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nif Apr 28
off I go
out of my mind
into my soul

movement mentality
I flow
the only thing I truly know
the body grows

contracting and relaxing
I feel everything

if something is off
it will show
off I go
because I know
how to grow

plant the seed
leave be
till pressure is released

a painful expierence
of importance will commence
I promise

slow &  flow
yogi thoughts during playtime :)
Aurél Apr 6
i rip out pieces of me and put them on your plate
you savor them but don't digest
if you want to abandon me
then be my guest
when you give me time i realize i'm blessed

for every second of my stomping chest
i feel like your love is a test
come to mine but bring a vest
be prepared for a hell fest

the devil doesn't let me rest'
i fell right out of Satan's nest

being held in place
by your blinding grace
i have lost my face
my life is just a chase

i stand on Jigsaw's throne
as i squeeze your face
pulling out my sharpened blade
i like watching your life fade

this is what you've made
insanity is my maid
love is horror
IDS Mar 23
I enjoy finding well-structured and coherent worldviews and ideas that collapse my prejudices, ideas, and my vision of the world; it’s uncomfortable at first but the catharsis achieved by being able to synthesize opposing ideas and find common ground where to build new ideas it’s one of the greatest mental pleasures I have felt.

It’s like feeling that after endless hours of trying to mix water and oil, the solution finally becomes crystalline and gleaming in veracity; to immerse myself in it and then go out to see reality with new eyes.

The main cognitive bias of all people is to discard information that contradicts their prejudices, ideologies, and conceptions of reality because of the cognitive discomfort this new information enables.

We take scientific objectivity as a base, and we accept the linguistic subjectivity and its intrinsic intuitive value; it is actually much easier to achieve a rational consensus in decision making.

That’s why we must be very vigilant and look out for rigid ideologies that don’t accept an intellectual confrontation, since they don’t have the capacity to adapt to a reality like ours that’s in a constant state of transformation.
Growth takes time.
Not every seed takes off running.
Every now & then
Even seeds can trip over their shoes.
It makes the difference when you
Can take the time to stop & notice
As well as continue to walk
Until falling face first.
I've never known a man to die from
Tripping over their shoes.
But I've known men to improvise
Until they learned to tie their shoes
I've also known men to tie knots in their shoes
and still can't get them loose
No matter how hard they try
Hunter Green Apr 2019
Oh here we go again, another scene another act,
I’ll fit in just fine but I know I don’t belong.
I’m grabbing my passions by the neck, beating them into who they need to be.

Everyone’s the same, we’re all actors in this play.
I never thought I could get away,
But I’m not trapped cause everyone’s the same.
Drusila Mar 2019
Since my birth, my mom called me chameleon soul
She knew I would fly away
Like a summer breeze, I'd evaporate
Like the fog that precedes a cold rainy night
I would adapt but could never fit
An Oath
Oh Lord,
An oath to every distinct color I left in the places I've been
with no recollection or intention of taking it back
And then, at last, I was assured that this life would never be enough
Desire Dec 2018
I grew out my beard.
I grew out my stomach.
My ears ring randomly.  
My eyes see things differently.
I speak or say less.  I move in silence.
I sleep in when I want.
I haven't touched razors since my return
nor rifles since the field ops.
I've grown in maturity mentally.
I've grown insensitive verbally.
I've grown to miss the uniform
and pride of belonging in a brotherhood;
I miss my extended family.
I miss the people, not the troubles.
I miss the gym, where others alike
flexed invisible muscles.
My days once had routine,
pattern, structure and rhythm.
Weekends full of workouts, worship, and beer.
Weeks full of work, blood, sweat, and tears.
I've grown in experience.
I've regained freedom as a civilian.
But the transition has been a grueling process.
Yet, I've grown to be grateful nonetheless,
as not everyone gets to go back "home" ...
(remember the fallen) ...
However, if I'm honest, I don't think there's ever
an actual adjustment...
[I'm growing]
XLIII. Adapt and Overcome
The life of a Veteran
Random reflection
Spicy Digits Dec 2018
Amidst the humidity and darkness of the forest floor
ants scurry in hyper-speed over invisible highways
mushrooms spread boldly beneath wise wooden giants

At night, black panthers weave through thick overgrowth,
undetected, as birds quieten their hungry young and sleep
But even in the rich darkness of the dense forest
micro flashes of silken pink and yellow cream can be seen
catching the moon's light, glowing like precious gems

By day these colours dim in their translucent chambers
atop the world's most beautiful, fearless caterpillar

This tiny being boldly ventures from one leaf to another
while all others cower underneath
Its crystal spikes hide only soft, sticky goo
and it is no bigger than a fingernail

But don't be fooled by its size and raw beauty,
this bejeweled crown easily summons its strength
to move faster than the angry west winds

Its beauty comes not only from its form
but in its lion-hearted spirit and grace

This confident caterpillar lives
and surrenders to change
without the leaden shackles of fear and worry

and when the time comes

she embraces

and is transformed again

to something new.
Arke Sep 2018
love is not a scarcity
it is a renewable resource
if you've found it once
you will find it again

nothing is truly static
you will outgrow people,
places, relationships
and that's okay to do

remember when times are tough
the only person you should trust
whom you can always rely on
is yourself

we all age, we all die
so make sure the people
you love know how you feel
because they will not always be there

it's okay to leave a situation
that makes you unhappy
that's not selfish
it's self-preservation
Just a few life lessons I am still learning.
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