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Donovan 1d
I envy that dribble of coffee,
that always finds its way
onto the side of the mug.

I envy the way it strides
so confidently, straight,
always marching downward.

I envy the way it burrows
into the napkin underneath,
never questioning the choice.

I envy that dribble of coffee,
because I would ****
for a drop of its bravery.
I need to stop drinking coffee.
TD Sep 9
There's a genius waiting in the wings,
but I have yet to discover him.
Once I've ventured
beyond my perch
I may by chance meet his form
and claim him for my own.
As of yet...
I'm leaning towards precarious.
lake Aug 7
There's no shortcut in this game
I want to make a move, but every time I do
You come out of the blue, always so brand new
I guess I'm trying to keep it tame
I don't need to guess the weather
Cause the less I know the better

Second guessing all my doubts
How many strikes until I'm out
Am I the only one this patient
Are you sick of all this waiting

I love and hate your poker face
I won't say it right away
I wish I could read your mind
But I hope you can't read mine

I'll try and try again
But every now and then
I find it hard to tame myself
I can only blame myself
lake Jul 31
it's just another raincheck
just another delay
waiting for sunny days
it's just another raincheck
till the clouds go away
but they always seem to stay

how much longer can i wait
how much longer can you stay
another day is just another way
to say i'm not here today
missing out on what matters
just in case a storm gathers

i can't get out of here
until the weather's clear
an endless loop of waiting
being cooped up, delaying
nothing's ever changing
and it's still raining
I could say
that I know what I want from life

I could say
that I want life

I could say
that I know what I want

But I don’t
Devin Ortiz Jun 20
I reach out and pound on the glass.
I scream to the world, fist bleeding,
Voice scratching into hoarse whispers.

Everyone. They all move...on.

The roads diverged. And I’m on every path.
But more importantly I’m on none.
chitragupta May 25
कैसे समझाऊं की कितना नादान है तू
अपने ही हालत से अनजान है तू
सच्चा है तो सच क्यूं बोल ना पाए
ए दिल, कितना बेईमान है तू

कभी होंठों पे हसी का इनाम है तू
कभी पलकों में सावन का पैग़ाम है तू
गिरगिट भी हैरान तेरे बदलते रंगो से
ए दिल, कितना बेईमान है तू

सोचता था कि सतरंगी आसमान है तू
पर अब लगता है मौसम ए तूफान है तू
ज़ंजीरों से है शिकायत पर तोड़ना भी ना चाहे
ए दिल, कितना बेईमान है तू

How to make you understand how naive are you
Your own feelings are unknown to you
If you're truthful why can't you speak the truth
O heart, so dishonest are you

Sometimes a prize of a smile at the lips are you
Sometimes the message of monsoon in the eyes are you
Even a chameleon is dumbfounded by your changing colours
O heart, so dishonest are you

I thought a rainbow-filled sky were you
But now I feel a raging storm are you
You complain about your chains yet don't want to break them
O heart, so dishonest are you
The heart wants what it wants.
But what if it doesn't know what it wants?

Will add a translation soon..
Pope Noir Apr 25
I don't want to get into battles that are not worth my time. My energy is limited, I can't waste it.
My heart and mind are in a constant rhubarb of indecision. Where indecision ends, living will surely begin.
In order to grow, one needs to be in a constant battle for one's mental peace.
The world doesn't want to be silent
but you do

The world can't go a second, without some click or tap
so I guess you have that in common

The world speaks, its every noise a story
but yours are hollow

I can see right through you
you don't know how you feel

I know those hesitations and excuses
you don't know what to do

I could tell you more about yourself
you don't know I understand

Leave it for me to tell you
what the world has shown me of you

Leave it for me to tell you
what you're afraid to say

Leave it for me to tell you
that we're a perfect pair
I wish he would figure out how he feels and tell me
J B Moore Jan 28
I am torn in two, divided yet whole.
Split in half, I hold both parts of my soul.
I thought I knew the answer— I don't know.
Don’t count on it— It’s decidedly so.

I should make the choice— we can never choose
Let’s flip a coin, heads they win, tails we loose.
—We lost— Let’s shake the ball for counsel
With out a doubt! —Or is it quite doubtful?

Yes or no, or maybe so, we will see.
Yes, I know, just let it go, we are free.
Are we wrong, or right, is it day or night, tell me.

Am I torn, divided, or split in two?
There’s a difference?— Oh if only I knew.
The voices in my head say they know what to do.

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