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I have identity
You have identity
Your identity
My identity
Not identical
There's a tolerance
So there's resemblance
My identity resembles
Your identity
I can replace you
For my resemblance
Inclusive your semblance
You can't replace me
For your resemblance
Short of my semblance
This is what makes the difference
Let me love you
Change your resemblance to include my semblance
You can replace me
We become interchangeable
Your identity my identity
Love to bind us to infinity
One soul
In two bodies
Sohini Sep 2020
Two good, close
Separated by the
Existence of humans.
For they are
Misunderstood by
The species
They originally
Existed for.

Called themselves
Tried extensively to
Establish their individualism,
Yet holding hands to
Become mutually inclusive.

For they were
Lines drawn, fades.
Misunderstood by
Mutually inclusivity
As one.

Silly of the two friends,
Had no idea
Humans have failed
Humans for
The longest imaginable
For they were
Just mere Intangible,
Failing them is
And will remain
An easy possibility.
The confusion between Objectivity and Subjectivity and the fading lines between the two and the confused humans about how to separate the two, made me think and that's how I created this piece.
Nicx Nov 2018
I walk around these places
Trans-centric spaces
Yet I don't feel like I belong
I know that
I look like them
And based on my reading
I feel like them too
Though I still have this sense
That I somehow do not count
I am not quite enough
I feel without a place
Maybe because last time
I was at a trans art show
And my art lives in words
Not in images on canvas
Just another piece of me
That doesn't quite feel
Real enough or
Good enough
To be taken seriously
And I know
I know
This all boils down to
The way I treat myself
But I'm trying
I'm trying
Some things just take time
Katelyn McShane May 2018
Are you afraid of the dark?
In the dark, things are unseen
I have no color or ethnicity
No gender or ****** orientation
Are you afraid of the dark?
In the dark we are all equal
We have no height or weight
No hair or eye color
Beauty is up for interpretation
Are you afraid of the dark?
In the dark you're just a person
You have no talents or disabilities
Wages and wealth don't matter
Are you afraid of the dark?
Nobody can be insulted in the dark
Education and relationship status
All these things are so irrelevant
Everybody is my equal, and none of us can see anything around us
Are you afraid of the dark?
Damian Murphy Mar 2016
Some leaders thrive on their power,
Great leaders strive to empower.
Some feel power is absolute,
The great ones though... know the real truth.
Tanisha Jackland Dec 2015
I reach  
into you
searching for
something familiar

We have forgotten
we were
once inseparable

All of us
rising out of  
the great expanse

We’ll live again
like the stars
born again
on the
We are stardust.
Ellie Dec 2014
Wednesdays and Fridays:
The only days I jump out of bed
Filled with
I walk into the classroom,
Trade my sadness for a dose of jubilance.
I feel alive again.

A dozen 3 year olds swarm the room,
the melting ***.
Labels such as: typical, Downs syndrome, autistic, deaf
Come together to morph into a magical classroom.
“The Tree House Room”.
Differences are not feared in the eyes of these little humans,
They are

These are the days I live for.

— The End —