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"I know where you live", he said,
"so it's best that you'll behave.
Don't get me angry or else,
I'll make you dig your own grave."

"Why are you like that", I said.
"I don't know what wrong I've done."
"You know what it's about", he yelled,
"you've been unfair to my son."

"But Brian is not the talent as you think,
he's insubordinate and mostly rude,
he will probably fail the term,
if he continues in this attitude."

"But isn't it your responsibility
to turn him into a decent being?"
"Education begins at home, you know,
although your kin might be disagreeing."
Upon words, correct your attitude
Use them with gratitude
As speech was born in altitude
With mixed conversations aligned inside
our expectations don't always comply.
What could be wet could also be dry,
when we see other options offered in mind.

Hesitance often slows the path we possess
but a personal pace sustains motivation, and anyone's race can turn about face.
Is it really such a lonely road for an individual to search the unknown, testing their growth.

We usually follow what seems set out in front, concurrent ideas and beliefs seep through us.
The leaves of the trees determine the falls, as time spaced apart often changes our attitude.

The landscape of life will transform with a call, through those cycles we bind to vary our mindset. Lessons for all are shown but not always learnt, as repetitive tones tend to compliment worth.

Listen to the figures above, providing purpose when we're feeling deep or down on our luck. The answers can vary and we have to choose, but there are no limits as we continue on through.
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Andrew Jun 5
I am trying to learn
how to smile

with a laugh and a
struggle, a thought
and a grin - I will learn
to smile

and again
strange days indeed
Left To Rot May 26
Why do I still worry
when time is all that I need?
I'm afraid if I decide to wait,
refusing to do a thing,
my life won't move at all
and I'll be bound to fall.
Many things combined together,
Create how we feel every day,
The conversations we hear, what we believe,
Our attitude, the weather, A few that come into play.
Our willingness to accept changes, thinking positive,
Trying different things, in our own way,
Working towards, even a small goal, something to do,
Changing our routines, often during this life’s stay.

                                                         ­                                                                 ­                                  
                              ­                                                         Tom Maxwell ©
                                                               ­                               5/13/2021 AD
                                                              ­                             7:30am
xavier thomas May 12
its only wrong
because they don't expect you
to act on your emotions
Harley Hucof Jan 15
The night has confided in me its secrets,
Revealing my paralleled selves.
We are all privileged, being depressed or anxious is hypocrisy itself
I've sat and thought ,
Time affirms knowledge
Though i am not my awarness,
I feel wired to a hidden intelligence,
Unfamiliar images, imagination,
Everything is a lesson,
Unlearn it to reach the destination

Gratitude brings bliss and peace of mind
do not underestimate the advantage of being ALIVE

Words Of Harfouchism
Sadness feels as sadness does
There need not always be a because
It rains upon the brain with ache
Contentedness to quickly take
Holding hostage a better thought
Posing threat to opportunities sought
Opening doors to past transgressions
Raising the bar for future questions
Even on the most joyous day
It levies a toll like a truck to weigh
A pendulum swaying robotically
Yet a familiar tone melodically
Around me the noise grows distant
While it tugs in a manner persistent
Craving escape from its grip
Ready for this attitude to flip
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