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mark soltero Oct 25
let me rip away the ivory
from the elephant in the room
rebuke its presence
cover my ears
so i don’t have to realize
these anxieties you bring
they long to dethrone me
rip apart each bone
pick apart this broken brain of mine
with each triggered nerve
i scream it’s okay
putrid false indifference
hopeful lies
for the barren sober pain
Ces Sep 26
The tiny red ant scampers
In a forest of greenish mold
Its bristly legs carrying
Biological modules:
A head with pincers
An imperceptible thorax
A swelling abdomen.

It has nothing but a laborious drive
A pheromone-induced servility
For the queen: the lazy, bloated tyrant!
The sole purpose being
The laying of eggs.

The noble red ant
Moves on to scavenge
Blind and dumb

To the ruthless cycle
Of its existence.
Sungmoo Bae Aug 31
Blissful art those
that are ignorant.

They know not pain,
for they do not know what pain is;

and I wish
I could join them,

the children of the oblivion.
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(C) Copyright: Saul Bae
Sara Aug 23
How could you not see?
That you were giving them your all
While all they deserved, really
Was the recklessness with which they treated your soul
How could you not see?
That you were burning all your candles
While they so easily
Blew them all out, without the least what if
How could you be so oblivious?
So blind?
Why did you let them treat you like this?
Why did you waste all that energy and time?
But now you know,
Oh so very well
It's all clear to you now,
You'll never settle for less
Alex Aug 18
Cabin on the forest,
The snow of winter starts to fall,
When you're gullible enough,
You think anyone too,
Good conversations,
Red wine,
and invisible envious smile,
When you're oblivious,
Something waits for you,
Red lips lie,
Ax to grind,
And when it's too late,
To take a hint,
You'll have the same fate,
On the skeleton hidden under floorboards.
دema Aug 11
don't let
the ship sink,

and if
it happens,

leave me,

drown me
in your love.
Simon Aug 2
You shine more brighter thinking everyone can already see the complete obvious... When your just draining your energy away that will (sooner rather then later) exhaust ALL the light in you that's essentially shining brighter then anyone else! Potentially forcing you too see reason of what the obvious already had been giving away since the very moment you started "showing off"!
PS... It is what's called when you shove everyone else out...except your very own "pretentious" ego!
Thinking you can shine brighter than anyone else is fine and all. Only when it's for a greater point, then one's very self-importance clogging the way of your seemingly random non-negotiable reasoning that set's flames full of obliviousness!
Simon Jul 15
MajorityOne like many other instances of power known solely from other literary passages as both the Oblivious King and the High of Confusion (and a little about the seminar of truth here and there) … …However what makes this particular instance of power very intriguing is that it means a solitary sign of “respect”. Meaning it’s a one of a kind. And even better whilst being on a universal platform…so to speak! First and foremost, like all the other “instances of power” of its kind. Just as the Oblivious King means your already a bonafide king, but is completely oblivious to its whereabouts upon it’s secrets. (And the identity of that very secret in repeated questioning.) Or the High of Confusion which surrounds you both inside and outside yourself entirely with a confusion that goes beyond normal realized confusion altogether. (However, the seminar of truth is something to do with your very inputs that have a very serious seminar about discussions, and what to do about the “truth” in all it’s very facts. A VAST parliament of inputs exchanging many facts of truth whilst the seminar heavily ways over their very discussion!) The name for a sign of respect revolves HEAVILY around how of the entire majority, there’s ONLY ONE among who has dominion over ALL respect amongst its common majority. A specialty like the High of Confusion being not the normal realized confusion when going past someone’s first initial realized impression of it. A respect that goes beyond what the entire majority can EVER handle. That’s why it’s called the MajorityOne. Showing that there’s only ONE who could be of the total respect amongst the entire majority. But who could take up this very title, I increasingly wonder…? Well since it’s an instance of power… It’s also an impressionable mini avatar for the universes both properties and meanings. Showing time and time again that it’s different in its own way. Vastly hinting at it having its very own sentience of sorts. A sentience motioning a by-play in its own regards for bypassing the entire majority that has respect over itself entirely. Surpassing the entire common majority with it’s very own! A respect that’s now (forevermore) part of the universal spectrum platform!
MajorityOne being the simple, but very complex sign of respect isn’t something to take on their very own mantle EXTREMELY lightly… It’s very important for you to either handle or revoke its very claim altogether. Because if you have respect for yourself or for another besides yourself entirely, then you have yet to know of the respect that comes from the one who has respect over an entire common majority…!
PS… Universally speaking!
Hazel grey Jul 5
I know not who you are
A delusional angel
Or a phantom devil
A potential catastrophe
Or a pocketful of sunshine
An oblivious beauty
Or a deliberate attempt
At hiding the scars
But whatever you are
Please be true
Because this heart
Has been shattered by few
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