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I wanna ice cream and candy,
and candy with ice cream,
and ice cream with candy.
I am not elephant Dendy.
I will mixed it by the way.
Perdue Poems Apr 19
I've tasted cream
I've tasted milk
I've felt cotton
I've felt silk
Yet nothing was as rich
Nor ever quite so velvet
As my tulips on yours
To make me feel angelic
Her moon is the everlasting cream
In my coffee of stars.
I stir in the hopes she appears
In half dark twinkles of night.
My hands warm in the bistro of
She leans against my lips
& my emotions erupt in hot steam.
A love like hers silk as cream,
Easing down my throat.
I stir until half dark twinkles are covered.
I stir until only the smallest bit is shown.
Her moon the everlasting cream,
In my coffee of stars.
The taste forever lingering on my tongue.
This cream a kiss that orbits much of the world.
A romance I taste with each sip,
In my coffee of stars
No, no more.
I tell myself as my hand
goes for more.
Stop, stop it now.
I try, not it's not working.
You're going to regret this!
I tell myself to stop,
but I can't do it.
I take it.
It's so good.
My stomach grumbles.
And there's the regret.
Too much ice cream.
It's temping! But ice cream is only the start, don't get hooked into back ad dangerous things.
Johnny walker Feb 13
Why ? when I needed her so taken from me I pleaded don't go stay with me don't think I face this world all alone

But despite my prayers, she was taken from me In the middle winter we never saw that following summer through
probably the best summer we'd had In

Helen would have loved it  for she was like a flower that died In winter but with the spring she would come back to life burst Into full bloom

Colour back to her pale winter complexion she lived for sunny days trips to the seaside to see the donkeys dinky doughnuts Ice cream by the

I suppose one day I'll go back but never will be the same not without Helen be
the a lonely place now without
Helen to keep me company on the journey
Remembering of our time together wonderful times
by the sea never to be forgotten
Anya Jan 2
A groan
A moan
Head ready to burst
Pickkkkk it upppp, yessssshhh
The traitorous voice hisses within
Pikkkkk it up and alllll your worrrrries are gonnnnneeeeee
I try-TRY to resist
Six is more than enough!
This vicious cycle cannot continue!

Too late
I’m binging on another tub of ice cream for another hour of Netflix
And another splitting headache coming right up
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