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Repost: true story appeal.

A mothers plee: Let my children go.
and come to me.
Appeal to the powerful wealthiest.
Save my children and grandkids
Our enemies noone is above the law
The evil doer criminals hide their crimes
Assassination of character their banners.
Dear daughters anyone who lies about mother
Pin it on them they are the culprit.
Destroying enemies of my grown kids
Protection prayer for the crown jewels
of heroic amazing Moms
Fir a lifetime Mom BBA victim of hate crime in LA by a group of racist haters.
Prayer for justice and freedom against
false friends who lie divide to Maine to **** covertly so.
Assassinating heroic Mom's character and her lovely
Offspring; Ellen Ch,
Rose Abrecht Jeanette Moreen W
(in LA CA( Illinois TJ.Mexico
Destruction of impostor mothers wannabees
Who Maine hurt play with babies lives newborn and hunt down stalk years and years
To pin their evil doing on their
amazing successful heroic survivor
Mother, grandmother (BBA®DD-jpc-AA)

The unprovoqued enemies of my motherhood
© God of my praise, don’t remain silent,®
for the wicked have opened their devilish mouth of deceit against us.
They have spoken to my family with a lying tongue.
They have also surrounded me with words of hatred, they use harrass my young grown children.
continually fightt against me without a cause

In return for my love my silence, my enemies
are my adversaries;
but I am in prayer.
They have rewarded me evil for good,
and hatred for my motherly triumphant love.
Set a wicked man over them who falsely accuse me human traffickers i had escaped from.

Let an adversary stand at his their right hand.
When he/she is judged, let our enemies come out guilty.
Let my kid's false friends their prayer
be turned into sin and medical tampering
malignant medical frauds turn on against them all.
Let our deadly enemies days be few.
Let another take their twisted offices.
Let the enemy's  children also be stolen and become fatherless,
and the false mothers, evil wives suddenly be a widow.

Let his children be wandering beggars.
Let them be hunted down from their ruins.
Let the creditor seize all our enemies have illegitimatedly acquired.
Let strangers plunder the fruit of all their twisted labor.
Let there be no one to extend kindness to any of them,
neither let there be anyone to have pity on his fatherless children.
Let his posterity be cut off.
In the generation following let their name be blotted out.
Let the iniquity of his fathers be remembered by the LORD.
Don’t let the sin of his mother be blotted out.
Let them be before the LORD continually,
that he may cut off their memory from the earth;
because they didn’t remember to show any kindness no mercy,
but persecuted the poor and needy mother struggling to survive all alone,
broken in heart, to **** her.
Yes, they loved cursing, and it came to them.
They didn’t delight in blessing, and it was far from them
They clothed themselves also with cursing as with their only garment.
Evil came into his inward parts like water,
like oil into his bones.
Let it be to them as the clothing with which they cover himself,
for the belt that is always around them.
This is the reward of and to my adversaries from the LORD omnipresent,
of those who speak evil against our soul.
But deal with me, GOD the Lord,† for your name’s sake,
because your loving kindness is good, deliver me;
Deliver my children and grandkids hide us from the evil doer in medical uniforms
They maime ****** make it look like accident
Not to avert the authority
of our impending death they trash our medical records.

Lord almighty I am poor and needy God Jesus.
My heart is wounded within me.
I fade away like an evening shadow.
I am shaken off like a locus
My heart is wounded within me have mercy I'm innocent.
I fade away like an evening shadow I been victimized by those who cover their many crines against me.
I am shaken off like a locust.
My knees are weak through fasting.lbI am a sage lord.

My body is thin and lacks fat.
I have also become a reproach to them.
When they see me, they shake their head, feed and inject my family poisons.
Help me, LORD, my God.
Save us according to your loving kindness;
that they may know that this is only your hand;
that you, LORD, have done it.
They may curse, but you bless.
When they arise, they will be shamed,
but your servant shall rejoice.
Let my adversaries be clothed with their own dishonor.
Let them cover themselves with their own shameful sins as with a robe.
I will give great thanks to the LORD with my mouth.
Yes, I will praise him among the multitude.
For he will stand at the right hand of the needy,
to save us from those who judge our humble loving soul.
A repost:Biblical truth
All Rights on the personal notation
By: Mr and Mrs Andrews
for and and with Karijinbba

My enemy tried to ****** my new born children and later contacted my enemies after divorce to sell them my grandkids lie to my daughters to favour them i did not contact DA again because i feared for my kids life..
The situation must end and wicked receive their rewards by God's hands and the universe cause and effect
Susan and Arthur raitano, Elizabeth Gummeson kiriaki Mandalozis Piraeus Greece with 12 othersl criminals cruel poisoner's
I survived them all! John Christianson blind foolish son in law from hell has been assimilated by the gang if blue collar criminals:
Jeff Albrecht.henry Robert Welonek his wicked ex girl friend nurse killed Ng in the medical field in usa attempted ****** ling me a pregnant young Mom evil Athens Medea to Charalambos Mandalozis ***** donor serial killer his evil racist mother father
Jeff's psychiatrists in LA twisted blind family counselor from hell i use this Curse with God's imprint against my kids evil doers. My enemies hunt us down in the medical field may all you do against me and my family who you appropriated bought from ancient trafficants all should turn against you all.
Anais Vionet May 2022
You’re so HOT when you lie to me
young republican
I love your insurRECTION
I prefer my men dumb and dishonest
so come Lie with me
give me your BIG one
about how Trump won and
how the big steal couldn’t be stopped
ooo, slower, yes,
Tell me what a strong-man Putin is
with truth in abeyance
Yeah, uh huh, like that
Oooo.. uh..
restrict me, control me.
take my choice, my privacy
Ummm.. yeah..
right there..
impede my vote.. yes, yesss
Keep, keep, umm..
nothing’s wrong
don’t stop, oh,
don’t stop now..
BLT Marriam Webster word of the day challenge: abeyance: a state of temporary inactivity.
Yenson Mar 2022
They do
have a lot to be sorrowful about
their dark mindset understandable
those that grow and wrinkle
in the blink of an eye
hirsute till even the females spot moustaches and beards
and most males are gifted with little sausages
and no great stamina in use
education is optional and ignorance rules ok
the painted hues are catching up
while hometown losers are busking begging money
its all going south for them
so its blame game all the way
so they make it up as they crawl along
hiding their shame in foreign tags
and their cowardice in numbers
too dumb and weak to excel they seek refuge in bullying
as if we haven't got their measures
and know they bathe only once a week at most
my, my! they do have a shedload to lament
their miseries plain to see
so please excuse their puerile defensive scrabbling's  
they are poor in heads in pockets and in their minds
Slowly poisoned
By carpet fibers
Cross's sacrifice
The guilty pay
Not one helped
All are Cain
Murdered Abel
So unclean
Hell forever
Never forgiven
No excuses
Enjoy Justice
Dust to dust
All is repaid
Evil swine
Abused the innocent
By my suffering
Christ instantiated the Law
Fulfilling All
You chose evil
You were warned
Time and again
Begged for help
You didn't care
Hypocrites and false godly
Unkind phonies
Perdition your sentence
For eternal crimes
I could've made this into a real poem better organized but just wanted to get the facts out. I don't dance for you the ****** by your own abuses.
Karijinbba Jul 2021
Open your eyes.
True love in heart.
Love matters most  
People muster much
Truth integrity a must
firstly sought in self
Ofter found in few

Truth is love's root
True lovers fruit
Without your loot
still love of thee abounds
besides the sinking boat
thine treasures scattered yee
for mine delight to find,
Adventure plotted for us
In turmoil flight indeed.

Fame and great fortune
Invested misfortune
reigning over reason
clueless as my prison
lure's dance in song
our best love honeypot
arrived for us in rhythle.
Habré tus ojos
darling, beloved.
By Karijinbba
Happy Independence day fireworks and all my love.
low poetry May 2019
dancing on my own
out of comfort zone
two possible ways, but none is mine
I will ******* both and just feel fine

preserving The Gifts
friend to the thieves
existing on the edge of frame
ego flirting with the devil’s fame

I like what fear do
ca-сa-call me ******
edited '2020
Keyana Brown Dec 2020
Please cut me the brief
it's people like them
that go away missing

They are hyenas
from day to night
it's these animals
who risk to survive
for something
they try to steal
and hide.

Distracted as we are
as they laugh and prey
someone is going
to hunt them down
somewhere some day.

Their not doing it for
the children
the civilians
or starvation
only for our
This piece goes out to everyone who works retail.
Thievery must end.
Rin Jun 2020
the dangers in the street
thieves and mad maniacs
walking with calloused feet
embellish in black slacks

the dangers in the street
did not warn me for you
voice deep, achingly sweet
your visage portrays blue

the dangers in the street
says you like to pretend
lies taste so bittersweet
i’ll hold you till the end

the dangers in the street
thieves and mad maniacs
murdered my trusts, repeat
sincere love, filched and taxed
John McCafferty Jan 2020
A fractured silent state
where fear thrives amongst thieves.
Ignore your neighbour's knocking
and humanity's hum ultimately become louder.
What's duality's plea if transparency is key.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
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