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She was flawed, completely; but not in the way she though.

She was flawed in the way an artist ruins a white canvas with a beautifully colored sunset.

she was damaged, in the way the night sky is broken by the dawn
At times she had confidence and at times she felt as if she was a scrap of something used up
now I lay me down to sleep, I promise you have my heart to keep. the sun rises, sets, and the moon is up above and all the while it is you I love. if I should die before you wake with you my soul will remain for no one else to take. this is promised completely because if you should die later in time you will have all you need to meet me
I thought We had a love so complete it could never be broken or truly disrupted
No more beautiful a soul could I touch, no better woman would find, whenever she is not near she is on my mind. She is my match, my equal, my partner for life, so short lived, so completely, she will complete me.
In the time you have which is unknown find something share yourself, dont hide away waiting gathering regrets
Your glance enough.
The only trough your eyes.
Your love enough.
The only one more word: ,,I love you."
Your warm enough.
To warm up whole universe.
You are enough for me.
Fully and completely.
You are enough.
Spitz Oct 2018
I am beautiful,
but not in the obvious way.
I’m the sort of beautiful
that gets absorbed in books
and falls in love with characters
because I can relate to them.
The sort of beautiful
that feels and aches in my gut
for other people.
That can sit for hours
and write about why I love you.
The sort of beautiful
that can’t resist belting
the lyrics to those songs,
that has to contain excitement
at the little things,
because it doesn’t take much
to make me happy.
The sort of beautiful
that has scars over my body,
as memories of the rough times,
that will cry from laughing
at the tiniest thing.
The sort of beautiful
that just loves to sit
and watch movies with you,
that will never desert you,
but understand if you desert me.
I’m the sort of beautiful
that isn’t very obvious.
But it’s there.
No it wasn't not love
No our story was not like a love story
Cause you destroyed me completely
And now I'm working hard for my turn
To do the same with you.
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
My name, Hombres, is Pancho,
I work on an outta z ways rancho;
I make just 5 pesos for the day.
It is a hard job to do for the pay.

I go out after. Go see Free Lucy.
Then, I asked her for the Pousse;
She just slapped me in the face;
And a took my 5 pesos anyways.

             : ( What did I say?  :(
Pousse (rhymes with loose, not Lucy)-Multi-layered colored alcoholic drink.
Free Lucy is a free-spirited bar maid.

P█ancho and Lefty,( sung best by Willie,) inspired title. Had Pancho knowns The Pronoun z Ation, mighta not be a soo corn fuzed.
Dee Bach Nov 2016
Your eyes speak to me,
they calm me in a way nothing else can.
I never thought I could fall in love so much,
with the way someone looked at me.
But somehow I did,
and I crave that feeling.
The feeling of being
fully, truly, and completely
loved by you.
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