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Maria Mitea Jun 2021
We are here,
no matter what, we are here,
never stop,

We are here to try and

If the desire for life is not burning inside your heart
go in the flower fields, lie down in the green grass
deepen your hands în the black earth,
squeeze its juices,
let it drain through your fingers,
meet the sun rising, lt it be your guiding light
flow with the waves of the sea, give a hug to someone
and dream, dream, dream ...


if we are tempted, We can try again,
if help is needed, We can help,
We can share, if the heart opens for sharing,
if we are tempted, We can try one more time

all We do here is try ...
never give up, life is about trying
veritas Oct 2019
si la dia pudiera dormir mientras
el cielo la cantaba su historia,
o si la noche quisiera despertar
con el oro reluciente en sus ojos―

el mundo se marchitaría por sus pecados.
si tuvieran un amor brillante que
no era cubierto por los rituales,
ni la luna viuda que ya espera―

todo se hubiera como infinito.
pero inseparable el uno del otro
en formas que podían destruir la causa

que sostena su belleza inmortal―
que no solo morirían en el mundo,
pero en tiempo, en espacio, y en la memoria.
Thomas Apr 2019
The wolf cries the Raven flies
down valley long portents are strong
Of coming battle where foe I meet
from dreams of old while I did sleep.
Of valley dark with shadow long
through mists I march
    through waiting throng.

Behold the vanquished red eyed throng
bare witness to my passage long
These lost souls likely did come
but failed and fell and joined the throng.

Through many years my path has led
to culminate in what I dread
unvanquished foe I now must meet
though fear beset my tired feet

So on I march the valley long
through mists and shadow and red eyed throng.
Under Ravens eye past cry of wolf
I seek the foe my fate has brought

Should I survive this day of dread
to climb the hill at valleys end
May I find peace that blessed day,
To finally know I've found my way
Tatiana Feb 2019
The ground is dimpled with different footprints
large and small
deep and shallow
human and animal
Some have more depth than others ever could
having walked miles and miles.

To be light on ones toes
is a characteristic
of those not old
of those not tired
or of those who are sneaking.
I'm not sure how to decipher these prints.

But we can learn much from the steps of others.

There is truth in how we walk
with strong, deep steps
or light strides
weighted with experience
or floating in the feeling of living.

The reason behind the steps we take in life
are sometimes never known
are sometimes never noticed
we keep our heads down
but we don't see that we're walking
on a path that has been walked before.

How come we walked like this?
Who walked and tripped?
Who stepped in the trap?
How did the earth disappear beneath them?

These footprints are ancient,
preserved to reach a modern time
but their reasons were left far behind.

Sometimes we are left with all the evidence.
Sometimes we have all the facts,
but none of the reasons.
Sometimes we vow to find those reasons.
Sometimes we are content to let it remain unknown.
Since the english language counts Y as a vowel, sometimes, I might as well include it in the series
Poolza Jan 2019



Borges Oct 2018
que poca mentiras tenes de chiquito a chechuas:

Lyrical y poeta
Poeta y lyrical
Media luna y cracked jokes
Cakes and misfit animals
Se van a open para vergasos
Los movemos antes de llegar
Muebles no carga
Sangre equivocada de cuero
Los libros se cargan solos
Los libros en las tinieblas de la mente

Girando sin parar la cabeza va
Después de todo es más que un sonido

Todo lo bonito se admira de repente
Todo lo feo se arrepiente uno despues

Que es lo interesante de tu pareja:

Baudelier, se sintió frío al escribír sus poemas o estoy mintiendo.

No podemos rescatar la madre de la sabiduría.
Bardo y sana
Xaha Feb 2018
We are the first generation truly
free - free to create and destroy.
Living on borrowed time, we are
either the end or another beginning.
unsxfe Nov 2017
[Alright, I don’t know how else to say this, but...
You know Unsafe?
I only made 3 parts.
I keep getting wind that there’s a part 4.
I’m starting to think that SHE continued it somehow.
How she did is beyond me, considering she isn’t exactly real.

Oh yeah.

       You might want a little clarity as to whom i am referring to.

Alright. so, the series X is written about a mystery girl that is called (or rather represented as) X, no?

Well, the reason she’s called that is because nobody knows her name.

I never gave her one.

Getting back on topic, it’s supposed to be written by another fictional person, whom for the sake of continuity, we will call W. Now, W and X were in love, very much so. W is offed, X mourns, yadda yadda yadda, et cetera, et cetera. Well, I felt that in order to give X more clarity and depth, that i’d have to write a second series, One that is written in the perspective of X. This premise became what you now know as Unsafe.

But, for some reason...

As I continued writing Unsafe, it felt more and more like I wasn’t even writing.

It’s like she had extended into my subconsious, from the fictional world in which she dwells, and into my pen.

Luckily, she’s easy to identify. I write her in ‘a special way’ as opposed to my [normal] writing.


Alright, Don’t be alarmed, but She MIGHT (this is a big might) have escaped the domain I made for her,


And into my Notes.

I cannot tell if it’s true or not, as this notice is considered it’s own poem. I cannot interact with my Notes until I decide to leave any poem that I am currently in.

But more importantly, this also implies that she is SENTIENT, and no longer needs me to convey her thoughts and actions.
Hell, she might be fighting for control over my account as I write this!


I really ******* myself over, huh?

Anyways, if you see her, tell me IMMEDIATELY! Just whatever you do, DON’T interact with her! In her current state, she is most likely extremely hostile.
I do appreciate you reading X and Unsafe, but this is getting a liiiiitle serious here, so uh...

Please take caution! I couldn’t live with myself if one of my readers LITERALLY GOT KILLED OFF by one of my works.

I’ll update you guys if anything meaningful happens.

In the meantime, I think I’ll go somewhere...

‘finally, FINALLY! I’M SAFE!’          

‘this feeling is so wonderful’          

‘i can forget my past’
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