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Though neither of us perfect be...
Together we work perfectly
Damian Murphy May 27
Those who lack a common purpose,
A strong sense of fraternity,
Rarely shall be victorious
Against a common enemy.

Those who choose to work together,
  Who share responsibility,
Who unite in their endeavours,
Have much more hope of victory.
Damian Murphy May 14
Do cover your cough or your sneeze,
Dispose of hankies safely please.
Wash your hands immediately,
With soap and water thoroughly
For twenty seconds if not more,
And more frequently than before.

Disinfect ‘oft used surfaces,
Refrain from touching your faces,
Leave space between you and others;
At least six feet or two metres.
Stay at home where safe you shall be
To best protect your family.
The governments guidance obey
And “flatten the curve” we just may.

On each of us there’s an onus
To stop the spread of this virus;
We’re in this together truly,
Do your part! Act responsibly!
Damian Murphy Apr 17
A heartfelt thanks to all going
To work on the front line knowing
You are stepping into harms way,
Risking your lives every day
In caring for, and comforting
All those in pain and suffering.
For the fantastic job you do,
Stepping up when we needed you,
For the sacrifices you make
And the daily risks you take,
The country should never forget
We are forever in your debt.
You are true heroes all of you
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…….
Should you seek Peace, Harmony, Zen,
You should spend time in a garden.
Do what it is you love to do
And poetry shall come to you,
Though whatever life puts us through,
Good or bad, may inspire us too.
Damian Murphy Aug 2019
I had a little cry today,
I shed a tear or two,
Though what about I cannot say...
I was just feeling blue.
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