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pk tunuri Mar 2018
The choices you make, will lead your path
Neither gods nor ghosts
Neither parents nor teachers
Neither friends nor enemies
Neither love nor hatred

The choices you make, will lead your path
You will have no clue
No matter how much you knew

The choices you make, will lead your path
You are the only one to decide
Though there'll be very few to guide

The choices you make, will lead your path
Ever felt like it's your FATE? Well, you call it Fate, I call it as the CHOICE. You are, what you choose to become. Don't blame anyone for your choice.The choices you make, will lead your path.
Maranda Thomas Mar 2017
Always there she is,
Like the color of an evergreen tree.
Always uplifting she will be
When I am down.

Always the best advice she can muster
When she has not a clue herself.
Always I will be her priority
Even if she has ten other things on her plate.

Her long yellow hair, and bright blue eyes.
Her tomboy looks and unproportional nose.

She lives so far away, yet she is still right beside me.
Late night phone calls hours long,
Consisting of boy drama and family problems
And of remembering summer nights of laughter.

We don’t talk nor see each other everyday,
But she is my best friend and I am hers
And I will never take her for granted
Because she has me and I got her.
Nylee Sep 2016
What to do when heart has started singing a new song ?
What to do when many sleeping desires have woken up ?
What to do when moon has started beaming on me ?
What to do when new dreams appear in front of me ?
What to do when suddenly worlds starts spinning around me ?
What to do when rain starts soft drizzling on just me ?
What to do , I have no clue !

What to do when fireflies brighten the path for me ?
What to do when butterflies starts fluttering around me ?
What to do when slowly slowly my hearts starts beating fast ?
What to do when a newborn hope jumps inside me ?
What to do when the whole world smiles at you ?
What to do when all your wishes are fulfilled by shooting star?
What to do , this feeling is quite new .
xmxrgxncy Jul 2016
The notes on their hearts can't start to depart
cause their brains can't even start to detain
what is part of their name;
it's their fame, their shame, the life that they live
and the pain that they use to assure that they gain

You love and you live and you push and you win
but you push all your sin to limit and when you're
deep in it you can't pin with win to hold down your sin

so eat what you gain and forget all your fame
the fame of the game that you started through pain
cause your name can't contain all the hearts you disdain
and you can't keep on winning the way you keep sinning

so push on your heart
**** all the art
shatter the legacies break all the tendencies
cut all the ways that would force you to stay like the one who
cried every night cause he lost the one fight where the girl got away

push on your heart
**** all the art

open the pockets and rivet the sockets that pulse all the life
that pounds into your strife
when you're dying you're done
when we're lying we're one
so pull on the trigger cause tonight we've got none

nothing to share and there's nothing to hold
so gimme the lines and the words tell me I'm bold

push on your heart
**** all the art

let everything inside of you just die
cause the life that once lived is no longer alive
and though you may try you just can't satisfy
the heart that you want to be inside her eyes
Jack Thompson Jun 2016
On our first date I'm gonna sit on my phone.
Appear uninterested.
Keep asking you to "repeat that".
When you try and get my attention I'll laugh emphatically at something on my phone and show it to you.
Because I'm Gen Y and I don't have a ******* clue.

I was taught
To show affection when it suits me.
To show love when it's manipulative.
And always to keep you down so it feels like I'm floating.
Because I never want to remember how it feels to sink.

Y I don't identify with Gen Y.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2016
Mary Christopher Jun 2014
What am I ever to do

When even my Plan B
Does not choose me?

Shall I be left alone
To face the world
One step ahead the rest?

Or shall I take a step back
And trail behind
Watching others’ happiness?

He, oh he
Was my Plan B,
But even he
Hurt me.

So what am I ever to do?
(I wish I could say this is new)
Me, I don’t have a clue…


— The End —