Jesse Collins Aug 13

Out of mind, out of sight
This stories far from over
And the endings mine to make
Round and round you shall go
In Wonderland you shall be
I am as mad as a hatter
Or by those who no me
I am the Mad Hatter
Ask yourself
What if it was different....
What if the hatter had a secret
What if the hatter was evil
No one would see it comin'
He'd be the unlikely foe
How different would it have been
Lurking from shadows
The fixed piece on the board
Bit by bit the world
Will tremble
Alice and friends be puppets
All the world a stage
Darker and darker
The plot thickens
Till he reveals
He's true self

I certainly don't own the Alice in Wonderland series or characters but the works have interested me for sometime especially in this case... I have always wondered what would have happened if the Mad Hatter was the bad guy.
Jim baker Jul 18

- long is -
- forever? some -
times just one  second.
a moment        inside you
seems infinite            every single
touch takes me            to your wonder
land. Would you               like an adventure
now? Or shall we have tea first? searching for a
life that is right in front of me. True love, curiouser
and curiouser, you take me to places that I can only
imagine. If you don't know where you are going, any
road will get you                                    there.That road
lies with you                                                      Forever in
your won                                                              ­  derland

playing with words from Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland,  
explaining my love for you.
Alec Jul 16

Once upon a time I
Cried in agony
As the mornings solemn tune
Reminded me.
When I hid as a child
I mostly hid from the Monsters
Under my bed.
How can I
Ever become a better version of myself?
By looking at my past mistakes
And learning something new.
Part of the world is gone
And another part is cruel
And I belong
To the unexplored oceans blue
In a rush
My heart is always telling me
To act, to yell
To be alive with every cell.
If I saw it, I would know it
Since it always lingers
In my mind
Most of the time
I demand attention from my chosen family
Because I want them to know
That they're what makes me happy.
An upside down tree
Showing that I'm in Wonderland.
Like the singer who said,
"Sometimes it's just plain stupid to get into any kind of wind."
He must have known
That wind will blow
And shape something new.
In this world,
I'm not sure why,
But I have a suspicion
I'm not alone.

Eiram N Jul 4

There’s a funny tale read to children today
about a nonsense world found in the fields
on one manic hot morning
past a bubbling stream softly singing
at the place where a curious girl took her tumble
down a long hallway full of puzzles
and doors. If you’re sane, you wouldn’t be here
but here you are now, and it’s all so queer
how food enlarges your body to epic proportions
and critters, not of your typical garden variety,
don’t bother with “excuse me’s”,
“please’s” and “thank you’s”, but most of all
a strange sight to behold, a purple cat
on how to navigate this whimsical thicket
disappears with a trace, you see, of his wide grin of glee
so let us now stroll through the wood, to the Mad Hatter’s
where a tea party goes on forever and ever
and he hasn’t the slightest idea of the answers
to his many riddles.
In the distance rose trees painted red are growing,
while the Queen of Hearts is growing red
with hot rage at her subjects
in the midst of the oddest croquet game
with hedgehogs and flamingos as the balls and mallets.
Now you could choose to stay here, or try to depart,
I grant you this place’s not for the faint of heart
But once you leave you’ll think about it
the absurdity has made you smile.
You’ll stand again
in the fields of another manic hot morning
hoping to God that White Rabbit will again be coming
late, late, for his very important date,
otherwise the thought of it fills you with dread,
because outside the fairytale books which you once loved and read,

a Wonderland must exist!

For all the magical stories that became a part of who I am today. I think those stories are not completely gone, just lost, trapped somewhere in the boxed confines of my brain... and searching for a good poem to muster.
kayla Jun 24

when you feel like Alice
with no rabbit hole

take a look in a looking glass
and search for your soul.

You could stare and stare
with all your might,

But at the end of the look
There’s still no you in sight.

Brianne Rose Jun 5

Alice! Alice! Come here, Come look at this chalice!
Alice! Alice! Come! Take a stroll through my wonderful Palace!

Alice! Alice! Tis' the Red Queen! She wants you dead!
"Alice! Alice! Tis' Off with your head!"

Alice! Alice! Hurry! Through this door!
Alice! Alice! The Red Queen is no more!

Alice! Alice! Wake up it's time for class!
Alice! Alice! Through the Looking Glass!

Based off the movie Alice through the Looking Glass, I've never seen it but i wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland themed poem, so here we are!
Brianne Rose Jun 5

You'd know him if you saw him,
When he appears out of the air,

He could make you jump without even trying,
With his grin ever there,

If you ever meet him - You'll find him in a tree,
Smiling at everything - He never seems to care,

His body seems to come and go,
His head and smile still seen,

When he vanishes completely it's never for long,
His coat always soft, with a smooth and silky sheen,

That Cheshire cat - A crafty one he is,
He may talk in riddles - And always does he preen,

The cat that can best even the greatest Magicians each and every time,
Helps as he pleases and watches without a care for never a nickel or dime.

Third in the Wonderland Themed Poems.  Had these three sitting for a short while so I decided to type them up finally.
Brianne Rose Jun 5

Show no mercy,Show no fear,
Always protect the ones you hold dear,
Come Sunshine, Rain, or Hell's Highwater,
I'll always be there,
No matter if the situations calm or if it's dire,
For you'll only be playing with fire,
'Cause until I am dead,
"Tis' Off With Your Head!"

Another based off the Wonderland Theme, I have a total of 3, and this is the Second in the series.

Follow me Alice
The white rabbit said
When they were leaving for Wonderland

Don't you get lost
And just look at my clock
I'm already late so don't let go of my hand

But Alice was Alice
She was way too smart
To believe in the illusion of an undamaged heart

In her belief
To play a good trick
She gave away her ace for stacked cards

Get on your throne
Vain little girl
And raise your crown to the Queen that you are

But beware of the holes
That plaster the ground
You will fall before you can even look twice

Try to get out
As fast as you can
And next time don't let go of his hand

And she fell...
aphotic blue Jun 1

I woke up at midnight exactly 3am,
without holding any lucky gem,
I thought I would be so frantic roaming around
suddenly, I was enchant when I heard a captivated sound.

I followed the noise not long enough, I’ve found
A magical singing deer dancing on the ground
both my two feet move forward and my heart expound
when different people appeared made me astound on the background.

Is this wonderland am I seeing?
Is this really earth am I standing?
Is this still air am I breathing?
I look upon the growing lights, becoming
more intense during evening.

I don’t wanna go back to sleep and wait for morning,
my life wants to feel the wonderland I am having
maybe I was just dreaming of becoming a king
on this fantasies kingdom I am watching.

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