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Steve Page Jun 3
No, not a melting ***
you know, the kind you get in industrial kitchens:
heavy, stained, covered and sealed,
left to boil and bubble, leaving questions
about herbs and spices and what we’ve concealed.

No, not a melting ***
but a large, glass salad bowl, the kind you place
in the centre of a garden trestle table
glistening in the sunlight,
with two oversized dark wood serving spoons
and a glossy drizzle of vinaigrette dressing.

The glass revealing every shade
of green and black and red, yellow and white
teasing us with every crunch of each anticipated bite,
each variety and shape, inviting us to participate, to fill our plates
and in this feast of an adventure, to celebrate
what we are - together.
[Re-write after Arvon retreat June 2022] I dislike the image of a melting *** - it paints a picture of lost identity.  I prefer the picture of a salad - combing flavours into something colourful and worth celebrating.
The world is a spicy *** of diverse races
that exhibits colours pleasant on different faces.
Each race revealing features distinct and unique
of varying hair texture but uniform physique.
Oh yes, you know undoubtedly that I am black.
But still my black heritage does not prestige lack
because my black beauty is revealed in the dark.
Oh yes, you all know that I am Caucasian white,
with my magnificent ocean blue eyes for sight.
I am blonde, brunette and red haired with fair skin light.
Oh yes, you know that I am oriental yellow,
having traits distinct that nature itself did bestow.
We look alike but vary from fellow to fellow.
Oh yes, you know I'm middle-eastern or Indian brown.
I adore my skin tanned and hair black as a crown.
I have a pleasant heritage of Asian renown.
A diverse world of many races
Svode Mar 6
I feel like Christian Bale
in that one movie
"Am I... the American ******?"

the emic and etic personas
collapse in pantomime
like how the Donald destroyed democracy and civil rights for four years.

I feel like the average citizen
who has no choice but to vote
so that I don't get deported once again
Steve Page Feb 2
We believe in one trans-national church.

We believe in an unbiased, inter-racial church of many nations.
We believe in one church of many traditions.
We believe in one church not hemmed in by history or by man-made borders.

We believe in a God for whom his pallet of skin colours reflects his love of diversity.
We believe in God-given racial differences.
We believe in one creator God who made all humankind equal.
We believe in a church that reflects her maker's love of difference.

We do not believe in uniformity.

We believe in the common language of love for one another, for neighbours and for enemies that transcends local dialects.
We believe in one sundry collection of priests who are called to serve one God together, saved by one sacrifice once and for all time.

We believe in the promise of a resurrected church drawn from all nations and all generations to meet her bridegroom.
We believe in one eternal wedding feast which features everything from the finest vegetable samosas to the richest steam puddings.

We believe in one extravagant Father who has built one massive mansion with many rooms so that all his people can come and dwell together.

We believe
in God's Kingdom come.

This bares repeating
J Jan 28
Consumed by the fear of what others thought about me
Playing a game of charades in every social activity
Slowly loosing sight of my true authenticity
Rather than deal with an occasional adversity
I refused to play another games of charades anymore
As I throw my mask, on my face, down to the floor
I let out a deep sigh and look off to the side
I stand proud in a large crowd
Now that my natural stance is finally allowed
Ren Sturgis Jan 21
It's been so long since I've felt anything. I've closed myself off to the outer world of me.
My inner thoughts speaking quietly, trying to understand the freedom of speech and the right to equality.
The world full  of so much inequity, my goal to just bring together the diversity.
Blacks, whites and every other minority.

Well I suppose that I've been opening up ever so slightly.
Showing the world how I can shine brightly.
Past the land and sky, beyond the line of trees.
If you believe in thinking justly, you can feel as far as the blind can see.

I'm feeling the emotions rise within I, like a storm I am becoming calm within the eye.
Watch the truth unravel into lies.
Still I'm screaming ....


Is this what it's like to feel?
I may not comprehend it right now, but it will be alright.
I have expressed enough of me anyhow!
A 16 year old me
Steve Page Jan 13
Most of my closest friends
have a sort of ‘flesh’ colour to them,
- some pale, some brown, some a lot darker,
but that, I’ve come to shudder,
is a shallow, simply skin-deep measure.

When I look again
I see some carry a seven-sea travelled view
with a dark, deep-water hue.
Some have an earth-olive touch,
giving a life-tinted light to all they brush,
all they touch.

Some shimmer-touch, charged
with a hint of dawn-dew in their scars
giving fresh unasked repair.
Some show an indigo major
generating a bright electric flavour
empowering both friends and strangers alike.

When they arrive, they each add true colour
and I’ve found that their skin-depth is nothing
compared to the rainbow-canyon impression
that they’ve left on me,

my friends.
I love the diversity that comes with living in London
Steve Page Oct 2021
Triumph with diversity.
Not knee deep in
Not wading
despite the extra gravity.
But with - taking it with me
on my journey making me
who I am building, i.e.
a stronger, fuller me
triumphing in the company
of those who walk ahead of me
who know what it will take me
to more fully glory
in my whole me.
Come with me.
Let's triumph with diversity.
Nicked the first line from a radio.
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