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24.4k · Mar 2015
Sunrise or Sunset
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
This moment.

Sunrise at dawn.
Wading into each others lives.
Togetherness and warm.

Picnics amidst the day.
If the world would just collapse.
This is where I'd stay.

Sunset giving into the stars.
Looking into you.
Along with Jupiter and Mars.

I know one thing for sure.

Where we are or what we do.
Its all irrelevant.
All I ever needed was you.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
16.7k · Nov 2015
I'm not a flirt
Jack Thompson Nov 2015
I'm not just a flirt.
When I think about you.
It doesn't just hurt.
Because you're leaving so soon.
Scared and unsure what the void will do.
Bandaids don't fix this type of wound.

I'm not just a flirt.
I've got deep feelings of compassion.
More humble than dirt.
Empathy that drowns me suddenly.
I'll be your rock in this river stream.
I'll never be too far.
Living more than a dream.

I'm not a flirt.
Drafts no one will ever see.
Passion I'll never quell.
Living with regrets.
Now that is true hell.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
13.5k · Nov 2015
Jack Thompson Nov 2015
Have you ever stumbled upon someone life-shatteringly special?
You lose your breath and can't think straight.
But somehow they've stuck around.
Feeling like a stunned vegetable to your innocent charisma.

Like divine intervention we met in the most unlikely of ways.
We hit it off and spent hours together, confined and stressed.
How did we get along so well?
How did we manage to learn more together than alone?
How did we manage to find each other in this big world?
I'll always wonder if there is more to this story.
Answers to my plaguing questions that rule my emotional state.

I don't know how to describe what it is I feel in a rational way.
It doesn't serve rationale.
Writing it all down or saying it only compounds how crazy I must sound.
But I'm not a loony bin. On the contrary, you are just infinitely more special than you realise!

But I'll not skip a note nor bump a chord.
Because I see you so finely in all your elegance.
A beauty which radiates in an innocent manifestation.
I can't tell if everyone else can see it also.
They must?!
I must have no chance here.
I know I should cut my losses and move on.
Hope to find this feeling once more.
But something from beyond the blackened ether of midnight skies and space dust tells me to keep trying.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
7.8k · Mar 2015
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
I'm cold. A chill in the air.
Wood fire dwindling to smolders.
Ash crisped cinders to share.
Cotton between our shoulders.
That endearing musk of burnt wood.

A soft kiss on your cheek.
My arm wrapped round you.
I whisper in your ear
those words I do love to speak.

"I'll distract you not from the beauty of this world,
nor the loves you've counted.
I'll never let you waver from your hearts dream.
Stay true - look up ahead and mine will be seen."

This faint light up ahead.
It flickers and dances.
Clawing and bubbling to break.
Daylight will be upon us, no chances.
Don't blink or you'll miss this.
The birth of life - light years away.
An explosion of color flooding the sky.
Life inspiring feeling - opposite to grey.
Rain of warm power filling my voids.

A dream born anew each day.
A love found in you.
Explored in every single way.
A never ending gift.
If only we're awake.

Just then as it broke.
Did you feel it?
I felt yours and you mine.
Our hopes and dreams become one.
A valley of trust now glowing.
Warm tones red through yellow.
Delivered by the morning saint.
My dream revealed.
Endless passion only the sun could paint.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
7.6k · Mar 2015
Want Want Want
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
You've become my light.
Hopes and future in sight.
You want me and I want you back.
Don't be so easily diluted.

You want want want.
So hard I've tried tried tried.
If its me you really want.
Understand I cease to be me.
If I'm yours stringent and exclusive.
In a vacuum don't suffocate me.
Let me breathe let us thrive.

I am a whole person outside of your clutch.
Its who you fell in love with.
Don't change me. Don't leave me.
All because I need to be me.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
7.6k · Apr 2015
Jack Thompson Apr 2015
Wine wine my love so fine.
I drink you and I do not dine.
I've enjoyed a glass
Enough to put me on my ***
Just a few dollars this love of mine.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
6.2k · Mar 2015
Unique Again
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
I'll never find anyone who made me feel like you did. Again.
I'll never love so deep and raw. Again.
I'll always be searching for you again and. Again.
I'll never kiss the way we did. Again.
I'll never make love so passionately. Again.
I'll never compromise myself. Again
I'll never let things unsaid be my undoing. Again.
I'll always try. Again
I'll always want a love so unique. Again.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
5.2k · Mar 2015
Nurturing the Beast
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
Have you ever been angry?
So angry you've scared yourself.
Because for a second you saw that face staring back from within.
An immense depth fast approaching.
So absent of light the only reason you caught a glimpse was those eyes.
Beaming back at you with illumination so frightening your core began to shudder and rumble.

Crumbled down and watched this beast claw its way out.
Over rock and mortar. Through coarse cage of steel.
Those cold eyes staring down - helplessly watching.

This beast was once kept sealed.
Who gave it this key to destruction.
This shapeless fluid in motion soulless tragedy.
Black velvet drape dipped in fiery energy.
Pure hate which had been compressed for eternity.
Now concentrated and intent on wreaking havoc.

I sent my armies. I sent them all.
Countless deaths and yet I sent more.
Quick slaughter - not the painless type.
This beast they could not stall.
Thrashes of bodies. Clawed and torn.
Festering flesh flying from fallen.
Axe, Sword and Mace soaked,
dripping in warm fresh blood-pounding hate.
Shatters of armor and unrecognizable corpses.
What do I do?
It seeks me as a vessel - to be worn.
I can feel the hate changing me.
Quickly now or I'll soon deform.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
4.9k · Jul 2016
Life Goals, Wife Goals
Jack Thompson Jul 2016
What is there to do but to contemplate life heavily and endlessly.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
4.2k · Apr 2016
Through The Sunset
Jack Thompson Apr 2016
If I could see what you see,
We'd be caught in a flash,
of a thousand sunsets.
If I could see what you see,
When I touch so soft,
like it were not at all.

My skies might just implode into a fiery fluster.
Looking through your eyes.
A brightness in you where the sun does burn.
My eternal sunrise.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
3.9k · May 2015
Unique In Every Way
Jack Thompson May 2015
A love is special.
A love is unique.
But love is not.
I hope.

Forever tormented by the thought.
You took my love.
Uniqueness that can't be bought.
This feeling I had with you gone.
Forever lost and never retrieved.
My hearts passion truely deceived.

Despair swelling at my ankles.
Searching for love like before.
You punish me with shackles.
They've left me feeling cheap.

An artist without creativity.
Coloring with no feeling.
Incapable of sensitivity.
This image of replaying moments.
Plagiarism of my emotion.
A different person and yet.
My heart of thoughts - only confliction.

I want them to be special and unique.
This wall turned insurmountable.
My problem has come full circle with no solution.
Uniqueness ripped clean surgically.
You took it all perfectly.
Even these words you've taken from me.
I'm left with no choice.
You'll not have my voice!
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
3.8k · Mar 2015
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
I've got the luck.
The luck to find you.
Be with you and become star struck.
You're this mystery of constellations.
Tropical Zodiac of which I attract.
May and June is when you were born.
But who you are inside, you seem so torn.
If I stick around long enough I get to see all the sides to you.
Too many to count. I've stuck around too long.
We always start off great.
Amazing chatter and interest.
Attraction like fire burning late.
The days are getting shorter.
My time more precious.
Its you I want to spend it with.
I just have one question.
Are you a Gemini? Don't answer I know this one.
We've been intense tonight.
You looked into my eyes.
And the world just felt right.
We kissed and passion you were over-run.
We just had *** and I was the best you'd ever done.
We just told each other we were in love. Feelings too intense to keep to our selves.
You suddenly went cold and disappeared. Like a beautiful dream irrecoverable in the morning.
As surreal as you came you left.
You've hurt me more times than I could take.
You've left me feeling like, with my life there's nothing more I can make.
You're a Gemini.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
3.7k · May 2015
Jack Thompson May 2015
Gone forever is the moment we are living.
Never to be replayed quite the same.
Moments can flick by or keep giving.
Some perplexingly special like the way I feel, thinking your name.
A moment “liked” is a moment worth sharing.
Putting it out there.
Knowing you're all caring.
In the end it was all worth while.
I'd swipe a thousand moments.
If each of them had your smile.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
3.0k · Jun 2015
Jack Thompson Jun 2015
The way you walk
right by me
Every detail of beauty
noticed so finely.

The days at end
your the only thing
that plagues my mind
Like a sweet sting.

You make it all okay
just knowing you exist
In my world
or the next

Bliss in a solitude
of your making
Take me into you
a heart so breathtaking

If you ever notice
how much I care.
That big heart maybe
one day you'll share.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.8k · Sep 2015
Stealing Planets
Jack Thompson Sep 2015
I don't know what to write anymore.
But I can't stop thinking about flickers of your lips
and splatters of your touch.
When the rain pours just for you.
Something has to flow.
When water runs over your shoulders and down the drain
like the wisdom of the world.

In the brevity of your light I stole a slice of the sun for my own.
Lying deep inside a dormant orbit.

As the rain begins to weigh you down like the gravity of Jupiter.
My light, my love will be all yours.

Lay with me and tonight we'll steal the moon once more.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.8k · May 2015
Jack Thompson May 2015
The passion of my heart.
Could wear the river rocks to dust.
Relentless like the tides of moons.

The passion of my heart.
Could travel any distance.
It knows no barrier like the fading Ozone.

The passion of my heart.
Could melt with invisible fire.
Like the polar ice caps.

The passion of my heart.
Could feed the hungry.
Full of Endless substance.

The passion of my heart.
Could be inconceivably large.
Rivaling the Sun and the stars.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.8k · Apr 2016
The Reunion
Jack Thompson Apr 2016
I went to sleep and woke up in a future,
Where I saw you for the first time,
Through eyes that adored you everyday,
I didn't have to consider if you'd be mine.

You stood there in the clear day,
Looking back at me to take your hand,
I reach out but I'm sinking as you rise,
Looking through eyes - you erode it all away

Anguish in the brevity of life,
and the divide of futures.

I'm impatient,
Give me Dreams,
Give me Touch, Sweat and Reality,
Give me One more Moment,

The Reunion.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
2.7k · Mar 2015
The Things Unsaid
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
Ive always listened to what you've said.
not just the detail.
But everything you've bled.
I've taken it on white shoulders.
Now ****** and soaked.

You told me loving lovely lies.
You left your true heart behind.
Cunning scalpel in disguise.
Ripped deep and tortured.
I've wished instead you had slaughtered.

I've pushed you out of my conscious.
Now your in my dreams where I have no control.
Nightmares like memories.
All that time that you stole.
Your as ruthless as you were then.
You give no warmth.
A beautiful mesmerizing walking corpse.

In dreams where my desires materialize.
Rules flipped like your morality.
I've woken up face red.
You still give me nothing.
Except things unsaid.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.6k · Apr 2015
Jack Thompson Apr 2015
I struggle and I fight.
But my goal fades of into the fog.
Losing sight of my persistence.
Weeds pulling me down.
Feeding the resistance.

I can't stop, I go down I won't have it in me to pull up.
Don't give in.
Break the chains of the corrupt of heart.
Muscle that birthed the sword for my back.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.5k · Mar 2015
Pure like a white dress
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
Delicate detailed and divine.
Simple sophisticated **** and sublime.

A dress.
Abnormal in class.
The way she made it shine.
But it was not the dress but her.
That stole my heart of thoughts.
Broken and repaired.
For that day I saw her all.
I've always seen beneath the surface.
But this dress it has found a purpose.
In this moment.
She sees what I see.
In this moment.
I'll set you free.
The way you do me.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.5k · Sep 2015
The Beauty of Norway
Jack Thompson Sep 2015
I'm standing at the edge of cliffs that stretch on through Norway.
Looking down I see another me.
Deciding if I've got what it takes to go through this doorway.

I'm at a junction of paths with more than your average split.
I've got endless roads which lead nowhere.
Apprehension in my voice but I can't see where you won't fit.

You're a little special though because I smile like a fool when you're near.
You won't see me with the same eyes.
That's all I'll ever fear.

We stayed up late last night.
Together - you could have left.
Though I'm glad you stayed.
Was it me you stayed for?

Your a natural beauty more than these rocks and views in the Kjerag.
It's more than body, pulse and heart.
Its all of you I've gotta have.

When I thought I'd met them all.
Struggling to find a spark.
I've never met anyone like you.
Now you're all I think of in the dark.

Take my hand and show me love
Out beyond the imaginary.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.3k · Mar 2015
The Spoken Word
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
In this space I've become a superhero.
You guessed it - my head is this place.
Crossing poems off my list to zero.

My words you've adored.
Appreciated approved and applauded.
You've given me confidence now stored.

Dreamy you've made me sound.
Tell me I'm good with my words.
I've written with feeling abound.

I'm not a superhero you'll find.
If I could speak the way I write.
I think I'd annoy myself.

© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.3k · Oct 2015
Heart of Gold
Jack Thompson Oct 2015
What do you choose?

A shorter man that moulds his heart of gold into your every desire.
A taller man incapable of unwrapping his tin foil heart for even the most simple things you require.

Chasing dreams of perfect heights to hang a perfect wedding picture on that perfect family portrait wall.

Perfect is hard to come by, careful or you'll miss it. Looking in all the wrong places.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.3k · Jun 2015
Did You Notice
Jack Thompson Jun 2015
Did you notice the world didn't implode.
When our eyes unlocked.
Only did I see more of you.
Gorgeous, a word your beauty has mocked.

Did you notice the world didnt stop turning.
When we ran, children at heart.
Only did you win another smile.
They are yours forever, down to an art.

Did you notice the world didnt stop beating.
When our lips drained of passion.
Only did our pulse become one.
I suppose we fell, our love came crashing.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.2k · Mar 2015
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
Fastidious future full of fiddling.
Entrusted to erode everlasting evil.
Anchor ambition to alleviate anguish.
Recalled relationship of regret.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.2k · Mar 2015
Draw me in
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
I am special, complex in my construction.
Beautifully designed for your destruction.
I am everywhere and all around.
I feel needed and I love it.
You rely on me the most when you're stressed and down.
Draw me in and place your trust.
I'll return it all in the form of dust.
It will get better now do you feel it?
Watch as they all turn and combust.
Draw me in once more don't stop.
I feed on you, give you false strength.
Evil intent laughing at your expense.
Draw me in dance with me forever.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.0k · Oct 2015
Jack Thompson Oct 2015
The curtain of night folds elegantly into place.

Scotch and lip gloss to taste.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.0k · Oct 2015
Jack Thompson Oct 2015
Tired of these ****-girls.
Looking at me like meat.
If you've got lust in your eyes.
Then we best not meet.

If you've been taken for a ride.
We've probably sat on the same boat.
Maybe I just came off better.
But I don't intend to gloat.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
2.0k · Mar 2015
Mi Amore
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
This necklace I once wore.
You gave it to me to love you.
Until I could no more.
Its gone with you now.
I'm more bare than before.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.9k · Aug 2015
One Whole Person
Jack Thompson Aug 2015
I never mastered the grind.
That won every girls affection.
I guess it's really quite difficult.
When you become your own deflection.

Once I was that nineteen year old.
Drunk and disorderly.
Grinding on your back.
You got bored of me.

Sure its fun - for both it seems.
Sometimes it's a horrid match.
A silly game with an undefined winner.
Sometimes it's all you need to land your catch.

But as you grow you see things clearly.
The smoke machined air thins and the lights begin to brighten.
You see the complexity of your dilemma.
You've assumed you'd get it all - what a great big error.

You want the beauty you've desired night long.
But you've gone about it all wrong.
You want the companion most never find.
But will she see it or remain blind.

It seems one is possible.

Where do I go to be one whole person?
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.8k · Jun 2015
Heart Transplant
Jack Thompson Jun 2015
I guess this is how it happens.
When you lose your heart it just finds new legs.
She's walking around with my heart in a box.
She just won't give it up even if I beg.

No wonder I can't find new loves.
Thought the switch was gone.
As soon as it comes it goes.
An empty spot where my heart was keeps me alone.

I can't fill up what I don't have.
I want more but it doesn't feel right.
Emptiness that finds me an early grave.
I want my heart back give up this spite.

I need a heart transplant.
To feel love one more time.
Something so simple won't you grant.
Emptiness un-befitting in my prime.

I need a heart transplant.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.7k · Nov 2015
The Abandonment
Jack Thompson Nov 2015
I turned over every stone kicking through my brain.
Looking for the answers to my endless questions.
Trying to grasp the rips in my emotional tether.
Thinking up a million ways in which we could have been together.

I've got a perspective with ten thousand ends to this story.
And in all of them.
There's only one which leaves me feeling weak and lonely.
The one in which I keep my feelings to myself only.

I've gotta find some power and some resolve.
To do the things that make me whole.
I don't want to look back on my life in regret.
Forced to blame others like they stole.

Because to own up to it is just too painful.
That I had never learned.
To be strong and to speak with definition.
This is my minds extradition.

For the all the injustices to the heart.
For holding me back with a cloudy judgment.
Useless thoughts from the start.
This is the abandonment.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.7k · Jul 2015
Pop Hit
Jack Thompson Jul 2015
I brought a new type of ******* to town.
He's supposed to be showing me.
How he gets down.
But all I see before me.
Is an ignorant little clown.
When the jester don't perform.
He gets my steel leaving him with a frown.

Muzzle flash between his teeth.
I guess all he wanted was the ground.
If I lived in the U.K.
This hit would have been a pound!
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015

Mad bored.
1.7k · Mar 2016
Jack Thompson Mar 2016
I know I'd rewind back to then.
Just for one more smile.
Just to hold you for a while.
Because they were microseconds.

And how I see you now.
Is that I don't.
So I'll rewind back to then.
And tell you a day sooner,
How much you mean to me.

Because you left before you got to see.
All of me.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
1.6k · Dec 2015
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
I tremble at the breadth of you.
In and out like the ends of the oceans.
In a soothing rage of blood pounding heart.
The tide did change - I did get lost in you.
What of it now? and where do I start?

What's it gonna take for me to find my feet.
When the weight of the world disappears underneath this sheet.
In those Hazel eyes the ground collapses beneath me.
Exploring your soul in the most intimate of ways.
Looking into those eyes for days and days.

I gotta take a step back because it's just this view.
This view of me and you.
Take it in.
Close my eyes.
Deep breaths
And release
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.6k · Oct 2015
Jack Thompson Oct 2015
I'm an indecisive man at the best of times.
I relish the moments I have true direction.
But I just can't seem to consolidate my feelings.
To bind them up and rope my way out of this one.

Every thought I have accompanies an opposing feeling.
Every choice I decide on leaves me with an unsure taste in my mouth.
How do I have confidence that fills the room and bubbles over.
But no confidence in where I'm headed.

I only wish you could reserve judgment and not be so harsh.
When I imagine my future life I don't see you in it...
Because I don't see anything but a blur.
Everything - All I am is unsure.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.6k · Feb 2017
The moon over head
Jack Thompson Feb 2017
Ocean waves lapping the shore.
Everything faded out leaving only the crash tsssshhhhhh of the waves nullified in the sand.
Drowned in the rhythmic arrangement.

Coconut trees in the distance rubbing leaves like the supporting instruments on this beach orchestra.

And then there was you.
And me.

With only the moon over head.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2017
1.6k · Jun 2015
Jack Thompson Jun 2015
Artfully crafted and dipped in true peril.
Contemplation of nights well spent.
Forgetful of "two sides to a coin".
Realizations of a morning hell bent.

Secrets and rumors all divulged.
In a world filled with mess.
Complications not easily dissolved.
I seem to fill like the best.

Condemnation comes in the multiple.
Surpassed only by guilt.
True character shines in these moments.
Compassion to the tears that were spilled.

Take from me more than words.
Rhetoric that could woe any opposition.
Instead take comfort in what you know.
Some form of trust - a new composition.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.6k · Mar 2015
Rolling in the deep
Jack Thompson Mar 2015
I've seen the world and explored sacred places.
I've opened all my senses.
Seen its beauty and overwhelming glory.
These rose colored lenses.
I've read every book and heard every story.
Spared no expenses.

You might think I'd be happy and content.
Tonight I've realized.
There is one thing missing from my life.
One thing I'll never find with my hands nor buy with my sweat.
One thing impossible to manufacture or imitate.

I've found it before.
Dwelled in it for a moment.
I can't stay forever. But knowing you exist.
I'll be back for more.

It's everything I've adored.
Without i grow untame and bored.
It's what our connection is built on.
It's where our shared spirit was born.

You've shown me your raw nature.
It's pure form.
Your capacity to nurture.
Entwined spirits, our rough edges now smoothed and worn.

My shell you've broken to free me.
A welcomed moment of destruction.
We've tread through the shallow waters of superficiality.
Certainly we've made our introduction.

The soil beneath my feet shifts.
A stumble turned roll.
Down this mountain so steep.
Take me into you. And together
we'll roll in the deep.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.5k · May 2015
Jack Thompson May 2015
Wonderful words without whim.
Keeping kind kitty keen.
Aquarius armour and ample attention.
Explosion of elegance and effortlessly eighteen.
Chasing companionship in chaos of childish cerebrals.
Lingering loves leaves the lonely lost.
Humongous heart to heave the hopeless.
Finding a faithful friend for forever.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.5k · Jun 2015
Mr Grey
Jack Thompson Jun 2015
Tailored love of indescribable passion.
"Mr grey, my type of love is now in fashion."
You've got this amazing **** that only desires my palm.
Red hand prints.
Excitement that doesn't entirely harm.
Delicate and fine a thong that yearns for my teeth.
Removed and discarded.
After Christmas like that wreath.
******* that only imagine the warmth of hands.
Running all over you.
Following each and all my demands.
Lips supple only to the press of my own.
The way you sound.
Lust you've never known.
Hips that don't exist without the pressure of mine.
Careful what you ask for.
In Pandoras box you might find.

Kisses are like a dance one must lead.
Back and forth battle for more.
I'm dominating its what you need.
I'll certainly put you in your place.
Take head you have no power.
Your place is under me with all that grace.
On top of me so I can see that face.
Where ever I want.
Pulling your hair if it pleases me just an inch more.
What pleases me pleases you.
Of that im sure.
Just to make you feel ***** and alive again.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.5k · Oct 2015
Impossible Desire
Jack Thompson Oct 2015
You might be ****, even kind...
But I care not for your ego.
I might as well be blind.

You might be interested in many things.
None of which light my fire.
A hollow heart filled with empty blings.

I live to build and design.
Practicality is so hard to find.
I want to understand the world.
Very few share my mind.

I'm simply complicated.
And there is no shortcut to my desire.
I'm after the impossible.
But that is all I require.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.5k · Aug 2015
Pure Unlike A White Dress
Jack Thompson Aug 2015
Chasing cheaters cursed to be caught.
Willfully writing words you've wrought.*

I'm not angry.
If it shows.
But then again.
Who knows?*

A bludgeoned heart that beats no longer. Dare I describe the cause?
Standing there with white thread soaked in a ****** pause.
I guess I know where it all went, because my heart has none.

If it were a cost I'd write it off.
If it were hours labored they'd be lost.
If it were words given in confidence id give into the embarrassment.
But my heart rewired its self before you cut the strings and now I'm bent like a slinky with 5 ends that lead no where.

I have this image of an unrecognisable figure standing proud. Dressed in my hope and wrapped in my desire. She wears my dress and he will never know. If I keep my tongue tight. Their love might just grow.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Jack Thompson Sep 2015
Today I openly admit that I am an addict.
I've been Addicted to the sensation and lost in the lullaby.
I've watched my potential dwindle thin.
I've had an overwhelming desire to get clean but no drive to begin.

I've cried my nights away in a withdrawal of sorts.
I've given up on everything except my last resort.

My vice is the most expensive out there.
What does a life cost?
What does a wasted life cost?

The regrets of yesterday catch you faster than you can sleep them away.
When apathy runs deep in your veins.
Pulling at my last straw - my last tall claim.

Today I turned my life around.
Not just another nudge for me to yo-yo.
I've derived a focus and approached my limit.

I'll sweat blood until I'm free of this apathy.
A victim of my actions in this endless tragedy.

My name's Jack and I'm an addict.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.4k · May 2015
Jack Thompson May 2015
Battling myself not to break something.
Insides twisted from head to toe.
Desperate for the anger not to show.
Taking all my will.
Flooding out the gates.
Almost nothing left and still.
Turmoil rising within.
What do I do?
When all I want is to give in.
When ****** isn't enough.
Genocide couldn't keep up.
Anger the deepest black couldnt colour.
If only all my personalities would materialize.
Standing by to ease the pain and shoulder.
The things I cannot.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.3k · Apr 2016
Who's Eyes
Jack Thompson Apr 2016
Who's eyes are these,
That sketch me beautiful and slender,
That dip the world a tangerine tint,
That douse me in a moment to remember.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
1.3k · Oct 2015
No Shame
Jack Thompson Oct 2015
I've crawled off to die in a cowards shoe.
The culmination of my efforts.
A disheveled shape held together with glue.
What push do I have left?

When I've spent all I have.

My last quarter in the gum ball machine of life.
Looking around at all the others who've given up.
Is it my time? - considering the strife.

Uni projects really take it out of you...
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.3k · May 2015
Jack Thompson May 2015
There's a face staring back.
It's not yours its not hers.
Its not familiar but
Its always been there.

That normal face you make.
Its not yours without it.
That thing you do.
That made you unique.
That face thought of it long ago.

Those skills you have.
That seem to come from no where.
Did you think that was you?
I've practiced all my life.

Those genes that you wear.
The ones that no one can share.

What bits do I now own?
Do I need answers?
From this face that has shown.

A face approaching faster
Perhaps one day soon.
I'll meet my father.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
1.3k · Aug 2016
I'll see you again soon.
Jack Thompson Aug 2016
There was a time when you could make me fall right back to highschool.
The days of virginity and innocence.
Years between our encounters and you'd always be just beneath my breath.
So juvenile and oblivious to all the ways you'd disappoint.
So attached and forgiving.

I found myself at the end of your plank too many times.
Cannonball at my ankles.
Looking down your blade with the point in my neck.

I'll see you again soon...

I always used to feel.
But now I can't conjure the same devotion.
The image of you has finally muddied and spoiled.

I noticed this transition and felt the change somewhere along the way.
Affirmation that I don't need always live on that plank with my heels hanging off.
1.3k · Sep 2015
Jack Thompson Sep 2015
It ain't ever enough.
Just one touch.
When you loved me so hard.
Every moment feels like I'm losing you.

I'm on a ride that's forever crashing.
You take me so high.
I can't bare to get off..
But I know I can't stay on.

When your presence tears me in pieces.
I can't even breathe right.
When you kiss me.
I just can't see the light.

I give in.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
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