Shoval May 29
A wooden puppet with a perfect present.
His nose is broken.
He wants to be sold at a high price for his owner to be happy,
so he hid his broken nose.

He knew he was broken.
Costumers were seeing him as a toy,
while he was a display puppet.
But unfortunately no buyer fitted his needs.

The broken nose made him a display puppet.
He knew if he would be bought as a toy his
broken nose will break his everything.

He wished to be bought by a display buyer.
But he lived in a toys store.
Jiawen 张 Apr 29
We, the humans.
Born like pieces of plain paper.
To live is to paint.
Every single step adds different colors.
The Black.
Rich like the soil on the earth.
The beauty of colourful cultures.
The White.
Clean like the snow in the winter.
The beauty of pure winter wonderland.
The Latinos.
Sweet like the chocolate in your mouth.
The beauty of black and white.
The Asians.
Deep like the book in your hands.
The beauty of ancient wisdom.
The Natives.
Pure like the earth under your feet.
The beauty of nature as it is.
If white is added to cover all colors,
Everything will be white washed.
If there is only white in this world,
There will be no other colors on the earth.
We, the humans.
We are one species on the earth.
We all bleed.
Red inside.
From a colored female
The world doesn't just come to you, baby.
I'm comin' to you,
'Cause I ain't got nothin' better to do,
But I
Ain't the world.
I recall walking
In Denver's Cherry Creek Mall
Where there are so many diverse,
Beautiful people
With so many different physiques
And racial characteristics,
How America became Fascist?
In front of my eyes,
I see so much diverse Beauty,
But how HONEST
Can I be with these people?
Will all these beautiful people
Walk away from me
If I'm in pain?
The most diverse nation on Earth
Elected a Fascist
Who DESPISES Diversity.
He's greedy,
But he's not even Pro-Business,
Because Businesses depend on
Embracing diversity.
Attending Ethnic Festivals
And appreciating the Beauty
Of different types of women in a mall
Is not enough.
If the United States of America
Where the Truth is not respected,
The Fascism,
Initiated by President Donald Trump
Will continue
For the rest of my life.
Diversity is what sets us apart
in blood,
not in soul
or in the Humans Heart
So lets be bold
Lets be strong
Lets be humane
Diversity is a long thread
that weaves and braids the human domain
As we stand together or stand alone
The fact that we can change the unthinkable
always remains
Arcassin B Apr 2
By Arcassin Burnham

When it falls,
And it'll fall,
There's no way out.

Put up a fight,
And when it's time,
You will find out.

Cause when earth grows cold and the
people get weary and the bliss of an
Ignorant boy gets ready,
As the world in diversity, we know to love
another and the vultures fly over us,
They're plotting undercover,

With one mistake,
We cause a rift,
While in this time...

Put down your guards,
Let go of egos,
Silence your hate.

Especially those guns,
All this war,
It's all the same.

Cause when earth grows cold and the
people get weary and the bliss of an
Ignorant boy gets ready,
As the world in diversity, we know to love
another and the vultures fly over us,
They're plotting undercover,

Times are hard,
But in this case,
You will be fine...
sans screens Mar 16
In school I was told that I was small,
I was portrayed as a gold fish who lived in a small tank,
Like a small fish who was scared to jump to a larger one,
They failed to notice, fish can’t breath while they jump.

In school I was told that I was lazy,
I was displayed as if I were taking the easier path,
They failed to notice I was an A straight student,
Only I couldn’t be happy in such a squared larger tank.

Two years has passed and I am not lazy, nor small,
The fish has grown, and it is indeed gold,
But it doesn’t jump, it swims and flies,
They failed to notice, we are not made out of a mould.
Nica A Mar 4
I am the moon one side’s shown, the other hidden
I am the stars, scattered decisions with a vision
I am a rollercoaster, unexpectedly spontaneous
I am the rain I fall, hard unconscious
I am the storm, I come back strong and ambitious
I am the sweet song of acoustic, a spectrum of quality
I am the sweet love song, cliche with a personality
I am the sea calm never steady
I am a hummingbird flying here to there
I am the trees that sway, I am a leaf in the air
Yet I am a wolf leader of its pack, never rests
I am the train that leaves and comes back
I am the dedicated worker, never stop till a heart attack
I am a child who passionately believe
I am an old soul, authenticated and wise
I am your hair, unique and stubborn
I am a judge willing to listen and compromise
I am a trampoline once you fall, I bounce you back up
I am a slime molded into anything, still the same
I am a human being, complex and alive
I am a living thing, I break, I live, I matter, I thrive
This poem has many metaphors and each one describes me as a person:)
Arcassin B Jan 28
By Arcassin Burnham

Love has its moments , but I can't see a thing wrong with you.
We wanted peace in a corrupted world, a better solid virtue.
Phone is on 10%, But I just love texting you.
I see the fear inside your head , I could honestly tell hes hurting you.
Like the kind of hurt you feel ashamed,
The wolves eating at your brain,
Of the emotion spectrum of what could have been or what came,
life is not perfect , its a fraud,
When we're all living for God,
Love is everywhere , love is everything from the moon and stars til dawn.
We all need to eat
We are all guilty of something.
We all want to be great
We have all caused someone some pains.
We all have flaws and imperfections.
Some want profits and gains
We all have issues and situations.
We all have fears
We all have dreams and aspirations.
We all cry tears
We all have emotions
We all want somebody to love us.
We all have sinned
Some of us loved to be the boss
Many of us want to always win
We all want the best things in life.
We all love somebody
We all afraid of a knife
We will all die someday
We all fall short of the glory of God.
Many believe in God Almighty
Some have beliefs in no Gods
And frown on Christianity
Some have faiths in other Gods
and embrace humanity
..we are humans!
One world, different colors, one people and one love!
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