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Patrick Jun 28
I inhale,
I say hi,
You reply.
Oh god, I'm already getting high.

I can't so much as speak to you,
Without the feelings creeping through.
You just said "Hey"
and yet my mind,
this addicted mind,
is shooting rockets;
The dopamine kind.

Feelings between us can't exist.
Bury them deep;
Preserve this friendship.
A moment's weakness;
A moment's woe;
And suddenly the beast inside is awoke.

It seeks the drug,
It's greedy-pride,
All consuming;
Nowhere to hide.
The trauma seeps,
The drug reshapes,
These memory of better days.

You're gone now.
So I still smoke.
Your love is my addiction.
I just cope with this dope.
Juno Mar 28
And just when I thought I might drown under these waves of sadness,
You showed me how to swim.
SquidInk Feb 15
Happy Valentine's day to my ex
I will always smile at our pictures
I will always find you funny
I will always contemplate saying something to you when I see you
I will make fun of you to my friends to help me cope
I just wish that I hadn't completely lost you
Towards the end, we weren't in a healthy relationship
But I still miss you being my best friend
I still miss texting you good morning and goodnight
I hate that we have shut each other out
Because no matter how much you ****** me off I wanted to be there
Because you were my best friend
i miss the other parts of you i lost when i lost you
You've been through so much trauma
You'll find it hard to cope
You'll ask yourself why it happened
And you'll never understand
Everything you learned about family will seem unreal
And you'll cry yourself to sleep wishing not to wake up

You'll go through problems with alcohol
You'll use it just to cope
You'll turn to harming yourself to feel something
And you'll probably never feel free

But just know it does get better
As hard as it's to belive
Were recovering slowly bat surely
As much as we're still scared to sleep

It'll still haunt us day by day and we will never not think about it
But she's not a part of our life now
She was never family to start with

Youll grow older and you'll make a fee mistakes
But you'll meet some amazing people and you'll find reasons to live

No one should want to die so young and here we are
But I promise, one day we will go far
♡ Trigger warnings ♡
~ self harm
~alcohol abuse
Anemone Nov 2020
I'm numb.

A word Ending in mb
Such a strange combination
Occurring most memorably in dumb


People are injected with novocaine to quell the pain in surgical operations
I don't need any kind of injection for my own physical protection
I already feel no pain
Yet they give it to me all the same

This is defense
This is to cope
This just makes sense
That's what I hope
A rush of emotion
Something I can feel
Is this temporary
Is this even real

When was the last time you actually ate
I don't know - I don't know what I put on my plate
Joy for a minute and then it's all gone
And they ask me what is it - what could possibly be wrong

I'm yearning
And learning
Not earning

Any of their respect
It's a multiple-choice test and no answers are correct
Connor Tricho Nov 2020
He dug me a grave
So I planted a tree
He sent me a wave
So I sailed out to sea

And to see what he throws
I must be quick on my feet
To catch hold of my breath
Before he takes hold of me

Now I'm in the hole
Where he left me to die
So throw me the rope
As I say my goodbye

But not to my life.

No, not to my life.

The rope 'round my waist
Not my neck, as I climb
I wave goodbye to him
For the very last time
•• | •
Veritia Venandi Oct 2020
Sometimes,I feel,my mind, is my greatest enemy...

For in a place full of haunting trees and wild animals...
It imagines for me a garden of Eden where I can thrive in peace...!

How often my mind deceives me into thinking that I am loved in return...
Even when the pain and agony of unrequited feelings knocks at my door...
Like a good old friend...!

The remnants of lost friendships gather like thunder clouds in the sky...
Yet my mind consoles me with a lie that it will not rain...!

But then, I realise that I have survived the greatest tragedies of life by letting the mind cover the rusty tracks of reality...

I wonder if my mind hadn't lied I would have fallen into an abyss never to return...

My hopes would have never got time to build up if I had not taken the shoulders of a lie to lean for a while...

I often ask my mind about it... Only to get one answer back...
That to live with the truth forever... You will have to first cope with a lie!
Most realisations come at a time when you never expect it to... This was something that suddenly popped into my mind and I wrote it... Hope you all could relate...
Thank you so much, for reading this ❤
Izzy Sep 2020
Creativity is a coping mechanism for those disillusioned by the reality
Myrrdin Aug 2020
It does not end abruptly, nor is it brief.
It begins with sleeping in too late,
Sometimes lunch or dinner is forgotten,
Laughter sounds hoarse, even forced
They didn't do up their seatbelt yesterday,
Pharmacies will call for missed refills,
They won't make plans for next month,
Eventually they won't make plans at all,
When is the last time they showered?
Did you see them eat the other day?
Is their phone off?
Have you heard anything?
Broken Pieces Aug 2020
One, Two, Three.... It's still not enough,
Scratching over and over is leaving my skin rough.

This isn't something I can control anymore,
I can't just wait for the pain to walk out the door.

This is the way I've begun to cope,
I want to be okay, I really do, but I have no hope.

I can't really tell you how I feel,
Because I know the pain in you would never heal.

I'm sorry that this is how I am now,
I know it's not something you allow.
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