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10000 Lightyears Aug 2019
With this card, I'd like to say,
A Happy Birth and Father's Day!
To a brilliant father and a friend,
whom I must drive round the bend.

Fifty-eight years, you've been alive.
Protecting me for thirty-five.
And without you, I can easily say,
I wouldn't be the man I am today.

So live it up for a couple of days
and do things that make you smile.
Then get some flights to Chiang Mai booked,
and we'll live it up Thailand Style!
WizardsPen Jul 2019
Sauna bata pako
Wa pa koy kahibalo,
Bisag lamok di patugpahan
Kay lagi pinangga man.

Nagdako kong hapsay
Malipayon kanunay
Kay aduna may
Naghigugmang tinud-anay.

Nagsubay mis saktong dalan
Kay kami saktong gitun-an,
Bisag si Mama dako nag baba
Kay kami badlungon man.

O pobre tood mi
Wa ko man na mahayi,
Dos ray balon nga ni human
Ko's hayskul ug elementary.

Pero bisan pa niana
Saludo ko nimo Pa,
Magtarong kog skwela
Para malipay **** mama.

Butang-butangan man ko
Di lagi ko paapekto
Magpakahilom sa ko
Kay wala pa ko sa pwesto.

Kay imo kong gipa skwela
Nipalayo ka sa amoa,
Naningpalad sa laing dapit
Sa desyerto na sangit.

Bisag layo ka kanamo
Murag duol ra ka kaayo,
Mura kag bituon
Nga gustong abuton.

Pa, kay layo man ka
Wa koy laing magasa
Basaha lang unya ni,
Happy father's day!
Bisaya Poems for a Father's Day.
thelemonpolice Jun 2019
TW** (trigger warning, also bit intense maybe don't read if it's ur first time here)

This therapy
Is killing me
Can't watch your eyes
As they see me

For what I am
I'm just not sure
I should tell you today
so ill stick to the boring

Because it wasn't normal for me for my whole **** life
I've moved house so many ******* times
I've changed schools quicker than I've blinked sometimes
I've been shouted at
to the point of crying
What's the use in lying?

If I've written down everything
I might as well say
that my moods are valid
If my stability is based on a solid foundation
then it hurts me to say after much contemplation

I'm never gonna heal
Never gonna be as shiny as people who grew up with farms all around
With their parents packing lunches
Making flower crowns while their friends come round and watch funny clowns.

No I don't think I'll ever be able to speak as convincingly as them. It isn't something that's bad inside me, just sometimes I feel like I'm rotting inside and trying to be someone that just cannot be found.

I don't have cute tales from when I was young. All this small talk and I can't even contribute one-thing, some-thing quickly don't be so quiet, Can't help being weird when it's just the silence cause

Calling the police when you're 9 years old
Isn't something you should have to do in your own home

If I ever have kids
I hope I choose him right
For everything it is
It just wasn't right, there was no need to fight, no need to bruise, and it felt like years and im still confused I don't understand why you hated me. If you don't want kids, it isn't hard to leave.

I don't even know if you're alive right now, I don't even know if I should care right now. Does it make me a bad person to wish that I could forget everything you've ever said to me?
e s t r e l l a Jun 2019
To my Step-Dad

Oh how wonderful you are,
You don't ever go to the bar.
You scare off every leech,
and don't fill my mouth with bleach.
I'm very thankful you're in my life.
But how is it dealing with a very famous wife?
I wouldn't call you Bob,
Heavens, not even Rob!

(I love you so much!) :D
Jordan Hudson Jun 2019
Dad, my father
One I bother
You do so much
Yet I treat you like you don't
I wanna take you out for lunch
Yet my cash is low
I hope this song is enough to show
That I love you as a father and friend
Even though we clash
Although we tend to argue and yell
We always go back
If I walk away I'll go to hell
As you are my father, the greatest
You made me without a basis
Thanks to you I am me, thanks to you
I have everything around me
I can't thank you enough
Through times that are rough
Times that are great
Happy father's day
You are the best father out there
No other can care like you
You do, providing food, a roof
And these luxuries, discoveries
The big meals that you found
The ones that you place
On the table so we can stuff our face
Like a big hungry hound
You get tired and you get sore
But you still go to the store
You worn out from work
But you still work here
And you ain't like other dads
You don't need beer
Honestly, you deserve more
But more than a store bought thing
Maybe, a song like this can help
It ain't much but it is really
Hard work and the creation of a song
Special to you, a father's day song
Even if I get mad, or say bad things
No excuses but I had to say what I did
I forbid myself from going any farther dad
I don't have time or room but I got some out my chest
Dad, you are just simply the best
happy fathers day!
m h John Jun 2019
a father is suppose to be a child’s first
and mentor
however for me my father was my first
and the monster that hid under my bed
with a bottle to keep him company
happy father’s day to all the people who have  a dad like this, they have only made us stronger
Johannah Jeanty Jun 2019
I look at him
And I see me
The apple doesn't fall
Far from the tree
I still love you even though you don't know that you exist.
Penguin Poems Jun 2019
Like everything’s the same
I’m not going insane
This Sunday’s just another day
I won’t be crying your name
I never had a dad
Because then it won’t hurt so bad
I haven’t bought presents in the past
Cause Father’s Day isn’t supposed to be sad.
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