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Time can never stay
The ticking of the clock
Takes timely stock
Of the days that roll to years
And of what occurs
And of what stays or disappears.
Twixt the angle of paradigm
That sweeps through ticking time.
When old friends meet
Time is the healing retreat.
Slipping into different zones,
Completely oblivious of cell-phones!
And the time that is the present-now
Seems too short; somehow
For a grander celebration -
And a fuller exchange of conversation.
But grateful, still for the exchanges between
The now and when we were fifteen.
Dexaly Nov 16
Life was full
I was oblivious to everything
Until one day,
I just felt empty
I heard my mom screaming
I heard my father yell back
After that day,
My mom became oblivious to me
Every year,
There wasn’t a parent at home
Just my grandma
My brother left
Oh how I miss him
Then it all came back,
My mom was yelling at my brother
All his efforts didn’t mean anything to her
She expects too much from us,
Children of broken homes
She cares about my physical appearance ,
Not my emotional state
She made home feel unsafe
She pressures me to do what I don’t want to
It’s all too much
But she’s all I have
A broken mom can’t help a family stand
She bleeds in silence
Her thoughts constantly screeching in her head
She's in pain
Is it just another life's test
Or she refuses to heal her wounds?
Pieces are what makes you whole
D A W N Oct 14
you were beautiful,
like a light,
And I,
Being the fly,
drove straight into you
Out of sight
Phototaxis (noun)
    -an attraction to light
nightdew Oct 4
I love you,
But you can't know that can you?

Because what if it makes you turn the other way,
And you never turn back?

What are the possibility of us being friends,
Yet still knowing that I feel something for you in ways I shouldn't.

If I were to admit my feelings to you,
It'll only thicken the tension in the air
Adding to the pressuring feeling of wanting to feel your lips on mine.

Maybe I'll lose you in ways I cannot imagine.
Perhaps the sound of that will disgust you beyond what I expect.

I can't help it though,
I can't help loving you.
loving someone who's oblivious of such is painful
My heart was falling
But you were not there to catch.
For what I felt were
Heartaches instead of butterflies
Cries instead of a smile
All pain and suffering;
that is what unrequited love had.

Every fiber of cell yearned
Every nerve created sensation
Couldn't you feel the connection?

Blue is its tune
with no reciprocation.
A love so lonely
Everything so one sided
and oblivious to you.
Sad boi Sep 19
I gaze into your eyes
Beautiful, as always
Stunning even
But you don't see

We joke about our appearance
****, we say
Grotesque even
But you don't see

I could never tell you you are
But you don't see
For a friend of mine I guess - sad boi
Alysia Marie Sep 6
He’d move mountains
just so he could see her,

If only he’d notice she’s been standing
beside him the entire time.

                      Alysia Marie 2018 ©
We, as humans- need to stop searching for something that’s alteady within arms reach.
Most of what we need and desire is right in front of us the whole time- try not to overlook it.

Enjoy your day/evening everyone
Em MacKenzie Aug 14
How do you sleep at night?
Are the blankets pulled too tight?
Is the room ever just too bright,
or do you find it fits just right?

And how do you get through the day?
When there’s so much you never say?
When the colours bleed to grey,
or do you like it just that way?

I’ve been playing scrabble with each thought,
cursed to babble ‘cause I was never taught
to speak out loud what plagues my heart
It’s not like I’m proud that it ends before I start.

How do you sleep at night?
Does your mind put up a fight?
Do you loathe every ray of light,
or is it out of mind and out of sight?

And how do you get through the day?
Tornado’s in your wake and at bay.
Casting me to the abyss to stay,
as long as you choose that way.

I’ve been playing scrabble with each thought,
known to dabble in whatever I got.
Doing things so foul I would never do,
to buy a vowel and then another two.

How do you sleep at night?
I put up such a gallant fight.
Bleeding knuckles, holding on with all my might.
You’re asleep and I’m greeting first light.
aj kamaria Jul 12
he has no clue
that he's killing her
he has no clue
how much he means to her
he has no clue
that she would die for him,
live for him,
or **** for him
he has no clue
that she loves him
and it's killing her
in every single way
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