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Ariana Solo Oct 17
My bedroom door opened, I woke up and saw the fairylights
I knew that you'd be born during any of those nights
It was half past one in the morning and Dad came in
He showed me the video of you screaming
You were chubby and dark haired like I was
You looked just like me after a nearly 18 year pause
The sight of you made happy tears stream down my face
You mumbled and turned with such elegant grace
I always wanted a sister, long awaited was your birth
You were born during the worst pandemic on Earth
I was worried about mom's health and her age
But I knew that you two would be home at any stage
I watched the fairylights twinkle staying up late
I'll meet you tomorrow but I really can't wait

I waited 18 years for a sister.

Who thinks that she should wait for 18 years until I show her this poem?

(she's all good, at home now, and believe it or not she came home with a little hat that said "little princess". She'll forever be my little princess...)
Veronika Oct 4
When it rains, the sky blue-black
When scars re-open
When eyed are wet
You are a friend
You are the secret garden
I have not discovered in full summer
I wish rain to fall on your soil only to make you grow
I hope clouds only exist to shade you from scorching suns
And when we bleed may we share the hurt
And when we laugh
I know we are women
Girls, sisters,
And are enough.
Carlo C Gomez Sep 28
entered the upstairs library,

In shifts,
heads bowed.

The flickers of remembrance
softly stroked her hair,

Until the dousing of
the final candle

Summoned nightfall
to dance at her funeral party.
Laura Duran Sep 20
Some times I catch myself smiling as I look at her.  
My sister, deep in concentration hardly notices.
She is no procrastinator!  If it needs doing, get it done.
That's my sister.  Loyal, smart, strong.  She is woman.
That's what a real woman looks like.
She is beautiful.  She is wise.  She takes no ****.
She has a silly side.  Some times her mind is in the gutter.
She makes me laugh.  She keeps me honest.
I would be lost without her.  She's my best friend.
Her daughters agree, she is an amazing mom.
She raised them alone.  She never puts herself first. Ever.
She is a wonderful Grandma too.  Yaya is what she's called.
No one beats her at anything.  Especially loving her family.
We get on her last nerve and still she takes care of us.
One day I know we will have to be apart.  For a while at least.
I dread that day.  I fear it.  Not because she won't be here to care for us, but because she won't be here.  She won't make me laugh or yell at me to move my body.  She won't be laying in her bed with the t.v on playing games on her phone ignoring the t.v but content with the background noise.  
She won't insist on sharing a room with me even if there is an extra room.  She says she'd miss me.  I love when she says that.  I feel special, loved.  
That's my sister.  I'm so lucky to have been blessed with her. I love her so much.  That's all I wanted to say.  Just wanted to tell any one that wants to know it, that there is a lady in this world that is amazing and wonderful and kind and smart and capable of anything she puts her mind into.  And I love her with all my heart.
just cause.
Gemma Sep 6
Sshhh it's a secret, I said.
"Of Course I'll never break your trust".
So why did you feel with no good end result,  break it you must?!
Did it feel good?
What did you gain?
I'm struggling to understand, your need to cause pain?
Don't tell me you didn't realise!
You didn't think it through, I specifically said DON'T MENTION THIS, I specifically said that to YOU .
So what was your end game? What result did you want, surely it wasn't just my secret to flaunt?!
Things said in confidence that are relayed back several times over. Chinese whispers but with malicious intent.
Tizzop Sep 4
3600 seconds, golden rich kids among bottle
scavengers, everybody hustlin', revenge?
the lights of society don't shine bright on them
collected bottles for a meal, irrelevant sunsets

the beauty of life decreased, dependency diaries
let lights loosely shine on these teenage giants
memories are opening up like red clouds, floating
in a time lapse, they will remember, in pride

honor and dignity, the one who splits the ocean
creates a shelter for the brothers and sisters
reckoner: burnings sandstorms, playful twisters
the one who smoothens a path to golem land

honey, milk and fruits, get rid of urban metal
come to us, be with us and stay with us
infinite loopholes, adults, kids and groups
the holy swoosh of a curl, your healing, stay

as you are walking through the ocean
as your brothers and sisters are with you
whiteblue words, you catch sentences like air
as you become a part of golem land

of us
Golemland for everybody; for a better way of life.
Kara Shirlene Aug 22
Women were made to roar.
So don't tell us to calm down.
We'll shake and howl,
And then stand proud
As we fix each other's crowns.

Women were made to speak.
So don't silence us when we scream.
We'll stomp and rave,
And then release
The lioness within- Strong & Brave.

Women were made to lead.
So don't pretend we won't.
We'll rise and march,
And carry on fiercely,
Every sister rooted in her strength.

Women were made to bleed.
So don't act like we are weak.
We'll shed our skin,
And be renewed,
Ready to roar again.
©KSS 4/2020
Poetic T Aug 9
Someone said I was a seed that
                         would grow deep.
But you pulled me before I had

the chance to grow between the
                      fallen brothers that
                             were taller.

But you quarantined me in this
                            this place.

Potted, you told me that I'd grow
                   further than the family

I'd left behind.

   It was a moment
                of concern that I'd never

reach the lengths of my brothers
         and sisters. yet you put me
   higher than they'd ever reach...  

They fell beneath me,

                   But no ,matter who falls

were the same branch and we will
                                      always reach further

than my silence as we'll always be

                            reaching further than

than the hate that tries to keep us

       lower than the furthest branch
that we can grow  from the desert of your
            infertile earth.
I thought we would be happier if we stuck together,
But every day I have more doubt that we'll last forever.

I hate that we seem more like two drifters,
Than being anywhere close to sisters.
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