Cam Apr 7

I measure out my days in witticisms that fall
As freely and pointlessly as leaves in autumn,
My few amongst the countless that fall anonymously
Along streets, in parks, in gardens
Filling gutters, blocking drains, making homes
For hedgehogs, rats and beetles.
Things we kill with cars, poisons and heels.

spinning inside a box
creating miniature tornadoes
meeting for the sake of it
sword play without weapons
your choice of rabbit hole adventures


Saint Titus Apr 4

Do i bet on god, or bet on myself
If i would get off the ground floor
Or higher than a tick
Barking stranger at a ticket
Charity for suckers
Poppin pills cashing checks
Welfare decks
stacked against me
cards for life
death to humanity
Dirt poor
finding things breif flings
Forty ouce vodka
drown my soul
hit the gas
Pan out
Burn out so fast
My wallets gone too fat
Fat cats get carded
Harder mallet
My windsheild is open

Who did it

Yeah, I dont know either
Delta Swingline Mar 20

Not a poet.
Not a poet.
Not a poet.
And I know it.

I wrote this last year... I think I had some poetic problems.

Lipstick kissed
On a paper cup
A trademark red shadow
Of the person left
Evidence of a moment
A mood, an event
Then discarded
Forgotten instantly
As was this morning's
Instant brew

©Ladyofravehill 3/13/17
Alan S Bailey Mar 12

Feel my pain,
etched into time,
I am not the one
to keep others in line,
but sometimes I would
just love to be heard.
I am no one, that's clear,
so no one takes my word.
Put me in a ditch, make
yourselves grand,
you are the only ones who
others understand.
One things for sure-on a cold day
in hell, I'd never give you the time
of day, but I'm no one, so oh well.

Scarlet Rose Mar 10

You berate me
For things I haven't done yet
Telling me
That failure is inevitable
Yet you wonder
Why I am afraid to try

I'm sorry I'm such a disappointment to you
Alan S Bailey Feb 26

I've been at this for years, and I still can't keep up with you!
You always win at everything I'm best at, so I guess this is the truth,
There is no way to master anything unless you "break bones" at
Everything you do. In this world, it's either "kill or be killed,"
At least in the competitive world. Well, I'm sure that they've
Displayed maturity at every turn making things this way.
The only way to win is to give up at everyone's stupid immature

Look up the latest episode of Smosh, "how to be the best gamer" on Youtube, they've got some answers for you...

You've just got to try harder! Where have I heard THAT before?
Years down the line, I'm still a supposed newb at everything I work so hard at. Piano, poetry, games, art, the list goes on and on...

I don't mind if people never read this poem! The truth hurts, so you're all proving this by hating my poem!

People want to
Have Faith in the System,
But what does
"Having Faith in the System"
Really mean?
Having Faith in the Power of Money?
Guess what, Folks?
With distorted priorities
And a false sense of values,
Your money can KILL you!
Deregulate the Toxic Polluters,
Study Hard,
Work Hard,
Fuck Hard,
And what do  you get?
A Retard.....
That's What.
Someone who will never be able to understand
The meaning of this poem.
A product
Of the Power of Money.

Cup Noodles Jan 10

You see..
it's kinda like dodge ball
but you can't throw back

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