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Anais Vionet Jun 2022
Love is a bit of comedy, so be rough with love.

He arranges her one way and then another,
in itchy dissatisfaction. She surrenders to the role
like a silent bystander, a plaything in the hands
of impatience - what does he want?

“Like this,” he says in a schoolteacher’s voice.

The imbalance of power, the almost impersonal
manipulations, the momentum toward surrender,
and then the shocking, primal desire - to meld -
like a gunshot in a canyon long thought empty.
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: Meld: "to combine, blend or mix together."
Chelsea Rae Oct 2021
I scream inside a body

That feels it is not mine.

I scream in soul.

I scream in mind.

I beg and weep for suffering to end.

For clarity to strike me.

I feel I am on a strange planet I do not yet recognize,

in a foreign land,

in a struggling body.

End it.

Please, if you must,

End it ALL.
Just be done with it.
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2020
my best poems came:

in months, days of desperation,
hours, moments of elation, it was the
always imbalance that just was, that
was/when the karma-was in-balance

my best poems always, always,
came accompanied by tears, many,
before, during, certainly after, even
twice, when a later returning stumble,
brought the sentries to open old gates

never, at any time, was a man with many
friends, reasons plenty, reasons mine,
it was an imbalance that just was, that
of the karma-when-in-balance, except,
the creative offsprings became children,
painful to raise, coming to visit occasionally

hear no quiet trumpet moaning, nor a violin
shed the human cries that only a man-made
instrument can be forgiven for being better at
than their own creators.  Much by choice, or
criminal laziness, all tinged by a fear so subtle,
don’t think anyone knew it existed, yet, always
humming “see the man running against the wind”

there you have it. no summing up necessitated,
because how the numbers add up, the total is
just the total, and know, you can finish this one,
the total is just a rose by any other name, it’s a
number that by definition was the of, the when,
“when an imbalanced karma-was-in-balance.”
3:39pm Mon Jul 27 20
Sean Thienpont Nov 2019
Malevolent colors erupt on
Sullen fixtures of uprooted
Roots of eventide, clashing
Down below blue scraped minnows
Of perfect balance
Sara Dec 2018
keep me wrong to make me right,
hold me down and make me strong,
pull me in just to stand me up,
I've been your canvas all along
Do I look like a doormat?

Tim Sep 2018
Balance is what we want
Balance is what we believe we want
Balance is what I believe we want because
Balance is what sows what we call imbalance
Imbalance is what we believe we hate
Imbalance is what we need though;
Balance is the writing
Imbalance is the highlighter
One can exist without the other
While the other’s reliance is desperate and sporadic;
Balance in its own right is imbalance
Imbalance is bred from balance
Imbalance is bred because we realize:
Imbalance is what we want
Balance is what we need
Both are interchangeable
Both create the never ending cycle that we call life;
Without imbalance, balance would be boring. And without balance, imbalance would cease to exist.
Just bed time thoughts
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