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MB Fleetwood Oct 12
My inner child pounds at the door,
it begs to roam free on forest floor.
No iron river, no concrete mountain,
compares to a natural spring fountain.
Fields of green, take me home -
let my mind wander and roam;
let mud squeeze between my toes.
The joys only a child knows -
to day dream of magic and lore;
maybe find tiny green leaves of four.

© M.B. Fleetwood
This life we've all been gifted is far too precious to just go through the day-to-day routine of eat, sleep, and work. We often cage away our inner child and forget we are creatures of nature.

We are not separate from the environment - we are it.

So, find time to stand barefoot on the grass, to gaze up at the stars, SMELL THE ROSES, or to simply pause in appreciation and wonder in all that is around you. Remember to live! It's OK to let your inner child out every once in awhile!
Douglas Chase Oct 12
Don’t hang your hat on past triumphs
as if the battle is done.
Don’t hide behind them as the lazy would,
saying “I have no need to fight for good,
you see, I’ve already won!”

For past defeats, don’t hang your head.
You are not the man that lost.
He died that day in that clash,
and you were born from that ash
stronger and wiser for the cost.

Do not die full of regret
because you wasted every today.
Move now, and give yourself no slack.
Don’t waste your time looking back.
You aren’t going that way.
Harry Roberts Sep 25
My chest is half full
Shimmering with love
Spilling compassion by the heartful.

My mind is my own
These voices are mine too
Threads of thought tough like sinew.

Unravel the knots so people can find you
Chaos can hinder weaken and blind you
Remember yourself be kind and be gentle.

Remember yourself and your morals be mindful.
When the glass was half empty
Hurting with its absence
Perception is everything
Even when its harmful

Harry Roberts
The Dybbuk Sep 21
Silence doesn't come easily anymore;
we have abandoned ourselves
in favor of slot machines.
I have grown weary of spinning bells,
colored lights, and empty words.
Patience is my companion now,
and serenity follows closely behind.
I will walk the path alone,
and revel in the company of stillness,
as wanderlust guides me deeper
into the woods.
Derrick Jones Sep 19
There will be dancing
On that joyous occasion
That moment
When I just
There will almost certainly be dancing
Of the body
Of the spirit
In that moment
When I breathe
When the clock stops ticking
When I quit keeping score
When there is no "more"
Or "next"
Or "because"
When there just
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A farmer walked by and noticed my flowers.
He carried seeds with him wherever he went
And planted them unconditionally
Bringing beauty and variety to the countryside.

I thought his tomatoes and tulips
Were delicate and succulent
Small and intricate
And inundated with a life
Simpler and richer.

He showed me to think sweetly
And remember that life
can be filled with fruits and flowers
if you plant seeds wherever you go.
Put it away
When you need to feel clean
Put it in the oven
And feel warm.

Let it rise from the bottom of your belly
To the tip of your lips
Or you can let your hands, knees, and back
Sing for you.
A rose
Knows not
Which soil it grows

In a *** on the sill
Or a spot by the hill.

A rose outdoors
Smells just as sweet
As those before

It does bloom
Sweet and fresh
It’s perfume
Without a guess.

The rose I know
Does not grow low
It will smile
Towards the sun
Turn and reach
And want for none.
A wave or a waft
What is your preference?
To smell something best
I would suggest

A waft per say
As smelling is

Don’t say that you
Can smell perfume!
That artificial sneeze
Invading the room

Can you smell a breeze
Drifting through?
I can with ease
And so can you.
Jenie Sep 16
Existing unrest exacerbated or
change in climate lowering the cloud cover
surrounding the mountain peaks For once
visible the centuries of suffering
now leading us into violence The
tables upturned by an invention spreading
like wildfire across dry meadows
or storm rivers under the seas
Bewildering Frankenstein monster
a stage for
the flowers of the brains to radiate
in strands of light above the lands
discoveries and creations
passion and truth and
kindness valued in
a world in transit An echo
of upheavals from ninety five theses
when the rolling waves of knowledge open
for children to follow their drive
where it takes them
A transfer to learn
without belonging pains while
we downsize our upkeep
and upsize our bonds
our unfettered feet buried in the sand and our
heads held where the wind blows and the
sun shines We dance
We sing to a tune freed
on our way to be and to become
and together
in time
save what can be
                                     or end with beauty
Myself reading it on soundcloud, a first try despite my accent!

Ice melting, political upheavals, positives of social media, impact of printing press and Martin Luther's ninety five theses, knowledge available, alternative schooling, minimalism, mindfulness, music accessible. This is a kind of reverse follow up on 'Social media - A modern coliseum'
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