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Bre Oct 6
Things I miss

Once I looked at you
And you looked back
Made eye contact
Saw me.

Six years has passed
And we’re still

And you don’t see me anymore.
I miss the
Of knowing how
I fit
In your world.

I just watch.
You don’t look.
You don’t see.

But I guess I’m just too much emotionally, huh?
I don’t know how to be visible anymore.
rachel Sep 20
Sometimes I forget if I've always been this way
Or if a beast has taken hold
Of expectations lost
Desires unsatisfied
That's dried me up
Rayma Sep 16
Devilish days do well to waste,
with blackout curtains and ink-stained hands,
waiting for sunset when time’s erased.

Those feeble floorboards you often paced,
will creak and moan ‘til you understand;
devilish days do well to waste.

Fight for the feelings that have been replaced,
fight to keep hold of those waning strands,
waiting for sunset when time’s erased.

The sun will set on all you’ve faced,
an eclipse which you cannot withstand;
devilish days do well to waste.

And *****-laced tear tracks chased
by broken glass that pours out sand,
waiting for sunset when time’s erased.

When your thoughts have been misplaced,
I’ll be there to take your hand.
Devilish days do well to waste,
waiting for sunset when time's erased.
written for the fifth Creative Writing prompt - any form! We discussed villanelles in class, and although I wanted to try something I hadn't heard of, my heart led me back here. I always tend for free form, so writing within very specific rules was different, fun, and super frustrating. I love the structure of a villanelle, but I ended up with three words for which it was super hard to find applicable rhymes, but I was determined to keep my opening stanza. It was like some crazy puzzle with words!
Ben Meraki Sep 12
Everyone's got something to say.
But they don't listen,
'cause they don't care.

Just want to softly slip away.
As moonlight glistens on the ocean,
the Mother whispers in the air.

I tried to leave it all behind.
Lay the past to rest
and free myself from pain.

Don't know how I could be so blind!
They'd never let it be that easy.
So they destroyed the plans I'd lain.

It doesn't matter now.

All the bridges are ablaze.
There's nothing left of what I knew.

I guess it's funny how I told you

"I won't desert you."
I never meant to hurt you.


I want you

to know that I'd do anything
to hold you one more time.

Your beauty is the only thing

I need you

to understand that you don't have
to be the things I see

to hear those words from me.

I love you...


But everybody's got their games to play.
I stand on the sideline,
forever watching from afar.

Why would you believe the things they say?
Do you remember when I'd hold you
and we'd look up at the stars?

You told me that you longed to feel again.
But every time I brought that closer,
you just moved further away.

You used to say I take away your pain.
But now I just seem to burn you
with every word I say.


So I want you

to go and find your calling.

To spread your wings,
chase freedom without falling,

and I need you

to understand that I could live without you.

It's not about you.

but I love you

to smile the way you do
each time I'm with you,

and there's still so much more
that I would give you.

I'll relive the joy we've had
each time I close my eyes.

No future and no past.

I love you
Beautiful creature, there are no words...
Allesha Eman Aug 31
I see my reflection in the rain drops,
My fears are painted across the sky,
My ambitions have disappeared,
They go where the sun rays strike,
But today is a different year,
And I’m on the edge of my life,
there is a glow on this rainy day,
But It’s somewhere I can’t seem to find,
It follows the trees somewhere far,
All I know is that with it here,
Time will pass and everything will
I’ll be okay,
and the skies will clear.
Letter 7 out of 26
Arke Aug 30
love, did you know
that every diamond
is made from death
compressed and contorted
transformed into something
just beautiful enough to wear
i was once carbon and oxygen
the weight of the earth on my chest
i'll never be as clear nor brilliant but still
you've worn me just the same
eliminated my multi-faceted edges
polished, a rock as any other
no one would believe i was a gem
i am made of dead things, worn out
eroded through the years
i can't sparkle the way you want me to
can't pretend to shine for only you
throw me back to the earth
i belong with the oceans and mosses
only through an end will i glow
I wish I had known who was standing in front of me,
Before I had to watch him leave

I wish I could have gone a bit deeper, trust his intentions,
But when I’m scared all I listen to is my apprehension

I wish I was brave enough to give us a shot
and if you chose to let me go
i know it was just my fault.

And so it goes
Bracing myself for the worst,
going out of my way not to get hurt
Building enormous walls
and then beating myself up for it all

My only hope is that you know
You deserve all the love
I was reluctant to give you

Maybe someday, when we find our hearts to be relieved
from all the things that are troubling them
We can start all over again
far away from this pain

This was my miscalculation. I make many, nothing new.

I hope it’s not too late to make it up to you.
The Lightning Bolt

A spark,
The first beat of a new formed heart,
The Start -
A new journey begins.

And although the destination is always home,
Exactly where it started,
She understands that what is really important
Is what the journey has imparted.

So, She packs up the old car with just enough,
What She really needs lies just off the road ahead:
In each warm meal she's fed,
Each new path she treads,

Each warm bed,
With pleasant company.
She lets Her mind adjust to thinking free,
Opens it to a thousand new born possibilities,

Conceived somewhere between the highest mountain
To where the land is caressed by sea,
Where She
Is ready to jump in.

She stops, first, at a highland lake,
Sits at the waters edge watching purpling clouds
Gathering in the reflection of the water,
Hugging Her knees tight.

The hair on Her arms begins to stand up,
Her grip on Herself crescendos,
Adrenaline forces Her to feel Her heart,
Just as the storm is about to start.

The electric light,
Blue, Purple and Hot White,
The water bouncing Light,
So bright,
It stole Her breath.

Then it rippled it toward Her in a rumble;
It grew, now roaring,
She tucked Her face into Her knees
And felt Her breath tugging at the trees.

She caught it there, with Her frantic heart,
And forced Her eyes to take a glance,
To behold this violent beauty, this was Her chance,
So, abandoning all Her fear,
She began to dance.

The rain fell hard
And each of Her senses became flooded:

The taste of fresh rain & sweat,
The clothes now clinging to Her skin.
It evaporated all regret
As She listened to the world sing.

She lost Herself at that lonesome lake,
Taken off with the storm and lightning
But the thought only made Her smile,
It wasn't frighting.

Whatever moved Her muscles now
Carried Her to the car, dripping, sodden.
She turned the key in the ignition
And on the radio came something She'd forgotten.

The melody clung to Her like Her clothes,
It drew memories that washed over Her,
Like the rain moments before,
She quickly turned off the ignition
But the key couldn't close that door,
Swung open by the vibrations -

She came back to Herself like a hard-felt revelation.

She smiled then and collapsed on the steering wheel,
In awe of the indulgent moment,
Knowing what it was, in one way,
To be taken apart, all those components,

Scattered in the storm,
Only to be reborn.

As the clouds passed that day,
Summer arrived,
Blooming flowers in the meadows
And along the roadside.

She tried to push on,
But Summer was insistent,
It told Her, take it easy,
It's seductive tone not easily resisted.

And Thus Her journey changed it's course,
Bending, as things do, to even the gentlest force
Like a leaf in a summer's breeze;
She could feel life begin to tickle and tease

And on, And please...
Written for a friend, a beautiful soul and a dreamer..
When I was young
I wanted a canopy bed
They say seeing is believing but
I thought that not seeing was the same as
Believing you were safe

When I was young
I feared house fires and
Losing my mom in the aisles
But now I know she'd always come back to find me
No matter the flame

I'm blind on the way home
All I see are glowing golden arrows
All I hear are growling stomachs
All I feel are these growing pains
I pause on the way home
Only turn on when my ears are covered
This is over, this is over

When I was young
I searched for people like me
But it was impossible when I didn't know myself
Now I've collected a few
Enough for my two narrow hands to hold

When I was young
We took family pictures
Now there's vacancies
And I've learned that growing up is
Skipping changes and missing birthdays

I'm blind on the way home
All I see are glowing golden arrows
All I hear are growling stomachs
All I feel are these growing pains
I pause on the way home
Only turn on when my ears are covered
This is over, this is over

We are over, this is over
a reflection on change, especially the change from child to adult.
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