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Aidan Apr 9
The place for those who are mad.
But how mad is mad?
How mad can you be in a stressful day?
How mad can you be with something out of your control?
March Hare says he’s late for an important date.
Cheshire leads in the direction unwanted but needed.
So tell me,
How mad can wonderland be?
Loose screws
Lost ideas
Clueless identities
Tell me Alice,
So just how mad would you like to be?
As you know,
Only the best people have gone mad:
A brief trip down the rabbit hole.
Goddess Rue Nov 2021
Don’t let the strong citrus scent,
Leaves you stepping back,
Come forth instead,
And welcome to the Tangerine Wonderland,
Where the orange colour stretches,
To far back,
Complimented by its fellow citrus friends,
For yellow, orange, and green,
Are the feelings,
My heart screams,
When I’m with you.
So, step up,
And grow with me,
To this warm tune,
Orange perfume,
Blissed garden,
Only when I'm with you.
I dance with my bare feet, padding across the floor cracks
it was a good day as the winter's done
I was patiently waiting for the sun to rise.
You have been there and left frozen by
the time I came.

They are left haunted and nostalgic
I couldn't even took a direction without seeing the reflection of your gaze
anticipated by the prism of your paradise,
everybody fall in the thought of it is a rabbit hole; I don't want to dream about you anymore.
TIZZOP Jun 2021
back in the days, tales from lauderdale...

yakuzzi gang from oakland park, 308
nightly waves flowin' thru brain channels
the traitor of my memories will judge me
no other day, 38ers, toni der assi, stoogie

two existences, eager brothers at arms
shake em the shake, rip and run, zippas
platin zippos, trip-apache, brave bear
the tents of the past remain as debris

as long as doom's grace feeds us lust
struggle on, lights out, turn me on, baby
shivering is the silver sun at dusk here
and gangsta poets speedin' thru alleys

fat **** frank oversees all oceans, inc.
friends at the thames, partners in crime
the green shining, ultra fresh scent, yeah
bodegas are useful for distribution

nevah, tho', enter these places at night
brooklyn heights, floor 64, 65 & 66 locked
merciless fred, sumptuous leather jacket
cuban necklace jeezy boostah, spiderman

dead blueline pitbulls, ****** cages,
rageful is the age of ours, my friends
sunday's dawn opposes my design
in the corner of my room, hidden
        *** 48 SOULS ***
    ***  CREATION 96  ***
Leone Lamp May 2021
I'm busy busy busy
I'm late I'm late I'm late
I've got to meet a rabbit
I've got to meet my fate

For if you trip and stumble
And take a long long fall
You might take some comfort
In the writing on the wall

It says the cakes a lie!
The roses never were red!
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
The last words that they said

There's no time for fantasy
The world's out of hand
Visit Alice another time
Curse that wonderland

We're living in the matrix
Dot dash, dot dot dot dash
We just have to accept it
As we wait for it to crash

One foot in and one foot out
Abstractify, you lazy lout
Yes, I'm sure reality's an illusion
But I can't afford to live in confusion
Just peeping through the keyholes of the doors of perception.

Also, if anyone is curious, dot dash, dot dot dot dash is "AV" in morse code, which felt particularly appropriate.

Jen Noah Oliver Mar 2021
Standing beside a tree, near the warm and calm sea.
I pondered at the wonders of the life beneath, was it a heath or sheath?
Dazzling on a rock, grappling me along,
greeting with pleasure, leading me to the treasure
- a mermaid

The squid and the jellyfish came with a glow
paved the way with light, like the winters moonlight.
Deep underneath, like cold and dark night.
Shivering all the way, with the mermaid I go.

Anemones covered me like a blanket of snow,
and then let me slow.
Wading through the sponges,
On a strong coral, by the brittle sea star,
without a quarrel I sat.

The feather dusters moved with ease
making me freeze.
Came a shark,
very near and I trembled with fear.
Soon with a lift, away it shift.

The octopus and the butterfly fish,
what a splendid sight!
With pleasure I write.
Cared and shared my little wonderland,
In the lovely hands
away from the thunder lands.
Kristin Mar 2021
We're all mad here
the day you accept the bier
the moment you accept the fear
you understand, we're all mad here

We're all sad here
all is sorrow, a single tear
there is no tomorrow,  no home pier
you understand, we're all sad here

We're all angry here
all is lost cause, so strange, so queer
all is far, yet so near
you understand, we're all angry here

As a white rabbit dashes by
As a time flashes by
Late, late, late
for nothing and everything, too late
belbere Feb 2021
Are you worried, Alice,
if you look too close
you'll realise you're still
in Wonderland?
sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between when you're awake and when you're dreaming
Yazad Tafti Jan 2021
i wonder i

really really wonder

why does nothing seem wonderful anymore.

your smile is not as warm as it used to be lil wayne said i got ice in my veins

morning snow gave me a cure turned my frown upside down

the beauty of fresh silk cast upon naked grounds by the master weaver himself

the real beauty lied in the characteristic of it's ability to rush my blood to my skin, make my temperature drop below body regulation, a prolonged decision of hypothermia

in extreme cases of hypothermia, victims undress themselves and are found naked in the cold due to biologically responsive effects

we are born naked , why not die naked too

at least we died cool (pun)

it makes me wonder
i really www -ww-woo-w-onde

(slows breath)

poetry or not i like gfetting me thought ouuuut
jdm Dec 2013

One makes you tiny, the other makes you oh so tall
One makes you happy, the other makes your body fall
Join me in Wonderland and I will show you something special
Join me in Wonderland, but leave your ego at the door

The nether world will greet you when the last grain of sand drops
within the magical hourglass inside our makers' thoughts
Layer after layer we shed our fear till the ego is found
Drowned by the light of a supernova
shattered loud with a glorious sound

Walk with me through the Looking Glass
leave your body behind and join me at last
Lay with me and forget the past
tonight the sky ignites over Wonderland

For you my friend I'll bake you a cake and
cover it with spice
One slice will change your life
The White Rabbit never lies
And then you wake up
now your mind is free
you're finally free
You can see together we
form a river of energy

Walk with me through the Looking Glass
leave your body behind and join me at last
Lay with me and forget the past
tonight the sky ignites over Wonderland

Laying down on my bed of shame
I feel that nothing ever stays the same
Oh I'm laying down on my bed of shame
I feel so much inside
this never-ending pain

Walk with me through the Looking Glass
leave your body behind and join me at last
Lay with me and forget the past
tonight the sky ignites over Wonderland
© JDMaraccini 2014
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