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Miss Betty May 20
it's a place to dream
a warm afternoon
with a thought ice cream
and idea sprinkles
Brian Turner Apr 29
Flowers dropping from a tree
White glimpses of light
Softly swirling, spinning, spinning
Gently resting on green
Time standing still for a few seconds.
Notes from 5 second glance at a following tree. Mindfulness moment.
Reuben F Apr 6
Won't the doorman
Cease to see?
- The one is busy, counts to call!
Won't the dormant
Cease to be?
- The sun is dizzy, wants to fall!
Won't adornments
Cede to me?
- The pun is easy, mounts to bawl!
- Wont the poor men...
Need do we?
The fun is fizzy, Hunts too small!
When the world goes too still I become afraid to think.
Silence distracts me from my distractions;
It pounds against my skull demanding access to my consciousness,
hauling a trojan horse of thoughts and feelings I never want to let in.
Sighh...idk how people meditate
Homunculus Feb 24
Breathing in, I dwell
deeply in this moment
Breathing out, I know,
it is the perfect moment

Breathing in, I see
it is an only moment
Breathing out, a moment
that's truly one of a kind

For appearances may
delude one into thinking
"This is nothing new
it has all happened before"

But the discrete events of THIS "now"
have never happened before
in precisely the same way
and they never will again

and though a moment may
be filled with pain or anger or despair
Just like the moment itself
these will also disappear

So too, a moment may
be filled with rapture, bliss, and joy
but as with the moment again
these will also disappear

Breathing in with this in mind
to what is there to cling?
Breathing out with this in mind
from what am I repelled?

Breathing in with this awareness,
I see each moment is a miracle
Breathing out with this awareness
a smile sweeps across the face

Breathing in, I'm here
Breathing out, I'm now
Breathing in I don't desire
Breathing out I'm free
For our accomplished teacher who has shed his mortal coil. The man who taught us how to embody peace, compassion, love, respect, and joy. Namo Thầy, namo!
Khadro Jama Dec 2021
As I continue to wander
Into absolute Nothing
I'm confronted with different versions of reality
I'm shocked at a recent interaction
I was trying to tread carefully
My actions demonstrated
selfish Behavior
being unable to cultivate
Not being able to connect
I'm no different than those who broken me
It's irresponsible of me
Said words like “Living in the moment“
I know, I'm Not Perfect.
Scars only show us where we've been.
They DO NOT dictate where we are going.
I've been hurt by almost everyone
I've given up on a lot
Every piece of good
Has been ripped out of me.
In all my life
I've never been selfish
Until recently
I have been learning to become one
Learning to detach
Embark in new experiences
Finding my way to learn about life
Without showing the damage done to me.
An ex Associate said some hurtful words to me.
Yes, my Approach towards them was wrong.
It was unfair of that person to lash out their emotions towards me while telling me that I didn't care.

I've never taken advantage of another.
I really am sorry.
I wasn't responsible for your pain.
You made it difficult to be social, shutting me out
I'm not the type to force myself when you fresh angry & Sad heart!!
Chris Hutchison Nov 2021
Anger in my life hits me in the chest. I allow the fire to spread to my limbs.
I observe and attend.
Sadness in my life grips my stomach. I allow it to devour my body as I cry out.
I observe and attend.
Guilt in my life empties my throat. I let it wrench my guts and weaken my knees.
I observe and attend.
Joy in my life blossoms in my heart. I allow it to melt my bones.
I observe and attend.
This poem encompasses my learnings from a particularly effective therapy I did call ISTDP (intensive short term dynamic psychotherapy). It emphasizes a deep and intimate connection of the mind and body. It's changed my life, so I wanted to share a bit about it.
In this moment, I want to stay
Grasping every breathe
Developing a sense of self
That right now Its all I crave
Not needing to depend
On a person or a thing
You should take care and let me
Be the best that I can be
Please help me keep this memory forever
Tomorrow might be gone and in the past I dont belong
Should I stay or should I go?
In mind there is no stillness , just hope
That these forever thoughts would leave me alone
Stop overthinking!
Kenechukwu Sep 2021
Where anger and grief learn to handle their frustrations
Where your mind sits down and tends to complications…

Where truth and lies stand on equal footing
Where ambitions and doubts do their pulling and pushing

Silence is…
Chaos and calm
Spiritual balm.
The abyss where you can find both,
and harm.
Today, I said no words
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