I chased the money.
I chased the women that the money could buy.
I chased the dope that the women wanted,
Which money could buy.
I figured out
That I was just
Chasing my tail,
And that I should stop acting
Like a stupid dog!

I don't see the point right now
to even writing about
this, no
it's pointless
and all I'm doing is grasping
at air
trying to breathe
clearly and failing
fast, and yes
I want to crash
I want to burn into ash
crumble into nothing
where I belong at

I just feel nothing

windmills turn
as designed
in ways proscribed

moving water
as they do
here or there

can't complain
there is no point
cycles set in place

but why do we act
like we're
so trapped

live pointless lives
condemn ourselves
as if it's fate

when choice invites
with every step
though blind we be

at end of day
when all is said
and done

we had more we
could influence
if thinking was employed

instead of fears
and pointless strife
and blaming everything

let's harness capability
remove the screen
and truly see

we take a path
we choose to walk
to find ourselves

right here

after cloudy days we find our way and power in self-responsibility
Mike Virgl Jun 6

She motioned for me to move
I repeated my reply
"Do you not wish for my love?"
No I do not wish for lie
"But we should be, cant you see"
No I cannot, remember?
"Please do speak, I need it for m-"

I stood off the bench we shared
She looked as she wished, naive
"Was it you for who he cared?"
I saw the white web she weaved
"You are to he, waves of sea "
Her gaze caught mine, and she sobbed
"Never seek, time kills you and m-"

And then she rushed forward and grabbed my hand
"If I cannot turn back time and have he"
"I wish to never exist"

I combed through her hair to remove the sand
"I'm afraid you never did, but only"
"In my foolish head"

And then she was gone and I was alone
Without comfort, or imagination
I walked to my place calling mothers phone
I laughed, an empty reverberation

"I'm sorry but you were right, he lost mind"
"Never chase a hope, or dream"
"Because I am put in physical binds"
I felt my head start to gleam

Giggling, I broke my phone on the ground
"How can perfection be achieved!" I said
"It cannot," I whispered without a sound
Looking up, there was a solution laid

"Goodbye," finally filled with happy tone

An explosion of peace ripped through my head
And that was all, a single piece of lead
Evidence of my answer
To impossible problems

This was fun to do but agonizing to make. It was my first time attempting to do poetic dialogue. I do not now how I feel about it yet. I thought it was at least interesting.

Always the same, in every night
Words stuck in my brain
I feel meaningless
With grievingness
A silent retreat in this
The rottenness
A knife to jab into my wrists
The pointlessness
That I exist
Maybe it's cuz I'm a pessimist
I can't resist
The Devil's list
Or the urge to sink in the abyss
Well if it's true, I'm so worthless
Why can't I be blue?
Do I deserve to be hurting?
Constant self re-working
Shadows lurking
Thoughts are jerking
Evil sits inside me, smirking
Eyes averting
Words alerting
Save me from this dark converting
Self asserting
Random blurting
Worse than the sexual flirting
With my corrupt, thoughts perverting
It's clear I'm fucked up
But crying’s
Not dying
No matter how hard I'm trying
Because my brain cells are frying
Not lying
Whether or not I'm implying
Is all that I'm supplying
The only crime, is, you stand by me
You're wasting your time
Mind won't stop racing
Or re-making
The challenges that I'm facing
Just shaking
My anxiety displaying
Not praying
Or weighing
Any mistakes that I'm making
Soul fading
The sinful way I'm behaving
So every night, as I'm laying
It's these thoughts that bite
I'm meaningless
Magnifying my uselessness
A joyless
Black abyss
Wild whore, hungry for coitus
Yes, mindless
Nothing to fill the vacantness
I'm voiceless
And pointless

It's these thoughts that's destroyed us

No way no how, I'll ever understand
how a message of violence
gets people, their wish, and/or demands

Religion used as a shield to destroy
I know, it's been done before
as Martyrs, they employ

I'll hold a candle high, shedding light
for those who see no more
great people of Manchester
open hearts and
open doors

Will never understand, can never comprehend :(

Thinking too much
Cogitating too much
Ruminating too much
What does It accomplish?
Fate has already revealed itself
The path for me to follow
For the rest of my life
Has already been set.

Yozhik May 12

I'm sorry to waste your time.
It isn't a big deal.
It's just life you know
Maybe it's not even real
I'm sorry to waste your time
You have better things to do
I'm not even sure of
What I want from you
I'm really just burning time
Which is a little funny
Because people get paid for time
And I wouldn't burn money
But I just keep burning time
I don't know what remains
I don't know if it burns faster
For chaos, chasms, pains.
I don't know if I am master
For these time-fueled ember rains
Which actually...have eaten up
The space for me to say
Whatever I was thinking of
Before you walked away.

Cam Apr 7

I measure out my days in witticisms that fall
As freely and pointlessly as leaves in autumn,
My few amongst the countless that fall anonymously
Along streets, in parks, in gardens
Filling gutters, blocking drains, making homes
For hedgehogs, rats and beetles.
Things we kill with cars, poisons and heels.

spinning inside a box
creating miniature tornadoes
meeting for the sake of it
sword play without weapons
your choice of rabbit hole adventures


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