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we only got to see the bad things that trump does, and not seeing the symbolism of just his name - a trumpet is called a trump in every older book, and language...if and when they show trump and others doing something good, they will change...wait...maybe buiding temples and motels in other countries is good

we frown upon it yet do similar things and the poorest people will vote for trump again...i don't vote because i have faith, and when you have faith, you know you'll be ok as a whole, even if they won't

we are all a potential jesus, and a potential god, and that's what they want us to be

brought to you by the whole me, with material to patch a hole in us

funded by no money, but learning what i thought i hated, but i loved....benjamin franklin used what they call witchcraft then, and i found my own craft through him...he was closest to god by taking what was in front of fact it goes deeper...the theory of relativity was proven by franklin
watch america self destruct the movie part 2 (only available in txt version}

the players - you choose but you still won't know(god's cut only)

as Jesus -

Jesus -  2/1
White Jesus 1/1
Weird looking Jesus 100/1
Robin Williams 2/1
****** - 2/1
Bigfoot - 2/1
Trump - 2/1
Biden - 2/1
Henry Winkler - 2/1
any billionaire - void

as the false prophet

Jesus -  2/1
White Jesus 1/1
Weird looking Jesus 100/1
Robin Williams 2/1
****** - 2/1
Bigfoot - 2/1
Trump - 2/1
Biden - 2/1
Henry Winkler - 2/1
any evangelic - 1/100
dollar bill - 2/1
any billionaire 1/100
as God

Dave Chappelle - 1/50
Jesus -  2/1
White Jesus 1/1
Weird looking Jesus 100/1
Robin Williams 2/1
****** - 2/1
Bigfoot - 2/1
Trump - 2/1
Biden - 2/1
Henry Winkler - 2/1
any billionaire - void

as Beast(s)

all cryptids
flying monkeys
lizard people
android devices
apple devices
Robert Ippaso Aug 15
You may well ask where am I,
Am I engaged or fully checked out,
Take a seat, happy to clarify,
Placate your mind, dispel any doubt.

I'm Biding my time and that's not a joke,
Giving the old guy time to implode,
He's senile and tired, befuddled and woke,
Any wires remaining will for sure  overload.

The Border is crumbling, COVID runs wild,
Afghanistan gone, China supreme,
Kamala in hiding, lost and beguiled,
Progressives now surging their wishlist extreme.

Nancy grandstanding, Chuck babbling loud,
Cuomo shot down, who would have known,
Just goes to show it's good to be proud,
If your cover is solid and not wholly blown.

I'm mulling and watching disasters untold,
Inflation unbridled, crime running wild,
The Media's support from lukewarm to cold,
Uncle Joe's moods ever more riled.

Well may you ask why I seldom now speak.
The answer is simple and easy to grasp,
Time is my friend as you see week by week,
And eventually bites like a poisonous Asp.
Francie Lynch Jul 22
I look forward to the re-enactments of historic moments in the pageant of The United States of America. [sic]

Gettysburg, Crossing the Delaware, The Moon Landing, Paul Revere's Ride, The March on Washington, The Storming of the Capital, The Clearing of Lafayette Plaza, The George Floyd ******, The Separation of Families, The Arizona Re-count, The Plot to Assassinate Democratic Governors, The Imprisonment of: Jared, Donny, Eric, Ivanka, Don, Carlson, Greene, Gaetz, Guilianni, Hannity, Conway, McVeigh, Barr [sic] (just to mention a few of the Founding ****-Ups.), the death of 650,000 people (the vast majority being innocent), The Pandemic of the Unvaxxed [sic]

After July 4, 2024, History may never be the same. See it now!
Francie Lynch Jul 26
620 000 is Unjust
620 000 + 1 is unjustly better.
The passing of a don. 😎
Francie Lynch Apr 30
Nietzsche postulated His death.
tRump proved it.
But gods are known to resurrect.
"God is Dead"
dear Donald
fare thee well
and may you roast
in hell
for all the damage
you have caused
After four years of demonstrating total irresponsibility and incompetence for the office, we welcome the demise of the worst U. S. president in recent history. His (non-) actions caused the death of 500.00+U.S. citizens, millions of jobs lost and families in misery. May he never be heard of again.
Robert Ippaso Feb 14
What qualities make a ‘successful man’,
Is it the tambor of his voice,
Some lofty goals, a lifelong plan,
A steering hand, his knowing choice.

Can compassion play a part
Or is that interpreted as meekness;
Is it wrong to show a heart
Without labeling it as weakness?

Does strength need to be paraded
A steely front for all to see,
Is authority degraded
When others sometime don't agree?

An old proverb said as much:
"A wise man is one who listens"
Few have had the Midas touch
And those that did have breached divisions.

Three traits renown - the deadly cluster,
The very ones to spell out doom,
Bravado, Braggadocio and sheer Bluster,
For all they bring is downright gloom.

So where's the rulebook, that golden fleece
To show the way and light the path,
That font of knowledge and inner peace,
Assured success without the wrath?

Where it exists is inner strength,
A willingness to learn whilst teaching too,
Consistency and grace to any length,
Embracing all of us, not simply you.
In the age of Trump a redefinition of a successful man may be required to help current and future generations.
Graff1980 Feb 8
Say goodnight
to that psychopathic
narcistic guy.

You all used to say
you were about to make
America great.

So, say goodbye
to that uncouth
wanna cause
a violent coup
dipstick dude
who many of you
were following
through to

Must be a
hard pill to swallow
cause you haven’t taken
the medicine
of getting rid of him
and accepting
the election.

Such a bad *******
for the fool who
won’t move on
fast enough.
Instead, he is
getting everyone
riled up
and stealing money.

It’s not even funny,
how he hurt so many.
It’s a cold chilly January
as he tries to dismember
that capitol with his fans.
Then throws them
under the bus.

This is how he uses
and abuses his stooges,
just ask Mike Pence.

So, forth hence
say farewell
to the ne’er-do-well.
He might not be
going to hell,
but if we are lucky,
he will be going to jail.

Rising from the earth,
like the native Comanche.
He’s really quite dandy.
President Chimpanzee.

So fierce and strong,
like a banshee—
but brave and cute,
Like little orphan Annie.
No, his name’s not Randy,
or Sandy, or Fannie, or Mandy—
get it right!
The name’s,

You may find him with Andy,
eatin’ nanners in the pantry,
but no need to get antsy—
He’s not getting handy with granny!
I mean, come on—
he’s a chimpanzee!

Oh, that fuzzy man candy.
His ideas—so fancy dancy.
Building a democratic jungle of equality.
A born leader like King Ramsey!
Did you forget him already?
You know the dude...

So, get up, America!
Stop playing with your testies.
Pull up your pantsies.
Go gather all that you can see,
and put them in a frenzy—
with definite intensity,
For the
                       of Miami.

Give us liberty.
Give us...
President Chimpanzee.
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