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I tried to be mindful

but my mind is too full
the overthinker's first and final words
I don't know how
dumb folks can simply
place their brains on break.

Mine likes to cycle overtime,
swishing by
at double time and breakneck

It's faar past time for my mind
to select a simpler pastime,
try shouting: "Doh!" and "Duuh"

Psst, kid! Just promise me this:
When we corral all
the world's Dodo birds
onto our "Pluto Spaceship,"
We will ask em where they found
their common sense's off switch.

But we better get to it, quick!
My mind is running a dozen
miles per minute;
And your good sense seems
almost spent
My Grandma used to say: "The whole world is crazy except for you and me, and even you bear watching!"
She passed in March. I miss her.
We keep her little sayings going, and they keep us going
JR 7d
Control me
With my emotions
Control me
With my dreams
Control me
Because you can
Control me
And cause me to bleed

My life is not my own
Because you sit on the throne
But once you turn around
My strength will be so keen
You’ll want to take back
The times you controlled me

Control me
And watch as I succeed
Of making you think
That you once controlled me

I don’t know what really inspired this. If I have to find the root to this poem, it would be that I hate when someone just wants to control you because they think they have a right to. They play with your emotions and hurt you. But then when you realize the hold they have on you, you come out stronger than ever. And that’s the best control you’ll ever have. To have control over your strength. Is the best thing one can do.
Anmol Mago Jun 2
We're dying by the minute
Our minds choked on rubble
Of failed ideologies
and pretentious dogma
Our identities are lying
in the debris somewhere
over-shadowed with towering posters,
Stigmatised and afraid

We're living in absolute secrecy
burying our hearts in darkness
Blotting out our inner selves
Filtering out our scars
for the sake of social acceptance
Our souls go up for a trial each night
As we concede defeat
to a foe unseen

Our lives are trapped
In a sorrow unending
Stripped away of joy
the endless tribulations
Of our souls
Speak of the ails of a society
Steeped fast in irrational prejudices
Derrick Jones Mar 28
Sun and moon

Flower and bloom

This is a cartoon

But also in tune

With reality

The stream flowing freely

Merrily, dreamily

The me flowing me-ly



We are Grist for the Mill

That’s the gist, I’m just a shill

In the mist, I don’t shoot to ****

I aim my arrow with love

To heal, I wield this skill

And I point my pistol high into the sky

I will throw away my shot

Again and again

So that others know where to aim

I am but a photon blasting into and out of the sun

I am all and I am one

Just begun, yet fully spun

Not just having fun, I am become
Thank you for being. If you would like to see more of my poetry, essays, and other writings, check out my blog on Medium:
ChinHooi Ng Mar 24
I want to climb this mountain

I fear not its height

the mountain becomes tiny

when there is a belief in victory in me

i want to climb this mountain

i fear not the dense brambles and thorns

so be it if i had to leave behind

a trail of my own blood

i will still break through the spiked army in the end

i want to climb the mountain

i am not afraid of tigers nor leopards

as long as there is a shotgun in my hand

the beasts will run off

with tails between their legs

i will climb this mountain

i am not afraid of bumpy roads

as long as i treat it like staircase

the mountain is nothing but a lotus

at my feet.
Black Petal Mar 15
Sitting in the sun
Soft grass below my bare skin
A lovely moment
Traveler Mar 15
The plants
Are conscious
Every tree, every ****
Every wildflowers and shrub
All share our power of love

So as you’re passing by unaware
Remember the plants know you’re there
Give them a nod, blessed be their days
And don’t ignore the blessings
Of our natural sun rays!
Traveler 🧳 Tim
Alice Baker Mar 12
Dear self,
Tonight is hard.  
You are being flooded
By intrusive memories,
And your mind is muddled
With self doubt and destruction.
Vices beckon
Like skeletons dressed as old friends
And the emotional scars
Sting just as much as the physical ones.

Sweet girl,
You are tracing old marks
In your skin
Do not repave them.
Remember all the times like these?
Consumed by darkness that
Eclipses the sun itself.
How many times have you crawled out
Of the trenches?

My darling dear,
Do not doubt your resilience.
We both know that
Tomorrow will come
And while I cannot promise it
Will be brighter,
It will still be new.
Today I logged on for the first time in nearly 3 years. I’ve been going through an incredibly difficult time lately, and I stumbled across a piece I wrote in 2016 titled “Something New” I’m so grateful I did, as it brought on the motivation to write again for the first time in what feels like forever.

This is the revised version, 5 years later. I made it a new post because I feel I am a different person today, and I wanted to have a record of my progress.

Thank you for reading, here’s the link to the original:
​Much of spirituality
tips its cap at
surfing well,
the changes
of a human life

Reading the tides;
our internal compass

pointing at the outer world
following suit

Aligning with the cycles
of nature
hugging trees
while howling at the moon

Witnessing the earth
trying to be

Setting our leaves free;

Making space
​for Spring to bloom again
There is a saying, "You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf" This poem is a nod to it.
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