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Left To Rot Jun 10
Get used to fall, crawl,
step up, then fall again,
with faults we rise,
we get roses and thorns.

From life we learn,
for death we live,
each in our own fields
we reach our peaks.

Smiling and weeping,
losing and seeking,
steady and stubborn
our seeds are ruined.

Fools are small-minded,
the wise learn from actions
some lives are electable
to manipulate.

Hopes are crushed
I repeat myself, I yell
but they never hear
my time's a waste.

Don't think I'm strong
if I lose my mind
and get myself together
in less than a heartbeat,
that's all my life.
Zack Ripley Apr 22
You may be lost. You may be alone.
But it's not your fault.
Even if you push people away.
I know, coming from someone on the outside looking in, it's easy to say "don't listen to them"
Or "take what they say with a grain of salt."
So I won't say that.
It doesn't help you feel better anyway.
What I will say is what I said before.
It's not your fault.
I don't know what happened, but if you isolated yourself, that was a reaction.
And there's no right or wrong way
to react to anything. But not all hope is lost.
When you react, you adapt.
It's not easy. In fact, it can be quite painful.
But you did it once. You can adapt again.
Lunar Apr 10
when tragedy hits
  No one prepares you for it
   Or tells you how bad it will be
     Riots in your head
       Madness in your work
          Absences of presences
             Life just isn't the same
and I wonder when it will be .. or is this the new normal?

By Lunar
Mar 26
just when you think you've moved on
you find yourself back at square one
with an evolved mindset and mentality
ready to do the same thing that forced you to change
once again.
had to repost one of my favourites. maybe it's the beginning of my comeback.
I move from right to left lazily
Everything around me is hazy
Sometimes a colourful passerby stops for a rest
Sometimes they stay, considering me as their nest
But they all leave over time
Some consider me as grime
Some love to nibble on my tips
All I rely on is my roots and their grip
The sun’s ribbons of light nurture me
They play through the waves as I admire their beauty
Some days it’s calm and quiet
And I can feel the warm sand in my roots
Sometimes is rough and rocks and pebbles rip through
All of those beautiful green stems I grew
But through it all, I grow back
To feel the beautiful warm sun touch my tips
And the soft touch of sea foams lips
~ 13/2/21
Zack Ripley Jan 18
Being strong has nothing to do with strength.
It's about your ability to adapt to
And overcome obstacles.
If you look at it like that,
Anyone can be strong.
And with all the challenges
We face this year,
you'll have plenty of practice.
Rosen Blanche Jan 17
Hour 10 of a 24 fast;
in the midst of storms, how long does food last?
Here I am weary, but will keep going
guided by light to a point, unknowing.
Amanda Hawk Jan 14
Chameleon, I change
Adapting, find myself
Lost in time
Or ever changing
I slip in quietly
Treat the hours as skins
And I am shedding
Every moment, reborn
Recreating myself
So definition
Never quite touches me
No matter how much I try,
I keep winding up at the same place
I keep trying to break out of my loop,
I want to learn the way life survives
By never staying the same.
What are you waiting for
A change?
An awakening?
An answer?
Connor Tricho Nov 2020
He dug me a grave
So I planted a tree
He sent me a wave
So I sailed out to sea

And to see what he throws
I must be quick on my feet
To catch hold of my breath
Before he takes hold of me

Now I'm in the hole
Where he left me to die
So throw me the rope
As I say my goodbye

But not to my life.

No, not to my life.

The rope 'round my waist
Not my neck, as I climb
I wave goodbye to him
For the very last time
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