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Thank you for joining me today
It's time for our daily mindfulness exercise

Now close your eyes and let's start by taking a deep breath in
Try to ignore the suffocating crush of all your mistakes as it closes in around you
There you go, breathe in, and out, in and out

Now let's do a full body scan by moving your attention through your body, step-by-step
Listen carefully as we check in on every part of your pitiful existence

Starting with your head take note of all the sensations you experience
Feel those toxic thoughts washing over you
You are not good enough
You are meaningless
Nobody cares about you

Perfect, now move your attention down your neck
Through the ever present lump in your throat that makes sure you know you might break down into tears at any moment
Down past your shoulders, constantly slumped forward in a painfully accurate simulacrum of your irrelevance
Very good

Now let's move down your chest
Do you feel the clenching grip of self-hatred crushing your lungs?
Can you hear the dull thud of your heart pounding as a soundtrack to the emptiness of your soul?

Move slowly down your spine, feel the rigidity caused by your crippling anxiety as  it renders you motionless
Down to your legs, those porcelain stems, those useless protrusions that will never lift you up and bound you away from your putrid reality
Feel the sensation of every toxic thought as it stretches to every corner of your body, right down to the tips of your toes

Now, slowly open your eyes
Stand up and get on with your day
I hope you enjoyed our exercise
Thank you for your time and I'll see you again tomorrow for this frivolous endevour
Respect the true source and you surely will hear it
Only the wicked have reason to fear it
To obtain inner peace
Just learn to release
And never forget to be mindful in spirit
A glimpse is enough,
Drop the curtains to bare the mind,
Let in any thoughts & emotions,
Hang around non-striving,
Peek through the window of now,
A glimpse is enough.

With no waiting and conditions,
Rays of forgiveness & love gleaming,
Yearning to shine our mind,
In this moment to the next moment,
A glimpse is enough.
Ceyhun Mahi Feb 3
A beach – a sea – a breeze – a night,
My mind — my heart – feelings – and mood,
Lit up by golden lamppost light,
Alone, while I do hope and brood.
My hope's from beauty, and from
Darkness is all the brooding, here
Making me both alive and numb,
Between a joy, between some fear.
But oh, the wave did hit my feet!
A coldness embraces my skin,
(My socks all wet), it did retreat,
Back to the sea – where have I been?
    Both hope and brooding vibes did leave,
    To be mindful, I now achieve.
Meditation’s a method for clearing the air
A portable practice to take anywhere
So quiet your thoughts
And all you’ve been taught
Just breathe in the light and dissolve into prayer
Who thinks they are perfect
Have one major defect;
Assuming one can be,
Themselves especially!
     breathe     o        u        t


you are the mountain's wonder
sculpted by the earth



above the others

- katrina ******
when i say "rise above the others," i think of the ones who constantly have something negative to say about you. they have to say your name because it tastes good. the taste of your name is so utterly divine and delicious that they can never get enough of it. it's like a drug to them.

your name soothes them but it slowly poisons them. their disdain of you seeps from their soul and drains their own energy because of how much hate they have for you.

forgive them anyways.

continue loving them for all that they are.

when you're frustrated about someone, or something, take a moment. breathe in. breath out. tell yourself that you are blessed. you shouldn't be stressed over things you cannot control.

i hope you're having a wonderful day.
Katie Jan 26
Take a breath.

Smell the roses,
or whatever other flower
might be blooming
around you.

This is where
you wanted to be once,
and this is where
you’ll want to be again
one day.

Want to be here now,
surrounded by roses.x
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