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I crashed my imaginary old ten speed bike
Into your imaginary new luxury car last night
Because I just had to meet you

I couldn't imagine ever hurting
You but I knew you'd be safe
There with your airbags and lap restraint

I thought if you saw me bleeding by accident
It would hurt less than never knowing

You would get out to deliberately ask if I was okay
And after our introduction

I would be amazing
You are accused of theft
Because with beauty
Adorned to ****
Many a man's heart
You steal
With which
On your diary
You want to  make
A little hill!
Some women steal men's heart to lock it in their board of chests
Lillian May Sep 16
There was a silence.
                 Oh, if he would only be hers entirely;
       not by poor surreptitious evasion but in fulness and in fact.
He had understood her pause.
                "I'm good."  she said with apparent carelessness.
She found it difficult to keep her voice just on the casual note she wanted.
he thought to himself: she's different from me, she's romantic.
                "You just don't trust yourself with me around." he said.
                "It seems a bit funny, we both always knew, but honest I hadn't realized you were beautiful."
                "You're a great kidder."
Oh God, she asked herself, have I handled this right?
leaning on the door jam his body in perfect chiaroscuro
and an omniscient grin
And the rest is history.
Jules M Sep 4
He left me.
He hurt me.
He lied to me.
He made it hard for me to trust.
I trust you.
I trust that
You won't leave me,
You will be kind to me,
You will be honest,
You are the best thing for me.
Jules M Sep 4
Just in case you didn't know,
Right now,
I want to spend the rest of my life with you.
Not because you are going to succeed.
Not because you dream of money.
Not because you give me things.
Because you love me.
Because you are perfect.
Because I love you.
Jules M Sep 4
I cannot get enough of you,
And I can't tell if that is good or bad,
I am in love with you,
And I can't tell if that is good or bad,
You make me enjoy life,
And I can't tell if that is good or bad,
I would spend my life with you,
And I can't tell if that is good or bad,
But truly,
I don't give a ****.
I love you,
And I am abandoning all fear.
I am trusting you,
And truly,
All I ask,
Is that you love me back.
I don't want to be afraid of love anymore
OpenWorldView Aug 22
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the poem of her beauty.
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