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The only dreams that you can wake up to are the ones you get when you're asleep.
If you've always wanted something, put in work and don't be lazy about it. You won't get it.
Ivy Chakma Apr 24
For what I desire, I will have to
set my sleep on fire.
I have realised over and over again that when you truly want something so desperately, it gets your adrenaline running, you can give it all up.
Cassie Lane Gray, ever so slight of frame
Hit harder than a train, playing her martial games
Cassie ran eight miles a day, and she never strayed
Her routine was tough as iron, her boxing gloves were frayed

Her momma put her in ballet, but later on, she disobeyed
Strapping wraps to wrists, uppercut finisher each day
And when she said she wanted to box, her momma turned away
But she was gonna fight, with no one in her way

Cassie Lane Gray grew up poor in San Jose
Never had much to say, just wanted in the fray
Her ballet, in a way, made her opponents pay
As she moved with dancer's sway, they later would convey

Cassie's family prayed that she would portray
The sweet and simpering visage of a classy dame
But it wasn't in the cards, for Cassie Lane Gray
The "Bantam Weight Ballerina"
A strong young fighting woman
Was in the ring to stay
This poem was inspired by a filthy ragtag tomboy friend that I spent a lot of my youth with.  She was tough as nails and loved to box.  Her parents had tried to put her on the pageant circuit every year, and every year they would find her in a ripped and muddy dress, fighting with the boys.  She was such a wonderful person and despite several state boxing championships, her parents never loved or appreciated her work and accomplishments.  Follow your dreams and don't let anyone try fit you into their mold.
Zack Ripley Apr 2019
The end is coming.
Can't you hear the bumblebees humming?
They know that soon, their Christmas will be here
and once again, the sky will be sunny and clear.
Lots of work has to be done but they're not afraid;
they know they're doing good for everyone.
As we embrace the summer breeze,
let us lie in the grass and thank our fellow bees.
With hard hammers and soft glibness
They approached the forest,
It's encroaching majesty looming,
threatening to overwhelm

Sharp tools were used to trim,
To tear and rend through supple vine,
Felling great trees
As flames engulfed the underbrush

Each man and woman smiled,
exchanging thoughtful pleasantry,
Hi-fives and good-hearted jokes;
Completion of a hard days task

They returned the next day,
Trucks full of building materials,
Tools in rough calloused hands
Only to find the forest renewed

The forest had returned
With a mighty vengeance,
Unapologetic at it's thicker growth,
Looming over the workers

Greater tools of destruction were wielded
Attacking the forest,
Until barely a stem or stump stood
And cries of shared victory echoes

Yet the following day
The forest stood again, in quiet majesty,
Man and woman will never learn;
No matter the tinkering
We are not the masters of nature
But mastered by it
If you dream you are a bird, you cannot wake to flight
If you dream you are a shark, teeth and gills shall not come
You may dream of wrongs being righted
And of fair and deserving treatment for all
But your dreams will ring hollow
For dreams are beautiful errands for fools
That come freely without consequence
And change happens in waking hours
Which is paid for in blood, sweat, and tears
Ademar Jr Jan 2
Great works, and definitely Captivating words
When I was trying on, but got treated like turds
I never expected to be rejected within the birds
It struck like a lighting, an unexpected shot
Burst down in my deepest guts till it rot
I believe that I may have won, except for someone's not
Stupid rules, drove me crazy from grabbing the gold
Your selfish heart give chills in the atmosphere's so cold
"Join us", I'll never trust this person again
My effort apparently has a ****** end
You know who you are, and you should know what's best
The community's nothing without you, so why don't you just rest
Till this "love, pain, & poetry" becomes less,
Less than a thrashed out old bird nest  
I thought I had the chance with an awesome luck
But no, I was rejected getting hit by a truck
I could probably win anyways by giving you a buck
While your self-centered, greediness snuck,
Someone's doing there best to get a heart struck
By Great words, and effort unending
You only chooses to the group your loving
How about those ones who were really trying,
Only ended in such messed up endings
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
This man never gives up despite being a middle-level
He was always underrated but never rebelled
Gives his all despite fans never giving him labels
An elite sign he was like a maple
He pours out his energy night in and out
He never complained or loudly shout
Just being quiet and shut his mouth
It's for the better anyways as his making his right route
Getting better everyday is what work all about
He kept on going despite nothing too vowed
But accepted it still as he was newly crowned
He began to get more attention when skills were getting better
Everyone was beside him thinking he was greater
Everyone believed in him for he carried all weight
All the ones starting from he was a cruiserweight.
Ademar Jr Dec 2019
You live your life to achieve your dreams
But how about when these dreams became true
As fast as a laser beam, it struck you
And You don't know how to get it through
How to pick up this chance, as far as you knew
This is only something you'd consider as a joke
Because it was something new,
You should never underestimate this star just flew
For it may end a bad luck in your future too
So what do you do, when this poem pressures you
What do you do if every one else pushes you
And you get to succeed but do not know what to do next
How do you get a contract from a company's text
How do you become the best among the rest, when
Once In a million chances you never do your best.
Radhika Lusted Dec 2019
There will always be a reason you can’t
Until you push yourself for a reason you can
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