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Mel May 5
I hate tests
Maybe it's because the circles
remind me of rings of
Or maybe it's because the tests
are like life or death to a grade
that won't

I just know I hate tests
I hate taking tests
05 - 05 - 2021
GQ James Feb 5
I was prepared for it all,
Thru it all I stood tall,
Ever since I was a teenager,
I took the easy way out,
This time I decided to stand on my own,
It was rough,
It taught me the biggest lesson,
The biggest test of my life,
Brought me closer to God,
Learn the importance of faith and prayer,
Without those would've made it,
I'm wiser,
I see the world and people lot different.

Those who thought I'd fall apart,
Haha jokes is on you,
Never bet against but bet on me,
I was born to win not lose,
I took a few loses but I've got the big win,
This is only the beginning,
There's so many more blessings ahead.

Believe in me,
Not lose faith in me,
Yes I've made many mistakes,
But I've learned from them,
The biggest mistakes of my life,
Were the most valuable teaches,
Without failure you can't succeed,
I'm thankful for the slight failures,
It gave much insight about bigger success.
Zadkiel Dec 2020
I can't help but vent
on how this week went
For the school board dared
Give us all Stress that ensnared

From our hopes of having free time
To our hopes of being able to flip a dime

But worry not, for I have not prepared
So I have dared;
but alas, to no avail
So I will continue trying to unveil

On why the school is so merciless
To those who don't know patience
And to those who are worthless
Hear my inexperience

I am scared, nervous,
despaired, and ambitious

For I will dare once again
To this week of drain
GQ James Dec 2020
I didn't give up and I never will give up,
Life has been throwing stones at me all my life,
Them stones don't do nothing but bounce off me,
The tests we are faced either make us or break us,
Choice your own fate,
Don't allow anyone else to choose your fate,
The struggles will always be there,
You can overcome the struggle,
You can weather the storm,
Make sure you bring your umbrella.

First it starts to sprinkle,
Then it begins to drizzle,
Shortly after it begins to rain,
After that it begins to storm,
There's nothing that can stop this storm except you.
Strying Oct 2020
Music blasting,
Skin tingling,
Face frozen,
Eyes cold.
Am I dead yet?
Haven't been so active on HP but I have been writing book ideas so I'm still passionate don't worry :)
Sad little poem, been overwhelmed with homework and tests recently.
Life is a grand adventure
And adventures come with tests
You won’t succeed with every try
You just need to do your best

With adventure comes perspective
And relationships - and skill
Yes, the things that really matter
When you act with power and will

Prosperity is character
When challenging times arrive
So brace up and hold steadfast
Act with confidence - and thrive
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I like thinking about life as an adventure, rather than as a trial.  Recently we had a lot of great messages of hope from our church, which I could sum up as "Stay Strong, Keep Going".  So I put some of these into my own words, wrapped up in the heading of "Adventure".

How are you changing in these difficult times?  Read through this poem and embrace the adventure.
Chad Young Sep 2020
What is my pride?
I'm a Baha'i, I study math and physics, and I study
martial arts.
Then this is where people may hurt me the most.
They will make my dimension into a lie,
contradict what I know so well.
A shove or a push, even a slap or hit only affects my body.
Hurting my feelings by making me feel unloved, that
is only my mammalian brain.
But defying my reason and insight - this is where I am
most weak.
To call my religion a plan of the Illuminati,
by calling my science untrue,
by saying I don't know anything of martial arts.
This is where the ego of the world now dwells:
within the reasoning mind.
This is where my testing will take place:
letting go of knowledge
to meet the words of the naysayer.

I will take your words and
transform them into love.
Then I will wait until I find a companion
heart, to tell my truth to.
reflecting on life mistakes and the movie "Creed" where Creed goes to jail for punching someone
Megan H Apr 2020
We didn't realize how broken we were
Until they told us to be apart
Alone with only the home we have built.

The hospitals overflowing
Doctors deciding who lives and who dies
Some don't go because they can't afford to

There are those who can't pay rent
And those who can't buy basic necessities
The elderly, immunocompromised, and the poor

Significant others have realized that they love their person,
Or that they simply cannot be in the same room.
Online searches of divorce are rising

There are people who don't listen,
Don't take it too seriously.
Their mistake is killing grandparents.

And yet we still need to make money,
But some have lost their jobs.
And others are making minimum wage to be exposed.

This world is broken,
And the cracks are showing,
In this massive earthquake.

How long will this go on-
Humanity craves social interaction
And we deserve a world that works.
I live in Texas, and there is no way we have enough testing right now.
Past Nov 2019
Written is my life
Unwritten is my knife
Rewritten is my strife
دema flutter May 2019
Nobody tells you,
“don’t fall in love with just anyone yet”
because if you fall out of love once,
you’ll fall out once again,
a couple times more,
and perhaps keep falling in and out
over and over,

they advice you to not dive in too deep,
because it hurts to get out once you’re in,
but they don't say don’t dive in
just because you can,
that you shouldn’t just give your lover
tests to prove their love for you,
but that you must test your own love,
see if you can prove your love
to yourself,
after all how can you be sure of
loving someone
when you can’t love the person
your heart beats within?
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