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My neck aches from testing
And staying up all night
To brand numbers on my skin
Calloused from pens held tight
SMS Jan 14
Fatigue has never been so strong
Sleepy tired and almost hungry
Something old and something new
is it bad I want to make 24?
Sketcher Nov 2018
I can't wait for winter break,
Too much work and my brain aches,
Could just stop that's all it takes,
But I'm doing this for their sake,
Learn things for tests no mistakes,
Relate fingers to great lakes,
Superior till' I break,
To Michigan that's the stakes,
Get her on to take the cake,
Ontario has the steak,
More eerie than poison snakes,
To remember words and shapes,
That's what's done rewind the tapes.
Sensitive to theses foods.
Black pepper
Bloating wind gas
I will keep a food daily report
And show to my doctor in 6 ,weeks
Oh the joys of passing smelly wind .. embarrassing
Angela Liyanto Oct 2018
I feel lonesome at seventeen,
To think too much of the giddy past
During golden times of juggling laughs in
Full classrooms and challenge food for thought
Where disappointment lays flat and thin, we wait
In angst, in delight, for our charging marks,
But that was then, now this is life.

The damning weight and press of the times,
Where treasured mind lacks youthful extempore,
We write on the brief paper, hoping
The ink will write us golden words & slow the beat,
We will sooner fail than to reach the top
We hope to Triumph- breed in our scratching minds!
Until its over, the humming invite to the world ticks

After, we decide to leave to the frolicsome universities,
Ten thousand men and women sit,
Gaze at the attended paper, silenced to daydream
And professors Bleed the last strain of knowledge,
Youth is spectre and her song will best be on her way,
To a gushing point of cherished memories, and
conquests of teen-humour, loved tenderly.
Tilda Oct 2018
Cheeks flushed,
Heart rushed,
Words pushed
Down our necks

Force fed garbage
We don't want to hear
*******- flowing through our veins
Like mud
Chewing on bitter cud
But we need it,
We need to learn it -
Memorise the words
So white men can put us in
Sometimes I get so sick of school...
rebecca Sep 2018
YouTube videos replace my creepy, old, Chemistry teacher.
I can't keep up in French, and don't ask if I can understand: I can't.
AP World History might put me to sleep in a coffin with all this stress.
I'm much too anxious to be my old, creative self for English class.
Who would have guessed that I look forward to Algebra II,
where things are somehow simple--
where black and white puzzles can be actually be solved.
I'm so stressed I can't do anything to stop being like this
I should be studying.,
I should be reading,
but here I am about to have a mental breakdown
because I'm so **** stressed!
I'm exhausted because I stay up too late,
due to the fact that I'm literally drowning in a sea of papers and books.
I just want to sleep,
but I can't,
I'm too busy worrying about my next exam.
Sorry, but I really needed to write something. I know it's bad, but I am too tired to care, so enjoy.
astraea Sep 2018
i have not written since my last disaster.
the hopelessness, and the empty,
they were horrible feelings, but they held a beauty not worth having.

today, i worry. because tomorrow, the world demands results.
today, i worry. because so many people have told me so many things.
today, i worry. because so many people want me to join their laughter.
today, i worry. because no one knows what i’m doing.

the sun came back -did you know?
however, it is so much easier to study in the rain. i feel the need for my life,
when in reality my life should be tomorrow -because the world demands results.
because those results i also demand of myself.

yet, my heart, ever persistent, collides.
it whispers to me -can you believe it? she knows about that?
and it tells me -you can’t miss these things.
even though i can’t solve these things, they won’t let me rest until they’re solved.

but the world demands results. it wants a girl with a voice,
a girl who can turn circles and spheres and make something out of what she’s been given.
most importantly, it demands a girl who can solve any problem,
reason out every thought for hours. those are results.

and day after day, i change from i to she. because i am me. and i’m also she.
she, who can be the girl the world demands.

she has no time for this, she knows. her whole life is results.
as it should be. and when she’s done, she rests her shoulder against her bed.
and once, long ago, used to wonder who found her beautiful.
once, used to dismiss that feeling.

now, she carries it. each time the world demands, she gives.
she gives everything for results, and everything else for those people.
expect one thing. one, who she can’t see. one has held her hand twice,
one who makes dreams with her.

one, who she makes dreams with. because when the world is done demanding,
she’ll send her letters in the form of keys,
and think about what they’ll become.
she rests her back against her bed, and wonders what it would be like if she was sitting next to her.
holding her hand under the moonlight and holding her in heart as she allowed the day to seep out of her.
Truth be told
I'm terrorised with fear,
Because I'm not about to get a father,
I know I'll get a nightmare.
I don't want to enter the place, again,
Where I wish I could go back to my dreams,
To try to make it all better,
Because the reality will be painfully in front of me
And I'll never be able to make it disappear.
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