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Dont answer, "Youre different."
Because we ALL are.
That doesnt make me special,
Does it?
We're all different...what about my differences do you love?
KyleB Apr 11
The earth feels small,
loosing size constantly as the sun lowers herself
the world is immersed in her ****** streams of warmth.
It is fading
the sky becomes stronger, rocks us in the darkness of minor stars
- so big, so far away.
They matter so little
It is far away, yet so big.
We think of it as little.

What do they think of us?
Stars are suns
But are they all the same?

Millions are sweeping around the universes
so big
So hot
Far away
Looking small

They are hiding their meaning
.. You have to find it

Do you want it?

The stars are suns
So small
But they are big
If we let them be
If we explore their truth

Do we mind the darkness around them?
Do you see it?

Our eyes are meant to find light
We focus
Nobody minds

Nobody wants to find darkness
We are all looking for another sun
Lost in the cloak of darkness we want to escape from

Shooting stars.
NJ Feb 10
Dearest Human,

Please know that one day, someone will love you. They will look past what's on the outside and see only what makes you stand out on the inside. They will not judge you, despite the differences in ethnicity, religion, as well as anything else which encompasses who you are. They will accept, respect, honour, and learn from you. They will not be the entire world, but just one individual who will become part of YOUR world. So keep fighting for who you are. And as long as one heart out of billions, gives you sanctuary, then know that you have already won. Be kind to yourself and others. Lead with passion and compassion. Always be the contrast to the world's chosen path of negativity. Be strong and be humble, but never let your spirit crumble!

With love,
Your fellow human! ♡
Human beings are beautiful, but can sometimes be a dark cloud of negativity and hate. Let us come together to love, respect and accept each other. We are all the same though we present so differently. Focus less on what's on the outside and love more for what's on the inside.
Lisa Jan 11
I am you, you are me
There is no difference inside to see
The color of your skin, hair or eyes
Does not represent what’s inside.
Physical traits come from the family tree
They give roots, history and a sense of identity
But inside we have the same blood, the same heart
So when does prejudice begin to take part?
Babies are born without preconception
They feel love and comfort from their caregiver’s affection
Their new eyes are blind to ignorance
They see through a clear lense and don’t see difference
As they develop, society gives them glasses,
Their vision gets clouded by the opinions of the masses
The lenses get darker as they grow
They filter the world to see only colors they know
Differences become obstacles, not celebrated.
Leaders tell them who to respect and who should be hated.
These biased views could remain for a lifetime
And then they’re passed down to the next one in line.
Opinions are essential, shared thoughts educate.
But when they’re bigoted and hateful we cannot tolerate.
Take those blinders off, take a look around.
There’s so much joy in diversity to be found
Don’t let the blindfold give such a narrow view
Don’t be complacent and take what is given to you
Rip off the filter, open your eyes
Find connection, common experience, destroy the lies
Revel in these connections, learn from one another
We’re all trying to get through from one day to the other
See through the skin, the hair, the accent
To the core of the HUMAN BEING with love and respect.
Justin Lai Jan 10
O brother, tell us where you've been!
What is the world like beyond these trenches?

Is it safe to crawl out —
we heard the wolves were just 'were-' with a sweet tooth.
Won't you help us sniff out the lotus from the roses,
their thorns so cleverly hidden…

Sisters, we're tired of hiding in the dark,
our eyelids shut by the nurse's damp cloth;

To our champions: were you blessed in your travails?
Did you find the loving,
the caring,
the fabled Happy People that
Nashville balladeers croon about?

brave children, remember to return;
we dreamed of setting foot in a place of our own, too.
does one exist in their world ||

I was thinking about minorities and marginalised groups, that it takes individuals braving uncertainty and doubt to blaze a trail for everyone else. We stand on the shoulders of giants.

(Giha Village is an underground village from the anime Gurren Lagann. Happy People is a song written by Lori McKenna and Hailey Whitters and recorded by Little Big Town.)
Graff1980 Dec 2020
It’s not rocket science,
and should be obvious.
Life is constantly changing,
bringing with it new forms of adversity.

So obviously we should meet
all of these new challenges
by embracing diversity,
learning how to see things differently
and growing into better
brighter human beings.
Graff1980 Nov 2020
The hate that divides us,
deprives us
of the light inside of us.

But embracing
a world of diversity,
entering the university
of uniting all people
no matter the ethnicity,
or gender identity
offers us the potential
to face adversity
with new perspectives;

Instead of crumbling
under the ravages
of unknown challenges
uniting and fighting
what threatens us all
will truly makes us strong.
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
My mind is
Like that of a beef
With a dumpling
There is the good
There is the ugly
And the bad
All mixed in
To create the flavors
Of my mind
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