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Caosín Jul 2023
Deceivingly simple, we sit down
On our ****** plastic step stools
After school in the kitchen.
You ask me how my day was. I say
Fine thanks, learned about quadratics.
I ask you where you went cycling. You say
Oh, you know, the usual. Round out
That way, and back. The usual.
We sit in silence for amount as I cut a slice of apple and hold it out to you across the room.
You take it, and we sit on our ****** plastic step stools
In the kitchen after school,
Sharing silence and an apple.
And I almost love the crisp, cool crunch
As much as I love you.
I love a good crisp apple ngl
tumbledry Jun 2023
I’m here dad
Here where you begged me to **** myself
Where you told me you’d bring rocks to put in my pockets
I’m here where the land meets the sea
I was always too scared to get too close
I’m here.
Just like you asked.
I couldn’t find rocks.
The seashells will have to do.
I’m not here to jump though.
Just to watch and cry
The sound of waves around me.
Splashing at my feet
I’ll never forgive you.
RyanMJenkins Jun 2023
Padre day always felt so gray
Typically too clouded for anything uplifting to say on a personal plane
Nor much of anything for me to really celebrate

Many moving pieces, some removed before "too late"
This month wouldve marked year 8 -
Of revolutions and opportunities to be great.  I would've stayed and stumbled into ways to be brave.

Instead again I sit here and isolate

Called upon a necromancer for a family to raise.  He handed me a mirror and said, "Start here today."

I am grateful to be, and honor the planting of seeds from generations prior
But the cold washes over me alone staring at the embers of a life that was a fire.

I wouldn't say that this is all a test
Life is stress when comparing with the rest
Judge self only by your personal progress
Try not to take it personally and trust the process

When this sun sets, there wont be any regrets.  Instead whispers in the wind reminding you to keep steps to the beat in your chest

Ive had my talks with suns, moons, and planets in their many driveways, backyards, and various porches.  Kicking it with night sky, a dark cave, with stars as my torches.  These conversations elevate and ultimately nourish.  Still, I can only fantasize about how we'd all have flourished.  One daydream at a time finding the courage to surface
Glenn Currier Jun 2022
His hand twisted the two wires,
          and the engine wondrously fired.

I yelled and cried when I broke my arm
          he easily wrapped it without alarm.

Sorry son, I can’t come to your game,
          the overtime list had my name.

Boy, there’s gonna be a delay,
          my big project is due today.

Your dad went out of town to speak,
          can’t play pitch and catch this week.

He picked up the phone and he heard me say:
          “Daddy, the cops wanna take me away.”

Tonight your dad’ll deposit his check
          then we can fix the car you wrecked.
Thank you Daddy for all you’ve done
“Don’t thank me, your mama raised you, son.“

I regularly tear up with both sadness and joy
              seeing a daddy squatting, listening to his boy.

Father-son ties
mix long lows and splendid highs.
Yes, there are tears and yearning
for more than his earnings.
But now I see how my dad’s hand
protected and provided,
how he taught me to take a stand,
and showed me how to be a man.
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. This poem is dedicated to my dad, Cameron Currier, whom I now see as just a man like me with his limitations and his great gifts. I no longer resent all the days he was not available to me as I grew up. He worked hard for us in the petro-chemical industry in Louisiana and Texas. We always had a house and home with plenty to eat and he provided for my education in more ways than one. Later in life we talked and hugged and he would shed tears of joy when I came to visit. My love and appreciation for him endures.
Larry Potter Jun 2022
You accompany the eastern wayward winds,
With your morning greetings, warm like the sun;
Waking our household and all its mundane delights
Like the intro to an upbeat Bee Gees song.
You blend comical antics into the rough routines
Like The Beatles' chorus filled with seasoned humor;
Chasing away the boring notes and sad refrains
Over lunch table and afternoon coffee hours.
You double-check the locks before the lights go out
Like a Sinatran bridge looking for guarantees
You rest in a fulfilled outro, but always prepared
To sing every unknown tomorrow's melodies.
Happy Father's Day to my musician father! Happy Father's Day to all loved and loving fathers out there. :)
Benzene Jun 2021
Many poets come and gone
and left golden words about mother
but no stories ,no poetries
and no thank you note to father
even the god have no words that can emote
his hard work  
This is an incomplete reality,
that mother's love is everything
There is some contribution from them too
without which we are nothing .
You will find many who will say that you are their moon
but you will always be the moon
of his sky
he always protect you
with his clouds of different hues
Father is like a coconut , looks so hard and strict from outside but from inside he's very soft and kind hearted .
A very happy father's day to all fathers and grandfathers out there .
SøułSurvivør Jun 2016
as the orient
but yet
a western plant
to the desert's
rock and sand

white flowers
bold red
on slender stems
the flaming
to them

from the tiny
Aloe Pepe
to the mighty
those plants
upon a hillside
are there
for all

there's the wierd
Octopus Aloe
small leafy plants appeal
one type of
has a pulp which

in my father's
cactus garden
he has
all types to show
please sit in my

aloes grow

(C) 6/19/2016
Here's another post for my dad
He loves cacti and succulents

Most know the aloe vera
We have some growing in our backyard

Happy Father's Day!
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