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Rose 12h
I remember you, full of wonder and exitement.
Blind and loved.
Far from where you've come,
A million miles gone and you've still not reached the moon.
Love, what have you done!
Love, what did time do, to you?
Better late than never.
January 20 2019.
Justyn Huang Jan 13
If happiness were a simple thing
As they'd say,
"Catch a little birdie before
It flew away"

I'd be living in the trees to catch them

Too long above the world below
The dirt, the mirth and roots that grow

Forgotten then for how we came to
kiss: the sun, the sky, the clouds to know.
Viridian Jan 12
I wish to wipe my hands clean of what I knew
I've learnt what capabilities I have, and I've been traumatized
I don't care if the cycle is starting to repeat once more
I want to do things differently and finally save my own soul
Because the biggest capability I've found within myself
Is the power to wash away what I once known
you've come so far
from battling
tender titans
shifting serpents
now rest
among the stars
to repent
to remember
how far you've come

- katrina ******
i'm glad 2018 is finally over.

instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Jahnaye C Jan 8
Move with the clouds.
Stand still to the ground---
Release food amoung birth.
Stand still to the ground---
Disappear with dusk,
Cast shadows,
Shield eyes,
Fill life.
Stand still to the ground---
Move to the way of the vivid path.
Taliesin Jan 1
Smell of cordite, soft
resolution, half whispered:
Slow ash on the wind
Took a break from posting since the solstice, hopefully this should see me back on track
Meruem Dec 2018
The sun will rise,
And we will try again.
December 31, 2018 - 21:52

Looking forward to a brand new sunrise..
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