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Who thinks they are perfect
Have one major defect;
Assuming one can be,
Themselves especially!
Damian Murphy Jan 25
Life may knock me down yet
Keep me down it cannot!
Up I shall always get
For give up I will not!
Damian Murphy Jan 22
Life can exact a heavy toll
Unless you pay heed to your whole;
Your mind, your body and your soul!
Damian Murphy Jan 18
Has instant gratification
Been the ruination
Of an entire generation?
Did meeting this need but foment
A strong sense of entitlement
Much to our children's detriment?
How many have not grown to learn
That what one wants, what one might yearn
One has to work for; has to earn?
When this poison seed we have sown
And nurtured becomes fully grown,
The blame is ours and ours alone!
Damian Murphy Nov 2018
Even a full moon
Majestic, Proud
Can be all consumed
By a dark cloud....
Damian Murphy Sep 2018
Who a deaf ear, a blind eye turn,
The chance to speak against wrong spurn,
By their inaction, their silence,
Guilty are in every sense.
Damian Murphy Aug 2018
Though my friends may be but few
Many have not friends so true;
What counts is not the amount
But those on whom one can count.
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