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Sister, eyes so blue,
Full to the brim with crying.
Sister, your mind’s true
To a heart always vying
To render it from lying.
Trying out a tanka
Carmen Jane Sep 1
Let me tell you a story
As we are gathered here
It's about a princess
And her name is Josephine
I know you're busy
To praise my older sister
I know she just did
This amazing thing at swimming
Yet my story is great
Cause that princess is me
And you all smiled
When I told you her name.

I wish I knew how to continue my story
But for now I'm pleased
Cause you were all looking at me
I could continue
But I had a hard day
You took my sister and me
To this amazing place
They had ballerina dresses
And leotards and tutus
Yet we were there
To find the right tap shoes
I took my shoes off
So I can try them on
Yet you put my shoes right back
And explained I'll have to wait
As we were there
To find the right tap shoes
Just for my big sister
I am not upset at all
I know I can grow
And one day I might tap
In the same shoes you bought.

Trust me, I am thankful
That you asked about my room
Which is my favorite color
As you'll get to paint it soon
I am only two
And as we are all gathered
I would like to tell you
A little story
About a princess
Her name is Josephine
My 2 year old daughter , who might or not have a different name, announced she had a little story to tell us...:)
MellowWrath Aug 16
Toward east I look down and see the stars
When up I look, my eyes meet the sky
And between earth and space an intersection
Painted velvet red followed by its shades
Gold and lively Grass under a touch of colorful glass
Baby blue changes to the deepest Azur.
All gives way under a vast ocean
Where two bright fish swim and swirl in the infinite expense.
And I turn my loving gaze toward west
As I find a shrouded mystery hidden behind a secret mist
Covering it all, but the shine of city lights.
Tis' the late sister who might blind the spectator
when time comes
for night to uncover delights
and fright the expectant orator.
Wrote it in the skies.
Carmen Jane Aug 11
Giggles breaking thin layers of caramelized crust
Taken by the wind, breathed by the love dragon
Seconds ago, forgetting to protect the trust
It was left to be carried, in the red wagon

Footsteps sprinkled in soft sinking sand
Washed sparsely by the foaming waves
Thirsty of knowledge, reaching the land
Echoing desires in faraway caves…

"Once upon a time there was a princess.."
Was the phrase that cuts the silence,on repeat
The promise of presents could be what convinces
The older sister to stop knocking the same beat

Sunset no longer peeks through the curtain
There's so many stories that needs to be told
We'll reach midnight, of that I am certain
Memories like this are sprinkled with gold!
Sharing a room for the first time, would these sisters ever go to sleep?!
Siyana Aug 9
I pulled her hair,
I tore her clothes.
She felt the wrath,
that's as far as I know...
In the moment,
I caught my breath,
while I turned to see
her head a mess.
Strangled, bruised, battered, broken.
My actions caused her to break apart.
Now all I do is hope that,
I could go back in time to repair her heart...
This is a post about sadistic thought. Those who do have sadistic thought should definitely admit it to themselves and get help. This poem is emphasizing the fact that sadism is also a mental illness, and the relationship between two girls due to one's desire to control.

You , my child
Have so much to look forward in life
Yet I hope my mistakes make you think
Before you do anything
That could forever change your life
But remember one thing
Always put yourself first
Love yourself
Care for yourself
Bring that happiness in you
No matter how difficult it would be
To have that happiness
Gain in you

You right now  
Is filled with joy
Keep that joy in you
As a child should
I’ll be here for you
As I stand by your side
Holding your hand
I love you , lovey

Sincerely , your sister
malluraeh Apr 14
what do i love...?

everytime someone asks me that,
i think of my family. my parents, brother and sister,
niece and nephews, but...

that would be a lie. would i die for them? yes. but only because they are family, there are a few persons among them whom i cannot stand.
if some of them were not my kin, i wouldnt even consider putting my hand into a fire for them.

its hard to admit but its the truth.

the real things that you love are,
things which shouldnt mean anything to you. but they still do.
for example;
its hard to admit but its the truth.
Carmen Jane Apr 14
Would you have braided the hopes and fears,
Would you have grazed the tips of dreams,
Would you have kneaded passions in spheres,
And let out the doubts in forms of screams?
Would you have waited to hear the whispers,
And feel the hugs between brothers and sisters,
Would you have stayed on this bench with me,
Shoulder to shoulder and smiling with glee?
Letting vibrations, of our blood, to tell stories
Of little kids running so brave among trees,
Fleeing from bees or just chasing their dreams
Letting their laughters to be carried by streams…
Would you have stayed for a second with me
Shoulder to shoulder, fulfilling my plea?
On this bench we could be, like sisters and brothers,
Retelling stories of our childhood wonders.
Inspired by a fellow poet, made me think about the special bond there is between brothers and sisters
Iska Apr 13
I rarely write poetry for others
I find it to be a waste of words
But occasionally I will stumble
Upon a soul who deserves
To be heard.

So this one is for the girl
With the gleaming red hair
The one who bares an impish grin
Cursed with a storm that blazes within.

Hush little soldier,
Bow your weary head.
You hold the world on your shoulder
Your shaking knees bear the weight
your teeth ache with the effort
As you take one faltering step after another.

Sweat beads upon your brow,
As you attempt to accomplish,
that which grand Atlas could not,
To live and to grow,
to wander free
Whilst holding the world on your battered and bruised shoulders
Determined to succeed.

And then you stumble.
And then you fall.
The world has defeated you
You were merely human after all.

And now this maiden,
both young and fair,
draws in a breath of frigid air.

With steel for eyes
she bites her tongue.
Tasting a mouth
of copper and blood,
she forces her shuddering limbs to move...
and she stumbles to her feet.
Heedless to the seeming defeat.

With rasping breath,
her demeanor grim,
she squares her shoulders
and slowly begins.
Much like clever Sisyphus,
to move the Earth as a boulder,
up and down each hill.

And as I beheld the spectacle,
I am at a loss for words.
For in your eyes,
I beheld a fire
That scorches me down to my core.
I realized you had the strength to crush mountains as you began to step forward once more.

And in you, I saw my mirror,
I then realized you were quite like me,
Willing to sacrifice yourself, so that no others would bleed.

Oh brave Warrior, beware!
The Earth is no easy boulder to bear. For it will roll back and crush you. All that is needed is a simple gust of air.

But you, much like I, know this.
I can see it in your eyes.
You are no foolish simpleton.
If this were to happen,  
You would get up once more
and simply start over again.

So, my sweet summer soul,
I see you, and what a sight you are to behold. And since defeat is not in your nature...
I will stand by you.
And together this boulder we’ll roll.
For the Earth is quite a burden,
But one that is far easier with two.
And I am willing to go the distance,
Side by side with you.

So come, unbreakable spirit,
Let us begin at dawn,
And together we’ll conquer the mountains.
Together we’ll devour the sun.
And once we have accomplished,
That which grand Atlas could not,
We will know that the deed is done.
Having defied all odds,
It is we, in the end, who have won.

To the girl with hair of flames
May you never burn out
But if you do
I will ignite your flames
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