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Damian Murphy Dec 2022
Live not the life that others think you should.....
Live instead the life that you yourself would!
Zack Ripley Oct 2022
You don't have to be a baby
for it to be okay if you want to cry.
You don't have to be a pilot if you want to fly. You don't have to be a star if you want to shine. Just have the courage to be yourself, and all these things and more will come to you in time.
Cambrie May 2022
Should I grow my hair
Stop biting my nails
Lose a few pounds
Shave everywhere
Have a dainty nose
Clear skin
Lightly shaded eyes
Slimmer thighs

Should I change my speech
Never use profanity
Only speak when spoken to
Talk softly
Laugh lightly
Tone it down
Have a higher voice
Solemnly ever ramble

Must I change my entire self?

Goodness, no.

I know my worth and believe I am stunning in every single way.

Recently learned how to love me and I can only thank myself for that wisdom.
Yousra Amatullah Apr 2021
If oppressing becomes permissible,
Law already is underrated.

If colours mean more to you than life does,
My condolences on your gritty being.

If water turns into money,
Fruits will eventually stop growing.

If you are constantly busy comparing your body with someone else's,
Your soul becomes a slave of the wrong embodiment.

If immorality is the trend of this era,
My style is out of date.
birdy Feb 2021
You tell me I'm one thing,
But really you're just afraid that I'm something
You believe everyone is one or the other,
But whats the beauty in that?
Maybe one day I'm
The next I'm
Then the day after I'm
Don't suppress me for being
I am undefinable
birdy Feb 2021
Relieve me from this label,
I cannot belong in this cramped space
That you decide I fit in
I don't understand why anyone would want to be confined
To just one thing.
You tell me I'm this,
Not that.
But why can't I be both?
Or neither?
Why conform?
Why conform when I feel so free just being
Why conform?
Brett Nov 2020
Oh, does a man wonder
If he can ever taste love again
For if he did
Would the ink run dry from his pen
Would his metaphors fall overboard
And sink to the abyss
Oh, how he fears the kiss of warm lips
May deaden his words
And if his manic musings would even be missed
For the only time his wandering mind feels alive
Is when the flowers that bloom
Lay dead inside
Through pain is how he explains
The beauty of a dessert
Longing for rain
He’s played many a game of chess
With the author of his own death
It’s how he learns
The difference between
A cold December nightmare
And living out his dreams
His reality is seen
Through the lines we read between
Labeled aloof
You would be too
If you sat with the truth
And understood
He would rather be him
Then pretend to be you
Imagine a man at peace with every dimly lit street
For even the shadows speak
Subtle, discreet
Lend an ear
Give them a listen
Oh, darkness
Forever painted as the villain
He finds hope in those lonely cold winters
Depressed or obsessed?
For maybe he lives life
As if life were all he had left
Often out of step?
Or unwilling to die on a bed of his own regrets
If only you could feel the fire of passion
That burns in his every breath
We all fade
So, he would rather slow dance with life
On the tip of her blade
For your only ever you
When you forget to be afraid
Long, but I just could not stop writing.
Sarthak Ghatkar Oct 2020
I am not normal
I am something different
I am something unique
I am a tide of change

'Cause in a place I live

It's okay to be who you want
It's okay to choose who you are
It's okay to love who you like
And it's okay to ne true to you

'Cause I have grown up in a garden of love

Far away from the fists of hatred
Far away from the eyes of misjudge
Far away from the jaws of insult
Far away from minds too old

'Cause I have nurtured in the hands of god

I preach to love all the same
I plead to break all the barriers
And for once realize
We are all the same blood and flesh
Accept and Love all People
Adi N Oct 2020
You caught our eye,
sticking out
in a bed of old red and pink flowers.

What's your story?
Perhaps you were just a red or a pink flower
who chose to be yourself.

Or perhaps you were put there
by forces beyond,
to blossom into a messenger.

Thanks for making us think,
and offering a choice to change
while we still have time.
Caage Gaber Sep 2020
such a gorgeous and grand word.
Though dull, it's visible.
It took me a while to figure out, but I love people that throw away the act that the world expects you to have and plays as themself.
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