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11.0k · Aug 2018
Damian Murphy Aug 2018
Who fears to own up to a mistake
Much worse mistakes may go on to make;
Until such time as fears are allayed
Mistakes shall continue to be made.
If mistakes all are afraid to name
Then who is at fault, who is to blame?
10.7k · May 2015
Reality Check
Damian Murphy May 2015
Dreams, hopes, wishes and aspirations
Will never amount to very much,
Without hard work and dedication
They will forever remain as such.
9.6k · Jun 2015
Damian Murphy Jun 2015
I may not have set the world on fire,
But neither have I gone down in flames!
Within me remains a burning desire
To achieve every one of my aims.
8.9k · Apr 2015
Puppy Love
Damian Murphy Apr 2015
A hairy ball of energy
Who loves to run and play,
Whose tricks and tomfoolery
Would brighten any day.
Almost hyperactive,
Without doubt lively,
Incredibly inquisitive,
Exploring constantly.

Chewing on everything,
Peeing everywhere,
Not fond of house training
but slowly getting there.
Extremely mischievous,
Just wants to have fun,
Loves to get pets from us,
Each and everyone.

Yapping so excitedly
At everyone and everything,
Such an incredibly funny
Lovable little thing.
Who looks at us imploringly
With great big brown eyes
That we fell in love totally
Should come as no surprise

This lovely little puppy
Right from the start
Became one of the family,
Captured every ones heart.
8.5k · Aug 2015
Damian Murphy Aug 2015
What are obstacles to some,
hurdles to be overcome,
For others spring boards will be,
Stepping stones to destiny.

From this could it be construed
That with the right attitude
Anything is possible
No matter the obstacle?

Is it Attitude no less
that is the key to success?
Letting nothing get in the way
Of you reaching your goals one day.
8.1k · Mar 2016
Damian Murphy Mar 2016
Some leaders thrive on their power,
Great leaders strive to empower.
Some feel power is absolute,
The great ones though... know the real truth.
7.3k · May 2016
Are You Positive?
Damian Murphy May 2016
Those who on negativity do dwell;
Who fail to recognise the positive,
Are those whom without we could all do well,
To whom our precious time we should not give.
For 'tis rare they have any good to say
About anyone, indeed anything.
Just ask yourself at the end of the day
What exactly to your life do they bring?
Have we not got enough with which to cope
Without their constant negativity?
To leave them behind is our only hope
Before like them we all turn out to be.
How much happier lives we all could live
If we focused more on the positive.
6.9k · May 2015
What? Another Year?!?
Damian Murphy May 2015
It is New Year’s Eve
It is hard to believe
It has come round so fast.
Where did the year go?
No one seems to know,
How quickly it passed!
We got through another one
And what is done is done
we made memories to last.
Things we should not forget
But do not waste time on regret
It now belongs in the past.

There is no better time than this
To get together and reminisce
embrace the opportunity.
Time for a New Years Eve kiss
To contact people you truly miss
Sing Auld Lang Syne maybe.
Get together and celebrate
All the things that went great
And wonder at what might be.
A chance to seriously contemplate
To acknowledge and truly appreciate
Your good friends and family.

Through all your trouble and strife
Find the good things in your life
And concentrate on those.
Learn from any mistakes
Resolve to do what it takes
To make friends of foes.
Do not be afraid to forgive
Be much more positive
Life’s too short, God knows.
Whether woman or man
strive to be the best you can
as the year comes to a close.

For those you lost, shed a tear
cherish those whom you hold dear
love them with all your might.
For your sins seek absolution
Make a New Years resolution
A great chance to make things right.
Decide what you want from next year
Face the future without fear
A brand New Year is in sight.
Look forward don’t look back
make sure you have Mighty Craic
On this New Years Eve night!
#happynewyear to one and all. Sincere thanks for all the likes comments shares throughout the year. All the very best to you and yours for 2019. Keep writing!
3.7k · Apr 2017
Never Give Up...
Damian Murphy Apr 2017
Should you feel like just giving up,
Or feel that you have had enough,
Remember you are not alone,
We all have troubles of our own.
Though you may think life is not fair
Who goes through life without a care?
We all have our own cross to bear;
Those without are extremely rare.
It is vital we keep going
For we have no way of knowing
What for us tomorrow might bring
If we do our best, keep trying.
Perhaps you  may look back one day
And proudly be able to say,
Though life was hard, extremely tough,
I'm so glad I did not give up.
3.6k · Nov 2017
Truth Trumps Lies
Damian Murphy Nov 2017
"Alternative Facts" the truth belies,
Often in "Fake News" the real truth lies,
"Exaggeration", "Aggrandizing"
In truth are other words for lying.
The value of honesty seems lost,
Sad truth is, at a terrible cost!

To our kids now we must emphasise
That Facts; the Truth, must Always Trump Lies,
That by lying there's nothing to gain;
That Truth cannot be held in disdain.
From lies and untruths all must refrain
To make Truth, Honesty, Great Again!
3.5k · Nov 2016
Damian Murphy Nov 2016
They say pride comes before a fall
Which I do not believe at all,
For how would we progress unless
We can take pride in our success?
'Tis pride in success I believe
That motivates us to achieve.
So whether they be big or small
Celebrate your achievements all!
Take pride in any job well done
And apologise to no one!
3.4k · Jun 2016
Damian Murphy Jun 2016
Though good employees may come to you with problems,
Great employees will bring some solutions with them.
3.4k · May 2015
Be Sorry Not......
3.3k · Jul 2018
My Advice...
Damian Murphy Jul 2018
From others one may seek advice
In moments of doubt,
Though oft' it is ones inner voice
That one should hear out.

Perchance we only seek advice
When we know within
The answer is the hardest choice;
Not to our liking?
3.2k · Aug 2015
Damian Murphy Aug 2015
Who accepts change may just survive,
Though who adapts will surely thrive.
3.0k · Dec 2015
Pulling the Devil...
Damian Murphy Dec 2015
I am pulling the devil by the tail
But I am determined I shall prevail.
I know it will be very hard indeed
Though if I persevere I will succeed.
3.0k · May 2015
Damian Murphy May 2015
Fed up with your lot?
Focus on what you have got;
Not what you have not

Through trouble and strife
Find the good things in your life;
Concentrate on those.

How strong we can be
Only in adversity  
Can we truly see
Three shorts combined
2.9k · Aug 2018
Make or Break...
Damian Murphy Aug 2018
Even the best laid plans go wrong,
The unexpected comes along.
Before you know it, suddenly,
You are in new territory.

When that happens what do you do?
Do you give up or see it through?
'Tis a decision you must make...
To give up or a risk to take.

You may decide to take a chance,
To fly by the seat of your pants,
You might stick with it, come what may,
Just let the chips fall where they may.

Or choose to play it safe you may,
Retreat to fight another day,
Decide the risk is just too great
With too much left to chance, to fate.

Perhaps it is a hunch, your gut,
The weighing up of ifs and buts
That helps you reach a decision
That which for you is the right one.

You and you alone have to choose
And whether you win or you lose,
Your reasoning to you is known,
The decision but yours to own.
2.9k · Mar 2015
Live and let live
Damian Murphy Mar 2015
Are not all of us human?
Do not each one of us bleed?
Despite race or religion,
gender, colour or creed.
Does ones nationality,
****** orientation,
Or ones disability
Make them less of a person?

Are not all of us children,
Some ones daughter or son?
Does not each one of us mean
So very much to someone?
We are all so different
So unique and wonderful
Who have from the first moment
Lived our lives to the full.  

Can one life be more precious?
Mean less than any other?
What gives any one of us
The right to **** another?
No, nothing can justify
Killing of our fellow man
No matter how hard we try
Not one of us really can

For life is a gift given
Not by either you or I
It is not our decision
Who should live and who should die.
Who are we to pass judgement
On how other people live?
We must be more tolerant,
Must learn to live and let live
2.6k · May 2015
Thank You Dad!
Damian Murphy May 2015
Thank you Dad for everything you have done,
your hard work and sacrifice for everyone.
Thanks for everything you continue to do,
but most of all thank you just for being you.
Thank you Dad for taking time to care,
we really appreciate you always being there
at those times when we feel we really need you;
you never leave us wanting, always come through.

Thank you Dad for being constantly strong,
for being such a rock when things go wrong,
for making time for us, for always listening,
to the myriad of problems we constantly bring.
Thank you Dad for calming our fears,
for soothing words, for wiping our tears.
Thank you for never letting us give up hope;
for convincing us repeatedly we can cope.

Thank you for your guidance as we move along,
for teaching each one of us right from wrong,
for encouraging us always to do the right thing,
for the moral compass that guides our everyday living.
Thanks for your calmness, your infinite patience,
your common sense when faced with youthful exuberance!
Thank you for providing us with everything we need
for believing in us, giving us the tools to succeed.

Thank you Dad for never giving up on me,
for encouraging me to be all that I could be,
for your forgiveness those times I was absolute brat,
for your direction when I had no clue what I was at.
Thank you from my heart for being such a great Dad,
Thank you for the wonderful upbringing I had,
Thank you mostly for teaching me what it means to be a Dad,
If I am only half as good as you then my kids won’t do so bad.
2.5k · Apr 2017
Human Nature...
Damian Murphy Apr 2017
Trees cannot always be in bloom
Nor are plants always in flower.
Why then people, do we presume,
Should be at their best every hour?
With their best side always on show,
No matter what, through all seasons;
Worry when they are not just so
And start searching for the reasons?
We need to realise one day
What is just natural I guess...
It's ok not to be ok,
Not to be always at ones best.
2.5k · Mar 2015
Damian Murphy Mar 2015
The mist meanders through the copse
Beside the bridge over the brook,
Where both daffodils and snowdrops
Emerge everywhere one looks.
Watched over by weeping willows
Amongst other old ancient trees
A babbling brook gently goes
Winding through woods and valleys.
Further and further, on it flows
Below bridges both old and new,
Meanders through fields and meadows
Blanketed by the morning dew.

All through an awakening park
Warmed now by a weak winter sun
Night creatures leave only their mark,
Bedding down now day has begun.
Silence surrenders to bird song
A sure sign that day is dawning
Lo and behold before too long
Casts of creatures greet the morning.
Dawn gives way to a brand new day
Leaving a slight sense of sorrow
As magic moments slip away;
A different dawn tomorrow.
Inspired by St. Annes Park, Raheny, Dublin, a fantastic amenity.
2.4k · Feb 2016
That Friday Feeling!!
Damian Murphy Feb 2016
Work, Friday afternoon
And I'm at my wits end.
It will be over soon
Then it's the weekend!!
God but it does drag on
The longest day ever.
I can't wait to be gone,
Work to do? Whatever!!

There are not many here
Most are at vague meetings.
Others just disappear,
Out the door keep sneaking.
Oh God I cannot wait
To get out the front door,
What time would be deemed late;
Can I not leave before?

There's no work getting done,
We're all counting down.
It seems that everyone
Is mad to hit the town!!
When four o clock comes round
There is an exodus.
There's so much joy around
It's truly fabulous!!

No sooner do we speak
Than again it's Monday
And we spend the whole week
Wishing it was Friday!!
2.3k · Jul 2015
Be Afraid......
Damian Murphy Jul 2015
Fear not those monsters that in the dark hide
Fear those instead that lurk deep down inside
For those in the dark little harm will do,
but those deep down inside can consume you.
2.1k · Nov 2015
Christmas Crackers!!
Damian Murphy Nov 2015
Oh dear God! Is that the date? Please tell me it’s not true
I did not know it was that late, I’ve got so much to do.
I might be ready at a push, if I do not panic
But it will be an awful rush, possibly quite manic.

So much Christmas fare to make, I do not know where to start,
Three puddings and at least one cake, oh I must not fall apart.
Then there are the letters for Santa, cards for the relations,
And of course the Christmas tree, plus all the decorations.

And I must order the turkey, and not forget the ham
why do I bring this on me, I’m stupid so I am
and do not forget the stuffing, the veg and the gravy
brandy sauce for the pudding, oh this will be the death of me

I have to buy so many presents, but there will be no shocks
Last year I saw sense, after I received so many socks
I must not forget anyone, just in case they visit
I know I will forget someone, oh it’s not worth it, is it?

I am so busy I cannot think, and time is getting near
Oh I must not forget the drink, like I did last year
I need to get the kids new clothes and probably new shoes
Why I do it only God knows, because they hate everything I choose

Which parties will I attend, it is really hard to know
Because it drives people round the bend, when I accept and then don’t show
There is a list of people I must see, or should I disappear
I think they are still mad at me, for not visiting last year

Oh there is so much to organize for this Christmas Day
But after being up to my eyes I might just sleep the day away
But ‘tis the season of good cheer, a time to show goodwill
But as the day draws ever near I am sometimes fit to ****

I will do my best to get it done, I have my mind set
To make sure that everyone has their best Christmas yet
So I must get my finger out, that much I do know
Because there are only about…..fifty weeks to go!!
2.0k · Apr 2015
Damian Murphy Apr 2015
When kids all got in the bath together
or used the same water one after the other
When kids wore hand me downs whenever
clothes got too small for a sister or brother
When kids actually ventured outside to play
with their friends the whole day long
Not play with gadgets in their room all day
which seems both unnatural and wrong.
When kids actually did what they were told
well… most of the time anyways.
When they were actually punished if they were bold
and were not long about mending their ways
When kids treated their elders with some respect,
took heed of what they had to say;
When the last thing any adult would expect
was to get cheek from kids anyway.
When kids did not simply just get their own way
(have parents taken leave of their senses?)
when kids had basic rules they had to obey
or face the consequences
When kids got what they wanted when you could,
but had everything they needed
When No was a word every kid understood
and a word they heeded.
When kids did not expect to be handed everything;
they knew stuff had to be earned.
Kids doing chores, around the house working  
How else would they have learned?
The last thing kids need is to be spoiled rotten,
it does them no favours at all
We were not spoiled, or have you forgotten;
And it did us no harm at all.
2.0k · Jun 2015
Sisters in Law
Damian Murphy Jun 2015
When you get married there is no clause
That says much about Sister in Laws
It is a game of Russian Roulette
You just never know what you might get!

Thankfully I have been truly blessed
My Sisters in Law are just the best!
I wed the love of my life who happily
Had sisters whose friend I could gladly be.
2.0k · May 2017
Counting the Days...
Damian Murphy May 2017
Though today is Tuesday
Many think it Monday,
But that was yesterday...
'Twas a Bank Holiday!
Which in a strange weird way
Many thought was Sunday,
But just on Saturday
All of us knew the day!
But who cares anyway?
Tomorrow is Wednesday,
Just to get through Thursday
Then hooray!! 'Tis Friday!
2.0k · Nov 2015
Friends & Family
Damian Murphy Nov 2015
As birds without feathers
are unable to fly...
Without my friends and family
neither am I.
1.9k · Apr 2016
Damian Murphy Apr 2016
Let not others get under your skin,
Do not react but instead respond.
For if you react then they will win,
You are giving them just what they want.
To react is all power to lose,
To respond gives them nothing to use.
If you can be the bigger person
And not react, then you will have won.
1.9k · Jan 2017
Damian Murphy Jan 2017
Know how to adapt to change or...
To success become a stranger.
1.9k · May 2016
Make No Mistake...
1.9k · Feb 2016
For You...
Damian Murphy Feb 2016
I know never again shall I ever
Find another as wonderful as you.
Not even were I to live forever
Could I love another as you I do.
To me my love you are everything,
The one I spent my whole life searching for.
The joy and happiness to me you bring
Each day makes me love you a little more.
Never so shall I take you for granted,
I shall do all I can to let you know
How much I love you, how you are wanted,
How I love you with all my heart and soul.
Know that you are the only one for me,
You I shall love for all eternity.
1.9k · Aug 2016
Damian Murphy Aug 2016
Never give up on your journey
Unless you truly know how far
You have come or how close you are
To where it is you want to be.
1.8k · May 2015
Does Anybody Care?
Damian Murphy May 2015
Do we, as a people, deserve to be critised?
Have we as a nation become so desensitised
to the plight of those among us who are marginalised?
Do we care nothing for the less well off, the disenfranchised?

Unemployment figures as high as we have ever known,
numbers on the breadline and homeless have consistently grown,
so many suicides because people feel so desperate and alone,
how can we stand by and let this happen to so many of our own?

So many families torn apart and utterly devastated,
Far too many of our young people reluctantly emigrated,
People losing their homes, heartbroken and humiliated,
There is not much about this country now to be celebrated!

It’s true that during the recession most people lost a lot
But was it the booming economy that really started the rot?
Did we start judging each other by how much each had got?
Was compassion for our fellow man something we forgot?

The green shoots of recovery are showing now eventually
Yet we let our government continue to implement austerity
To rip the heart and soul from the country, each community
To take most from the least well off, condemning them to poverty

Knowing they are wasting billions of our hard earned money
Giving millions to their cronies without so much as an apology
Is there nothing we can do, have we become so powerless really?  
Or have we the people washed our hands of all responsibility?

There have been very few marches, just the odd demonstration
One would have to listen very hard to hear any voice of protestation
Despite so many citizens experiencing poverty and deprivation,
funding cuts for vital services only exacerbates their situation  

Though going through hard times we still give much to charity
many services only possible because people work voluntarily
but the government rub their hands together with unashamed glee
Are they right to think our actions absolve them of all responsibility?

Though all of us are struggling, each with so much on our plate  
Should we not come together, do something before it is too late?
Surely the plight of these our people should prompt a national debate?
to ensure our government meets the needs of every last citizen of our state.

The frightening thing is, it could so easily be you or I
left unemployed or homeless, or barely scraping by
we cannot just dismiss it, the signs are all there
and if the present is anything to go by, will anybody care?
1.8k · Mar 2015
Good Morning
Damian Murphy Mar 2015
A hazy sun low in a cloudless sky
Of the most wonderful shade of blue
The only evidence of a cool night gone by
Lies in a blanket of sparkling dew.

Cobwebs glisten in the morning suns rays
Like diamonds in delicate lace
Silky trails sparkle where snails made their way
Sunlight capturing each delicate trace.

A stillness apparent in unmoving trees
Casting long shadows everywhere
Undisturbed by even the softest breeze
As a crisp coolness pervades the air.

Magpies, pigeons, and crows take flight
the first slow stirrings of the morning
Each one welcoming the morning light,
The sunshine bright and warming.  

Leaves of yellow, red, brown and gold
Reflect gloriously the morning sun
Creatures stirring, growing ever more bold
As another Autumn day has begun.
1.8k · Feb 2016
Never Forget
Damian Murphy Feb 2016
Others may not remember you
For what you say or what you do;
How you make them feel however
They will never forget, ever
1.8k · Jun 2015
I Think We Need To Talk?
Damian Murphy Jun 2015
Why is it that most of us men baulk
At the idea of having to talk
About issues we find troubling
Even when we know we’re not coping?
Why to men does it make much more sense
To say nothing, suffer in silence?
To shut out all those who might just care?
To refuse all the supports out there?
Why do we find it so hard to speak?
Do we feel reaching out makes us weak?
Do we think men must always be strong?
Maybe that’s where we are going wrong!
What a pity, what an awful shame
That our feelings we fear so to name,
That we can’t discuss our darkest fears,
That we are afraid of our own tears.
Oh when will the penny ever drop,
That this way of thinking has to stop?
For it shows great strength, courage indeed,
To ask for help in your hour of need.
1.7k · Jun 2015
Summer Days
Damian Murphy Jun 2015
Winter and Spring have long since passed,
cold wind, rain and frost belong in the past,
darkness thankfully no longer descends as fast,
long hot summer days arrive at long last!
Colourful flowers and plants, trees and shrubs
burst forth from hanging baskets, gardens and tubs
outside homes and shops, hotels and pubs;
brightening roadsides, roundabouts, parks and golf clubs.
Exams are over and school is finally done,
children everywhere mad to get out in the sun,
playing outside all day, having such great fun,
warm summer days being enjoyed by almost everyone.
People everywhere outside busy doing something;
weeding, mowing, watering, general gardening;
cleaning cars, washing windows, mending or painting,
or simply sitting out with the neighbours, gossiping!
Time for sunglasses, sun cream, getting a tan,
Wimbeldon, music festivals, holidays to plan,
ice lollies, ninety nines from the ice cream van,
water shortages of course and the annual hose pipe ban!
Time for day trips, sports, to picnic or sunbathe,
for the park or the beach, to swim or just wade,
to get burnt to a crisp or just relax in the shade,
for beer gardens, barbeques as the sun starts to fade!
People making the most of each sunny summer day,
determined to enjoy the sun, lap up every last ray,
each enjoying the summer in their own particular way,
“Long may it last”, people around the country pray!
For not getting a summer seems to be our worst fear,
but thankfully the summer seems to be finally here.
All around the country there is a party atmosphere
such a shame it cannot be like this all through the year!
1.7k · Jan 2016
A Great Poem?
Damian Murphy Jan 2016
Much poetry
May fade quickly
From memory.
Though there are such
That move us much,
Our souls do touch.

Catch us off guard
Or strike a chord,
Our hearts reward.
Some witty, wry
Some make us cry
Or wonder why.

Others inspire
Dreams and desire,
Ignite a fire.
Many appeal
for they are real,
They make us feel.

The truly great
They resonate.
"Poetry is to me
As leaves are to the tree"
1.7k · Apr 2016
Damian Murphy Apr 2016
Is it better to try something
And to risk any consequence?
Or worse not to try anything,
Risk being of no consequence?
1.7k · Mar 2016
The Game of Life?
Damian Murphy Mar 2016
There is no greater spectacle
As two teams ready for battle
For club or province or country
In the great game we call Rugby.

A game of defence and attack
One against one, pack against pack,
Punishing scrums, hard tackling,
Great kicking and ball handling.

No quarter given nor expect
All play with mutual respect
Though each team give their all to win
All play with such great discipline.

Each player there for the other
All supporting one another
Each combining to make the whole
Working towards a common goal.

Players give it all on the day
Leave nothing on the field of play.
A game full of heart and passion.....
And valuable life lessons.
#life #thoughts #you #courage #determination #resolve #poetry #inspiring #commitment #together
1.7k · Jun 2015
Tea Minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6....
Damian Murphy Jun 2015
The question has to be asked, “How hard can it be,
for a man to get a decent cup of tea”?
How can people get something so simple so wrong?
A question that has vexed me for ever so long.

Let me be clear, lest there be any confusion
I’m not into tea leaves or these fancy new infusions
Nor herbal or green, earl grey or the rest
A good plain cup of tea is simply the best!

I wonder why it is that people bother to ask
When they will not put any real effort into the task
Yes they are careful to ask how you take your tea
But what you get is something different, entirely

If there is one thing that really gets to me
It is being made a half cup of tea
I always opt for a mug because there’s never enough in a cup
But for some reason they seem incapable of filling it up!

After just two mouthfuls, Surprise! It is all gone!
I hate always having to ask for another one
All the effort they made has gone to waste
The whole experience leaving a very bad taste.

Making tea is a formula, very hard to get wrong
why so often served weak when I always ask for strong?
A small drop of milk please, how hard can it be?
But I often get tea in my milk, not milk in my tea

I do like my sugar and to tell the truth
I do possess an awfully sweet tooth
“three and a bit” I say when they ask
But is stirring it such an impossible task?

How easy can it be? Just move the ****** spoon
You were just standing there, what else were you doing?
And to see all that sugar sitting there at the end
Would drive the most sane person round the bend

Another thing I get really mad about
Is when people do not take the teabag out
And though the cup appears to be full to the top
You take the bag out and watch the level drop

You might think it’s funny but it’s certainly not
What to do with a teabag that is dripping hot?
A cup of tea is supposed to help you relax
Not be the cause of minor heart attacks

And the biggest evil, by far the worst
Is those who serve tea, knowing the teabag has burst
At the end you get a mouthful of leaves and grit
I do love my tea but wonder if it is worth it.

It got to the stage where I considered drinking coffee
But I was bamboozled by the variety available to me
Mocha or latte, perhaps a frappuccino,
Or maybe an espresso or a cappuccino

No, the idea of drinking coffee just left me cold
all I really wanted was a cup of tea truth be told,
Though I have been accused of taking this issue too seriously
There is nothing in the world quite like…. a decent cup of Tea!
1.7k · Aug 2016
Damian Murphy Aug 2016
Committing to change is the key,
Having a plan, a strategy.
Aims and goals that are within reach,
Not stopping 'til you achieve each.
Guarding against ambivalence,
Embracing the experience.
1.7k · Mar 2017
Damian Murphy Mar 2017
No wardrobe, no rabbit hole do I need
If it is to escape this world I look....
I just go to the library and read,
Where I can escape in a world of books.
1.6k · Apr 2015
Matagorda, Lanzarote
Damian Murphy Apr 2015
Beautiful, breath taking views
Of vast volcanoes and bright blue seas
Scorching sun and high temperatures
Palm trees swaying in a soft breeze.
Through landscapes layered with black lava
White washed walls wind their way
Around gardens full of fantastic flora
Where lizards and geckos love to play.
Ships sail by beyond the breakers,
Planes pass over as they come in to land,
Promenades packed with holidaymakers
By beaches of beautiful golden sand.
Sun loungers and swimming pools
Hours of rest and relaxation
Siestas while the hot sun cools
Poolside bars for cool libations.
Spectacular sunsets in surrounding skies
Each day ending in such serene splendour
Reds pinks, blues, greys and turquoise;
Colours any artist would be challenged to render.
Pubs clubs and restaurants of such variety
activities that appeal to everyone
Local residents renowned for their hospitality
Make Matagorda a paradise second to none.
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1.6k · Jul 2015
Damian Murphy Jul 2015
I would rather be
for all the right reasons
than popular
for all the wrong ones.
Kurt Cobain "I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not"
1.6k · Oct 2015
Within Me.
Damian Murphy Oct 2015
Within me the voices
Of virtues and vices
Battle valiantly
Daily for victory.
1.6k · Aug 2015
The Irish Questioned; Again!
Damian Murphy Aug 2015
Could the Ireland of today ever have been foreseen
by those who gave their lives for this country in 1916?
Corruption and greed on a scale that is quite obscene
with the Irish people as oppressed as they have ever been.

The recession in Ireland was caused by the greedy few
Though our government must shoulder a lot of blame too
With the banks and developers they had a major role to play
But the ordinary people of Ireland were the only ones to pay!
It was a story, unfortunately, of pure unbridled greed
Which government collusion helped nurture and feed
But the most striking thing was the level of arrogance
As they lead the people of Ireland on a not so merry dance.
Thousands lost their jobs, became long term unemployed
Many of our children emigrated, the whole country cried
People lost their homes which they worked so hard to get
others took their lives, hounded mercilessly for a debt.
Not one ounce of help was given, many just could not cope
And the government’s strategy killed off any sense of hope
for the ordinary people who were already on their backs  
Got pay cuts, price increases, and every form of new tax.
Help was made available for the developers and  banks
Bondholders took huge profits without a word of thanks
But the people were subjected to extreme austerity
While those who caused the crisis walked away scot free.

After years of hardship the recession has come to an end
The global economy, it seems, very much on the mend
But in Ireland, alas, the recovery is slow
because there has been no major change in the status quo.
It is absolutely shameful after what people were put through
They made all the sacrifices, did all they had to do
Only to discover that things are very much the same
Those in power should hang their heads in absolute shame.
Recent revelations show how much of our money is being wasted
Developers profiting from NAMA now being investigated
So many Top ups being paid on already massive salaries
the banks being allowed to continue doing just as they please.
We all thought things would improve with the change of Government
But it is staggering to discover how much money they have spent
Setting up Irish Water where they have yet to spend much more
The cost of water charges for us, the people, continue to soar.
Experts agree this could have been done for millions less
But like Poolbeg, Irish Water is just another expensive mess.
Huge profits are being made in this by all the major players
Though the cost will be borne by you and me; the taxpayers.

No doubt there is much more that has yet to come to light
It does not take a genius to see that things are far from right.
The few continue to prosper while many struggle to live
They take most from those who have nothing more to give
While those responsible clearly seem to have no shame
Are we the people, by our inaction, somehow to blame?
Perhaps we should be thinking about a radical solution
Acquiescence has not worked but would a Revolution?
Parts 1,2 & 3 were written in 2013, towards the end of the recession. This was written in late 2014 when Ireland was no longer officially in recession.
1.6k · Jun 2015
Live Life
Damian Murphy Jun 2015
Stop counting the days,
start making the days count,
stop wishing your life away
or regrets will mount.
Remember life is for living,
make the most of every day,
embrace simply everything
that life throws your way.
Each day of life is so precious
a gift so truly wonderful
there is a certain onus on us
to live our lives to the full.
Yesterdays belong in the past
tomorrows are always a day away
Live every day like it’s your last;
Because it will be one day.
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