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I can't decide,don't know what to do,
I look around but I find no clue.
Is it some other quest of life too?
I can't decide,I can't even move...
Longing for answers to all of the questions related to life and future...
Perdue Poems Apr 24
How many of humankind
think ourselves seeds growing in the dirt
certain showers will pour praise from the heavens
"nurture us, provide for us, acknowledge us !" we demand
yet we seem to forget the work of the seed in the land
so tough, so hard, so determined is the seed
that it breaks the barriers set in dirt
but do we?
do we work?
or do we sit in the Earth
questioning why the sun hasn't shined upon our face
wondering when dirt will push up our pedestal to the surface
I don't know if it's very obvious, but the poem itself is supposed to look like a tree! Hope you enjoyed
Black Leaf Apr 21
Everything you want to have,
Everything you want to be,
Lies across the bridge you see.

It's burning, it's freezing,
It's hard, there's suffering.

But until your legs are cut,
And your heart is out,
You'll keep on walking..

As everything you want to have,
Everything you want to be,
Lies across the bridge you see.
Hurricane Apr 16
I can plan out a lifetime based on one look,
A glance in my direction,
Though disputed,
Can prompt my imagination.

Our life would be happy,
Without harsh judgement,
You'd hold me close,
And laugh when I made the coffee wrong,
But we'd be happy.

This disputed glance,
Probably aimed at her,
Not the deeply loving girl,
Slightly to the right.
for the conscientious , hard worker always sat in the corner
Maelynn Mar 11
If tomorrow our sky is no longer blue
I should hope to sit and talk to you
To waste away hours laced with darkness
With a gentle smile and a sweet caress
For sunshine is a relative term
And shades of Gray hold beauty;
I find it in the depths of your eyes
When you're feeling sad and gloomy;
And when our skies of blue return
I will hold you tighter still
And through centuries of sun and storm
I'll never get my fill
Varsha Nehra Feb 22
Cool that you got what you wanted,
But it feels that you have stopped,
It feels like you are gaining weight,
Hey girl, why stop now?
It's the start, not the end,
Do it! Do it now!
It's not the time to sit around,
You have got it, I know
Just add hard work to the mix,
And you will have the results that you have waited so long for,
Hey, Do it now,
Or regret forever!
Everyone experiences it,
In various shapes and forms,
School. grades. friends. Life,
Lots of frustration,
Hard work and dedication,
But still failed,

Endless studying,
Overworking oneself,
Thoughts of achieving success,
Like trying to find a needle in a haystack,

The dream of getting the test,
With the BIG A on it,
Feeling the ease of the heavy stress,
Uplift off the shoulders,

Knowing that they did it,
They made the dream they were striving for,
Having the joy of saying,
I have succeed.

But the dream fades away,
The feeling of coming out of a coma,
To see yourself in class,
Doing nothing, but daydreaming,

You realized upon that,
To be doomed to the fate,
Of failing once again.
Shreya Dristi Jan 27
I am awake

alive. aware. tired... but, so awake
ready. content? drained... but, ready.
ready for what's next.


soak while enveloped in His cloak of soundness, of serenity inconspicuously emerging from the crossfire

come to an understanding

a consensus with Yourself


stay here... in this fractured moment of freedom, of belonging, of peace

A breakthrough.

Gasp for Air before descending back into perplexity.


know the Answer

Believe in the Answer to all those unanswered, unanswerable questions

Love the Answer

Thank the Answer


आप पूरी तरह से ठीक हैं
आप ठीक हो जाएंगे
आप ठीक होना पड़ेगा


Helloooo, this is something I've written after years of inactivity, life's been really busy guys...

P.S I can understand Hindi but, I have never studied it, forgive me if I have made a mistake... I just love the impact Hindi has. My mom speaks Hindi so I just have an unconditional love for it huhu

Btw the title is 'Zinda hoon yaar' - which means I am alive, my friend

The poem is quite vague but, I think it perfects sums up what I was feeling when I wrote it
Ruhani Jan 25
Pressure can make,
a diamond out of coal
but often, takes out the fun
from the journey of the goal
It is always said that best comes out of the hardest situations, which is true. But no one wants to remember those tough times one goes through.
Ruhani Jan 25
Do you think
It is fate
that I didn't
It is ME
who decided
not to be committed
when it was most needed.
So I don't blame
my innocuous fate
for the fall on the face.
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