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Robert Ippaso Feb 14
What qualities make a ‘successful man’,
Is it the tambor of his voice,
Some lofty goals, a lifelong plan,
A steering hand, his knowing choice.

Can compassion play a part
Or is that interpreted as meekness;
Is it wrong to show a heart
Without labeling it as weakness?

Does strength need to be paraded
A steely front for all to see,
Is authority degraded
When others sometime don't agree?

An old proverb said as much:
"A wise man is one who listens"
Few have had the Midas touch
And those that did have breached divisions.

Three traits renown - the deadly cluster,
The very ones to spell out doom,
Bravado, Braggadocio and sheer Bluster,
For all they bring is downright gloom.

So where's the rulebook, that golden fleece
To show the way and light the path,
That font of knowledge and inner peace,
Assured success without the wrath?

Where it exists is inner strength,
A willingness to learn whilst teaching too,
Consistency and grace to any length,
Embracing all of us, not simply you.
In the age of Trump a redefinition of a successful man may be required to help current and future generations.
Graff1980 Feb 8
Say goodnight
to that psychopathic
narcistic guy.

You all used to say
you were about to make
America great.

So, say goodbye
to that uncouth
wanna cause
a violent coup
dipstick dude
who many of you
were following
through to

Must be a
hard pill to swallow
cause you haven’t taken
the medicine
of getting rid of him
and accepting
the election.

Such a bad *******
for the fool who
won’t move on
fast enough.
Instead, he is
getting everyone
riled up
and stealing money.

It’s not even funny,
how he hurt so many.
It’s a cold chilly January
as he tries to dismember
that capitol with his fans.
Then throws them
under the bus.

This is how he uses
and abuses his stooges,
just ask Mike Pence.

So, forth hence
say farewell
to the ne’er-do-well.
He might not be
going to hell,
but if we are lucky,
he will be going to jail.

Rising from the earth,
like the native Comanche.
He’s really quite dandy.
President Chimpanzee.

So fierce and strong,
like a banshee—
but brave and cute,
Like little orphan Annie.
No, his name’s not Randy,
or Sandy, or Fannie, or Mandy—
get it right!
The name’s,

You may find him with Andy,
eatin’ nanners in the pantry,
but no need to get antsy—
He’s not getting handy with granny!
I mean, come on—
he’s a chimpanzee!

Oh, that fuzzy man candy.
His ideas—so fancy dancy.
Building a democratic jungle of equality.
A born leader like King Ramsey!
Did you forget him already?
You know the dude...

So, get up, America!
Stop playing with your testies.
Pull up your pantsies.
Go gather all that you can see,
and put them in a frenzy—
with definite intensity,
For the
                       of Miami.

Give us liberty.
Give us...
President Chimpanzee.
Anais Vionet Jan 20
Don - they tell me you're leaving
I can't believe it's true,
that we’ll get to live without you.

You’ll go away - govern-mentally,
after all this pain and misery.
When you go - I won’t miss you,
You never said a thing that was true.

Remember when - you hoaxed the virus fight.
What an idiot - you never got it right.
Trump never cared - for me or you,
but we might survive now that he's through.

So let’s discuss - the insurrection -
you provoked when you lost the election.
You got impeached for time number two
who said breaking up was hard to do?

Let’s say goodbye - and let it be,
I hear you’re going to do - Trump TV?
About the time you get that set up,
New York will come and lock you up.
Bye bye Mr. Trump - SEE-ya - wouldn't want ta BE-ya.
From that storm driven dark day.~ I saw rioters chanting U-S-A, U-S-A.~ And raging, raging, having their stay.~ Like wound up robots with words to say.~ The mob-like, lapped the Capital and it's prey.~ Then raced thru the steps of Trump's relay.~ For there they were under his spell and play.~ Like they were programmed to stray.~ Months of Trump's stop the steal came to a fray.~ When the mob took the Capital my heart dismay.~ It was like watching stupidity, and horror in disarray.~ For there they stood casually in foul play.~ Waving flags, cameras, and de-pricing their way.~ Yet totally oblivious of the law and mainstay.~ This day needs closure and the puppeteer has to pay.~

Logan Robertson

Tomorrow Biden will be sworn into office and I wish him all the best. And Trump I have no kind words for. For here is a man that is not all here.
Robert Ippaso Jan 16
Impeached, indicted, discredited, expunged,
Forsaken and little short of being hanged,
Does the punishment truly fit the crime,
Inciting sedition and for that I need do time?

Are they crazy or simply deaf,
Do they think I work for UNICEF,,
A do-gooder, a kind hearted soul,
The kind of man to pigeonhole?

I'm a maverick, a crusader at heart,
The one to lead, feats to start,
I change the world it doesn't change me,
I push and I pull, won't let things just be.

So someone please tell me where I went wrong,
Was I not trusted to be valiant and strong,
To Shake the tree, purge that swamp,
On bureaucracy and waste simply stomp?

Build the country, cut to the chase,
Squash every foe, win every race,
And now what, have I've gone too far,
Plunging to earth like a falling star?

Give me a break, cut me some slack,
I did a great job, the country's on track,
Save for this Covid all would be fine
All other Presidents would I outshine.

Don't undervalue, don't underrate
I'm the one man you can't just abate,
Count me out at your peril, think I’ll retire,
For those that have crossed me, their future is dire.
He'll be fighting with no Tweets
With his children in defeat
And the lies that he unleashed will be gone
For the POTUS spurred Q on
Now sits in judgement for his wrongs
Cuz he decided to incite his crazy throng

I'll tip my hat to our strong constitution
Wipe my brow for there's no revolution
Smile and wave to the Guards on the ground
Who surround the Capitol today
Wish they'd yesterday
When I got on my knees and prayed
He won't rule us again

Deranged, and way off plumb
Trump wanted Q to come
He deliberated with his fold on the Mall
And his words were just insane
And historically unchained
Cuz their banners had been flown to **** calls

I'll tip my hat to our strong constitution
Wipe my brow for there's no revolution
Smile and wave to the Guards on the ground
Who surround the Capitol today
Wish they'd yesterday
When I got on my knees and prayed
He won't rule us again, no, no

Remove the Trump, put his family aside
If this happens we may likely survive
We'll get all his papers and smile at the lies
Though I know those hypnotized wonder why

Do ya?


The MAGA in the streets
Look indifferent to me
Yet their slogans will be erased, by-and-by
And the party on the right
Is now losing every fight
And their words have grown less stronger overnight

I'll tip my hat to our strong constitution
Wipe my brow for there's no revolution
Smile and wave to the Guards on the ground
Who surround the Capitol today
Wish they'd yesterday
When I got on my knees and prayed
He won't rule us again, no, no


Greet the New Boss
Impeach the Old Boss
Trump  election. Impeachment
Lisa Jan 11
Each day we’d tell ourselves, it can’t get any worse.
But we’d wake up to the next bombshell from the Donald Trump curse.
His rhetoric and false promises stirred something in millions.
He was going to “drain the swamp” be the man of the people to his minions.
He brought out the worst of us, appealed to their deepest fears
Convinced them they could stop hiding, gave them a voice for four years.
He treated our country as the setting for his next reality show.
Each day a new episode, with fake news and Democrats the greatest foe.
He’d tweet unintelligible nonsense in the middle of the night,
Encouraging racists to come out from under their rocks and be ready for a fight.
Four years of bigotry, vitriol, and insulting nicknames,
crimes, pardons, and everyone else always to blame.
He bullied and intimidated, to keep his allies securely in his pocket.
And if you veered off his path, he’d add you to his docket.
These spineless Republicans who went along with this charade,
They were the most pathetic, doing his bidding as they were played.
The Trumper fanatics seem to have short term memory loss.
“Mexico will pay for the wall!” he said.
Now they’re paying for its cost.
Putting children in cages, separating them from their parents at the border.
300 children still missing, reuniting families, a useless order.
There were “good people on both sides” when white supremacists came to ****.
“Stand down and stand by”, he told the Proud Boys when asked to rebuke their will.
Each day we listened, watched, and read things we just couldn’t believe.
No one thanked him for McCain’s funeral, he told “the squad” to go back to where they came from and leave.
He insulted the city of Baltimore and labeled poorer countries as “**** holes”.
He alienated us from allies, and continuously used erroneous numbers in the polls.
The problem is, this is REALITY, not a show, and people’s lives were in his little hands.
He has no concept of consequence, having everything handed to him from his dad.
The list of his transgressions is long, but there’s one that will follow him to hell.
He knew how dangerous Covid 19 was, and decided not to tell.
He said it was not a big deal, not to worry, that they were prepared.
Looks like by April, when it gets a little warmer, it miraculously goes away,” he declared.
This is the flu, it’s just a flu. Don’t wear a mask, everything’s fine, was his call.
We’re doing a “tremendous job” he said, he’s not concerned at all.
Well now we see the result of his inaction and he said he takes no responsibility.
Thousands are dead and dying, NO LEADERSHIP was the key.
A sigh of relief when he wasn’t reelected, but he refuses to concede.
The election was rigged, the Democrats cheated, although there was no evidence to see.
His “alternative facts” were denied by the courts time and time again.
So what does he do, he turns to the underbelly, his faithful, deplorable friends.
As a result we saw something on Jan 5th that we’ve NEVER seen before.
These “protesters” stormed the capitol building, bashed in windows and broke down doors.
All the while, they were chanting their mantra to their king.
Replacing the American flag with a Trump flag, destroying everything.
These weren’t protesters, these were terrorists, leaving the chambers a wreck.
No respect for the ceremonies from the Constitution they say they vow to protect.
If that was a mob of black Americans, do you think they would have made it to the front door?
They would have been showered with tear gas, and shot dead, racial injustice to the core.
Trump loved every minute of it, held off the National Guard as pandemonium reeled.
Then he tweeted a loving video telling the thugs they were special and he knows just how they feel.
If there is a bright side to this attack on democracy,
it’s that it clearly exposed the ****** representatives for everyone to see.
It’s been interesting to see his greatest supporters jump like rats from the ship.
The biggest *** kissers in his club now want no association with him.
****** too, had dedicated followers who believed themselves to be good people.
And then they paid the price when the term **** became synonymous with evil.
To me, those who have sided with Trump will always be a mystery.
But one thing I do know is all of their names will go down on
the wrong side of history.
Tam Jan 11

You may believe
your ***
belongs on a

You may believe
is yours to

But the only
that should ever house
your  wretched

is the





after you

thinking about all

reminiscing of

shortly before

shattering to



within the confines
of a
You are not a god because you are not worthy of worship.
Even maggots are better than you.
Shattered glass and a blood trail.
A dead policeman in a massive fail.
Horned-y guy waves his spear,
trying to get us to fear.
Qanon conspiracy
says Pelosi and Hillary
make pizza pies with children’s blood.
But their message is a dud
with the sane who still dominate.
A bizarro postscript in history, the fate
of the mob of deluded nobodies
who entered the Capitol with ease.
Because who would have thought... was right on 4chan, the plot.
Seems not many do their jobs
and a policeman’s killed by wacko slobs.
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