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Ram B Aug 29
Why did I leave late?
Why is the traffic so bad?
How long do I have to wait?
This situation makes me mad.
When I stay calm
And just breathe
When I realized
Being frantic, sad, or mad
Would change nothing, indeed
Knowing that I have a choice
To go through this trip
Peaceful, calm, and composed
Experience change
Although I'm still late for the airport.
It's all what we make it
It's all up to how we deal
You can just give up
Or you can put your **** in gear
Face it fearlessly
Tear through it
Ride that ***** like a bull
Grab those horns
Rise above
Let yourself see your success
See yourself succeed
Now that's how to deal
©Jennifer L DeLong. 🦏2/19/23
Krizel Grace Apr 2022
I'm but a scattered pigment
On the wall, on the ceiling, on the floor
I stained everything I touch or hold
Neither you nor them could easily get a grasp
'Cause I'll just slip through your fingers' gap

I'm but a messy art
A masterpiece by a frustrated god.
Soon the sun will be out of sight,
As it falls to the west, we begin our night,
Then, the street lights will shine so bright,
Later as everyone starts yawning, they say good night.
We just lived through, another day,
Never knowing, how many more, may come our way.
There is no rhyme or reason,
We each have a different length, to our personal season.
In this life no one, forever stays,
We each have an unknown time, place, and way,
Our reservations have been made.
Think positive, learn, teach, help others, every day.
No need to complain about things,
You have no power to advise or change,
Many times, in this life, we will have to rearrange,
Be thankful for this life’s short stay,
In the morning, the sun will rise, in the eastern sky,
Shining bright, to light our way, another day.

                              The original: Tom Maxwell © 3/15/22 AD
xavier thomas Mar 2022
Even though I understand,
I’m getting tired of understanding
Done being your last
xavier thomas Mar 2022
Dear God,

I am the ideal of what a man look like that brings protection, connection, while sometimes respected.
I carry open flaws that are continuously worked on daily.
A good 5-figure man , half way to 6-figures, that has his own everything.
My attitude’s attitude is in check,
the power I hold is self-controlled,
never to go on a rampage.
When one sees my character, it defines what a “man” is or can be.
An example of code ethics which give gifts and sacrifices time as if it’s my duty to live for others rather than myself.

And yet, I am not the man she wants.
Not the 60% rich men who lives in a 6-figure + size house, bank account, traveling anytime as one so do please.  
Not the 60% rich men who she thinks she deserves when she has absolutely nothing to bring to the table but only her temporary looks aging through time because she claims, “she is the table”.
The 60% rich men who is an illusion because in reality, social media & society continues to trick and cloud women minds under a false promise that there’s a huge amount of rich men, when in fact only 1% are. Yet, that 1% could care less.

March 13, 2013
I am the “ideal” man; just not the man she wants.
Our attitude, and what we believe,
Is a big part of this life, every day,
How we react to certain situations,
Can lead us forward,
Or leave us where we are to stay,
It’s the same, for everyone,
No matter where you’re from, your work, or how you pray.
Our beliefs, will always change,
Examine both sides of each situation, every time,
Rules, laws, along with many other circumstances,
Were created, to keep negative thoughts and fear, within our mind,
We have to have trust and faith for ourselves,
Have confidence, and always watch for positive signs.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 1/10/2022AD
7:45 PM
xavier thomas Sep 2021
“D” UP! “D” UP! put them hands up, hands up.
And I’m robbing folks on the pass if they slip up.
Don’t allow nobody to pass by you, move your feet.
Don’t go for every reach, just keep them in front of you my G.

They dealing with a team full of experts.
Juice & I will double-team, so squad be on high alert.
Make them work, cut off those passing lanes and
once they turn the ball over, we’ll be gone in an instant.

Aye, look at these wanna be play makers.
Zay steal that, now pass that.
Cause I’m about to lob that to my boy Doug.
BOOM!!! I see you Doug with the 360 alley-oop dunk!

YOOO! Ball is thrown in, watch for the pass and skip!

No worries I got the ball my guy, don’t trip.
Here Juice! Run 54-hip.

Aww snap! Time to ****!
I’m about to put the boys in their feels!

Cross-over stepper, step-back decker.
I’m a G.O.A.T. getter, nobody does it better.
Weak mismatches and easy pass dishes.
Pick & role to the pocket, they can’t stop this.

Man, we about to hurt these fools on the other end too.
About to get tortured as we break their hearts in shambles.
And when we rock them and stop them at the rim, it’s straight blocking.
Even if they try to shoot, BLOCKA, BLOCKA, BLOCKA!

It is what it is fam, to bad they about to lose.

At the end of the day, what the hell they gonna do?

Now this is epic. We got them looking pathetic.
I said what I said, ain’t no room to be apologetic.
Thomas Steyer Jul 2021
"I know where you live", he said,
"so it's best that you'll behave.
Don't get me angry or else,
I'll make you dig your own grave."

"Why are you like that", I said.
"I don't know what wrong I've done."
"You know what it's about", he yelled,
"you've been unfair to my son."

"But Brian is not the talent as you think,
he's insubordinate and mostly rude,
he will probably fail the term,
if he continues in this attitude."

"But isn't it your responsibility
to turn him into a decent being?"
"Education begins at home, you know,
although your kin might be disagreeing."
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