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Bella 3d
My mother is upset;
I comfort her.
My father is angry;
I calm him.
My youngest sister is scared;
I calmly comfort her.

I tell my mother:
I am bisexual;
She tries to beat it out of me.
I tell my father:
I cut myself;
He yells and screams til my ears bleed.
I tell my middle sister:
I am broken;
She hugs me and says,
That’s alright.
This is about how my parents and youngest sister, Carli, treat me like shit even when i care for them.
But its also about how my younger sister, Destiny (older than Carli), treats me as an equal.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 8

'How humid the air is,' she murmurs
with her eyes closed. With her fair back
resting her bare back on a tree of eld,
she listens to the sounds of nature
The winds blowing
The flapping wings of geese
The songs of the birds around
The sound of falling leaves
Exhaling through her nose, she opens
her wet russet eyes, soaking in the
myriad of tumbling leaves from
orange to brown. She rises to her
feet, the sunlight kisses her straight
fiery hair. With each step she takes,
the wind blows and the branches
'Winter's howling call,' she chuckles
weakly as she walked down the cold
pathway. Acorns fall in front of her
which she picks up. Seeing the squirrels
scrabbling around, she opens her palm,
'Here,' she strokes the squirrel's tail as
it takes the nuts and scurries away.
Here, in the heart of the forest,
the leaves fall golden as she sits
next to a pumpkin patch, each ripening
with their mistress near.
'The days grow short, the nights grow long,'
she places a hand on a pumpkin, 'I hear
your call, Sister.'
The cold winds twirl around in response
Let all prepare for the harvest is fruitful,
and the wolves will howl for the Frost

Last freeverse, enjoy!
They'll be in a collection called 'Season Queens'
Thank you so much for all the support!
Lyn xxx
Dinosaur Aug 30
We've been through the rough times
Only time can tell
You never left me
I thank you.

I showed you the dark
You showed me light
We haven't known each other for a long time
But our friendship shall
Last a lifetime.

Don't keep quiet
Speak up more
I won't leave you
I'll stay by your side
We can be together
Forever with no mistakes

You are my favourite person
My saviour, my light, my darkness and I thank you
You are my sister
I love you,, sister sister
This was made for my best friend who is like a sister to me. I thank her for being with me for only six almost seven months. Soon to be a year
Ameliorate Aug 19
You are dead to me, yet your memory haunts my mind
Years of drug abuse and alcoholism wrapped up in 140 pounds of pixie cut hair.
I base every negative instance on your inability to stay clean, but oh did I love you.
Self preservation finally won and I took flight away from you and your problems in attempt to live my own life
Ten thousand terrible stories in the time we were sisters, our laughter and tears shattered like glass hit with a hammer
You were fiercely brilliant, wasted youth and potential but you turned into this horrible thing when you were drunk
I’m sorry you couldn’t understand why I needed to leave you but I can still smell your perfume when the wind blows too strongly
Friendship is fleeting, so much is true
But even still, no one else compared to you.
Danneli Aug 13
The moon and the sun
They hang in the sky
Our stories become
The stories they like

The sun is indeed
Lovely and true
Bright and complete
And as flowery as you

The moon lights a path
Along darkened trails
It comforts our wrath
And tells no one's tales

White in the sky
Pure and desired
The sun tells no lies
And fights like a fire

The moon falls for kin
Makes way for her sun
For she knows she can't win
What is already won

They're filled with such grace
Love, beauty and truth
But at the end of their race
The secrets stay mute.
xD Yeah, I'm not sorry.
I yearn to give you everything
That they do not give you,
I want to give you rest and comfort,
As I help you pull through.
If you need taking care of,
I'd promise I'd be there -
But you're so far away,
I feel like I'm not there.

Miles may separate us,
But in my heart I hold you close,
And if I had the chance,
I'd never let you go.

I spend parts of my days,
Planning out ways,
Of how to get you back.
I know you wouldn't mind it much,
But there's always obstacles in attack.

I think you are okay, or at least on the surface,
I have to make myself trust
That you are happy in that family,
That I've been taken out of.

Knowing from experience though,
It will probably hurt one day,
Or at least for the oldest of you.
And I will wrap you up warm
And try to empathise,
Never the less, I will try my best
To bandage it all up and make it the most it can be.

And if you wanted, I'd hide you away and bring you everything you need.
For me general daily things are hard, if socialisation's involved,
But I'd try my best for you,
Because that's what you're supposed to do
For the people that you love, for family.

Lately I've felt that they're stealing you all,
That they're cutting me out.
Our mother only wants me on her terms,
And that's not how it should be;
I would walk over mountains for you, you see.
I can't come to you, but I have tried getting you to me.

Still, I worry that one day,
You'll think I gave up,
You'll think that I left you
And nothing could ever make that true.
I will always try to do what's right by you.

I don't want you seeing the wreckage before you need to,
Before you can handle it.
I need to know you're safe, not sorry.
I'm starting to wonder here, if maybe I'm just being dramatic.
But this is some of the reason that I pretend or hide it,
With the act of being a somewhat good daughter,

Well really it's also because:
It's hard not to do the job when you're with her,
Almost as if it pulls something from me;
Like it's my fault for not having what I want,
And if I'm good in that moment I'll have it.
Except it,
Never comes.

I miss you four,
And I'll always love you more.
Steve Page Aug 8
I'm thankful for family
For sisters who love me
I'm thankful for parents
Who took their role seriously

I'm thankful for a home
That was open to friends
I'm thankful for cousins
And family that extends

To uncles and aunts
To grannies and nans
To granddads and grandpas
And in-laws and clans

I know we're not perfect
We've had ups and some downs
But together we flourish
We won't be kept down
On my dad's birthday (1930 - 2000).
Scorpius Jul 26
Your words
Flow over
With purpose
And precision,
And I see
In the bend
Of your hips
The hurt
And hope
From which
They spring.
I should have known
That hearing your voice
Would draw my heart
To yours.
Twin sisters never got up late
this time they face a bubble wake
They joined up to their brainstorm
and never stood back to transform.
a poem about twins sisters
Anneli Jun 5
For all of us who have bashed ourselves numb
trying to be there
(for our brothers)

For all of us who have locked our hearts inside
settling with a joke
(for our fathers)

For all of us who have loved them more than ourselves
more than we could handle
(for our men)

For all of us who keeps putting our friends before us
always coming last place
(for our loved ones)

For all of us whose hearts are out there, feeling with everyone
trying to save strangers with one look
(for our fellow humans)

For all of us who can have amnesty and forgiveness to all others
seeing their imperfections as beauty
(for everyone besides us)

For us
We will learn
We will sympathize
We will passionately love ourselves
more than we have loved anyone else

At last
we will free ourselves
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