In school I was told that I was small,
I was portrayed as a gold fish who lived in a small tank,
Like a small fish who was scared to jump to a larger one,
They failed to notice, fish can’t breath while they jump.

In school I was told that I was lazy,
I was displayed as if I were taking the easier path,
They failed to notice I was an A straight student,
Only I couldn’t be happy in such a squared larger tank.

Two years has passed and I am not lazy, nor small,
The fish has grown, and it is indeed gold,
But it doesn’t jump, it swims and flies,
They failed to notice, we are not made out of a mould.
Nica A Mar 4
I am the moon one side’s shown, the other hidden
I am the stars, scattered decisions with a vision
I am a rollercoaster, unexpectedly spontaneous
I am the rain I fall, hard unconscious
I am the storm, I come back strong and ambitious
I am the sweet song of acoustic, a spectrum of quality
I am the sweet love song, cliche with a personality
I am the sea calm never steady
I am a hummingbird flying here to there
I am the trees that sway, I am a leaf in the air
Yet I am a wolf leader of its pack, never rests
I am the train that leaves and comes back
I am the dedicated worker, never stop till a heart attack
I am a child who passionately believe
I am an old soul, authenticated and wise
I am your hair, unique and stubborn
I am a judge willing to listen and compromise
I am a trampoline once you fall, I bounce you back up
I am a slime molded into anything, still the same
I am a human being, complex and alive
I am a living thing, I break, I live, I matter, I thrive
This poem has many metaphors and each one describes me as a person:)
Arcassin B Jan 28
By Arcassin Burnham

Love has its moments , but I can't see a thing wrong with you.
We wanted peace in a corrupted world, a better solid virtue.
Phone is on 10%, But I just love texting you.
I see the fear inside your head , I could honestly tell hes hurting you.
Like the kind of hurt you feel ashamed,
The wolves eating at your brain,
Of the emotion spectrum of what could have been or what came,
life is not perfect , its a fraud,
When we're all living for God,
Love is everywhere , love is everything from the moon and stars til dawn.
We all need to eat
We are all guilty of something.
We all want to be great
We have all caused someone some pains.
We all have flaws and imperfections.
Some want profits and gains
We all have issues and situations.
We all have fears
We all have dreams and aspirations.
We all cry tears
We all have emotions
We all want somebody to love us.
We all have sinned
Some of us loved to be the boss
Many of us want to always win
We all want the best things in life.
We all love somebody
We all afraid of a knife
We will all die someday
We all fall short of the glory of God.
Many believe in God Almighty
Some have beliefs in no Gods
And frown on Christianity
Some have faiths in other Gods
and embrace humanity
..we are humans!
One world, different colors, one people and one love!
If you look like her
and she looks like everyone else
what is the point?
a population of imitations
serves no purpose.
embrace diversity.
humanity needs it.
is worship
here namaaz,
Sun Temple
here is Taj.

singing in temple
Dancing day night,
While shutting
His sight.

Is here
Here Ardas,
This India
Not Country
but a collage.

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved
As my marriage became
My wife continued to live  me
As the Divorce Process was initiated
For financial reasons.
Because my living arrangement
Felt more and more like
Living with another  man
Rather than a  woman,
I felt increasingly compassionate
Towards Gay Men.
Whatever the nature of their sexuality,
Their intimate lives couldn't be any more abnormal
Than my own.
Anna Margarita Sep 2017
I could just write about
the bliss
that whitens the sand below the water
but I chose to call upon
the moon
to trade some secret blues

Maybe I was like it,
Perhaps I was sad and alone,
Maybe I am the good..or am the evil

Being that
subtle lamp
over your lonesome stars
Sushnata Aug 2017
It is getting personal
although nothing is
it's not the gender
not the religion
not the races
not the community or country
it's the outlook
it's the exaggerated
provoked point of view
the urge to kill,
more than to survive
the fear of being suppressed
more than to rise.
Wanting love and wantonly
spreading hatred.
Spewing for war
praying for peace
it's all misled and astray
how do I show you what I see
the piling heaps of wrongs
for the sake of so-called rights
we have been rising
or dooming
nobody can anticipate
or summarise
its getting personal
although nothing is.

©weirdangrybrain aka Sushnata
Divorce has eroded whatever confidence I had
In one on one relationships.
I'm not just uneager to get involved
With another intimate relationship.
I'm not too interested in any sorts of friendships
Any more.
In contrast,
I like GROUPS.
So, in a Group,
One learns to be TOLERANT.
One doesn't expect to "control the agenda".
One doesn't expect ALL the content of a Group
To be to one's liking.
Individual relationships tend to gravitate
Towards a Power Struggle for me.
I'm feeling jinxed.
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