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Bereniké Nov 2018
The mystery
is history.
I solved it
and this is how it ends.

It's not gonna haunt me again.
Aayasha khan Nov 2018
it's said
     "according to the poet"
           well no one actually knows..
this happen a lot of times with my own poems.. its different meanings deciphered by different people. thats all..
Foolinglife Nov 2017
Your heartbreak will never ****** you.
It will slowly overpower you,
making you vulnerable and unguarded,
making your eyes drop to bed sheet,
Making you feel a pain more than a human body could bear.
It will consume you till your last being.
Sometimes it will hit you like a bullet,
piercing your heart right through.
But no, it will never ****** you.
And one day you'll find yourself,
Lying on the floor gasping for air.
You will feel like you're dying,
But the truth is you're not.
No one has ever died of a heartbreak.
Above all, I'm breathing, trying to live a happy life.
Foolinglife Sep 2017
Today, I let go of the hurt, I used to call home.
I misconcieved the pain as love. And today i'm strong enough to let it go.
Foolinglife Aug 2017
The most tender wounds don't bleed.
And if they ask me why it hurts so much, i'd tell them this.
Foolinglife Aug 2017
"How do you write so beautiful creative lines? The things you write, i can actually feel them. Trust me you build homes for long lost nomads, and decorate them so gracefully with your words.",someone said.

Listening to him she sighed, this wasn't any sigh of relieve but a sigh of anxiety and Frustration building up in her mind, but she chose to remain calm. She took a deep breath, a breath of disappointment and sadness.
She looked up to him.

"You know what people have fears and so do I. Some are afraid of clowns, some of spiders or heights. While some fear the dark. But I, I fear people feeling the as same i do. Every time i miss him, i feel my lungs burning empty, my heart hitting the chest so hard that it would break my ribs and rip apart my skin. There's a void in my head, a hollow black hole reaching deep inside my soul, slowly swallowing all my hopes and dreams. And no matters if its 3:00 in the noon, or 3:00 am, i feel the same, i feel a vacuum enduring my happiness, and I, I feel nothingness.
I question myself sitting in my room "where I'm?". On getting no answer i slender my fingers pressed into the skin of my forehead. I take on a sharp razor to slit my skin, drawing beads of blood. I try to calm myself, but soon the anxiety turns up into panic. And i get lost." she paused and sighed fighting back her tears.

"you can't feel me, you're barely aware of the words i write, you haven't faced my demons yet. And i wish you never will." she said.
Just when she was about to give up and cry, she relaxed and smilingly lit up her face to a person she truly never was and will never be.
She walked away.
Shane Leigh Apr 2017
I must stay sober;
You came and
Made me drink.
© Shane Leigh
Josie May 2017
A man smelling of spicy after shave
tickles my nose
Kimberly Lore Apr 2017
Chaos exists where peace collapses
Stagnant does not equal safe
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