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Of the 7846,000,000 people
Breathing on this boundless planet
Forcing hearts in homes and gripping life between decaying bones

You are the only things
I am convinced are made of
Every single commendable capability, crammed between honour and stability
Every good intention, of every promise that was meant to be kept
Regardless of whether they were ours to try and keep

You were crafted with the courage of lions
And I’ll never tire of preying on the poachers long before they dare come traipsing through our territories

You love with the ferocity of fire and on the days you fear there’s more smoke than flames and worry the pain may stamp you out, I’ll strike a match on the walls of my heart til we blaze our own trail out the dark

I love you with the loyalty of lightning and it’s devotion to the thunder that echoes between

I’m not one for holding grudges  but I will never forgive the thoughts in your mind for convincing you that somewhere amongst all of the magic that is you, that it is not enough
As if enough has to be earned
As though you need to apologise for the faults that simply make you human and flaws that make you, you
As though you need to be ashamed of the history that formed you and the memories that sowed scars into our skin

I am sorry for the people who tried to convince us our best wasn’t good enough
It was never anything less

I am sorry for the people that laid land mines in our skull and made us believe that heads full of dreams
Really did have nowhere to go
Little did they know.

We are worriers and we are warriors.

So when the self doubt storms you, and your insecurities swarm you
And your anxieties wear you thin
Don’t forget about the armour and ammunition we were born with
Buried deep within

If our hearts do build homes within bones. You are always welcome home to me. ♥️
Jules Leblanc
The sweetest girl ever
Oh, Dearest Jules
You are my only friend
You are lovely as a sister
You are the bestest sister to Hayley

Jules Leblanc
The amazing girl ever
Who is kind, caring and friendly
You are the best person I have know
In my entire life since I was 13

Jules Leblanc
I love you so
Jules, My Dear Jules
You are one of the best
Jules Leblanc
Why, Why, Why
Why does it hurt so hard
Try, Try, Try
Never do get too far

We are all bird just taking flight
Flying from darkness to the light
We want it all before we die
If we come close at least we tried

Careless and Beautiful
Careless and Beautiful
Careless and Beautiful
Careless and Beautiful

We are the Wild Hearts
We are the Wild Hearts
Can't help the way
Way that we are
We are the Wild Hearts

Crash, crash, crash
Do it until we burn
But we don't look back
Cause it's the way we burn
We laugh so hard until we cry
We stayed up all hours of the night
We want all until we die
If we come close at least we tried

Careless and Beautiful
Careless and Beautiful
Careless and Beautiful
Careless and Beautiful
Careless and Beautiful

We are the Wild Hearts
We are the Wild Hearts
Can't help the way
Way that we are
We are the Wild Hearts
We are the Wild Hearts
We are the Wild Hearts
💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖
Wild Hearts
💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖
Virginia Eden Jun 21
At dinner,
I give her my peppers
she gives me her celery,
and this is how we say I love you.
Cole Dec 2019
Dear step sister
I don't know what I did to you.
I'm sorry either way.
I don't know why you yell at me
And say the things you say.
I'm older and much more mature.
You say your voice is sore
But you don't think to stop screaming.
You tell me to slam my door, fight you, hurt you
Do what I want.
So I mutter "oh I'll hurt someone"
And go on a cutting frenzy.
Only in my mind,
My mind's eye sees the blood.
My arm remembers the burning sting.
My hand whispers in lust.
I remember last time
Only that was not your fault.

Dear step sister,
I understand you're a teen,
But just because you have stress
Does not mean others don't.
Learn empathy, be kind
I don't know what else to offer.
Yes, I'd make the Mac'n'cheese
If we had the boxes
Either way, we won't go hungry.
Trust me, you all eat enough.

Dear step sister,
I'm sorry for what I've done
If I did anything at all.

Leah Carr May 19
Sat alone in my bedroom
I pretend I can't hear you
I shouldn't involve myself
But your shouting pierces my weakened eardrums
And then it's too late
It's got to me

You're hurting makes me hurt
They'd think that I'm desensitised by now
But I'm not
My tears hate to see yours alone
So they show themselves
In a lame attempt of solidarity, empathy

But I want to stay strong for you
I need to stay strong for you
I'm sick of this, but not of you, my little sister
For I know there's no true anger
behind those swollen red eyes
only pain

And I know what everyone will say
It didn't really happen
Not really
But the pain is real
The memories are real
Real to me
Them breaking and entering isn't because they seek some sort of hospitality,

Them breaking the law effortlessly, meaning; destroying humanity,

Became their drug, their simple way of gaining sanity,

Sickness is its base, they haven't seen health in this plea of insanity,

Since the world keeps her mouth shut, afraid to lose her own vanity.

Such a poor mentality.

And for the oppressor,
Who washes his hands with genocide, his head with immorality,

If reason doesn't reach you to stop this act of criminality,

Know, you've never earned what you took, but in the end of days you will earn for your act of brutality.
May Allah be with our brothers and sisters in Palestine.
Pores are suffocating,
Unable to utter,
The flowing words,
In which truthful eyes,
Won't ever suffocate:
انا دمي فلسطيني
- Apr 18
my breath smells the same as my sister's.
not our explicitly clean breath, nor our post-meal breath,
but the natural essence that diffuses from within that cavity.

our parents were the same so the germs- the bacteria
that populate our orifices must be related too.
twin tongues, the same undulating monuments of calcium
and cavity.
Jace Apr 10
An outsider in my second home
Ignored and forgotten
Oldest child syndrome
Nobody asks, nobody cares
Always blamed
Never heard
Mum Look what I did!
Oh great now look at her
My sisters always done something better
Couldn’t care less
Make your bed
Fold your clothes
Leave the house
Don’t go back home
See you next week
Bye mum
We’ll watch another film
Except we won’t because
There’s never time
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