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Ylzm May 10
There is a time to Reveal,
There is a time to Conceal.
There is a time to Stand in the Light,
There is a time to Search in the Darkness.

There is a time to Will as we know how,
and to Work with all the Might in our Arms.
There is a time to Yield to the Storms and Floodwaters,
and Surrender to the Thrills and Joys of the Fearsome Whirlwind.

There is a time to be Silent and Distanced,
and be Disciplined by Patience and Perseverance.

But there will be a time when Perfection is Restored,
Forgotten the Impossible Chasm
between the Glimpses and Glances
of the Desire for Oneness
in the Eyes of All Given Us,
And a Chorus of a Myriad upon Myriad of Angels shall Sing,
And Life shall be truly Life.
napowrmo April 3, 2019

                         she stood              on the edge
                                of the  p




                       pebble in hand
                                   blanketed in fog

                      staring intently
                      quietude engulfing all

                      she lay on her belly
                                    arm stretched     o.      u.        t.
                                               over the abyss

                      closing her eyes
                      tipping her ear toward the           unfathomable depths
                                    she loosened her grip
                                               and began counting  

                                              takes forever
                                              one number at a time

                         © rochellefoles 2019
NAPOWRMO day 3,  pondering the depth of loss i’m feeling over my mother’s death
Pyrrha Jan 25
I have gold coursing through my veins and silver flooding in my lungs that turn into richened glitter with every exhale
My mind is a garden with exotic fauna to leave all who enter in awe
My words are like the sharpest blades that pierce into a battlefeild of whirling lies
My heart is a chasmic void to trap you in my sweetest lullaby
For my poetry is the wing of a butterfly and a drop of poison all in one
Lucy Dec 2018
Dare I
the Chasm’s part
that mirrors,
in the dark?

It takes
the words
I know so well
and binds them,
flips them,
in its spell.

No more
know I
what they should mean,
my words
in Chasms
are unseen.

And when
my words
I cannot find,
the Chasm
takes my mind.
I wrote this after I got into a fight with my friend.
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
With its parched dreams,
beneath the zizzing sands,
the river waits for a surging swell
to take it to the labyrinths of a
new consciousness.

You choose your own course
when you crash into the
chasms of meaninglessness.

You hibernate to the still zone
trancing between words
when words fail to contain you.

As you flow through me,
you become the sacrarium
in the labyrinths of my consciousness
for me to diffuse in your soul’s stillness.
MicMag Jul 2018

I fall
Into a bottomless pit

Of despair

Other times

It's a bottomless chasm
The intense realization of utter insignificance is profoundly distressing and in occasional brief moments infinitely insurmountable.
GreenTrees Oct 2017
Your love bridged the abyss.
The chasm of our first kiss..
Hollow Jan 2018
Don’t be afraid to take a big step, you can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps. David Lloyd George

The definition of chasm can come in two forms
1. A deep fissure in the earth, rock, or another surface.
2. A profound difference between people, viewpoints, feelings, etc.

Taking a big step is needed to cross both.
To get over both
and fetch for sanity.
To reach for the furthest branch
To take the leap
To jump and release.

Plummet towards the earth.
Lose all sense of reality
Master containing hope.
Just don’t let go of that rope.

Dangling from the tree of life
Channeling the strength to fight
No other human in sight.
Hindered by the gift of design.
Hindered by the thought of this lie.

Desperate to forge tonight
Hold my body up to the light.
This law we cant defy.  
Is this all we’re willing to try?
Alienpoet Oct 2017
I feel a completeness in staring into your eyes
That I don't feel when I am alone
I grasp for meaning in a daydreaming world
My mind opens like an oyster
and you are my pearl
a beautiful agony unfurls
in missing you and your words
and touch.
I miss you so much
but I want wholeness
in my own skin
but it rings thin
because is it narcissism?
To look beyond the chasm
the void of our own soul
and yet romantic love is being in love
with what someone is that we haven't got
and yet we don't care a jot
for love is creation I care deeply and a lot
for what you have and what I haven't got.
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