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Winters here roasting us with its winters attitude.
It's cold winter icy mood.
Chilly blizzard winter center..
Icy outside Do not enter.
Stay inside don't adventure.
Unless you don't mind a slap from biting winter
Winter may say
Come out to play
In your Winters hats and gloves today
Wow the hot burning Sun has gone away.
You can dress warm and cozy and fly hooray.
But my mentality is chilly, stormy and cloudy.
Enjoy me in spite of me.. Embrace my wintry Beauty.
You get to warm up to a cozy fireplace because of me.
I'm so wintry with calmness coldness and so icy.
Hang with my winter tude.
Winter gets her time now so don't catch an attitude.

By ShardayRose..S.A.M
Winters, seasons, cold and chilly.. days so icy
Bhawna 6d
I :   Dance...,jump...,roar...and enjoy ME!!!
THEY : Stand...,sit...,stare...and judge ME!!!
Amanda 6d
It's the waking up I hate
Not the going to sleep
People often confuse the two
Not understanding what I mean
I love to dream the night away
The bed is one of my favorite places
But every time I open my eyes
All I see are disappointed faces
So you see it's easier to stay up
Pull an all-nighter or at least try
Than to be shook awake by the painful reality
The sobering pathetic state of my life
So to avoid the jolt of the sudden truth
I stay up until I can't fight and fall
Honestly I'd sleep forever if I could
But I can't so I'd rather not go to sleep at all
I know this is ironic but that moment when I first awaken and realize it's a ****** new day in a ****** up world with the same hateful state of mind is so ******* discouraging and difficult I would prefer to slowly fade into it from a long tired night than for it to hit me like a ton of bricks after a wonderful fantasy dreamland for however many blissful hours of relief.
Jae Jan 29
Who do you think you are
Your behavior I cannot ignore
The way you act disgusts me
You are rotten to your core

Who do you think you are
To say that I’m the one with an attitude
You talk about me as if I’m not there
I for one think you are quite rude

Who do you think you are
You’re not cool, but quite a bore
How could you feel entitled
To something you did not pay for

Who do you think you are
To try and dictate where I sit
If you really owned where I placed my rear end
I would see your name on it

Who do you think you are
To say I behave with no class
You say I will never find love
As if anyone would want to deal with your tired @$$

Who do you think you are
To turn someone else’s blue sky dark
If you ever told me to get up from where I sat
I would pull a Rosa Parks

Who do you think you are
To say you’ll let my reactions slide
You had better keep doing just that
Try something and I’ll have your hide

I think I ought to let you know
I’m not like any other girl you’ve met
If I were you I’d start shutting my mouth
Because you do not know crazy yet
Gods1son Jan 8
He has a bad attitude
But he wears the blame on other people
He never tried the blame on for once
Maybe it never crossed his mind
Or he thinks he's too right to ever do wrong

I liken him to a blind man
Looking at several mirrors
But could never see himself
And calls all the mirrors blind

Maybe the bad attitude is not the problem
But that he is blind to see himself
Or arrogant to accept his wrongs
And that he's not a flower but thorns!
Bhawna Jan 8
Its me,
I was the one
Who allowed you
I was the one
Who is hurt

Its me,
I am the one
Who cared
I am the one
Who is blurred

Its me,
I will be the one
Who will be searched
I will be the one
Who will be missed
Austerity is my abode
Benevolence is my sigil
Amour-propre is my ethos!!
All original content
Please repost with credits:)
George Krokos Dec 2018
It’s said that ‘a change is as good as a holiday’
though a holiday might be better than a change.
This depends really on one’s attitude some say
or what appeals to the person who is to arrange.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
an argent
moon will
soon betray
an anxious
picayune till
the sergeant
has captured
such incident
but their
noxious foment
as rife'll
stoke desire
with hoofs
and guffaws
swaggeringly wade
their passes
in sanctity
A note on ******
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