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Pax Dec 2023
I've killed that old flame
felt so ashame, I'm to blame
i left to pursue nothing
it kept me running
please, lend me something
a little bit of hope
for me live on and to cope

i wish i never killed you
left you there
    in the darkness's hue
i wanted to write something good i hope but it becomes depressing when you dive directly into the darkside on how you killed your own dream.
display Oct 2023
when there was rain
I tried looking at you
but it seems you've forgotten
I've tried loving you
and you don't seem to care
the pain you make me feel
I'm not sure if its worth it anymore
I feel myself fall to darkness
as my body feels light
these fleeting temptations scar me spiritually
I know the corruption has reached the depths of my soul
but this isnt suprising
I do not deny my demons
but in trying to deny myself
I reject humanity
and this itself is also life
to die isn't necessarily life
I tried looking up
and the clouds weren't there anymore
I walk falling
water falling upon me as my head is turned up
sometimes its so bitter
but this is also life
and then I understood
tears run dry until we choose to feel them
through forgiveness and understanding
our demons become compassionate
I do not deny them
and this is also living
when I say your name
read from last line up after reading first line down
when a lie becomes the truth and you don't seem to mind
Mugerwa Muzamil Feb 2018
My heart, your pendulous dart board
And you're aiming for the bullseye
Scarred by peripheral attempts
My heart has evolved
Stronger and braver than ever

The churning blood in its chambers
Has made its dark caves cope
Races against time in its tender throbs
And no more
I'm not as yesterday.
David Hilburn Mar 2023
Precocious, finding a love
In the bared morn, a hat to liberty
Seldom in league, fame is a corner of us
True, the notion to fend for essentiality

Count me in, a friend will notice
The taste in harmony and new pasts
To a climate of sense, serious enough
To limit one more stare to avarice...

To the common ground
Of a silent watch, for better call, to contrary
Sake, we deem the curious without a sound
Meant like a ghost of reality, the truth to carry...

A hint of a clue to worry for a besmirched eye
Known naked like a shrewd patience was...
See the coiling heat of me, when the silence has died
Will a lovers flower land on the needs, succinct does?

**** terror in the frown of ingenue
Spoken worlds of decision, to look for a paradises crowd
Hope and chastity, will the run fast or few?
Letting tongues remember their gifts, we see a legend proud...

Tales of the adding
Tales of supremacy come to a tout
Of what was, a hap in the skew of misery profound enough, linger
With me, when the careful ability of an energy, is in route

Past, present, future
Compared in a heavenly guise, of choice and meagerer sorts
Let like a flicker of light, in the behalf of a wish, so curious
Made by solemnity, to live the life of privilege, of the times we were
David Hilburn Mar 2023
With work
The times are ours to live
And make the day come for more
With a hand full of sunshine to give

But the night, so somber
Showing its just and must
Has the sense of another wonder
A longing look at privilege, just because

Liberty in a worthier art?
So fulfilled with a memory for you
The sharing how, to know for a word between the smart
And the wishes of life, to complete the irony due

Somewhere the call of unison
Made in redoubt for a saner heed
Than the count of a days worth, a comparison
With only a chance meeting of minds to guide us, are we need?
Carlo C Gomez Jan 2023
Setting out in the leaf boat.
What can possibly remain?
Fruit of the wild rose?
These little fictions:
petal and stem
—maintenance drugs,
turning strangers into friends
and friends into customers.
The only unforgivable thing:
snow catches on her eyelashes
and bliss is unaware.

Mrs Timetable Apr 2022
Accidental events

Unconsciously drawn
To a peril
You can control

Engendering loss

Unresolved grief

Is data
Created equally
Coping with any loss isn't the same for everyone. Trying to understand.
Do you consider not being able to have something you desire a loss? Is the loss itself worse than the coping?
Chloe Dec 2021
Self soothing
turned into
holding my own
It is comforting.

Staying awake
to watch you sleep
It makes me tired
I always want to
attribute my pain
to something
but everything
is fine

I hold my own hand
It comforts me
when everything
goes wrong

Falling asleep
before you
I miss everything
and it is all my fault

Everything is fine
Don’t comfort me
I am in so much pain
There is no relief

Everything is wrong
How do you complain?
I am only reaching out
for your hand
mark soltero Oct 2021
bile splatters the wall
dreadful peace fills my veins at once
it’s all going to be okay
the worst of this is tooth decay
i can’t rely on others to know better

how can something so disgusting feel this pure
why does this burn in my throat bring me closer to perfection
tears feel valid only when they’re forced
it all feels so wrong
but i can’t let go of this control
peace can’t stay here anymore

but don’t leave me like everyone else has
i’ve given up on everything
i can’t face the world without you
tears shed just for you to stay
please lie in this filth next to me
don’t flee like the rest
there’s no other way i can cope today

the mirror leaves me unrecognizable
the reflection is a lie
you can’t let this happen
here to destroy me
the progress we’ve made
i can’t become an embarrassment once again
i brought you here to take on some of this grief

lonely times in the bathroom
the tile still feels so cold
warmth you gave feels like daggers in my stomach
like bugs trying to escape
i didn’t eat the food
it’s eating away at me
Zack Ripley Oct 2021
I can't stand being alone.
So, to cope, I remind myself
That sometimes,
there are some things you have to do alone.
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