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Lilac Apr 23
Turned out that
her thirst
for winning
Worked faster than the pixie dust
they sprinkled
some kinda magic they were expecting
Maitsholo Feb 18
Failed time management
Stack of work piled up
Taller than my height
Ready to collapse on me

It was a heavy load

Was it that heavy?

No,I made it to be so
Responsibility and accountability for my work was hard labour

I made it a heavy load
Most people think matric is hard in fact it is easy. It just becomes hard the moment we lack skills of time management
All my effort is going into vain,
this endless fail is creating so much pain.
Something inside me want to break this loop,
But I am not yet sure where to put that hook.
Maybe this effort is not in the right direction,
But this is the only way to achieve perfection.
Nobody is perfect, everybody needs to work hard. So one should never afraid of failure and hard work.
Steven Nov 2020
if love were bingo,
would we still prize the free space
for its convenience?
Kyle Nov 2020
Snails walk too slow;
And everyone thinks they are low.
But beyond that weakness,
They work hard to make some greatness.
They walk through every road;
Fighting the obstacles on their own.
Giovanna Oct 2020
Nothing's forever
and hardships aren't an exception.
When you are too heavy to fly,
remember all you can do is retry.
What's the problem if people don't believe in you
Make it your reason to break through.
It's okay to be scared of your dream,
atleast you know that it is its extreme.
If you fail on the way,
take a break and mend yourself for the future day.
Never doubt your calibre and go back
cause you didn't come this far to pace back the track.
Keep fightin'
and one day you will find yourself flyin'
Johnson Oyeniran Sep 2020
Though you were ambushed by trickery,
You spat on the face of apathy and
Stood daily by your roots, till
Thy labor blossomed with
Good tidings.

A subject you were of ill treatment,
Bouncing from one leech to another
Through channels of stress,
Greeted by streams of anxiety.

Fashioned in obsidian,
You shot your arrow
Wrapped with zeal,
Within the bowels of your target,
By thy hands, foreign to sleep
To claim your sweat,
Your first metal horse
With nostrils of fire.

Ridden she has by endless host
Before thee, filled with years of tales
Eager to rest on the dusty shelf of thy mind,
To keep thee entertained as you ride her body,
Whenever you see fit.

But one wish she requires of thee,
That you melt thy heart in her core;
Thy silver partner in crime.
Nalinee Sep 2020
फटे होंठ की लकीरें
या कपड़ों में पैबंद ज़्यादा थे?
फिर भी, लाल बत्ती सी चमक आंखों में थी।

बोली में तेज़ी, " ख़रीद लो मैडम "
या मजबूरी ज़्यादा थी?
फ़िर भी, बेचने की कला बड़ी अद्भुत थी।

बेरंग दिनों को बदलने की कोशिश थी,
सामने रंगीन पर्दे सी ज़िन्दगी थी,
पर टिकट उसके लिए, महंगी थी।
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2020

Honey-kisssed curls dance
Calm, she whistles while she works
Nectar on her lips

This haiku is dedicated to Melissa, the Goddess of Honey.

Another goddess who I adore even though there isn't much about her either. Anytime I see bees, I like to think that its Melissa calling them as their Queen, haha! I always love to live in a world of make believe.
Thank you so so much for 368, followers, that's honestly amazing!🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Abdallah Osman May 2020
The only dreams that you can wake up to are the ones you get when you're asleep.
If you've always wanted something, put in work and don't be lazy about it. You won't get it.
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