Last Breath, 2nd edition
© Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved

Source of my anguish and wrath
do me the favor
and breathe your final Breath.
A life with you
is worse than certain Death!

My own kinda 'mors tua vita mea!'
Sagarika Das Jun 27

I hate to say but I love the way
You look at me like no one could be.

I hate to like but I love the smile
You smile at me like no one could be.

I hate your voice but I love to hear
The things you say like no one could be.

I hate the touch but I love the hold
You touch my heart like no one could be.

I hate the time but I love the memories
You had with me like no one could be.

I hate to desire but I love to wish
To only be with you like no one other could be.

Cannot a man at his will
Hear the win, hear the feel
Above distraught agonies, the
Mellow success in practice
Perished may have some efforts, for
Instantly nothing's ever been reaped
Occasionally it may include luck, but
Never a tough practice never wins

Knives know no failures if sharp
Neither does and will skills, hence
On the way to a glorious triumph
What better cameo than persistence!

No man becomes a champion if he quits
Or no quitters can ever be one.

Quits who, the lazy bones attitude
Uncuffs the 'destined' hypothesis
If ever a man catches his success
That's all for his persistence.

Arcassin B May 28

By Arcassin Burnham

I was just a loner with a hoodie and a deep mind,

Use to call your name in a crisis but you seem fine,

My name remains a mystery to you just wondering,

If anything you say is bad now , it's not comforting,

Finding coffee and comedy fastenating​ Everytime,

You didn't help me when I was down now don't you ever give me time..

Don't you ever come around,
Don't​ you ever look at me,
Don't you ever talk to me..

Don't you ever come around,
Don't​ you ever look at me,
Don't you ever talk to me.

sunprincess Apr 27

Please, please, please God help
I'm wearing a big nice smile
and I'm positive

on her ascendancy to the boss's chair
Janice was always so lovely of air
she'd praise all the staff abundantly
seemingly in her it flowed genuinely

the future self of Janice came to light
when she gained the acme's peak height
everyone then received her nasty treats
there wasn't much delight to the bleats  

attitudes toward others did change
how an executive role can rearrange
people skills are Janice's weak point
hence a dislike of her being at the joint

You saw my message
But didn't reply
you ignored me,
please tell me why.

I approached you as a stranger,
Wanna be your friend
But your ignorance
Brought all that to an end

I wrote a poem for you
Just to make you smile
But you didn't even notice
Even once for a while

Is that your ego
Who's not letting you to be open
Or its your attitude
To make me feel broken

So answer me now
Why was i ignored
Do you think its your friendship
which i cannot afford?

I’m gliding, not fighting
As I enter later years.
I’m skating, not debating
As I face my aging fears.
I see what I was afraid of
Were just phantasms only.
They leave too many scared
With talk of being lonely.

Go away with bearboo talk.
Nobody is frighted here.
It’s just another day for me
It’s nothing but another year!
Age is not the bogeyman
It comes along with the ride.
It’s part of what made my life
It’s proof that I have tried.

Butt and chest swapped places
My hair is wandering south.
All that goes very swiftly
Is my energy and my mouth.
Everything is changing now
I am not a kid any more.
I spend time in pharmacy aisles
More than the rest of the store.

But none of this unexpected.
I watched others go through it.
It’s not like it was ever a secret.
No mystery. I totally knew it.
So I plan to celebrate this stage
Which means I must slow down
And take things as they come
No reason to whine, cry or frown.

Build castles with the stones they throw at you,
so that the pebbles are rather stepping stones to
a much more ambient skyline of your life...
grow a wild flower out the dirt they throw at you
of such a flamboyant bloom rather than gloom,
construct a bridge with the stumbling blocks they create
then match ahead like there wasn't a speck ahead of you
and of the shit they put you through make manure
to boost the crop of your seemingly impossible dreams...
It's about you, words hurt, people hurt, dreams fail
hearts break apart and folks throw dirt
but none of these will ever affect you as long as you
never let them do, stumbling blocks are tinted bridges
pebbles are great foundations, wild flowers are as scented
as roses if only you look on the brighter side...
Build castles with the stones they throw at you and
they'll come asking how you managed to achieve
great success unaware that in breaking you they made you...

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