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Danielle L Cook Dec 2018
it use to be me rattling those closed doors
the fear of losing you, the suffering through
of everything; drowning me until there was nothing
more than a shell of who I use to be left

now it's you with a stone in your chest
that quickness of breath, when you think about me
gone; walking away and leaving you behind
nothing more than a shell of the boy you use to be
i'm not going anywhere..
Spitz Oct 2018
I am beautiful,
but not in the obvious way.
I’m the sort of beautiful
that gets absorbed in books
and falls in love with characters
because I can relate to them.
The sort of beautiful
that feels and aches in my gut
for other people.
That can sit for hours
and write about why I love you.
The sort of beautiful
that can’t resist belting
the lyrics to those songs,
that has to contain excitement
at the little things,
because it doesn’t take much
to make me happy.
The sort of beautiful
that has scars over my body,
as memories of the rough times,
that will cry from laughing
at the tiniest thing.
The sort of beautiful
that just loves to sit
and watch movies with you,
that will never desert you,
but understand if you desert me.
I’m the sort of beautiful
that isn’t very obvious.
But it’s there.
No it wasn't not love
No our story was not like a love story
Cause you destroyed me completely
And now I'm working hard for my turn
To do the same with you.
Jamie L Cantore Feb 2017
My name, Hombres, is Pancho,
I work on an outta z ways rancho;
I make just 5 pesos for the day.
It is a hard job to do for the pay.

I go out after. Go see Free Lucy.
Then, I asked her for the Pousse;
She just slapped me in the face;
And a took my 5 pesos anyways.

             : ( What did I say?  :(
Pousse (rhymes with loose, not Lucy)-Multi-layered colored alcoholic drink.
Free Lucy is a free-spirited bar maid.

P█ancho and Lefty,( sung best by Willie,) inspired title. Had Pancho knowns The Pronoun z Ation, mighta not be a soo corn fuzed.
Dee Bach Nov 2016
Your eyes speak to me,
they calm me in a way nothing else can.
I never thought I could fall in love so much,
with the way someone looked at me.
But somehow I did,
and I crave that feeling.
The feeling of being
fully, truly, and completely
loved by you.
aniket nikhade Jun 2016
Fill in the emptiness of the moment in time with something well defined, since the emptiness has continued for a long period of time.

Present in the present is the present moment in time.
Utilize it completely by strengthening your cause to the best of your ability so as to make sure that everything in the future seems right.

Memories belong to the past
Predictions belong to the future
Over a period of time it’s realized that the best thing to do is to take a proper line of action at the given moment in time.
Definitely taking the right line of action belongs to the present moment in time and definitely it needs all the much needed attention in the present.

Since the emptiness of the moment has continued for long,
always  it’s better to start with something of which you know something, then later on,
let the rest follow over a period of time.

While doing so, always remember synchronization will come and it needs to be followed then also,
at that point in time,
which is later.

The first priorty goes to the fact that you belong to the present moment in time,
in doing so make sure the direction is not lost,
something which had happened prior,
which lead to the emptiness of the moment in time in the present.
aniket nikhade Feb 2016
Regardless of what is going on in the mind,
irrespective of the fact with what you have got in your mind,
does'nt matter what the present moment in time holds for you,
there will be moments in life when life will come up with surprises.
Surprises which will surprise you enough.

Somethings in life start with something specific in mind
By the time when they end, they end on a completely different note

Strange are the ways of life.
Strange is life,
even uncertain at times,
but then that's life and life continues.
gravygod Dec 2015
completely addicted to you
and the way your lips fit mine perfectly and effortlessly
how your smile makes my heart melt and shatter
the softness of your skin
paired with your warm scent
i can't even fathom how someone
can be so intoxicating
but here you are
doing exactly so
and i think it's incredible
how i would choose you
over anyone else
the only words i could use
to tell you how i feel
would be "i love you"
Jack Thompson Nov 2015
This might be the last time I see you
before you leave...

What if I told you?...

The most important thing to me this year
was meeting you.
That we've become great friends
that could do anything together and
I really value how special that is
- how special you are.

When I look at you I see
the most amazing person
I'll meet in this lifetime.

But I can't let you get on that plane
and disappear into the sunset
without you knowing how much
I respect and completely adore you.
How much I wish I could act on that.

I have no regrets, no expectations, just a full heart.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Eleanor Rigby Aug 2015
Being alone
Is when no one is around.
But loneliness
Feels as if someone is around
Yet completely ignoring you.

-- Eleanor
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