pluviophile May 10

behind monochrome layers of fog,
are beauties of the natural world.
long forgotten and taken for granted,
a variety of reds,
yellows pile up.
our spectrum -
our prism of crystal glimmers -
fill up our everything.
fading away in my remembrance,
remains nothing but a sheer shine,
a dazzling imagination
filled with extraordinary visions,
replacing the wonderland
outside of it.

written by c.g.
xx May 1

I found myself under
the dance of flashing lights
and dimming night,
of talking clouds
and breathing hours,
the hands of time
would tick in his hand;
loud enough he told me
as his voice reverberates in my ear,
"Welcome to Wonderland."

Inkveined Apr 17

I'm falling and falling
Wondering how far down this rabbit hole goes

Maybe it will swallow me up completely
Grace Jordan Apr 5

Well, its been two years since the night I sat up late dreaming of other worlds that seemed so far away.

Yet here they are, nearly before me.

Its crazy, looking between that moment and now. I was honest and hopeful, yet all those things I wished for seemed worlds away.

Well, worlds away just turned into 3 months.

I've finished my first real novel. I'm a third through my new one. The inevitability of me being a real author is sharp and bright and awe-inspiring. I've written things that make people think and feel and hopefully have the ability to make a difference.

I'm running across the country with that man I love. Its happening. I am in love. I feel forever in love. I no longer sit and question the maybes; I feel he is for me, as long as he is who he is and breathes on this earth and walks beside me. And I soon get to wake up to him every morning for as long as we're together. Its something else, I tell you.

Wonderland has gotten kinder. I have become stronger, and things are figuring themselves out. I'm figuring myself out. Its new and terrible and great and exciting. The world of Wonderland is before me, and I am no longer afraid.

I wanted these so many things, and I'm fingertips away from them. They're mine. Its jaw-dropping. Its nearly a surprise.

Except it isn't. It logically feels that way, but in my heart it only feels right. Now, I have my writing. I have my novels. I have my love. I have my wonderland. I have my future.

All the things I ever wanted are mine, and its more than I ever thought I would get. My dreaming isn't just dreaming anymore. Everything I dreamed of is real, and you know what?

Its better than I dreamed. Far better.

Damian Murphy Mar 21

No wardrobe, no rabbit hole do I need
If it is to escape this world I look....
I just go to the library and read,
Where I can escape in a world of books.

Hannah Mar 15

What a world it would be
if the moon were the sun,
if the sky was the land,
or if darkness never won.
What a world it would be
if the dreamers never dreamed,
if the losers always lost,
or if the poets knew of fun.
What a world it would be
if Alice never fell,
if her looking glass was solid,
or if her heart was icy cold.
What a world it would be
if backwards meant forwards,
if humans never settled,
or if God's word was blurred.
What a world it would be
if everything were backwards,
if Alice was happy,
or if the hatter wasn't mad.
What a world it would be
if right meant wrong,
if white was black,
or if politicians knew of love.
What a world it would be
if the killers gave flowers,
if the lovers really loved,
or if love would alway last.
It be a wonderland of sorts,
a world made of nonsense,
but it be worth it to have
if sadness meant happiness,
if beggars gave cheers,
or if hatred meant kindness.
It be a world I could live in
if acceptance reigned on,
if everything meant nothing
there'd be nothing to con.
We would all be the same
nobody would be wrong.
If we lived in a wonderland
we would all move along.
We'd be lost in our heads
singing our own little song.

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?
~ Alice

Following the white rabbit in his waistcoat
Listening to the tick tock of his pocket watch
Let's fall down the rabbit hole nestled at the trunk of the tree

And where you land is a room
An entire world hidden behind a door and all you need is the key
A nibble from a cake that makes you grow
And with a sip of a drink, you shrink
Insert the key and twist the knob
Opens the door to a world beyond imagination

There's a cat that grins
And with a smile, he disappears
Have a cup of tea and a biscuit with the Hare, the Hatter, and the Dormouse
Paint white roses red with the Red Queen
Beware of her freakishly large head
Slay the Jabberwocky with the Vorpal Sword
And restore the White Queen to her throne
I'm sure the Bloody Big Head wouldn't like that
"Off with her head," she would say
Listen to the bicker of the twins, Tweedledee and Tweedledum
The Red Queen calls them her fat boys
Partake in the musings of Absolem
The hookah-smoking caterpillar who transforms into a beautiful blue butterfly

Let us escape to Wonderland
It is far more appealing than the real world

Being mad is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

I tripped down an endless rabbit hole
Some might say I was swallowed
I fell down, down and tumbled around
Until I forgot the land of tomorrow.

I met Alice and she was darling
We sipped tea and spoke of rhymes
Trying to decode the words of the Hatter
Searching for where the rabbit lost his time.

We danced on the shore of day and night
Followed paths until they were swept away
And when we were tired and had enough
We snuck into court and extended our stay.

Alice and I, oh how we fell
Off the earth and into an abyss
Absorbed by each other, forgetting our troubles
Spending each remaining day in complete bliss.

Jade Melrose Jan 27

Hold out your hand for me to grasp
But I won't take it
I want to but I can't
find anything wrong with
drowning in this
winter wonderland
freezing to death
is beautiful
keeping you a snowflake.

Brea Bishop Jan 22

Truth is, the best go mad.
It's a hell that many dare to not enter, but not many have a choice. Once you visit, there's no turning back. Nothing will appear sane anymore. You're exposed to the horrors many are blind too. Everything you thought you knew, is everything it's not. Your mind has been stretch with the truth. That no one will understand. They will say "You've gone mad." But in reality they are the mad ones. They are the ones that are truly bonkers. Embracing your sanity, isolates you from their madness. Which makes you insane, the one whose gone mad.

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