ago
Scarlet M Dec 2017
I play his goodbyes
like a classic
broken vinyl,
too many spoken
to even fix;
the endmost
i'll ever need,
last word
i'll ever hear.
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