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Shruti Atri May 4
I could devour your heart
But I chose to hold it with care
Like soft petals, velveteen in my mind

I could scare you to death
But I chose to hide all that I'm made of
Like sharp daggers, wrapped in silken scarves

I could shatter your grip on reality
But I chose to respect your sanity
Like silent truths, hidden in stories untold

See my gritted teeth of sincere control
Notice my disquiet eyes aflame with agony
And don't ignore my scars from wearing another skin

It's been too long, way too long
I close my eyes and breathe in slowly,
It feels alien, other-ly--

A warmth washes over me...
'I made it this far...'
Jaemy May 4
You are not
a product of what the public eye
wants to see
You are not
a slave of the community
Always in doubt whether they will
with how you think and act
You are an individual
part of the pack but not
a full-time follower of the flow
Remember that
I'll only follow myself
be dope.
**** them all.
be unique.
**** them all.
be creative.
**** them all.
be yourself.
**** them all.

**** them.
cause they ****** your mind.
**** them.
cause they made you ride insane within.

but stand for them once in a while.
all this **** and all the *****,
made you you what you are today.
Zack Ripley Jul 2019
For years, you've asked questions
you can never seem to find the answer to.
"How do I make someone love me?"
"How do I know if my feelings are true?"
So tonight, I have a secret I'd like to share with you.
It's something not a lot of people know or know how to do.
The secret? Be you.
I know vulnerability is scary.
But true love gets its strength from the heart.
And if you can find the courage to be proud of who you are, you may not find love immediately, but it's a **** good place to start.
Pranya Mar 5
Sometimes or maybe everytime,
I feel like crying;
Without any reasons,
Or withouty tears.
Tired of stuff,
Everything and everyone.

It hurts more,
People and there trust issues.
Sometimes things which they expect,
Maybe attachments are the ones,
Which are reluctant.

Everything is fake,
Everyone is fake.
Fake soulmates,
Fake wellwishers,
Fake emotions,
Fake care.
Is anything pure and real,
Like my bliss.

You worry i dont talk?
I can cry,
But i won't express.
I can write it down,
But cant tell.
I can talk,
But not conversate.
I can care,
But only for you.
I can help,
But not me.
I can worry,
But only for you.
I can smile,
But only fake.
I can advise,
But not to myself.
You worry i dont talk?

I keep telling myself,
You wanted then you would.
If you wanna talk,
Ego on top.

I am not ignoring,
I am just not in a position to justify it anymore.
You think i am drifting?
No, am not,
I am just trying to be alone, lonely.

No fears,
No emotions,
No fake,
No toxicity,
No cares,
No howling.
Only me, my feelings,
My tears,
My broken heart,
My soul,
My uncured feelings,
And a sense of loneliness.
It might sound depressing,
But its not.
Its the reality.
If you wanna talk,
Ego on top.

No cry,
No tear,
A heavy heart overthinking,
And a lot of fear.
If this doesn't understand me,
Then i dont know what does.

You ask me if i am okay,
You now i am not.
Then please stop this formality,
Cause i don wanna fake.
If you really care,
Look in my eyes,
Hug me tight,
Cause you know am not fine.

Sometimes i hate to be this close,
Cause when you pull even a slightest bit,
It appears as if the world is splitting in two.
I may care,
I may care a lot.
But once you are courageous enough to part,
Then i am reluctant enough to come back.
Maybe thats why,
Am not a permanent person in anyone's life.
But i assure you i am the best temporary you will ever meet.

I try,
Not cry.
But i  weak enough,
To let it all go.
Am tired of opening myself,
Again and again.
But now i am just done.
I dont know who to trust,
Whom to prioritize,
Whom to avoid,
Whom to love?

I know i have friends,
But i don't,
Who talk,
About the ****.
That goes inside mu head.
Cause i know they just cant take it...

I dont know why the people i prefer the most are temporary,
The memories,
The thoughts,
The late night conversation,
The feelings
Just become like ghosts.
People are there,
But not present.
Few are the tried ones,
Who are broken,
And are long gone,
Before you even realize.

I may care,
A bit too much,
A bit too soon,
Never think.
I ignore you,
If i do so,
Then only for your good.
Gone, is the wrong word,
For someone who was never there for you.
You love them more than yourself,
Maybe thats why you lost yourself a long time ago.
Its the time to wake,
And not feel guilty.
For the things you never did.

Why do we have emotions?
Why do we have feelings?
Why do we care?
Just chill out,
And care a little less.

Blade in my hand,
Cuts on my limbs.
Broken heart,
And a lost pet.
Is there anything else you wanna know??

Yes i am obsessed with death,
Cause there is no reason of living such a meaningless,
Pointless life.
So once and for all,
Let it all go.

People come and say,
Its gonna be fine,
Well i know its never gonna be...
Is it just about the moment?
This hour?
This day?
This weak?
This month?
This year?
Or my whole life?

Is there a chance?
Is there a hope?
Because all the darkness cannot extinguish,
Even a single ray of light.
But now even this philosophy,
Goes above my head.
Its my life,
Which you cannot change.
So dont give me hope,
Cause there is no scope!
Pranya Mar 4
In the stroke of the midnight hour,
From the depth of my heart i felt;
Kindle not a fire you cannot quench,
It is easier to raise the devil than to lay him;
If pouring oil on the fire doesn't quench it,
Then let bygones be bygones.

Still i feel it now,
Necessity and opportunity may make a coward vialant.
Pardoning one offence will encourage many,
Mercy to the devil is cruelty to the people;
Pardoning the bad is injuring the good,
We are not here to think of offenders.
Seldomly seen, soon forgotten, is the society,
But it's better to be a has-been than a never never-was!

I looked, before i leaped,
The resolved mind has no cares;
Bold resolutions is The favourite of providence,
So now it's the time!

They should be punished with no mercy,
For their sins and cruelty.
They are the who,
Once talked of, now forgotten!
Behind whose smiles daggers were hidden,
And whose blood couldn't be washed with blood!
The plunders,
The massacres,
The murders,
The screams;
They are supposed to be gone,
And not forgotten!

Black will take no other hue,
So does white!
Let's change our stereotypical mindsets and break the social norms...
Mrs Timetable Mar 18
•Black and white dotted cotton•
•Soft lines and flowing•
•So stylish I said this polka dot dress•
••••••                          ••••••
Twirlin­g-will they notice me in it
Will they see how pretty I feel
It’s new to me, I feel so real
Too young just yet
For attentions like that
Slow down late bloomer, not too fast
I could still hope for stares
And wish for admirers
Would anyone care for braided hair
Years later my true love says
I remember seeing you when we were younger
You stood out among the rest
You saw me?
You remember that?
What did you see?
Tell me!
A Long french braid
Hoop earrings and•••

Real feelings. True story. You just never know who’s noticing you, could be your future love.
On 3-18-1995 You married me and I married you. The dress worked! Happy anniversary
Simran Guwalani Nov 2018
You want the world to see
what a beautiful person you can be.
Maybe you never got a chance
to show them the way you dance.
Or show them the way you paint
or give them a little taste, of your inner saint.
Maybe the opportunity came by,
and you were too shy.
You try so hard for others to see,
you forget the dear ones, who appreciate you heartily.
So, stop trying to make them see
and don't keep your dear ones apart,
They are the ones who'll set you free,
because they have your best interest at heart.
Lainey Nov 2019
Man, be YOU.
That’s enough.
All the ******* about being tough
Manning up
It’s a bluff because the myth of the “real man”
Doesn’t measure up.
He’s a puppet.
Poison in his veins. He’s a slave to his role in the game.

Let’s face the truth.
The dross that’s aimed at youth, toughen up! The boy needs a hand that’s rough. That’s. girl.  stuff.
What do we get if we can’t let him BE?
Toxic Masculinity.
That’s enough!
Man, be YOU.
For international mens day 2019
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