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Safrina Kabir Jun 19
Eat you **** fools
The best cuisine in the world
Cook a kitchen full
Eat a pea.

Spend the entire life
Stomping in union
False show of discipline, neat
Accomplish nothing.

We will change the world
Bit by bit
You watch
From the high throne
We provided

You are the kings, all-powerful
We let you believe that
So that the mouths are shut
No buzz buzz while we work

Live the lavish life we gave you
Sit on the top of your riches
Look down on us
As we write history

Hush now, no question
You have no business here
Not a play for fools
You aren't one?
Well, break the shackles
Climb down the tower
We'll decide.
The wheel of the economy runs over the hard work of working-class people. Revolution comes from the middle class and lower class people. It is proved again and again in history.
abhinav May 25
New day, with dawn of rising sun
off the docks, cruising towards horizon
light and breezy all, felt like blessed by Poseidon
Skinny dipping for happiness, hope I find some.

Many I got bon voyage, many I curses,
many were on board, many kraken lurks.
Head straight, high sail,
ignored all, focused on right trail.

Pleasant journey until now, premonitions around,
dark clouds, high tide, ensuing panic in crowd,
blinded became Travis, undermined the upcoming crisis
Darkness engulfed, realized too late, next moment...  

**** hit the fan down came the rain,
followed by storm and a huge hurricane.
Bulldozed through, but that's just iceberg's tip,
it's gonna be titanic soon, already feel like losing grip.

Beyond horizon, can't see,
calm sea or whirlpool will there be.
All I know, strength of these sails,
sailors and that mysterious gentle gale.
It's your journey, your path to traverse, unique for all, unique are huddles, none will  know your struggle, but don't bow down before seemingly infinite troubles, just buckle down and aim for beyond.
Believe in yourself when none other, for you are your true companion.
Sometimes it feels like I am writing this kind of **** to convince myself  rather than expressing my thoughts, it's like a attempt to self preach, like me trying to solidify these thoughts hoping that it'll bring about a change in me...sad me:((
Himani Dhaka Apr 4
Through the eyes of mine
that glitter and shine
into the fog of nothing
I see arcane paths and a frantic heart

I run away to feel safe and sound
Still the tail follows me around
Frenetic efforts and sleepless nights
Go into the fog of nothing…

When I look around
I see a imperfect past that surround
A flickering that guides
Into the fog of nothing

The pathless woods are eerie
This chanciness so weary
Yet the flickering star would guide
Through the fog of nothing…
Maitsholo Feb 2021
Failed time management
Stack of work piled up
Taller than my height
Ready to collapse on me

It was a heavy load

Was it that heavy?

No,I made it to be so
Responsibility and accountability for my work was hard labour

I made it a heavy load
Most people think matric is hard in fact it is easy. It just becomes hard the moment we lack skills of time management
All my effort is going into vain,
this endless fail is creating so much pain.
Something inside me want to break this loop,
But I am not yet sure where to put that hook.
Maybe this effort is not in the right direction,
But this is the only way to achieve perfection.
Nobody is perfect, everybody needs to work hard. So one should never afraid of failure and hard work.
Steven Nov 2020
if love were bingo,
would we still prize the free space
for its convenience?
Raven Blue Nov 2020
Snails walk too slow;
And everyone thinks they are low.
But beyond that weakness,
They work hard to make some greatness.
They walk through every road;
Fighting the obstacles on their own.
Giovanna Oct 2020
Nothing's forever
and hardships aren't an exception.
When you are too heavy to fly,
remember all you can do is retry.
What's the problem if people don't believe in you
Make it your reason to break through.
It's okay to be scared of your dream,
atleast you know that it is its extreme.
If you fail on the way,
take a break and mend yourself for the future day.
Never doubt your calibre and go back
cause you didn't come this far to pace back the track.
Keep fightin'
and one day you will find yourself flyin'
Johnson Oyeniran Sep 2020
Shiny fine silver,
For a shy new driver,
Who in time, saved
Every dime, so he
Could buy, a sweet
New ride, for a fair
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