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Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
No time to find a piece of mind
Tried and lost it all this time
Beg to be kind and please rewind
But this ain't 1989

Destiny C Jun 2022
I wish apologies were rewinds
that could go back to that place in time.
& make everything alright.

To go back to that kiss,
In your arms,
And feel blanketed in your warmth...

But instead I think back to that point in time,
Where unfortunately there is no rewind.
Forgiveness is in my heart,
But it also remembers to tread lightly.
It makes me think.

Think about you.
Think about me.
Think about the way things used to be.

I wish apologies could take it all back,
but in reality there are no rewinds.
Things continuously move forward.
Even with trepedity.
Zack Ripley Feb 2022
I wonder how much would change
I wonder how much we could do
If we stopped trying to rewind time.
Would you be happier?
Would your soul be more whole?
Would you feel more or less in control?
The truth is, nothing good can come
From living in the past
In a world where nothing
is meant to last
Sadie Grace Aug 2020
a million reminders
that I can't run away from this time
not this time
stuck in the rewind
I replay the day it all changed
Can't I just forget?
Until then --- in the ashes I remain
Poetic T Jul 2020
Never ask,
           Always think

                           And then follow
the words backwards,
           to find the meaning

of what was not clear the first time.

sometimes we rewind
                                  to find
what wasn't clear.

Freeze framing to find that moment
         we should have noticed
an indiscretion and navigate the
          meaning of where we  

fell to pick ourselves up
                            and recognise

our own failing.
Nicole May 2020
When I see you watching me
I lose my mind
Only wanna stop
And just hit rewind.
Naeem May 2020
When did being happy become such a struggle
When did my laughter start carrying tears
When those lonely nights carried another cut
Filled with anger, regret, disgust
This man with the blank expression
Used to be a kid
With hopes and dreams
Where his only worry was a nightmare
When did my life become so miserable
Rewind the clock
Take me back to when I was 6 & felt invincible
-elixir- May 2020
The infant peers out,
of the window
as it soars high up in the sky.

Introduced by those,
who beget her,
into the land of opportunity.

the years passed by,
infant to toddler to a young adult,
cradled by this lavish land.

The memories with her folks,
the life engrained in her blood,
as she prepares to soar.

With a heavy heart,
she vacates her second
home, with hope for better.

Alas, there she peers out,
of the same window, for the last time
as that life becomes a memory.
As I think about it, it was probably the most sweetest time of my childhood up to teenagehood.
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