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Mrs Timetable Aug 2022
Walking in the room
My attention
Without my permission
A moment
CJ Feb 2022
When I leaned on your chest
your heartbeat was racing
I held on to that bliss
Nevermind if this is temporary

With your hand on my hip,
we were going places
I didn’t need anything else
And in that moment,
I felt truly alive

Sia Morweng Oct 2021
I think of your smile
and my heart’s wide awake
This feeling, only from thinking
Of you tells me
If you stood before me
I’ll not say much
But I’ll not be able to look away.
Quotes from my blog.
Jammit Janet Aug 2021
Time traveling
The love
That's dug
Its way
Inside my memories.
No one’s ever made me feel quite this way
You melted my heart from miles away,
The melodies my heartstrings now play
Just makes me sway night and day.

Your laugh, your energy, your smile
I wish it could be bottled in a vial.
Missing you and the next time we dial,
I’ve never felt this way, wild!

Though we’re kilometres apart my sweet girl
How I wish we could twist and twirl,
Not a single care in the whole wide world.
I miss my dear girlfriend so much, the pandemic ***** *****. Babe, this is for you!
She means a whole lot to some people,
Maybe not so much to others but
then again, this heart doesn’t fancy
her to be too sought after!

She’s many things. Pleasant? Yes.
Charming? Definitely. Straightforward? I must hope so. But most of all,
she takes everything in her stride, albeit shakily.
It joys me the slightest seeing her
flustered when making decisions,
But never will I laugh at any.
After all, I am one of them!

She shares some interests of mine
Doesn’t understand the rest, though...
It’s fine, nevertheless, because we
don’t always have to be on the same page,
Suffice that we’re in this at the same pace.

As Billy Joel brilliantly said,
“She’s always a woman to me,”
Well, I’m glad she’s my woman.
This goes out to my brilliant and lovely girlfriend. I hope you know how much I care about and appreciate you, babe!
Andrew Rueter Sep 2020
God smites me
Because I'm smitten
He hates me rightly
For what I've written
I'm his beta kitten
And I walked away
Like Jason Witten
On retirement day
Avoiding a fiery fray
Because I'm entirely afraid
So I chose not to stay

I fell in love
Then felt God's shove
Pushing from above
With a punishing glove

I made a mistake
Then made it twice
That's all it takes
To feel God's ice
Then I made it thrice

Like 7 Brides For 7 Brothers
I've tried enough to know I'm a number
My deadened life's become encumbered
So my reddened eyes start to slumber

I don't listen
So I feel His scorn
Not in what glistens
But people I adore
Becoming those I mourn
Once they shoot me off
Into the lightning storm
Like Alex Killorn

I must pay attention
To escape the detention
Of my own invention
Ignoring what's mentioned
By God in His book
I feel the pawn and the rook
Can outmaneuver the King
All my pieces he took
And told me to sing
-Goat Apr 2020
You think of her every night
Pray that win her over you just might
Already you've made your lives' plan
But still she's with another man

You feel the warmth and all the light
and her day too seems more bright
She sparks with joy to the sound of your voice
so now all she's gotta do is make the right choice
You can fight for it all you want, but sometimes it's just not up to you.
Elioinai Apr 2020
in a swift turn of events
I found myself thrown upon a fire
then doused as abruptly
as when you’d pulled the sneering twist from my lips
you left me little dignity
and not a single kiss
Never a dull moment in my life, at least
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