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thesa Jan 12
i like
how space doesn't care
about me

at least
it is impossible
to disappoint
the sun
Lin Jan 4
How do I control
these thoughts
I just want to end it

I don't dare to tell you
that a long time ago
I gave up
Because you believe in me
and I don't want to disappoint you

Because if you knew
that there was no hope
I would end up all alone
When someone believes in you and you just play along. Pretending that you want to fight even if you know that there is no point. And you also feel like you can't tell them that you don't have the energy to fight. You feel like your whole life is a lie.
Florenza Dec 2018
The leaves will fall
You will gain memories scars and all
The people will be sad
Trying to make up for the friend ship you never had
You will not cry
These people will only try
Disappointment runs through your veins
Your love leaves only stains
Why would you wait for the leaves to fall
Because all you want is to feel loved that’s all
Green to orange like hate to love
They act as if you are a pure white dove
With hate you die
For love you lie
with no one you choose to walk
That’s when you find your heart drawn around in chalk
Amanda Dec 2018
I'm learning as I get older
Everyone will bring you sorrow
Whether it's sixty years down the road
Six months, sixteen days, or tomorrow
Eventually those you care for most
Who claim they feel the same in return
Will hurt you with words, actions, and decisions
It's human nature as I have learned
Our selfishness makes us monsters
We all take a turn before we die
Playing the villain in anothers story
Regardless of the ways we try
It's always the ones that love you the most
That leave the deepest, worst, ugliest scars
Then to pacify the pain we pass it along to the next
We are imperfect; it's just how we are
Yes everyone you know will cause damage
They'll become reasons you put up high walls
And are too afraid to let the outside world in
Why you gradually stop answering calls  
We all make mistakes, we all carry secrets
We all find different ways to deal
It is not the wound you inflict that matters
But if you choose to run or stay to help it heal
We all eventually do wrong by those we love. It is what you do next that matters most.
mjad Oct 2018
He only goes with "skinny *******" or so his friends say
But it's alright, I don't go with guys who call girls "*******" anyway
Temporal Fugue Oct 2018
I know you're disappointed
that early fall sunrise
not happening on beach or shore
sadness, no disguise

Just think of me and smile
a touch
mild and brown the eyes
gazing at
and going back
to the very first

A vacation in the mind
in memory resolved
never tainted
but fresh and whole
the moans the laughs
the sighs
Life's not fair, so when handed lemons, make margaritas :D~
Specs Jul 2018
A young girl plants a garden,
Teaching herself through books.
She’s pulling out **** by ****,
Passing by the games and brooks.

She yawns as she rises each morn
To tend her plants so dear.
Pansies, daisies, daffodils,
Her love for them is clear.

She picks a bunch this morning,
A sweet-smelling bouquet,
And enters naught but joy into
The Fair’s gardening display.

The girl is young and inexperienced,
She knows this but she smiles.
For even if she doesn’t win,
Her flowers are seen for miles.

The day does end, as all days must,
The girl waits with giddy thoughts.
Surprisingly she’s awarded
A ribbon of forget-me-nots.

In a completely awed excitement,
The girl rushes down the way.
In fact she’s so exuberant
She near forgets her own bouquet!

She runs down her street into her home,
Pride gleaming in her eyes.
“Ma, Pa, I’ve worked so hard,
Guess what! I’ve earned first prize!

“All those early mornings and work
Helped me win my ribbon of blue.
I came home as quick as I could,
I just had to tell you!”

Her mother puts down her magazine,
Her father looks up from the news.
They stand up, looking at the flowers,
And, with a few words, extinguish her fuse.

“You silly girl, you should know better.”
“Oh honey, what did you do?”
“We raised you smarter than this, my dear,
You can’t put flowers in stew.”
Unsupportive parents raise anxious children
She Writes Jun 2018
I am always going to disappoint someone
But from now on it won’t be me
I need to stop being a people pleaser and focus on myself for a change.
She Writes Jun 2018
When she spoke
I watched her eyes
Her lips expounded love
But her eyes revealed disappointment
I resented her more
With every kind remark
Softly spoken
Behind a deceiving smile
Mohamed Adel Mar 2017
As the rain drops fall down
Hitting the ground with that dreadful sound
Every drop for me is a memory
Begging me to scream aloud.

But do I have the right to despair
For the good I have done in my life is all so rare
Maybe if I had once done a useful deed
Then to cry out my feelings I would dare.

Oblivion is the only place I can be
From people’s memories, it’s better if they forget all about me
For my presence is so unfelt and insignificant
If you’ve ever truly known me you would see.

So heavy and suffocating this life I’m living
For all I seem to be good at is sinning
Letting down people’s hopes, I am but a dark cloud
This is a story of a man; unclean, unbecoming, undeserving.
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