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Osiria Melody Aug 17
Mull over the worst in my grave mind

Instill fear of an unforgiving life

Silent woes turn into dormant smiles

Each breath comes out in broken shards

Resist taking action to heal

Yearn for the day that I will be fine

I was drinking some dark coffee when I came up with this piece. (• ε •)
Amaris Jul 9
She sways in time
To the beat in her brain
Rejecting the irregular tempo of her heart
Blinking twice to clear the glare
She stumbles once, again, and again
Reaching for someone
Who isn't there.
She wants
To forget for the night, blur into the lights
Drowning herself to blissful heights
Pedro Vialle May 11
I wish I wasn't this fool
to not be oblivious to all your moves
as we danced together along
to the marvelous song
of two beating hearts
Lord help me and my messy mind
OpenWorldView May 10
Barn swallows zigzag swiftly through the air
hunting for flies beneath a clear blue sky.
Cord grass shelters a little brown marsh hare
frozen by the buzzards long hissing cry.

She sleeps on a quilt sprawled out on the ground
while a light breeze caresses her white skin
and bright sun plays in tune to natures sound
fending off nightmares about horrid sin.

I watch all this from the shadow of hell
as my flesh rots in the dark earth below
and fat maggots feed on my oozing smell
churning meat until next winters cold snow.

Heaven, earth and hell are all intertwined,
but mortals are oblivious and blind.
Pedro Vialle Apr 27
Today was okay
nothing else, nothing much
just a day
when time went by the hours
with no one to see
and I was just there
oblivious to all but me
playing in my toughts
with all sorts of things
I love these days, when all I do is... well, nothing :)
emily Apr 3
She is nestled perfectly in the white sheets,
Tranquility covered her gently.
The fire crackles furiously, engulfing and
submerging the sky in its doomed black wrath.
Her undisturbed state meticulously crafted,
an oasis of serenity unfolded on her bed.
The harsh ballistic navy waves ram into her,
daunting and threatening to wake her.
Regardless, she is stationary, immobile,
Her better judgement rocks her impatiently,
Desperately attempting to save her.
The longer she rests, the deeper her toes dip
Into the mass of jeopardy surrounding her.
The fumes quicken towards her,
Taking advantage of her frozen vulnerability.
Perfectly positioned and pretty,
Her mind is occupied by the relaxation settling in her bones, solidifying her to her bed.
The fumes rush towards the fragile girl,
Growing around her mold of relaxation.
With one swift movement,
The fumes inhabit her safe haven,
Bursting the white walls she had created against the world.
Effortlessly, the fumes invade her body,
Finding a perfect spot on her throat and viciously implanting their pollution into her.
Succeeding fatally,
The world sees the pure white jubilation leave the girl's frail lifeless body.
Jenna Mar 28
Never looking down,
in fear of hurting someone
this tightrope is quite long
with every step a grunt is met
somehow they keep me balanced
until a scream is heard
for that is when I peered down
Bohemian Mar 10
A hammock in your balcony hovering,
Windchimes tinkling
Rain outside
The word submerges there
Oblivious,you turn.
Well,a hammock is a swing for elders ;)
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