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Sometimes I  want to disappear from view
You know to work on what I know I need to
Like being in the Breeze of What is Me
Without questioning  if this  decision is an  extreme

Perhaps I hunger for more routine in life
Free  from the sufferings and strife
To experience the sense of nothingness
And flow more mindfulness!

Annatman Jul 8
I went outside to smoke a cigarette
And I looked at the trees
And I looked to the trees
For guidance

And the trees said
Be still.
Do not wander
And be present with your pain,
Do not seek another place but here.
Let it come over you and depart as
The clouds come and go in the sky
Or as the rain washes over the landscape
Or as time passes through all.

All living things find the way back home in time;
There is nowhere else to be.
Sometimes it's rough but you gotta be here for it & the rest that comes after :)
Lacey Clark Dec 2021
the musky candle
solely lighting
the black room
casts a shadow of the fern

follow me
as we exhale
deepening til there’s no air
as we inhale
let our eyes focus
to the buzzing space that lives
in between objects
and and bring your attention  
to the pleasure and pull
of being idle,
the gravitational force
of our hollow fixations.
Lacey Clark Sep 2023
i keep a tight grip around
everything that hurts
i keep asking my therapist
"how do we let go?"
and what does that even mean?
she says
to only allow yourself
maybe 10-20 minutes
to think about all these things
and inhale
I never realized I had that power
to do that
and exhale
A draft from 2020. Pandemic feelings. and revisiting this in therapy again. now. and again. always
Farah Taskin Sep 2023
Feel fossils
Prioritize dinosaurs like a paleontologist
Aim like an ambitious mountaineer
Explore mountains
Try to touch your dreams
Ignore glochids
Notice the patterns of cacti

Keep in mind
since we are human beings
the superego will be the winner
good things will defeat bad things
sooner or later
After all, life is too short to be unhappy.
BLD Aug 2023
i heard them say it's bad to push away the negativity
under the blanketing embrace of a nice evening drink
but my mind isn't well and my time seems at an end --
do i really have a problem when i worry that i'm the problem?

do i need to abide by the constructs those i do not know
have created for people like me to stand beside and follow
despite the everyday occurrences that warrant the attention
of those who sit and wait and do not listen?

shall i walk my way down this narrow street
under the dimming streetlights as cars pass me by
just because that's what's supposed to help me survive?

or perhaps i should visit the dwindling spaces
occupied by those paid to sit and listen
to the life stories of those they do not know?

shall i trust their intentions and pray for remission
of these symptoms that never seem to fade?

no -- instead, i think i'll bask in this sun
and reach my quivering hand to the right
to pick up my drink tilted on its side
and press it to my lips to taste the bitter embrace
of this warm can of serotonin and dopamine.
Ram B Aug 2023
Why did I leave late?
Why is the traffic so bad?
How long do I have to wait?
This situation makes me mad.
When I stay calm
And just breathe
When I realized
Being frantic, sad, or mad
Would change nothing, indeed
Knowing that I have a choice
To go through this trip
Peaceful, calm, and composed
Experience change
Although I'm still late for the airport.
Oh there is a ball in my stomach
a tight knot of anxious confusion.
It circulates and undulates
dilates and twists
absorbing my life's energy.

"Let it free and watch it"

It emerges from my stomach...
the twisting blue-black mass
convoluting, churning
in the space in front
…and in a moment it dissolves…

My mind is clear
the rain falls gently outside
almost like snow...
Moving with the gentle breeze...
What power in coming into awareness,
Into relationship with
those things which pain me.
poetry is so helpful to me
Ram B Feb 2023
It's been an hour
Aboard this car
My hotel is near
Yet the traffic
made it far.
A magnificent sunset
Outside my window
Beautiful hues
Of red, pink, and yellow
The river reflected them
As we passed a bridge
Beauty doubled
As it was received.
Black Petal Jan 2023
I will not conform
Contort myself in a cage
I'll fly, arms outstretched.
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